‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Set Image – Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde [Updated]

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X Men Days of Future Past Ellen Page1 X Men: Days of Future Past Set Image   Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde [Updated]

Each new report and rumor about X-Men: Days of Future Past  further indicates that director Bryan Singer is pulling out all the stops. Returning to the franchise that he first shepherded into being in 2000, Singer has managed to persuade a number of the series’ iconic stars to reprise their previous roles.

As production on the film commences, Singer has begun tweeting teaser images of several of these familiar faces – including Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier, Halle Berry as Storm, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The latest of these set teasers shows actress Ellen Page (Inception) as fan-favorite character Kitty “Shadowcat” Pryde.

Singer tweeted the image of Page in costume late yesteday.

You can check out the full-size picture below:


X Men Days of Future Past Ellen Page 280x170 X Men: Days of Future Past Set Image   Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde [Updated]

Page’s costuming is certainly in keeping with what we’ve seen of the characters from the film’s grim future. Each has had an armored, militarized feel that surely reflects the X-Men’s resistance against the mutant-hunting Sentinels that have taken over the world.

From a promotional standpoint, it makes sense to reintroduce Page along with the more recognizable characters from the early X-Men franchise. The actress’s star has only risen higher since her turn as Shadowcat in X-Men: The Last Stand.

More importantly, Kitty Pryde was the central character and main motivating force of the original comic book version of Days of Future Past. In that landmark storyline, Pryde was one of the few mutant survivors of the Sentinels’ onslaught. She agreed to have her mind sent back in time to prevent the assassination that sparked the anti-mutant crackdown that led to humanity’s downfall.

X Men Days of Future Past Kitty Pryde 2 X Men: Days of Future Past Set Image   Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde [Updated]

Given that the primary setting of X-Men: Days of Future Past will be in the 1970s, it is unlikely that Kitty Pryde will be the time traveler sent to undo the rise of the Sentinels during the movie. That said, the character’s prominent presence on-set shows that Singer is devoted to keeping the characters and aesthetic of the comics storyline intact.

Now that we’ve had a glimpse of Kitty Pryde, we just have to see what Rogue (Anna Paquin) and Iceman (Shawn Ashmore) look like in their robot-haunted future. It will be interesting to see just how well Singer wrangles all of these disparate characters together – not to mention how he connects them to the past days of James McAvoy’s young Professor X.

UPDATE: Commenters with shrewder eyes than mine have pointed out that the bearded gentleman on the left edge of the posted image is almost certainly Shawn Ashmore. Even though it’s not a clear view of the character, it does look as if Singer has slipped our first glimpse of Bobby Drake into his Kitty Pryde reveal. As with the rest of the mutant resistance, Iceman is sporting some decidedly Road Warrior-esque costuming.


X-Men: Days of Future Past will phase into theaters on July 18th, 2014.

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  1. Absolutely loved her in Super. Very under-rated movie.

    • Yep, I loved that movie too, thought it was better than Kick-Ass.

      Who’d have thought Kevin Bacon could play such a sleaze? Plus I love that scene when Ellen acts unsure after she got Rainn to beat up the kid in his house for keying the car.

      • Why are you two talking about Super in the topic?

        • Ummm… because of Ellen Paige. You’ll notice her name in the title of the article.

          • Yikes. *Page.


  2. Nice! To be honest I hated Xmen 3, and I hated her in Xmen 3.. Mostly just cuz the movie sucked tho.. After Juno, Whip it, and Inception and stuff I’ve come to really like Ellen Page.

  3. She’s been looking hot recently

  4. Bobby’s gotta beard!

  5. She can still pass for a teenager.

    Ellen Page is 26!!

  6. Isn’t that Shawn ASHMORE next to Ellen Page in the photo? His costume is also pretty consistent with Kitty Pride’s.

    • Yeah I was about to say that. How come no one mentioned the first pic of Bobby Drake?!

      • My bad. Guardian Outlaw did

        • A huge thank you to everyone who pointed this out. The article has been updated to reflect the observation.

        • Damn right

  7. I am beyond excited for this movie. I really love Ellen Page and I thought she did a great job in the third X-Men. On a side note, am I the only one that actually really liked the Last Stand?

    • I liked it too. I’ve noticed all of its flaws but I still find it enjoyable nonetheless.

    • I thought it was pretty good, but not NEARLY as good as the first two X-men movies. I think the biggest problem was the different director. I thought the script was pretty descent, and the film could have been on par with the first two if Bryan Singer directed it.

    • I thought it was awesome… ly SCARY!!! After seeing the chaos at the end… I was like “Yup. The heck with this, bring on the Sentinels and nuke these mutants!”

  8. i think everyone needs to remember first and foremost this is a first class movie. every thing will be centered around them. this is not the xmen movie sequel, its a first class sequel.

    characters like wolverine, storm and ice man would not be the central characters and will be more like supporting. i think the character that will be in it most is from the previous movies is kitty, it only makes sense she she was the central character in the comic.

    • Actually, that’s not true. Bryan has stated that this movie is not strictly a First Class sequel. Bryan states it is a movie to tie all the X-men movies together. He says it’s kind of it’s own thing. So it’s very possible that characters such as Storm, Wolverine, Shadowcat, and Iceman will have good size roles. In fact I think that will be the case.

      • They were vague about what First Class was so this really keeps with their new philosophy of not having a clear direction. It will be interesting to see how they are going to tie X-3 which seemed like it was meant to kill off the series; Wolverine:Origins which was a prequel that had some links to the first films, but threw a whole bunch of other plot points in for no reason, and First Class which was an odd mix of nods to the first two movies and other ideas that were totally out of context and continuity.

  9. What ever happened to the success and the freshness of XMFC? What has this movie become? Bryan Singer is getting his rocks off making this film. It seems so bland and misguided, a hopeless retread of stars that were miscast in the first place. SINGER SUCKS.

    • X2 is widely considered the best X-men movie for one thing, and the cast from First Class will be in this. What’s to complain about?

      • I think it’s because this premise is too soon. And I think they should do two direct sequels to X-Men: First Class first before doing this.

    • First Class did not do well financially in the US, which may have something to do with them going in this direction.

    • He’s selling his movie through the more established actors like Hugh, Halle also showing the older supporting actors. Soon enough he’ll bring the big guns Fass, McKellen, Stewart, McAvoy and most importantly Lawrence.

      This re-tread i think is just his shock promotion, cause any comic book fan knows that they’ll all die in the opening minutes

      • They’re not not all gonna die in the opening minutes. That didn’t even happen in the comics. Their future selves didn’t die till towards the end of the first or second issue.

  10. There better be an ice slide in this movie by Iceman!!

  11. Yeah they released a photo of Shawn ashmore a wild ago.

    But I love me some Ellen page. Beautiful corky and cute.
    And also a great actress. She was a great shawdowcat.

    After this film can we get a reboot or maybe end this one in a alternate time line where we can start fresh.

  12. Looks like Ashmore is still rocking the beard he had in The Following.

    • True. And that is a much better pic of him too.

  13. “No more black leather outfits”.
    “Okay, here are some BROWN leather outfits.”

    Genius. /sarcasm

    • Louise Mingenbach is not a great costume designer.

    • Seriously. Article says “pulling out all the stops” and the gritty military future, but all I see is an uninspired brown leather hoodie. The set photo releases for this thing are a disaster, IMO.

  14. she looks more ready to be a character from the Hobbit sequel.

  15. Whereas I was once interested in this movie, after hearing that Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart were going to be back in it, I have now lost interest in it, after learning that pretty much everybody and their cousin are going to be in it. I have no doubt, at this point, with all the actors/characters named, it is going to be a complete shambles, with very minimal screen time given to most characters!

    • That’s the spirit! I was going to say its way too early to judge this films final quality based on a few twitter pics and cast announcements, but your right. There is no chance that the original trilogy cast members may just be playing a glorified cameo future scene setting up the distopian future or anything, taking up maybe 20 minutes of screen time. There is no chance in the 70s portion of the movie, that the characters will have more inspired and colorful costumes. There is also no chance that the man who gave us X1 and X2, could deliver another satisfying and entertaining film, or that Vaughnn who gave us XMFC, involvement in this film could be a good thing. No chance at all. Stupid twitter pics. They ruined a perfectly good movie.

      • @acathla

        You…. you I like. 😀

      • I personally did not think much of First Class, so that must put me on the “outs” in your book. Anyway, I enjoy character centered movies, not tons of action with tons of characters jockeying for screen time. But hey, you’re right…there is a chance the costumes might be “more inspired and colorful”, if that matters…

    • Bryan says that each character plays an important role.

  16. Does anyone else not like that Bryan Singer keeps tweeting all of these images from the movie? I understand I have no obligation to look at them – I think this will be the last one I check out starting today – but maybe save some stuff for the movie? Focus on directing and get off of your smart phone. I know that is a little harsh.

    • The only thing worse than diarriah of the tweet pics is diarriah of the bland, bored-looking big named actor tweet pics.

  17. No no Jim, you’re spot on

  18. No no, you are spot on

  19. Jeezow I’m such a nerd fanboy that I just can’t let this go. Must rant. Why is it that we have to endure another dull, colorless X-men movie? First Class was awesome. Go yellow outfits! And look at other successful super hero properties: Spider-Man looks like spidey. Iron Man looks like Iron Man. Batman looks like Batman. Superman looks like Superman. Captain America looks like Captain America. Thor looks like Thor. Hulk looks like Hulk. Then, we go X-men, and it’s like: Must put them in leather. Black leather. Brown leather. Leather hoodies. Leather trench coats. Leather capes. (Maybe leather undies?) I don’t get it. Does X-men intrinsically suck? Is that why all the leather? B/C I tend to think the outfits were awesome in the books. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why all the actors look so bored in these shots. Maybe the subtext is: “Came for the super hero movie but all I got was this leather hoodie.”

    • lmao… superman doesnt look like superman. batman doesnt look like batman and spiderman only now looks like spidy, well, in this reboot anyway.

      you have seen **** all mate. stop pretending like you know what is happening cause you dont. wait till a trailer comes then vent your useless frustration, ok big man?..

    • They have went with the this look for most of the series, so I really don’t know why anyone thinks it will change much now. There is also the fact that for this storyline the X-Men were supposed to be in hiding, so running around in bright costumes does not seem like a smart move.

    • @ agingfanboy

      I get what you are saying. Keep in mind however, that they did jokingly refer to their comic skins in the original “X-men” with the
      “What would you prefer… yellow spandex?” line.

      So, it actually WAS addressed… once upon a time.

    • To me its nothing more then a big F you to purist X-men Fans…just my honest opinion. Maybe Brian Singer was ridiculed by comic book fans growing up & this is a revenge thing.

  20. it looks like that Ellen Page’s Kitty Pryde costume is a hooded jacket with a red inside and a brown leather outside

  21. That’s an awful lot of bitching about a few set photos.

  22. O please this property needs to go back to Marvel already. Singer and Shuler are ruining this franchise for another generation.

  23. I used to like X2, but going back and watching all of the X-Men movies in the past year I’ve decided that these movies are almost all subpar… unfortunately, I expect more of the same with the next two installments.

    There is likely no quick fix when it comes to this series.

  24. Ellen page is so HOT she can’t do no wrong

  25. I think she’s really cute looking forward to this think it will be great

  26. Big Ellen Page fan here, so this is a positive note in my book. I just hope that this film still has the feel of “First Class” and that McAvoy/Fassbender get more screen time than Stewart/McKellen. The older guys are great actors, but I liked how fresh the last one was.