Bryan Singer Officially Directing ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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Bryan Singer X Men Days of Future Past Director Bryan Singer Officially Directing X Men: Days of Future Past

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for X-Men fans – especially anyone eagerly anticipating the next mutant team-up (and time-hopping) installment, X-Men: Days of Future Past. Last week we reported that X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn was no longer attached to the follow-up film – with the possibility that former X-Men franchise architect (and Days of Future Past producer), Bryan Singer, could take-over the director’s chair.

While no official reason has been given for Vaughn’s departure from the project (he’ll stay on as producer), we do now have confirmation that Singer will be stepping in as director on the film – news that should be pleasing to longtime fans of the X-Men film series.

Coming Soon was first to confirm that Singer is officially set to helm Days of Future Past. Longtime X-Men movie fans will remember that the writer/director/producer has been sitting on the franchise sidelines since X2 in 2003 – passing up X-Men: The Last Stand in order to direct Superman Returns only to return to the X-Men universe in a limited capacity for X-Men: First Class (as producer).

X Men Days of Future Past Art Daniel Govar 570x398 Bryan Singer Officially Directing X Men: Days of Future Past

Despite Singer’s past success with X-Men films, reactions to the announcement will still be mixed – especially given the filmmaker’s unstable box office clout in recent years. As mentioned, Singer followed-up his hit X-Men films with an underwhelming and melodramatic take on the most iconic superhero of all time – Superman. For many, Superman Returns failed to bring the same mix of super power action and intriguing character drama that Singer had found in his X-Men films, resulting in a movie that alienated both casual filmgoers and Man of Steel die-hards. Admittedly, Superman is a hard character to bring to the big screen (we’ll know soon enough if Zack Snyder is up to the task) and, a few years later, Singer successfully released the competent (and profitable) Tom Cruise-starring, Valkyrie, in 2008.

Singer was initially assumed to be directing X-Men: First Class but he opted to helm the upcoming Jack the Giant Slayer instead. Despite a March 2013 release date, we’re still curious about the potential quality of Jack the Giant Killer - given that all we’ve got is notice of the film’s delay (from June 15th 2012 to March 1st 2013) and the first teaser trailer. That said, expect Warner Bros. to give us another look at the film soon – with a new trailer likely attached to The Hobbit.

Regardless of how Jack the Giant Killer performs, there’s no doubt that Singer has a soft spot (and sweet touch) for the X-Men franchise – and many fans who were unimpressed by Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand still blame 20th Century Fox for letting Singer walk away from the third installment. Despite his Superman stumble, comic book (and movie) faithfuls still appear eager to see what Singer can do with the X-Men universe. Similarly, given the heavy crossover potential in Days of Future Past (which will bend time and tangle with prior X-Men movie events), who better to simultaneously carve-out a new story – while at the same time revisit moments and characters from past (or future if we’re talking chronology) movies?

X Men Days of Future Past Film Bryan Singer Officially Directing X Men: Days of Future Past

Since Singer was already serving as a producer on the project, it’s unlikely that he intends to tinker with Vaughn’s script – so fans can still expect to see plenty of returning faces as well as full scale Sentinels. In fact, the more X-Men: Days of Future Past information we receive, the more it seems like Singer could actually be the only person truly capable of tying all of the different X-Men films together into a cohesive shared universe (not to mention explain away some of the canon conflicts in Ratner’s installment). Of course, Singer will have his work cut out for him – especially since we now know The Wolverine takes place after the original X-Men trilogy. Days of Future Past, indeed.


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X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18, 2014.

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. I’m glad Singer is back. After Matthew Vaughn left I was a little worried but now I can sleep well tonight.

  2. Not surprised by this.

    • That’s what I was gonna say.

  3. Yes, thank god they let Vaughn go. No this movie will be even better. I’m very excited for this movie.

  4. Oh man, this X-man universe is either gonna be crazy good or downright terrible.

    • Downright Terrible for $500 Alex!!!
      Singer estroyed this series already with the pathetic showing in the first x-men movies

  5. Im ok with this.

  6. AWESOME news. Must change pants.

    • Horrible…must change pants.

  7. It was only a matter of time.

    He was, after all, meant to direct X-Men: First Class and expressed interest in X-Men 4. Now he’s sorta doing both :)

  8. skeptical. always skeptical.

  9. today is starwars day, How day other movie news be released

  10. Not terribly excited about this. I’m not a fan of Singer’s X-Men movies. But hopefully he’s learned some lessons and can deliver an action packed spectacle like a proper X-Men movie should be. :)

    • You may not be a fan but he has brought us the best 2 X-films to date. Not perfect by any means but the best so far.

  11. Well not te worst news I suppose. I did enjoy xmen and x2 even with rheir flaws. Hopefully this movie will be as epic as they are saying. And singer gets a chance to redeem himself as a comic book movie director after the horrible superman returns.

  12. I can appreciate the statement of Singer making “an underwhelming” Superman flick. But, he went the homage route…It truly wasnt bad, just seemed boring compared to our “modern” action flicks. He does understand big action and it showed in X2. This can be amazing! Time will tell!

    • No it was an awful movie, and it was an even worse Superman movie.

  13. Glad the script won’t change much!

  14. what is wrong with everyone, why would anyone want this to continue. I dont care if Singer is back, but this franchise is broken. They need to reboot this and clean it up, if they want to use Singer to do that fine, but to continue down the road with this broken product is crazy. That said people have short memories, and wont remember all the inconsistencies that this franchise has spawned. The problem with that is I do and X fans do, listen im not saying that this has to be the comic come to life but they can atleast get certain things right, like relationships and timelines. This is that perfect chance to right all the wrongs that have been done. Restart the series, with all new actors including Wolverines. Let fox seperate but connect their Wolverine franchise with Jackman and The Xmen Franchise, The whole future version of wolverine would already be in place when they decided to do the future version of wolverine, and Jackman can keep going with solo Wolverine movies, hopefully an Old man Logan also

    • The first two X-Men movies have been put on a high pedestal for whatever reason, probably because they were not as awful as 95% of other movies based on Marvel properties had been. At this point though as a series the films just seem disjointed and have not really had any direction. The thing I don’t get is that for all the praise Singer gets, nobody calls him and the writers he likes to work with for the lack of character development and plot loopholes in the 3 out of 4 X-Men movies he’s been involved in (3 out of 5 if you want to count Wolverine, which despite its flaws actually tried to follow what the other films had laid out).

      And for me it just seems like Singer is not a great director of action and effects driven projects. X1 & 2 were okay, but Superman was just boring and his use of special effects and action scenes seem forced to me.

      • The mediocrity continues. Singer is the worst choice to bring credibility back to the X-men, but the perfect choice to further bury the franchise. You were too kind when you stated, “lack of character development and plot loopholes” and “not a great director of action and effects driven projects.” But, fans want so bad to have a decent X-men movie, they will convince themselves that the next one will be great. Argh!!! I hate it!

        • It has just been so many years since the first films came out and while they were good during their time, and light years ahead of what most other Marvel films had been able to do, the amount of praise Singer gets really does not seem warranted. I just find it odd that people really feel he ushered in some new era of film making, when the reality is X-Men 1 just got released a few weeks before Spider-Man which was the major catalyst for the trend.

          Then you fast forward to now and Raimi gets criticized and people act like all his Spider-Man films were so bad that it warranted a reboot (3 was bad, but still it’s just whining and playing into the studios hands at a point). Singer walked away from the third X-Men movie to do a mediocre Superman film, but people still think he’s going to save a ship he jumped off as it was drifting into an iceberg in the first place.

          And another thing I find funny is how the blame for other characters not being developed rested entirely on the focus being on Wolverine and Jackman somehow pulling strings. Wolverine is probably the most popular solo character from the property, so if an actor with as much movie star draw as Jackman developed ran with it good for him. It was the lack of vision by the studio, producers, writers and Singer for not knowing enough to throttle back on the Wolverine character in the team movies, because just like in the comics they would have more then enough time to do as many movies as they wanted with that character all by himself if they were smart.

          But they went the way they did and other characters suffered, and not just because of the amount of time spent on Wolverine (which really isn’t much more then anyone else when you actually look at each movie). Magneto and Xavier was always a huge focus for Singer, and Mystique has been made into a much bigger player in the movies then she ever really was. They also wasted time on the whole Ice-Man, Rogue, and Pyro angle that went nowhere, as well as a few other side bars that really did not move the overall narrative along.

    • Isnt that going to be the point of this movie to set things right using time travel?

      Or did I read other articles incorrectly?

  15. Agree with Loco Lobo, even if they got Spielberg to direct it still doesnt repair the serious holes in the entire x-men universe. So many things wrong, with very few things right. What they needed to do was build the timeline around Wolverine since he`s the only character that can actively be involved through a long span of time and a 2 second cameo wasn’t enough. No other franchise has such a messed up timeline. You got wolverine origins taking place in I dont know the late 70`s-80`s? you got first class in the 60`s, and now this new one that’s gonna mess it up even further by having future/past blend into one.

    • Wolverine took place between the 1800′s and 1979 actually, the Three Mile Island reference is from the meltdown in 1979. That worked for Wolverine since he is long-lived and it worked with his origins, but by putting a lot of other characters in the film it put specific daters on things that didn’t line up with what they had done in other films.

      The first movie was intentionally vague about the time period it was set in and by putting set dates in viewers head it just created math problems that some people can’t overlook. Placing First Class into another set historical period just made things more confusing. Trying to use time travel to “fix” this seems like a whacky idea that really may not work because of the consist/inconsistent writing the producers seem to let slip by.

  16. Eh i really enjoyed First Class, i thought it captured the feel and team dynamic as well as the intriguing and complex relationship between Charles and Erik so much better than Singers films but i didnt hate them so we will see

  17. Yesterday Disney bought Lucasfilm tomorrow Fox… ;D

  18. Comic books are way more convoluted than these movies. Some people have way too much time on their hands to pick apart all the tiny flaws. It’s entertainment people, not history. If you spent less time tearing down what you haven’t done, nor can do, then you might actually just enjoy the films for what they are…ENTERTAINMENT!

    • I hope you feel the same way when they botch your life story to sell theater tickets.

  19. Vaughn did a tremendous job on” X-Men: First Class”, it was an excellent movie, way better than “The Avengers”. I hope Bryan Singer can do a good job on this one. Yes, “Superman Returns” was a forgetable movie, but I did enjoy X1 and X2…”X-Men: Last Stand” was the weaker than the rest because that imbecile Brett Ratner was involved, fortunately though Singer stayed on as a producer. “Wolverine” was another good entry into the franchise, and I enjoyed watching it.

    I hope this will turn out good…better than whatever Disney will do to “Star Wars”…

  20. Worried. This guy has no idea of superhero combat, like he’s never picked up a comic book. That’s the real problem with X1 & x2 especially when compared to the flow of action in both Iron Men & the Avengers. Joss Whedon grew up reading and visualizing super hero comics, the interaction between characters and imagining the physicality of fast paced combat. Singers a pretender and the diffrence between the two is evidenced in their bodies of work.

    • Could not agree more. People slagged X3, (and with good reason most of the time), but at least it felt like you were watching a superhero comic book. Singer’s X-men movies, (and his Superman abomination), were dreadfully boring.

    • Yes, yes, and yes. I couldn’t agree more. No further comments need posting. This says it all.

  21. I don’t even have the words to express how disappointed I am with this news. My interest level in First Class 2 just went to zero.

  22. I’m glad Bryan Singer’s returning to direct an X-men movie. IMO, I think he has the best understanding of the characters when compared to others that have worked on the franchise.

    In regards to handling action sequences, he strikes me as the kind of person that is willing to learn (I could be wrong of course).

    • Lets hope and pray you are right !
      But otherwise…thats sad news ! Why have good things always to end so fast with them ?

  23. I am SO disappointed!

    X-Men has been a favorite of mine over the years. X1,2,and 3 were alright, not riveting, but good. Wolverine, was disappointing. First class, on the other hand, was a breath of fresh air. what made it so good a movie?

    (other than McAvoy and Fassbender) the thing that made First class wonderfull was Vaughn’s directorial style. Some call it choppy, but it sure didn’t lag… like Singers tended to.



  25. I think this is sad news. X-Men and X2 was alright. First Class was the first X-men movie that I actually thought was good. Wow, Fox is just really dropping the ball on this one. Next thing they’ll do is cast an emo Wolverine. Just sadden by the news

  26. Question

    How will he sort out X3 and Wolverine and create a cohesive universe where things actually make sense. If he can do this instead of wishing it away or acting if they never existed would (kind of) be a smack in the face to the fans (or maybe not). Please believe me, I would rather forget those two monstrosities and act as if they never existed (ala Hulk) but if he’s creative, he can probably figure out a way to somehow incorporate them. I mentioned in an earlier post that you could explain X3 as an illusion created by Jason Wingarde of the Hellfire club. X3, would be a one of the numerous simulations that Weapons X pumped into Logans brain when they were brainwashing him. That, as far as I am concerned are the only ways to rectify the situation. If Millar does his job at Fox properly like Whedon, he’ll hopefully make the new Wolverine tie into the new improved cinematic universe, though I don’t see how. If Wolverine takes place after X3, then we’re all f***** since X3 didn’t make any sense whatsofucking ever. Make the new Wolverine film a sequel to X-Men first class (which was also a (excuse my language) a f*** up).
    How do you make Havok older than Cyclops by like (what) 20/25+ years older than Cyclops. The only thing that did make sense (sort of) was Mystique, who we always knew didn’t age. Though, if she was Charles friend in the First Class, why did she try an kill him in the the first film by fiddling with cerebro.
    Another inconsistency was how Magneto stated in X2 how he and Charles built Cerebro and how they met when they were 17. Completely screws with canon.
    At least with the Marvel films, there’s a cohesive universe which makes sense. When you watch anyone of the Marvel movies, you can always tie in different aspects from the other films. Each film links up and I really don’t see how X-men is going to accomplish that. Fox is going to have to do a DC Crisis on Infinite Earths or a 52

    • None of that bothered me because as I understood it, it was never intended as a prequel and therefore did not have to tie into the other 3 X-Men films. Now for whatever reason they do want to tie in First Class, but they realize the continuity makes no sense so they are introducing time travel and multiple timelines. This has me both excited and terrified. Things can get screwy when you introduce these aspects into a story; to many things happening that could make the story convoluted. That being said if its done well, it could be awesome and make the X-Men franchise one of the best ever. Only time will tell I guess.

      • The whole idea of using time travel and multiple timelines is that is seems like they don’t have an idea of what they are doing from one movie to the next. If someone is jumping through time, when exactly are they going to land to try and pull the Terminator plot off?

        First Class left off in the 60′s, which makes it an odd fit for a traveler from the future. And how would the Sentinels technology be made to make sense at that point in time? Or are they going to somehow jump First Class characters into the non-specific time period the first three movies were set in.

        The other problem is that they have not set up half of the characters they would need to do the Days of Future Past storyline the way some fans envision it.

  27. Zzzzz…

  28. This is good news. When I watched the first X-Men film I felt like I was watching a new story for the X-Men. It is just like they do in the comics. Every so often we get a new story with the same characters. So far Singer has brought us the best 2 X-films to date. I am glad he is back in the directors chair.