Bryan Singer Officially Directing ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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Bryan Singer X Men Days of Future Past Director Bryan Singer Officially Directing X Men: Days of Future Past

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for X-Men fans – especially anyone eagerly anticipating the next mutant team-up (and time-hopping) installment, X-Men: Days of Future Past. Last week we reported that X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn was no longer attached to the follow-up film – with the possibility that former X-Men franchise architect (and Days of Future Past producer), Bryan Singer, could take-over the director’s chair.

While no official reason has been given for Vaughn’s departure from the project (he’ll stay on as producer), we do now have confirmation that Singer will be stepping in as director on the film – news that should be pleasing to longtime fans of the X-Men film series.

Coming Soon was first to confirm that Singer is officially set to helm Days of Future Past. Longtime X-Men movie fans will remember that the writer/director/producer has been sitting on the franchise sidelines since X2 in 2003 – passing up X-Men: The Last Stand in order to direct Superman Returns only to return to the X-Men universe in a limited capacity for X-Men: First Class (as producer).

X Men Days of Future Past Art Daniel Govar 570x398 Bryan Singer Officially Directing X Men: Days of Future Past

Despite Singer’s past success with X-Men films, reactions to the announcement will still be mixed – especially given the filmmaker’s unstable box office clout in recent years. As mentioned, Singer followed-up his hit X-Men films with an underwhelming and melodramatic take on the most iconic superhero of all time – Superman. For many, Superman Returns failed to bring the same mix of super power action and intriguing character drama that Singer had found in his X-Men films, resulting in a movie that alienated both casual filmgoers and Man of Steel die-hards. Admittedly, Superman is a hard character to bring to the big screen (we’ll know soon enough if Zack Snyder is up to the task) and, a few years later, Singer successfully released the competent (and profitable) Tom Cruise-starring, Valkyrie, in 2008.

Singer was initially assumed to be directing X-Men: First Class but he opted to helm the upcoming Jack the Giant Slayer instead. Despite a March 2013 release date, we’re still curious about the potential quality of Jack the Giant Killer - given that all we’ve got is notice of the film’s delay (from June 15th 2012 to March 1st 2013) and the first teaser trailer. That said, expect Warner Bros. to give us another look at the film soon – with a new trailer likely attached to The Hobbit.

Regardless of how Jack the Giant Killer performs, there’s no doubt that Singer has a soft spot (and sweet touch) for the X-Men franchise – and many fans who were unimpressed by Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand still blame 20th Century Fox for letting Singer walk away from the third installment. Despite his Superman stumble, comic book (and movie) faithfuls still appear eager to see what Singer can do with the X-Men universe. Similarly, given the heavy crossover potential in Days of Future Past (which will bend time and tangle with prior X-Men movie events), who better to simultaneously carve-out a new story – while at the same time revisit moments and characters from past (or future if we’re talking chronology) movies?

X Men Days of Future Past Film Bryan Singer Officially Directing X Men: Days of Future Past

Since Singer was already serving as a producer on the project, it’s unlikely that he intends to tinker with Vaughn’s script – so fans can still expect to see plenty of returning faces as well as full scale Sentinels. In fact, the more X-Men: Days of Future Past information we receive, the more it seems like Singer could actually be the only person truly capable of tying all of the different X-Men films together into a cohesive shared universe (not to mention explain away some of the canon conflicts in Ratner’s installment). Of course, Singer will have his work cut out for him – especially since we now know The Wolverine takes place after the original X-Men trilogy. Days of Future Past, indeed.


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X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18, 2014.

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. As long as he doesn’t decide to leave the franchise to direct another movie like he did Superman, I’m fine with it. If he screws us like he did by not directing the last stand then I’m done with his movies.

    • He’s already screwed up. He should be banned from comics movies

  2. Seeing that Singer will direct, he will now base the entire movie around Wolverine (again). Just as he did with X1 & X2. Mean while William Stryker has nothing to do with Weapon X or Wolverine in the comics. Yeah, I’m unhappy with his X2 movie.

  3. This is not too good news for me as I’m not a Singer fan at all. Other than The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie,I don’t think he does a good job nor has a good vision of the films he directs.

    At this point,the only thing that will definitely get me into the theater to see this is a kick was version of Omega Red,whether he belongs there or not.

  4. Sounds good to me. I really like his films. I realize I differ from most folks that visit this site, but I absolutely love Superman Returns. I’ve never been a fan of Superman, but Singer gave me a character I could relate to, and actually admire. Valkyrie was actually my least favorite of his films (I found it largely forgettable). I loved X2 and look forward to his next installment.

    • Superman Returns was as bad as the Punisher with Dolph Lundgren. not criticising you, but Singer has singlehandly destroyed these heroes as we knew them.. He’s made them weaker and have not touched on anything or everything that we already know. He wassupposed to bring to film what we know about these heroes, and villains and what mkes them who they are or who we think they are. HE FAILED!!!!!!!

  5. Singers a pretty good director hopefully this’ll be good

  6. I loved first class one of the best X-Men movies (to me at least, I know it got really mixed reviews) but I really liked it a lot. I was pretty upset when I heard Vaughn wasn’t coming back he brought the movie something new and great and fun that only he could give it. singer is a pretty good director although superman returns wasn’t all that good you can’t forget that he started the X-Men trilogy maybe he can give the this something new and special

  7. Great…so, we can have another 2 hour X-men movie with 3 minutes of fighting. What the hell good are their mutant powers if they don’t use them. Bryan Singer is LAME! His Superman Movie was one of the worst in the history of cinema.

    • Thank You. It might as well be a musical.

  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! He screwed the series up!!! Sure let him continue to screw it up!!!

  9. This is how Singer has already destroyed the X-men, and I will be the first to say it, since no one else will. Screw your vision, make the film based on what we know laready.
    1. 5 original X-men – Cyclops, Jean, Beast Angel Iceman

    2. Rogue was never a student, she was part of the brotherhood and boning Magneto, before she stole,Ms. Marvels powers and left for the X-Mansion

    3. Pyro was never a student, he was either German or Canadian and part of the Brotherhood

    4. Iceman was an adult, before he left after rogue got ther and he left to become part of Spiderman and Firestar

    5. There was no association between wolverine and sabertoothe, okay wolerine’s memory was messed up, but not sabertoothe’s BTW- you dont kill sabertooth

    That’s just the first movie

    The 2nd x-man movie

    • You do realize there’s many different universes to the x-men series, why does he have to follow the earth 616 version. I’m not saying you aren’t entitled to the feeling of not liking the x-men movies. But I think your slightly overreacting, every comic book movie takes liberties and changes backgrounds. And let’s not get started in the comic book realm of the changes that occur throughout the 40 year history of this team. At the end of the day, it’s another version/ his vision on the characters, like any other writer from Joss Whedon to Stan Lee to Chris Claremont. I think Bryan did a good job with what he made do from the multiple characters, and budget. Granted it could be better and give more focus to other characters.
      The themes that he introduced throughout the film about discrimination, casting choices, the film’s grounded realism, and plots were very well done. But then again that’s my take on the x-men films he directed.

      • I’m not a huge fan on the different realms and universes. What I know comes from what I saw on saturday mornings and the PS3 games, Ultimate alliance and X-men legends 1 & 2. They kept it consistent. So when a director bounces in and out of universes to make his story has reflected poorly on film

        • So your not taking into account the comics? If so you have no say on the vision of others if your not even taking the source material into the fray. Basing your Canon on ps3 takes is laughable.

          • Cyborg, Thank you So much. I agree with the comment you stated.

            As for Berzerker you do realize the games and tv shows you watched were BASED on the comics. Meaning they incorporated the comics storyline but weren’t 100% accurate to the source material. You claim that bryan singer messed up the universe due to continuity changes, yet praise the same tv shows and video games that do the same.

    • You may have some of your stories mixed in with other versions here. Pyro was Australian; Rogue was part of the Brotherhood when Mystique was running it, and I don’t think she was ever with Magneto; Iceman was only teamed up with Spider-Man and Firestar on the 80′s cartoon; and Wolverine and Sabretooth had a convoluted history that was always confusing, but they were in Weapon X together.

  10. First let me say that my comments aren’t directing to offend anyone, so I won’t make any disparaging comments. Sencond, i’m in my 40s so I’m not really up to mar on versions, what ever it is that I do know comes from what I saw growing up as a kid. So that is what has stuck with me. In fact, the last comic series I bought was a 25 episode spiderman comic when Carnage and a group of others ravaged New York and Spiderman and Venom were playing nicely together.
    I am aware that there will be some changes for example, in Tobey Mcguire’s spiderman, I liked how they made his web come from his body instead of him making web cartriges. I don’t like how they killed off spidey’s villains and bought in Venom.
    My opinions come from the continuity that I learned when I was growing up. I was excited to see it come to film, but disappointed when they didnt follow story-lines that everyone knows, character associations etc.
    I grew up with Bill Bixby as David Banner and Lou as the HUlk. so, I apologize due to my lack of knowledge on the various universes.
    I will say that I will stick with my inital statements as far as character associations.

  11. no confidence in Singer…He famously did not get on with Halle Berry, jumped the X-Men ship to produce Superman and now seems desperate to return to it after being rejuvenated by others. Would have been happy to wait a while longer for the next X-movie if Vaughn was otherwise busy on other projects.

  12. All I can say is I wont be going to see it if Bryan Singer is involved again. He ruined Xmen when he did the first two and sounds like he screwed them up again . Get the hint you suck at these movies and you disappoint the fans of xmen . When someone screws up xmen and then superman why the hell would you let him back in to direct again so he can screw things up yet again . I wont be seeing this movie. Cant wait for Marvel Comic movies to only be done with Disney bc the rest are sucking especially if they are directed by Bran SInger