‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Character Analysis & Discussion [Video]

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With the video above we’re starting up what we hope is just the first of an awesome new Screen Rant feature: Custom-created videos where the SR Underground podcast team analyzes hot topics and cool events. We hope you like it and please let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

Outside of director Bryan Singer tweeting of behind-the-scenes photos from the production of X-Men: Days of Future Past, the marketing campaign behind Twentieth Century Fox’s second most expensive film of all-time didn’t gear up until this week. And they didn’t hold much back so we didn’t either in our new Screen Rant video feature!

Throughout Monday on an hourly basis, Empire released a large set of collectible covers, each serving as an official individual one-sheet for the heroes, villains and otherwise in X-Men: Days of Future Past. You can see all 25 of them here (along with two bonus fan-made images) in order, beginning with the characters of the past (1970s era) leading up to the post-apocalyptic future characters.

The reveals offered fans the first high-res look into not only the returning characters from the original X-Men trilogy and the First Class prequel, but a few new faces too, from a younger mutant Toad to first appearances of Bishop, Sunspot, Warpath and Blink. The big reveal at the end however, was the Sentinel design of the future – a nightmarish behemoth that surprised us all. Watch the video above as Screen Rant’s own Kofi Outlaw, Ben Kendrick and Anthony Ocasio join me in sharing our thoughts on the new imagery.

Let us know your thoughts on our new video feature and the X-Men reveals in the comments!


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Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, Evan Jonigkeit along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015X-Men: Apocalypse releases May 27, 2016 release.

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Source: Empire

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  1. Two things that pop out at me and they better offer a damn good explanation. That’s Wolverine’s claws, now back to being with the adamantium, and the fact that Xavier is standing up in all of his promo pics.

    • I’m gonna go and assume the button scene from the last stand was canon and Xavier is now in the body of the coma patient, but being a powerful telepath he’s projecting the face everyone remembers into everyone’s minds to make it less weird for them

      • That is searched way too far.
        The old Xavier just put his mind in his twin brother and the young Xavier can walk again by some reason the new upcoming movie just to justify the scene from Last Stand where he can walk in the future.

        • I know this has been repeated on several other articles but there will absolutely be alternate timelines at play here. Whatever is done in the past while Wolverine is galavanting about in his younger body will obviously affect the future. Butterfly affect and what not. They are using this storyline to fix plotholes and continuity issues. What better way to fix all of the problems than to erase them entirely.

          • The whole reason Wolvie is being sent back is to change the timeline. Magneto and Xavier team up and eradicate the sentinal program. What else will they manage to change?

            • Great video by the way. ScreenRant IS my workday. Keep up the good work.

        • Young Xavier has such hubris, maybe he’s the one projecting into everyone’s minds that he is still walking. This would also explain the first scene in X-Men 3.

          • he seemed pretty accepting of what happened at the end of first class, then again you could be right, he’s supposed to be in a bad place when wolvie goes back

    • I’m pretty sure that’s what Emma Frost does in ‘Old Man Logan’ to make herself look young in the future

    • Wolverine may have gotten his adamantium claws with Magneto’s help. They could have found some or magneto could have pulled some from wherever it was on the planet and put it on wolverine’s claws. In the comics, he ripped it out of his skin and then put it back later. No reason he can’t put it on in the movie.

      • I may be wrong but I think logan already has his claws back at the end scene of Wolverine. Reasons being, he opts for the pat down straight away before going to the metal detector, and second Magneton is controlling him via his powers, of course magneto could just be controlling him via the iron in his bloodstream but taht seems a bit too much. I’d like to hear thoughts from others.

        • Completely forget they severed only his claws, major mistake on my part. But to the comment that magneto put the adamantium back, there was no such thing? First Cable’s mad son Tyler (Genesis) who tried to rebind the adamantium extracted from Cyber, he screwed up and Apocalypse did it right later on. If I’m wrong like with the earlier comment do correct me.

        • his whole skeleton is still covered in adamantium, thats how magneto held him in place

        • His bone claws had grown back, yes, but his entire skeleton is coated with metal.

    • Someone asked him if he wanted to stand for a wedding, and he was rehearsing.

  2. This is awesome! Great discussion guys…I’ve always been a fan of the podcast and keep these vids coming… this is great, always love to here you guys perspective on things.

  3. Interesting but still mindbending

  4. Wolverine gets sent back into his younger body. That’s the DoFP pre-weapon x time period, it seems. PostWolverine(2013) wolverine had bone claws after getting the adamantium ones chopped of.

    This means that either nagneto slaps adamantium back on there, or there are THREE timelines. And I think I recall some saying this film is 3 films in one. If that’s the case we have the established filmverse, we have the futureverse, and the pastverse. Which obeof these the first class film belongs to is unknown. It’s also unknown what the canonverse will be after DoFP

    Also, what a fail regarding Rogue.

    My mind’s torn up about this. It can be good, but it’s already continuing to further botch fantastic x-men lore. Drives me crazy, if First Class had been a true reboot with the right characters, Fox could be up there quicker than DC with a new shared universe, heavily competing with Marvel Studios. But no, ego and a lot of bets on past ventures, ugh.

  5. Keep the videos coming.

  6. When i saw the spaceship my mind jumped to Princess Lilandra and Starjammers?

    But in all honesty i which they would just scrap the lot and start again, sucks so much to watch a massive part of my childhood being dragged through the mud again and again!

  7. Awesome video! Look forward to more.

  8. Well this is certainly a welcome surprise! There has been a few times lately when major news drops the day after you record the podcast, and by the time the next podcast comes around we don’t get to hear your guy’s full opinions. Thanks for doing this!

    Most people are reacting way too negatively on these, even though some look pretty bad, most of them are pretty promising. They had to know some (quicksilver mainly) were going to be ridiculed… who thought that purple hair was a good idea? never mind I don’t want to get into it… just wait to see how it plays out on film. I just really hope this is enough to re-invigorate the franchise and get it moving in the right direction.

  9. Wolverine’s claw’s are bonded to him on a molecular level. If you check out Uncanny X-Men #116 (I think?), the character “Sym” snap’s off Logan’s claws and they regrow back. It really depends on the version and writer though.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there for you guy’s. Keep up the good work, very insightful. :)

    • Thank you sir. Let’s hope they keep with that idea and not some different timeline stuff.

    • I haven’t read that issue but I assume you mean the adamantium bonded on a molecular level because if you meant just the claws, well, of course they would, they’re made of bone.

      Adamantium meanwhile was bonded to his skeleton but unless it’s a magic metal that can grow along with bone then that whole “he can regrow adamantium-coated claws at will” idea is plain nonsense.

      • Well as far as im aware adamantium isnt manmade, its a rare natural occurring substance, so if Logans had it bonded to his bones for so long maybe his healing factor has broken it down on a molecular level and can regrow it like the rest of him, it just takes longer to regrow than bone because its more complex. Just a crazy theory, not something i think id accept myself if it were the way they’re gonna go :P

        • Adamantium is a man-made alloy.

    • hahahaha… It’s funny because you mentioned the source material! Fox doesn’t care about source material. I am pretty sure its used as toilet paper around there. Bryan Singer didnt like comics when starting the 1st Xmen movies and still doesn’t care about the fans. I’m thinking the motto is: “why get it right when they will give us their money anyways.”

  10. This seems like the greatest X-men related movie yet, The Wolverine was great, and it really goes to show that if you respect the comic book story arcs, modify them of course, but follow them, you will get a great plot and film. There’s a reason we nerds love them and why those comics sold so g****** well once. To the timelines being convoluted, I think it’s cool and fun, the timelines in the comics were messy at one point or another, post Age of Apocalypse I started taking notes on what the hell was X-man and how he fitted into the world etc. The whole Cable/Stryfe stuff confused me as a younger reader so I think us being so interested about figuring out this timeline issue with the movie creates a nostalgic feeling to reading the comics. Quicksilver looks iffy but it’s the X-men series so I don’t care, everything else seems so freakin great. Especially Mark X which from the second I saw it my mind made the link: THAT HAS GOT TO BE NIMROD. Really looking forward to this film, and hoping that an end credits scene will give us a glimpse of the grandaddy of them all: Apocalypse.

  11. Personally, I’m fine with the new sentinel designs. I always thought the idea behind them was cool, but they look more like a rip off of the manhunters from DC to be honest. These designs are a little more original, and the second design looks like something ACTUALLY designed to kill mutants. But, at the end of the day, there are two types of fans when it comes to comics being translated to screen: fans that want to see everything look just like it did in the comics, and ones that want to see designs of their characters and settings based more on functionality. I’m the type that prefers functionality, that just usually translates better to live action (for example, I much preferred the Captain America suit from the first movie over the one in The Avengers).

  12. Hey guys,

    Great video! please do more. Great analysis, as usual. While these images help answer some questions, they also pose a few. If Rogue isn’t in the theatrical release then why is she in the official images? How does Wolverine get his adamantium claws back in the future (after loosing them in the Wolverine) and not have them in the past? All of this is making this out to be more convoluted than it should be. We will see when it comes out

    • * Publicity part of the company probably already sent out the shots by the time the decision was made to cut her from the movie.

      * No idea about the future but he shouldn’t have them in the past since he hasn’t been through the Weapon X procedure yet.

      • i think wolverine will go into his younger body with bone claws and during the course of the film volunteer for weapon X to get adamantium claws, thats why strykers in the movie

  13. How about an article analyzing Cyclops? And a movie featuring Cyclops leading the X-Men? Now that I bet alot of people could get behind.

  14. I don’t understand why other people don’t understand the alternate timeline thing. Wolverine will meddle in the the past and affect the future. For all we know, by the time the movie ends, all other x-men movies will be erased. If I may… The tag scene at the end of The Wolverine was Prof X and Magneto reaching out to Logan from an alternate future where i’m assuming Logan is already dead. Maybe an official trailer will start to clear everything up but as far as the bone claws no bone claws thing goes, it has to be a result of Wolverines doings in the past.

  15. Great video, Screen Rant crew!

    All of these theories are making this fools head hurt. Although I’m sure seeing the movie will clear things up.

  16. Good job on the video! Who gets the credit for the video editing? What did you use? Final Cut?

    One suggestion…… Put video of your individual faces in the 4 corners so we can see you guys talking as well as hear you. Why not? You’re not ugly…. And you might get a casting call for a movie role…. He, he.

    • Agreed! Let’s see you guys hehe

  17. Not sure that I 100% agree with the logic that because we haven’t seen the sentinels in any of the movies means that all of the previous movies are a separate timeline.

    I think the fact that the danger room scenario in X3 had a sentinel means that the sentinels were always around in some fashion. Sentinels may have been around in the 70′s all along but we don’t see them in Wolverine origins because the movie is focused on him usually away from major cities where the sentinels would probably be.

    My theory is that the program was created in the 70′s but never fully “got off the ground” so to speak. Then because of events during/after The Wolverine (events we haven’t witnessed yet) the Sentinel program kick starts again leading to a dark future farther ahead in time after The Wolverine. This movie will be about Wolverine going back in time to help erase the program from ever starting.

    • There was this folder “WideAwake” on one of the computers Mystique hacks in X-Men 2 or 3. The Sentinel proyect existed in the movie timeline, but seemingly never got off the ground.

      • Good catch! Supports my thoughts exactly.

  18. SR, thats a good initiative. I praise it.
    Its way better than just hearing what you all are saying.


  20. If a specks of dust can poke out Quicksilver’s eyes, and so he wears goggles, how about the rest of his face?

  21. As long as this movie starts to open doors for

    1. Cykes return
    2. Gambit’s entrance to the franchise
    3. Psylocke’s entrance
    4. Mr. Sinister
    5. Return of Nightcrawler
    6. Battle between Colossus and Juggs
    7. Creation of Archangel
    8. Maybe a cool scene or plot involving Shadow King and the Astral Plane

  22. It sounds like most people are thinking that the sentinels show up in ‘X-Men’-’The Wolverine’ (XW) timeline.

    But, it seems that the events at the end of ‘X-Men: First Class’ (XFC) (and The Bent Bullet) lead to the introduction of the sentinels and a bleak future. This timeline is an anomaly, something went wrong; a “what if Xavier became friends with Magneto too early”. For example, if Xavier and Magneto stopped being friends early on, how did they, together, approach a young Jean in the XW timeline? This could explain why Jean, and therefore Cyclops by extension, is(are) not part of the XFC timeline (yet).

    In XW, mutants were relatively unknown and the sentinels were not developed (to the same extent), as such we didn’t see an indication of that in ‘The Wolverine’. The XW timeline is currently the correct timeline.

    The mid-credit scene of ‘The Wolverine’ is of a future Xavier and Magneto from the XFC timeline, especially considering they look the same age as they did at the end of X3. There isn’t enough time for the sentinel to become a problems for mutants from the end of X3 to the end of ‘The Wolverine’, and for there not to be any real change in how Xavier and Magneto look.

    XFC is a parallel timeline, and Xavier and Magneto project themselves to a bone-clawed Wolverine in the XW timeline (the XFC armored Wolverine has adamantium laced claws, since sentinels happened instead of ‘The Wolverine’). {I remember wondering why no one at the airport, despite moving about, couldn’t see a costumed Magneto suddenly standing behind Wolverine before Xavier wheeled in and froze them. It seems like it was a projection and once Wolverine realized that, he disregarded what was happening around him and that’s partly why everyone was standing still. Afterwards both Xavier and Magneto vanish.}

    The reason why future XFC Xavier and Magneto project themselves across timelines, is because they (watched Looper [I haven't though] and) understood that if they tried to directly manipulate they’re own timeline nothing would change and they would end up in the same spot.

    To fix (or change) the events in their XFC timeline they need outside influence. So they meet with the XW Wolverine, since XW Xavier and Magneto are partially out of commission, and find a way for Wolverine to project his consciousness back in time. This is probably how Kitty Pryde is supposedly involved. Wolverine is sent back to before Xavier meets Magneto in the XW timeline (the timeline where Xavier befriends Magneto later on, and where Magneto may or may not be the cause of a crippled Xavier). This is could be why Xavier (whether in the XW or XFC timeline) is still standing in the Magazine cover.

    XW Xavier projects his mind to the XFC timeline to warn the XFC Xavier (sometime before the missile issue at the end of ‘First Class’) and somehow prevent the events that lead to the sentinels.

    I would also theorize that this produces another anomaly, and leads both timelines to bleed into each other and merge to some degree. This allows for streamlining the X-Men universe, throwing away what isn’t liked and it is what brings about Apocalypse.

  23. Young Xavier is walking because Wolverine can transfer his healing abilities. I say with the help from Beast and Wolverine’s DNA he walks again.

  24. I really dig Wolverine’s costume, although a little more yellow could’ve made it even better! Now Quicksilver’s cover/costume is plain terrible! I’m interested to see what they’ll be doing for his powers in terms of fx, but based on this cover and agreeing with the video commentary, I’m afraid it’ll be more like the blur from Smallville. Hopefully not the case when the movie comes out.

  25. X-Men The Last Stand managed to reduce the X-Men movie franchise to complete crap, while also serving to simultaneously brutally trash numerous other characters of the X-Men universe all in one real $hitty movie.
    Was hoping they’d decided to re-boot the franchise altogether with X-Men: First Class, but apparently not as they’re looking to trash that franchise as well after only having 1 installment under its belt.
    Hollywood needs to start drug screening their studio executives.

  26. Love the video guys! It’ll give me a fix through the week until the podcast comes out ;-)
    I get more and more excited for this movie every day!

  27. “Here’s our Quicksilver!”
    cut to… Jeff Goldblum.

    I died.

    Kudos team! Loved the new video!