Will Emma Frost Return For ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’?

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January Jones Emma Frost X Men First Class Sequel Will Emma Frost Return For X Men: Days of Future Past?At least one X-Men character returns to theaters this summer, played by Oscar-nominated Hugh Jackman in his career-defining role. The following summer, Jackman’s Wolverine returns again, with many other mutant characters in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Many, many more. While principal photography has wrapped on The Wolverine, Bryan Singer’s return to the X-Director’s chair happens rather soon as production prepares to gear up for its Montreal shoot.

The casting blitz has only just begun with key characters from X-Men: First Class returning, joined by stars of the original X-Trilogy as Singer aims to pull off the most ambitious X-Men film project yet in an attempt to broaden out the universe and make sense of the (problematic) continuity of the series to date. Fitting in many characters will be a challenge, and some characters won’t make the cut, potentially even Emma Frost (January Jones).

Collider caught up with January Jones at Sundance, who’s there promoting the western Sweetwater, and asked whether or not she’s been asked to return, knowing that X-Men: Days of Future Past begins production in Montreal soon.

“I don’t know that I’m in it, I don’t think Emma’s in this one. Well they haven’t told me if I am (laughs). I wouldn’t put it past them though, I got the script for the first one on the airplane on the way there. It’s called Days of Future Past I think, and I think it’s more about James [McAvoy] and Michael [Fassbender] and then Patrick [Stewart] and Ian [McKellan], and I think it’s gonna go back and forth with those so I don’t think Emma’s in those bits. I don’t know, I really don’t know.”

hugh jackman x men days future past cast Will Emma Frost Return For X Men: Days of Future Past?

Even with the start of principal photography looking to start early this year, only a few of the core franchise characters have officially joined the project, the latest of which was Hugh Jackman who director Bryan Singer revealed via Twitter, not long after confirming the return of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen from the original X-Men trilogy. While Jackman teased a potential full X-Men reunion of sorts, Famke Janssen and Shawn Ashmore also don’t know if they’re returning, or at least, that’s their story.

In Janssen’s case, Singer and Fox could be keeping the return of Jean Grey close to the vest due to the simple fact that if confirmed for a return, there will be insurmountable rumors and speculation that follow about the storyline of the Phoenix and whether or not she is in fact going to cameo in this summer’s The Wolverine. She was rumored to be on The Wolverine set in Sydney, Australia filming and Jackman did confirm that there’d be a special appearance from someone familiar from the trilogy.

X Men First Class Characters 570x209 Will Emma Frost Return For X Men: Days of Future Past?

As for January Jones’ Emma Frost, that’s a little more complicated. The way X-Men: First Class ended, Frost was positioned as an important character sought after and recruited by Michael Fassbender’s young Magneto who had just formed the earliest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Mutants, so to have her dropped entirely for the sequel would seem odd. On the other hand, the focus of the sequel will be the Xaviers and Magnetos, while making room to showcase the old X-Men. There’s also the issue that Jones’ character was arguably one of the least impressive and that her version of Emma Frost didn’t cut it for fans of the books.

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.


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Sources: Collider, The Huffington Post


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  1. I found her character rather boring. Also, the whole turn to diamond thing was just too much for my taste.

    • Re: diamond: I thought the diamond special effect was interesting, and a step up from the same effect in Wolverine, but still not good enough. My mind kept wondering about the facets and how they would catch the light, and how much what I was seeing on screen didn’t conform to my expectations. And the scene where she started to crack didn’t make sense to me. When diamond (or gemstones) crack, shards break off. What was holding her together after all of that cracking?

      • Better question, how does a hollow, brass bed post crack diamond, one of the hardest substances on the planet.

        • Magneto’s effect over the brass made it harder than diamonds………Just kidding, it was just bad writing.

        • The question is, how strong are the magnetic fields that Magneto creates? The answer is, enough force to lift the golden gate bridge.

          • tangent…….but yet he couldn’t manage to move is a mere 100 yards further and drop it on Alcatraz, completely obliterating it.

            • I got the impression that Magneto wanted to “rescue” the boy until the X-Men showed up, so crushing the prison wouldn’t have been the smartest idea.

            • That bridge gag in X-3 was kind of dumb aside from the visual effect. Even if Magneto’s powers were strong enough to lift and move the bridge after he set it down most of it probably would have collapsed. But it is just fantasy so that slips past the probability meter. The thing that always got me was how did all those mutants get from wherever they were hiding in the woods to San Francisco without anyway noticing.

              • they had quite a few teleporter’s in their ranks.

                • Probably should have just teleported onto the island and not made such a noisy entrance ;)

      • http://www.facebook.com/drigo.arz

    • I think it was ok as well !
      My feel is that singer is turning this into the X men movie he was never able to make before,and throws out all good things about first class,like he can do better !

      Bringing all those old characters in and sacrificing screen time or the new cast is very wrong in my eyes !

      Singer you had your turn,let the new generation have theirs !

      Dont like where this is heading so far ! Wish Vaughn would be back !

  2. Please no. January Jones was definitely the weakest link in XM1stC. Overlooking her terrible wardrobe (not her fault, I know), her acting was substandard all around. I’ve seen her on Mad Men and I have to say that she’s not much better there. And in that movie with Liam Neeson…midway through the movie my heart started to sink every time she showed up on screen because I knew she was going to pull me out of the movie experience.

    • Sorry Royal I will have to strongly disagree with you. Her acting was way more substandard then just substandard.

      If a basement had a basement that had a basement you still wouldn’t be sub enough to equate to her acting.

      She was there for eye candy and that is all, which is pretty sad because (well eye candy aside) Emma is a very strong character.

      • and oddly enough, she was one of the better actors in the nic cage flick seeking justice

        • Yes but is that really saying a lot? I mean its Nic Cage we are talking about. Who else was in the movie, Guy Pearce? Let me rephrase that what other ACTORS ;) were in the movie.


      • +10! Well said…and you had me going. I started to read your response and I thought, “Oh my. Is this guy actually going to defend her acting?” I don’t know how old Jones is, but I get the impression that she’s playing roles that are outside her comfort zone. I’d like to see her step away from acting and live a little – get some life experience under her belt – before coming back to the silver screen. Acting is an art, and with enough practice and experience I think anyone can get better.

    • Well, January JOnes sucked as Emma Frost, I hope that she hasn’t been told about the movie cause she’s not in it, not because the EMMA FROST <3 Character was dropped.

  3. I did’nt mind her in First Class. They should just drop her character for now. They already screwed her up anyway in these movies along with about 70% of the other characters as well.

  4. I want Cyclops. Lots and lots of Cyclops. As the team field-commander he is arguably one of the most important characters in the franchise (not Wolverine, who has been done to death). And let’s remember there are other villains as well as Magneto. A grown Banshee, Havok, and Polaris would be OK, and I probably would not mind seeing Iceman, Colossus, and Nightcrawler again in a small capacity. Oh, and Kitty Pryde as well. The first 2 X-Men films were overall pretty good as first attempts. #3 was not very good, and killing off Prof. X, Cyclops, and Jean Grey certainly won no points from anyone. Origins: Wolverine was kind of MEH, and First Class was downright not a good film at all. Days of Future past sounds like it could have maybe a couple things to recommend it, but I am kind of reserving judgement and trying not to get to excited after the MEH-Fest that was Wolverine Origins and First Class, which was pretty darned shallow. I can hardly remember half of the characters in First Class, it was so blah! Oh, and one last thing: gotta have Sentinels!!

    • and Gambit also needs to be in the movie too but Professor X didn’t die in X3 if you look at the ending credits of the movie you would know that he transferred his conscience into that body that was shown on the television screen of Moira MacTaggert in the lab when he thought the students about transferring a person’s consciousness into another body. But you’re right about Cyclops though he needs to be the led character not Wolverine they use way too much he’s more an Anti hero than a leader like he won’t lead you like how Captain America or Mr Fantastic would. y’know like Wolverine would challenge you to see if you’re ready what you’re about to face than give you and inspirational quote to motivate and build you up into what you believe in. Now there’s a few things I don’t like about Rogue in this movie number one she can’t fight and defend herself it’s like they’ve made her weak in the movies two she isn’t strong like the Rogue from the comics to the cartoons she never got a chances to get stronger because she didn’t steal some of Ms Marvel’s powers which gives her the abilities to fly and super strength but I know she hasn’t come out in the movies yet I just want them to change Rogue and make her more like from the comics that would be better and it’ll make more sense.

  5. I actually didn’t mind her performance. It was nice to have to have her as to have Xavier meet his match in a way as he can’t read her mind when she’s in diamond form which i liked more than that other girl’s from XO:W. I prefer her performance the character over Angel within the film.

  6. I was excited for her to be in First Class, but then she was only in it for like 20 minutes and they didn’t really do the character justice,imho. So I don’t really care if she’s brought back or not.

  7. Please pick a different actress for Ms. Frost b/c January Jones isn’t a good actress at all. She has the look though.

  8. Emma Frost: Yes.
    January Jones: No.

    • ^^THIS^^

  9. I’ve never seen her do anything good other than in Mad Men. That roles suits her.

  10. I expect her NOT to be in it as she wasn’t in the original story.

  11. Meryl Streep she ain’t… She couldn’t even play hot convincingly enough.

  12. Please no. They completely ruined the Hellfire Club so leave her out and stop gutting and pillaging your bought Marvel IP just because you can.

  13. I didnt see anything wrong with her acting (havent seen her in anything else), but her role was pretty limited by the lines she was given. Seems to me the Emma Frost character wasnt given much to do.

  14. Keep january Jones as far away from emma frost as possible

  15. The X-Men franchise is a mess and neither adding nor subtracting a character is going to save it.


  16. I thought she was great. Bring her back.

  17. I hope so because she is 100% fit and in my top 10 celebs that I would ruin :)

  18. I agree for no January Jones, just cause she didnt do justice for her character, which is one of my favorite. Id feel a lot better if they recast her and still feature Emma.

  19. Those who haven’t seen her in anything other than First Class should know that there’s no need to see her in anything else because you’ve already seen her range as an actress. Trust me…

    • Exactly! I’ll repeat my comment from above. I feel like she’s taken roles that are outside her comfort zone. I’d like to see her step away from acting and get a bit more life experience under her belt before she takes on any more roles. I think she can get better, but I don’t want her inexperience and limited range to handicap another X-Men movie.

  20. Simply, she sucked. She had the personality and presence of a display window mannequin.

    • Totaly agree darrin, if she was anymore wooden, magneto could’a put a beer on her coz she woulda been a coffee table, first glance she looked hot, THEN she TRIED to be sexy and all kinda wierdness insued, i wanted her to be good, but after watching her, i thought, HEY!…..maybe my couch shaped arse can act!!

  21. I’m not saying I like the character, I’m just saying the character should come back. Also didn’t she join Magneto and the rest at the end of First Class

  22. I don’t think they gave her much of a part to work with. As screen time is divided between so many competing mutant egos it is difficult to differentiate all of them except by particular power. Some of them – Emma Frost included – end up being like ‘hey, look at me, I’ve got a super power, but there’s not much more to me than that’.

    That being said, she certainly looked amazing and without the delectable Halle Berry to light up the screen, she certainly added some glamour to the whole thing.

  23. January Jones…she’s no Megan Fox…or Tara Reid…or Lindsay Lohan…or Olivia Munn…or that other girl from the third Transformers movie that couldn’t act.

    • Oh wait…no, January Jones is comparable to all of those (minus a botched boob job for one and a series of legal f— ups for another)

    • Hey, now, Olivia makes for great comedy. I didn’t mind the model/actress in the third movie. She didn’t have much to work with, but when she was on screen, I thought she hit it out of the park. Apart from Shia, who I didn’t like at all in that role, I thought that Dempsey was the weak link in the third movie.

      • I admit that Munn can have an occasional funny moment, but that doesn’t make her a great actress. Otherwise Anna Faris would be an Oscar winner.
        And honestly the model from TF3, I don’t remember a single speaking line from her because my ear drums were blown out by Shia shrieking “OPTIMUS” like a 14 year old girl at a Bieber concert.

        At least we both agree that January Jones is not a good actress and isn’t that what this thread is about.

        • Agreed. And Shia screaming “Optimus!” or “Bumblebee!” every 10 minutes was almost as bad as…wait for the nerd moment…characters screaming ‘Naruto!’ or ‘Sasuke!’ in the Naruto anime. If pretending to be hyped up like a crack-addict going through withdrawal while screaming robot names is all it takes to succeed in Hollywood, where do I sign up? Because I can totally be expert at that!

  24. I have no problem with Emma getting more exposure. She is a huge part of the X-men in the comics so it isn’t like they are trying to push a no-name character in the movies. Just not sure I want January again. Emma’s role will depend where this story is heading in terms of Scott Summers & Jean Grey

  25. And why not more ICEMAN – Bobby Drake? Iceman is one of the rare Omega mutants, being potentially more powerful than Magneto or Xavier.

  26. I wasn’t too crazy about the special effects for her diamond form, i kept getting mad at how she always had the same outfit on when she was in diamond form besides having been wearing something entirely different. That’s just lazy special effects imo. Also, i’d love to see Emma take on more of the badass teacher role she is known for.

  27. I’m confused between the Emma Frost in First Class being older than the Emma Frost at the end of Origins…

  28. well.. here we are coming from Alaska ( North ) we want to talk about X-men Days Of Future Past 2014 especially in this page about :
    EMMA FROST / THE WHITE QUEEN in X-men Days of Future Past Movie 2014

    of course we totally agree 100 % Emma Frost is going to there
    but the actress isn’t January Jones… Charlize Theron is perfect to be Emma Frost in X-men Days of Future Past 2014
    Here our strong reasons because Emma Frost can be in there ;

    1. The Phoenix would return to Earth during the mini-series X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong, where it resurrected Jean Grey from her grave. It is not long before she remembers what she has come for — Scott Summers (a.k.a. Cyclops). Jean’s emotions thinks she’s in love with Scott. She realizes Scott is in love with Emma Frost (former White Queen of the Hellfire Club and headmistress of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning). Through a number of incidents, including Jean having Wolverine kill her ( in X-men 3 Last Stand ) the Phoenix is truly one entity now, have transcended into the White Phoenix of the Crown. This is signified by a new white costume, her all power more powerful than she was before as Phoenix who turned into Dark Phoenix in X-men 3 Last Stand….
    Famke Janssen as White Phoenix of the Crown ( larger role ) and James Marsden as Scott Summers they are good for returning anymore…

    2. In this reality, Emma was the former White Queen of the Hellfire Club, but retreated to a technological base off the coast of India after a majority of the mutant population was wiped out. She sold her telepathic abilities in services of mutant leaders and was eventually approached by Magneto to save Wolverine, Emma managed to restore Logan’s mind and joined Magneto,the Hellfire Club’s plans for world domination. They continued to operate out of Emma’s base with other members as the “X-Men”
    The Hellfire Club members which the most familiar are Selene Gallio / The Black Queen, Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost…

    3. X-men Days of Future Past isn’t just having to Sentinels / Master Mold but Age of Apocalypse as well… Apocalypse Mister Sinister Holocaust Exodus and Archangel must be there as Major Villains… it is based on Apocalypse and Lady Deathstrike who played by Kelly Hu in X 2 will have to join because Weapon X and Mystique who played by Rebecca Romijn from X-men trilogy Movie, she really will have to work for Apocalypse…

    So Charlize Theron is perfect to be Emma Frost, encountering with White Phoenix and Cyclops… they also should defeat Apocalypse and Sentinels…

  29. So maybe have an older Emma Frost… Helen Mirren is my pick.

    • Um yeah dofp will be set 11 year’s after first class, not 30 :p But sigorney weaver (?) would be my pick for an older emma frost.