‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Image – Wolverine & Beast Team Up in 1973

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X Men Days of Future Past Wolverine and Young Beast Image X Men: Days of Future Past Image   Wolverine & Beast Team Up in 1973

The more director Bryan Singer tweets about X-Men: Days of Future Past, the more questions fans have about the film. For example: How will the X-Men from the “future” (present?) interact with the X-Men of the 1970s? How will time travel be involved? And, perhaps most importantly, will Days of Future Past have too many characters for its own good?

While we’ve already seen a picture of Wolverine on the set (from behind, mind you), today Singer tweeted the first image of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, front and center – with 1970s Beast (Nicholas Hoult) at his side.

Check out the tweet and image below:


Wolverine and Young Beast in Days of Future Past 280x170 X Men: Days of Future Past Image   Wolverine & Beast Team Up in 1973

The image, like the multitude previous, just raises a bunch of new questions about Days of Future Past.

Singer’s tweet (“Welcome to 1973“) seems to indicate that the Wolverine of the present (or perhaps even the future) has gone back in time to 1973…to prevent something terrible from happening? Presumably. To prevent X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: The Last Stand from ever going into production? Nah, we’re probably not that lucky.

Now, arguably the Wolverine in the image could be 1970s Wolverine, too, but given the complicated continuity of previous films – and Wolverine’s absence from the team until the year 2000 – that seems unlikely. Of course, in fairness, the X-Men series hasn’t exactly been known for its strict adherence to previously established continuity (see: Emma Frost being portrayed as a teenager in the ’70s-set Origins and as a full grown woman in the ’60s-set X-Men: First Class).

Emma Frost in Origins and First Class X Men: Days of Future Past Image   Wolverine & Beast Team Up in 1973

The other question here is – why is Nicholas Hoult not in blue makeup in the image?

Fans will recall that near the end of First Class, Henry “Hank” McCoy – A.K.A. Beast – accidentally transformed himself into a big blue cat-man. In The Last Stand, Kelsey Grammer also portrayed a very blue and very furry Beast – though he was more ape-like in appearance in that film.

More recently, Singer gave us a glimpse of Hoult in the blue Beast makeup (seemingly a hybrid of the First Class and Last Stand makeup design). Check it out below:


X Men Days of Future Past Beast First Look Nicholas Hoult 280x170 X Men: Days of Future Past Image   Wolverine & Beast Team Up in 1973

So by all accounts, Hank McCoy should be big, blue, and hairy in 1973.

What reason would there be for Nicholas Hoult to look relatively normal and clean-shaven – if decked out in hilarious sideburns – in the tweeted image above? (That is, aside from the fact that he’s a fairly well-known actor (Warm Bodies, Jack the Giant Slayer) whose face producers might want to be visible throughout the film.)

Has Hank McCoy developed a means for hiding his mutation? Is he wearing Nightcrawler’s holographic appearance generator from the X-Men: Evolution animated series? Or has he succeeded in temporarily removing his blue, cat-like mutation…only for the blue, ape-like mutation to pop up at some point down the line?

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Do you have any theories about the new image? Drop us a line in the comments.


The Wolverine hits theaters July 26th, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on July 18th, 2014, and Fantastic Four on March 6th, 2015.

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  1. If Kitty Pryde goes back, maybe they recruit ’70s Wolverine.

    I actually have a feeling there are three Wolverines in this film.

    • Damn, that’s a lot of Wolverines.

      • 3? Lol will they fight each other?

      • So it’ll be a 3 way Wolverine fight, Highlander style?

        There can be only one…

        • I just thought too.

          What if we’re getting a FOX-ified version of House Of M at some point?

          You know, introduce a lot of mutant character in this movie, have another one after that and then bam, House Of M, different versions of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (unless they and Marvel can somehow use the same versions and actors in their respective franchises) and that does away with a lot of the characters to give us less crowded X-Men movies?

    • Elaborate on your 3 wolverine theory.

    • To me, it looks more like the ’73 Beast travel forward in time to our present. Hence the modern look of the mansion´s basement, as can be seen in the picture.
      And hopefully people will stop whining about the “human Beast cameo” in X-Men 2 now.

      • Then why did Singer tweet “welcome to 1973″?

        I mean, maybe that’s just a red herring, but I’m not sure why he’d purposefully mislead on that specific issue.

        • Maybe because of the funky outfits…

      • Wowww that’s a good as explantion. Its goin be young hank on the tv.

      • Its MORPH!!! lol… I’d like to see Morph! 😛

    • do most of you realize that 99% of the characters they are piling into this move weren’t even in the original story…except as headstones????

      • If even that. But hopefully most of them are there to show brief flashbacks (or forwards or whatever) of mutants getting captured and eliminated. Otherwise, way too many characters.

        I like the movies, but to me the comics began to decline long ago when they started adding too many mutants, and different secret armies of mutants, etc. The movies pretty much continued that trend. I’d prefer a smaller number. I also don’t like all the fancy tech. They could have shaved off a lot of budget and simplified those things. However, they probably want to use as many characters as possible to seal the movie rights, and the tech is flashier and the audience likes that.

    • 3 wolverines… i agree its possible. Current aged wolverine… Future wolverine (when all xmen are dead but him) and past wolverine.

      I don’t know what this is following etc. but in the future isn’t there a staged assasination on the president leading to be believed it was a mutant (which it was) to start the war on mutants and mankind? then they had to go back in time to stop the assasination. Bishop is sent back in time to kill the xmen believed to be the killer (Gambit) Bishop has been confirmed already. So has cable and there both big story parts.

      Let them put as many mutants as they want. there can’t be to many. just make it a 3 hour movie dammit, or 2 parter. The greatest xmen movie to have ever been made.

      I want to see my fav scene from the cartoon when wolverine and gambit are in the mines (where the sentinels are coming from) and theres like 8 in a room and wolverine pushes gambit out and shuts the door and goes ape s*** on them while a light is blinking on and off. Any1 remember that? As long as wolverine goes ape s*** on these giant robots we were teased about in the War Room in Last Stand.

      • Bishop and Gambit had nothing to do with the original story. What you´re talking about is the cartoon adaption.

        • haha nothing wrong with the cartoon. i’m 27 i grew up on that 15 yrs ago. And yes i’m expecting “Yellow Spandex” lol. Is it to much to ask for Morph? :) No reason we can’t have 2 shapeshifters!

          And i thought Cable was announced to be in it?

          Bishop nothing to do with it? o in the cartoon he was time traveler sent back in time to stop the assasination on the president which turns out to be Gambit but i forget if it was morph posing as him or what it turned out to be. Lil hazey 15 yrs later. But that was the only incident of Time Travel i remember from the cartoon thats y i brought that up.

      • Cable hasnt been confirmed. They dont have the rights to use him, I dont think.

        • Really? Where’d you read that?

          • On ScreenRant, if Im not mistaken. Only site I visit. I would love to be corrected if Im wrong, or if Im right, maybe a link to whatever I had read…

          • Did a tiny bit of digging, couldnt find what I had previously read, or what I thought I had read. My guess is that the fact that he wasnt confirmed, but Bishop was, someone in the comments section made a remark about Fox not having the rights, and I believed what they said.

            I appreciate the correction. Thank you.

            • No problem! I was just genuinely curious about the status of the movie rights for Cable.

              • Me too. Now that I know otherwise, I hope that Cable shows up in DOFP. I always liked him more than Bishop.

            • That’s a tricky proposition, I see lots of people claiming knowledge of “they don’t have the film rights to…” and being totally incorrect. Our commenters are smart and informed, but there are people who earnestly believe nonsensical stuff and pass it off as fact as well. Be wary of that!

    • like past, present and future wolverine

  2. I just want a cool kitty pryde story. Ellen page is a fantastic actor and was the best part of x3.

    I bet beast finds a way to go back and forth cuz in x2 he was a normal dr in human form.

    Shows you how jacked up continuity is.

    • ??? Hank Mcoy was in X2? Where? I don’t remember seeing him in that movie.

      • It was a “blink and miss” cameo. He was seen on TV discussing mutants, in the bar scene.

        • Whoops, what Scapegoat said!

      • He’s on TV in the background of a bar scene.

    • In the comics, Hank sometimes wore a mask of his original human face. That’s always been good enough for me.

      I wish fans would cut them some slack. It was a fun “easter egg” at the time, and it would have cost a lot of time and money to come up with a decent design and make-up for a TV in the background.

  3. Please let there be a “young” Wolverine meets “old” Wolverine scene.

      • Clint can talk to an empty wheelchair.

  4. So it just occurred to me that Wolverine and Beast hadn’t met before in X3 (Beast makes a quip about how young Wolverine is). I could buy Professor X knowing about Wolverine the whole time, but this… not so much.

    • Of all the continuity issues, that’s the one you have a problem with? It looks as though Wolverine travels into a past where he would never have met Hank At the time and changes that history.

      • In the original it’s Kitty who does the “traveling.” But she doesn’t physically travel. Her future consciousness is transported into her younger (present/past) self. They did this because she was young and new, and less likely to have developed mental defenses to mental “attacks.”

        Presumably, this is a picture of Logan in 1973. He didn’t travel back in time. He was there already. But it could be that events have changed and they wouldn’t have normally met.

        Beyond that I don’t care about any continuity issues. Not a bit. Don’t care.

  5. So far, Storm is the only one I’ve seen in costume. I guess Brian is going cheap with no costumes? Try eliminating custumes in all comics and see what happens.

    • We’ve seen Professor X’s and Kitty Pryde’s “costumes,” too, but they’re pretty basic.

      • We´ve seen Iceman in costume as well.

  6. That Wolverine doesn’t look like he came from the future.

    • In the comics they didn’t physically travel in time. It was the future Kitty’s consciousness entering her younger self and then convincing the others to help her. At least the original two issue story.

      He didn’t. He was alive in 1973, looking the same. So that’s just him in 1973.

      It could be that someone from the “future” somehow locates and contacts him and convinces him to help. But I assume that’s him in 1973.

      • Interesting!

  7. Hugh Jackman doesnt age or what….in fact he looks younger…XD

  8. Maybe it’s the Mystique!!!

    • No Morph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I don’t know if this has already been mentioned but what happens after this movie? There will be doubles of characters (actor wise) most notably Prof. X, and Magneto? Theres beast too (is kg on board?). I can’t think of any others. Who gets to move on in Fox’s universe? They can maybe drag this movie into two parts but the whole universe can’t be based on multiple time lines.

    • Xmen of current go back to there time. Xmen of the past stay in the past and try not to make the wrongs made…

      As long as we get to see Wolverine tear Sentinel ass up. I been waiting damn near a decade for the movie with Sentinels. X3 teased us with the warroom scene in beginning.

    • Thinking since from 1074 to near future will all be retconned from TT events.. X1,2,3 and other film like wolverine and get erased. So first class xmen can continue filling in the blanks of xmen’s history from 1974 to the altered presumably sentinel free (If they are successful) future. So more movies with the first class xmen through the 80s, 90s etc and more movies with the original xmen in the form of near future adventures. Logically first class would end where the TT event took place time wise or from where ever they choose to film new Xmen adventures with the original cast (since TT rewrites the whole continuity and thus in keeping with Marvel comics a breakaway reality would have come into being, now being the new default xmen movie reality, thus they dont have to TT from the future since there is nothing to fix) Confusing yes, here a breakdown:

      1) First Class
      2) First Class (DOFP) 1973
      3) First Class 1983
      4) Fist class 1993
      5) First class 2003 / original xmen actors mix
      6) new original cast xmen
      7) new original cast xmen
      8) next original cast xmen

      *3,4,5 are just examples but as the entire continuity is retconned from TT they are free to “rewrite” xmen’s history using First class moving forward through time. This would mean that original xmen cast would start filtering into the movies at their appropriate times within the given chronology. At some point there would be a switch over to the original cast. Keep in mind they could start pumping out xmen original cast movies tight after DOFP (as shown in my example) its just at some point First class would bump up against the new Xmen, but its just one large cohesive continuity so the two series should flow with each other seamlessly.

      • And everyone in the theater leaves with migraines and nose bleeds.

        • Lol pretty much and wallets slightly lighter.

          Damn.. Typo 1074.. Meant 1974.. Damn iphone

        • hahaha yep. That was well thought out. You lost me. I cought some of that lol… Well thought.

  10. I’m jus excited to get everyone from all the x-men films back together (errr, for the first time?)

    Continuity is really jacked up in these films, so here’s to HOPING Bryan can right the wrong he’s done with past films.

    • Brian only directed X1 and X2. Continuity didn’t start to suffer until X3 and after.

      • @acathla
        Actually, the continuity has been messed up since X1. I don’t know what movie you saw, but Bryan Singer’s X-Films completely disrespect the characters. And FYI, he may not have physically directed X3 & First Class BUT those two films still followed his established (albeit jacked up) continuity. I get so annoyed with people saying “Bryan Singer didn’t direct X3 or First Class” like it’s somehow not his fault that the continuity in those two films are as messed up as the first two films. And technically speaking, Brett Ratner was brought in way after principle photography and pre-production was completed, so Bryan Singer DID have his hand in X3 and he was an executive producer on First Class. So one can actually say that ALL the Fox X-Films are Bryan Singer’s babies. Whenever an article like this is written, you always have some Singer-nites attempting to excuse him form the latter two films when they CLEARLY follow his established setup. In this day and age, “not physically directing” really doesn’t hold alot of water. Martin Campbell was the” director” of Green Lantern, but what you saw on screen was about 10% of his vision for the movie. The WB blue bloods who have no idea how to make a CBM are the ones who actually directed that film. As Nick insinuated – Bryan Singer is to blame for the mess that is Fox’s X-Films. I personally cannot wait until rights revert back to Marvel.

        • when is that? its been long enough…. then what we get a whole new reboot? what you hoping to accomplish with marvel helming?

          • @XoRyAnOx
            I am one of those fans that actually believe (more like hope) that Marvel simply takes better care of their properties than anyone else does. I had faith in them to begin with, but they’ve done nothing but shut the naysayers up with all of their movies (the ones that they have done themselves). Everyone thought THOR would be a wash-out and it ended up being THE staple. I believe X-Men in the hands of its owners would be a beautiful thing indeed. Marvel knows its own stuff. Say what you want about the Marvel Owned films but they take care of the characters (Which is what is most important to me). When I watch a Marvel owned CBM, it’s the equivalent of watching a motion comic to me. Do I want a panel to panel exact copy (ala 300)? No, of course not, but I do want the people making the films to take the material seriously (not dark, just serious. You can go dark and still get it wrong) and not have the attitude of – “it’s a guy in a cape, how serious can it be?” Most of the Marvel Owned Films are fun but serious. My issue with most of the other studios making CBMs is that they treat them as if they’re ashamed of the superhero aspect of the characters. Marvel has no such shame. In fact they embrace it. An X-Men film made with that notion in mind would be awesome IMHO.

            • learn2seperateintoparagraphsplease..

            • Well said sir. I’m all about marvel helming there movies. thanks to smart writers such as Joss Whedon we finally have a man smart enough to write all sagas to connect (avengers) and it to be very well done. Seems other companies do end up falling apart.

              I do think DC is more serious tho then Marvel. I’m not saying DC is my choice, but look at the seriousness of Dark Knight etc. (don’t count green lantern lmao) but theres is a darker reality. Marvel is more fun filled, 1 liners leans little more towards family which is good. Why make super hero movies that you question if your child can see it or not?

              Marvel excels at making movies the whole family can enjoy and your right. Marvel does take care of theres… We’ll just ignore the Diff Hulks even tho Norton was awesome… But they did good with Ruffalo.

              Your wise beyond your years sir lol.

            • Just a bit of Writing 101: if you don’t put your stuff into paragraphs, the human brain has a tendency to skim through and a lot of details or points in your text are glossed over. People tend to speed-read through a mass of text, if you put paragraph breaks they’re more likely to absorb everything you talk about.

        • Can you explain how the continuity was messed up in X1 and X2? Just because you didnt enjoy the films, doesnt mean that the continuity was messed up. Everything was fine until X Men Origins Wolverine, continuity wise. The Last Stand might have sucked (I liked it more than most do), but I didnt notice continuity issues until Origins.

          • @Traps Like Bane
            1. Rouge/ Iceman being kids.
            2. No Angel/Warren Worthington III
            3. Pyro being @ the institute at all
            4. Wolverine being the glue that brings the x-men together
            5. Magneto wanting to change all humans (or at least those in NY) to mutants and subsequently getting out of jail and totally forgets about that plan.
            6. Legion being the son of william stryker instead of charles Xavier & Moira Mactagart
            7. William Stryker being a general in the us govt intead of an insane preacher

            I could go on but I’ll stop there. All the character changes inevitably mess with the continuity.

            • None of that list states continuity errors. Those are just aspects of the movies that you didnt like, or things that were changed from the comics. These arent the comics though, they are their own entity. You cant have continuity errors in the first movie of the series.

              • @Traps Like Bane
                You wrote “…You cant have continuity errors in the first movie of the series…”

                Who says you can’t? Is that a rule written somewhere? Actually you can if said movie (in this case X-Men) is licensed property from an established brand. X1 is filled holes. X2 filled with even more. X3 is filled with some holes, but it’s just a CRAP movie. First Class suffers from the conundrum created by X1, X2, & X3. It is beholden to the sloppy continuity created in the first three.

                If I were the ONLY person in the world that had a problem with Bryan Singer’s X-Films then your argument that my talking points are just my dislikes of the film, you might have a case. As I previously stated (but understandably you may have missed it do to my non-use of paragraph breaks); making that many character changes inevitably messes with the continuity.

                Again, as I previously stated, I don’t need or want panel-to-panel recreations of the comics. What I do want (at the least) is a semblance of respect to the source material which NONE of the Bryan Singer X-Films have done. Now we can sit here all day and play semantics with words like ‘continuity’ and ‘aspects’. Bottom Line is that Bryan Singer DOES NOT GET IT and we (the fans) are never going to get a proper X-Men film until he’s no longer involved.

                As for “…how I write distracting from what I write…”, you seem to be understanding it just fine to comment on it. Sooooo…. good luck with that.

                • What you want is a faithful adaptation of the source material and not “continuity”.  To say that the first X-Men movie lacks continuity would be to suggest that the film is a continuation of the comics and should adhere to all it’s established canon.  But it is not a direct continuation of the comics, it is a film adaptation and also a screenwriter and director’s interpretation of the source material.  To say the first movie lacks continuity from the comics doesn’t make sense.

                  • Thanks spesh. I felt like I was talking to a brick wall over here.

                    • Brick Wall? Wow. And here I thought we were just having a difference of opinion. Bad form dude. I guess I’ll agree to disagree.

                  • If it were an origin film, maybe. But it wasn’t so in a way it was a continuation. All CBMs are continuations to a certain point. They are in essence a visual representation of the comic books. The whole “…screenwriter and director’s interpretation of the source material…” is what took good CBMs so long to get made. If all a director and screenwriter are going to do is use the characters but not the rich and deep stories then why bother? Really embrace the definition of ‘original’ and do something… I don’t know…original

                    • Its not a difference in opinion. Your statements about continuation errors in X1 are wrong. It is the beginning of a series, continued from nothing.

                • The word “continuity” itself says that you cant have errors with it being the first in a series. X1 was not CONTINUING from any material. It took source material and created its own world. I understand that there are continuity errors throughout the X Men movies, but there are not any until The Last Stand comes along. X1 had no continuity errors because it did not continue from anything, it was the first of its kind (even though the movie was based off of prior characters).

                  You can absolutely change every single character from the source material, and not have continuity issues. The fact that you are not the only one who has problems with these movies is irrelevant. I have problems with the movies as well. What I am saying, is that there cannot be continuity flaws in X1, because it is the first in the series. The definition of the word says that.

                  Your 4th paragraph sums up what I am trying to say. You dislike how the characters were portrayed, and that it wasnt close to the source material. That has nothing to do with continuity. Those are just your opinions, as well as others, of the movies.

                  And I never stated that I couldnt understand what you typed. But, separating thoughts into coherent sentences and paragraphs makes it much EASIER to read. All I said was that your sloppy writing distracts from what you are actually saying.

                  • Indeed

                  • You’re absolutely right – “…You can absolutely change every single character from the source material, and not have continuity issues…” but the X-Films didn’t do that (yes X1 & X2 also). They totally screwed it up. I’m not going to keep repeating myself to someone who obviously doesn’t get it and who has a superiority complex.

                    LIKE I SAID – ALL Fox X-Men films suffer continuity issues. Even the first one.

                    • You dont need to repeat yourself, just explain yourself. How can a first in a series suffer from continuity errors? You havent explained that once. X1 was not a continuation of the comics, or cartoons, or anything, it was the first in a series.

                    • How the f*ck can a movie that started a continuity have continuity errors?!

                • u r just mad because there is no Jubilee bro.

            • Gisve magneto a break.. He’s ooold. They tend to forget things. Lol agreed though. In the comics magneto had one vision and he stuck to that all the time. In the film his “vision” more or less changed as a resuly to move the plot forward… So magneto was treated at times like a plot device which saddens me somewhat. People like x2 but i always felt the whole using cerebro was a cop out (not very “epic”). But meh there’s still alot to like about x2

          • The continuity issues of The Last Stand and Origins were created by First Class, which should have been a full on reboot instead of this quasi-prequel.

            First Class and Origins Errors:

            – Emma Frost is a teenager in Origins in the 70’s and an adult in First Class in the 60’s.

            First Class and Last Stand Errors:

            – Professor X is paralyzed and him and Magneto go there separate ways.  In Last Stand, they are still friends and he walks when they meet Jean Grey (and when he find Cyclops on the island in Origins)
            – Moira McTaggert is an American CIA agent in First Class and about the age of Charles (maybe even older), in The Last Stand, she is about 15 to 20 years younger and appears to be a medical doctor (and British!)

            First Class and X1 Errors:

            – Charles says he and Magneto built Cerebro, in First Class, Hank has already built Cerebro by the time Charles comes along
            – Charles says he meets Magneto as a teenager, in First Class he is in his twenties
            – In X1, Charles says Jean, Scott, and Storm were among his first students, in First Class, NONE of them are among his first students.

            • Thanks speshlk37. My question was more aimed towards askanison40. Claiming continuity errors from the very beginning. That is just impossible.

              The errors you brought up were absolutely there. I think that the time traveling in DOFP will clear up all or most of these. Maybe creating alternate timelines that some of these movies fit into.

            • Not as much as continuity error as much as a plot hole, but Xavier and Mystique growing up together in First Class and never crossing paths in the originals. Except for when she tried to kill him of course.

              They also mentioned Stryker living at home in First Class in 1963 when he probably would have already been grown and in the military.

        • Let me start off by saying that I too wish that a more faithful adaptation to the comic book had been made in the first place.
          Having said that, when people complain of continuity issues, they are aware the original has taken a significant departure from the comics, and are referring to specific moments in each film that contradict parts of previous films, which mostly took place after Singer left to direct Superman Returns.
          As for Singer’s involvement in the Pre-production of The Last Stand, he had a script treatment that involved the resurrection of Jean Grey, but the similarities stop there.  Ratner came on board and the script went through dozens of re-writes.  The film was really mired in development hell after Singer left.  Many directors were considered (I believe Ratner was fourth or fifth on the list after the likes of Darren Aronofsky, Matthew Vaughn and Zack Snyder) and that is why we have the mess of a film that is The Last Stand today.

          • @Speshlk37
            It was just X3, then I wouldn’t be so adamant about it, but Bryan Singer wasn’t as divorced from the making of Last Stand as you and others like to put him. His contributions to that film were more than a rough script treatment. The fact that he executive produced First class and is directing Days of future past is testament to that. He uses the excuse that he went to direct Superman returns (which also suffered from Byran’s limited CBM vision). At the time Fox was being pressured by Marvel to include certain X-Men staples in the the film and Mr. Singer did not like that. So when the Supes job came along, he jumped at it, but don’t get it twisted – That’s Bryan Singer’s Story you see in X3. No he didn’t direct the scene-to-scene stuff or the dialog, but overall, thats his story, It’s just not his vision, nor does it have his “beats”. That said – X1 & X2 still suffer from his limited vision as it where.

            How about you concentrate on WHAT I write and not HOW I write it? OK buddy?

            • HOW you write distracts from WHAT you write.

            • I am not going to sit here and defend Singer, because I don’t like the direction he is going in but, his X3 would gave been completely different than what ended up being. If you don’t believe me, you can look up descriptions of that treatment online, (there’s a short one on Wiki’s Last Stand page).
              For the record, fan reaction to that treatment wasn’t much better.

  11. Continuity is apparently thrown away in all of these movies. You can’t have an easter egg in part 2 of Henry Mcoy (human visual) then come back and create a movie that is supposed to be beginning and have the well known accident that transforms him into the blue beast everyone knows and loves, then have a second installment where Wolverine is standing with him as a young unchanged mutant.

    To answer “Hola”, Wolverine ages incredibly slow considering his mutant ability.

    From the beginning they explained that First Class was a separate movie and shouldn’t be coupled with the first three, yet they are using the same cast. I can see using Hugh,Patrick and Ian, But why bring back actors you sucked at their roles/didn’t fit the bill of the comic characters (Anna P-Rouge, Halley B-Storm)?

    Creative license already screwed up aspects of the first movie, aspects that didn’t and shouldn’t have been changed I.E (incorrect first class mates). The first class should have been kept the same as the comics (Beast,Ms Marvel, Cyclops,Angel and Iceman). According to the comics Havok is not that much older than his brother Cyclops yet the movie was set in the 60s) You cannot bring back characters from the first 3 movies if you want the current movies to be separate and not compared to the time line of the first set of movies. It throws the entire story off and kills the audience involvement.

    • No director is going to not make a film they want, just because there’s a throw-away background image of one of the characters in a previous film.

      Also, we don’t know the circumstances of the film so it’s enormously likely that Hank either found a way to reverse his blue-fur transformation, or is wearing some sort of hologram disguise (something that was used a lot in the comics).

      • Maybe Its Morph!!!!! =P lol and we’ll here wolverine yell “MORPH THIS ONES FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • The original X-Men movie was made back in 1999 I believe. How could they have done Beast, Iceman and Angel effectively on the budgets comic book movies typically got back than? I prefer what we got than what would have been obviously fake wings and a practical iced up Iceman. CGI? Not without blowing the budget on a few special effects.

      Besides have you read Ultimate X-Men? I know it came out after the original movie, but it had a similar line up and at times did better than the traditional X-Men comics showing that even comic book readers arnt that hung up on which characters are introduced when. Other beloved CBMs, like The Avengers and Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy have changed characters, timelines and relationships without getting any, or at least minimal flack over it. Why does Singer get so much for what he did?

      • @acathla
        I’ll tell you why Bryan Singer gets so much (I assume you meant to write ‘hate’). He didn’t just change the the characters as you attempted to allude to by mentioning The Avengers and The Dark Knight trilogy in your comment. BS completely disrespected the characters by 1) Making Wolverine the center piece and; in his eyes; the only viable mutant and 2) Coming up with one of the DUMBEST plots I have ever seen – (I’m Magneto and I want the whole world to be mutants or at least everyone in NY) instead of pulling from the deep and rich history of the source material. There are more mutants than just Wolverine and if he KNEW ANYTHING (or cared) about Magneto, he’d have known that turning the world or at least NY into mutants was never his goal. To go go completely off character like that shows he has no respect for the characters. X1, X2, & X3 felt more like Wolverine films and less like X-Men Films. And when First Class was first being talked about, I remember saying to myself – if Bryan can find some way to put Wolverine in that film, he will and Waalaa he was in there. Yes, Avengers, Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, and recently Iron Man 3 changed some minor character traits, but Batman begins didn’t have scarecrow/Jonathan crane being a late night Horror show host and the way he was going to deliver his fear gas was through the radio signals of broadcast tv; Ras Al Ghul didn’t wear a cloak but he was still an eco terrorist. He wasn’t attempting to turn the whole world or at least Gotham into ninja assassins; and Marvel took magic and turned it into Technology but you didn’t see Loki trying to do something as silly as trying to bring magic to earth or at least NY. My point is minor changes to a character’s look or motivations are ok when the history of said characters don’t become frivolous or silly. Making changes to a character to bring them into the 21st century is acceptable. Making a character do something he would have NEVER done or NEVER did is why Bryan Singer gets so much Hate. Here endeth the lesson.

        • Just to note…

          You meant to say “voila” when you said “waalaa”. I really have no idea how people can screw that up but it always takes me a minute to figure out what’s being said there when people do that.

          It’d be like messing up the words “entrepreneur” or “baguette”.

          Anyway, to comment on your gripe with Magneto, I think Singer was just using him as a typical movie bad guy. Now that comic books have become popular with the mainstream, more people are likely to appreciate the moral ambiguity in Magneto’s cause than they were back when the first X-Men movie released.

    • Havoc is actually Cyclops’s YOUNGER brother.

  12. i’m so tired of the x-men movie franchise already. i say it needs a reboot…in a bout 4 years

  13. They had image inducers in the comics too nearly since the beginning of the second roster, maybe in this continuity Beast has invented it by 1973?

  14. I will go see it but I might wait a few days to hear if it is a real dog.

    I’m not expecting it too be great with half the population of the planet being a super hero and trying to tie in the old with the new.

    They should have just gone with the first class crew and forgotten about first few movies.

  15. Kitty Pride goes back in time, (maybe?) and changes the past to prevent a horrible future which happens after the new Wolverine movie. So a past, present and future Wolverine may be involved. But if Kitty does go back in time and changes the past, continuity no longer matters. What I mean is if Kitty says to 70s professor X that they need to recruit Wolverine for whatever reason, and they go recruit him to prevent the future that happens after the original trilogy as well as The Wolverine, those events no longer matter as far as continuity goes. It doesn’t matter that Wolverine didn’t team up with the X-Men until the events of the first movie, he can be involved in this movie without screwing up continuity because the events have been changed by someone from the future. They can pretty much do what they want, like what Abrams did with Star Trek. The past gets changed so the future is different. This might just be a way of definately tying in the old trilogy to First Class but allowing the new movies to grow in different ways without being held back by continuity. Changing events in such a way will also free up Fox’s X-Men world to allow Fantastic Four to be in it, with no previous mention, except for Franklin, if they still hope to have their own shared movie universe.

    As far as Beast looking human, his transformation was caused by a formula based on Mystiques blood. Maybe he is able to learn how to change back and forth by improving the formula already in his system? An ability he later looses?

    • good theory! thats using your noggin!

    • Continuity of story arcs changing via time travel is one thing ( be it incredibly unlikely). It doesn’t matter if Kitty goes back in time as “acathla” explains. Any events that have already been seen that take place in between The upcoming movie and the future would be the result of those actions, and seeing as the first three movies have already been seen it goes to show the efforts of said actions, . This is where you run into the pure intellect surrounding time travel. This is why the movies should have been stand alone rather than saying and using characters from the first 3 movies. Even if the theory for time travel wasn’t an issue, It still would not explain the lives of the characters, Cyclops in the first 3 movies was not old enough considering his brother “Havok” was in the “First class” brand set in the 60s and according to the comics is not that much older. In X3 we saw beast get close to the mutant that cancels out the mutant gene. His response showed that it had been years since he was “Normal” therefore the theory of him finding a way to change back and forth makes no sense.

      The reason that Time travel worked in Star Trek was because it needed to ground the franchise into its own world. It was never to be apart of referenced to the other movies or shows. This is why the theory worked in Star Trek.

      X-men on the other hand continue to nod at the previous movies and using the same cast, yet they expect the audience to not put them together. If they want this line of films to be stand alones, then they should not use the same actors used in those films. Start fresh in all aspects. Then and only then will the theory of time travel creating a whole new line of history will make sense

      • Those issues are going to be present in all time travel fiction, even in more intellectual attempts, such as Looper. But I agree, here it seems to be just a cheap trick by Singer to get the franchise’s lens back on Wolverine, after all the hard work of Vaughn to get the franchise away from that (Easter egg cameos not withstanding).

  16. So far, Hugh Jackson beats Robert Downy Jr on playing the same character for a Marvel franchise.

    • Well, he’s had a head start.

  17. And somehow Singer manages to turn this latest xmen into yet another Wolverine centric story.

    • It’s not that amazing or baffling. Wolverine is one of the more popular characters, and these movies have to be somebody-centric. Narrative-wise, you can’t construct a good story around 10 equally shared characters. Personally I think Wolverine’s been “in the middle” of all this enough already, but I’m not surprised that it’s being done at all.

      • I hear ya, the past movies seem like wolverine and the xmen at the expense of some of the other players but meh it is what it is. So if xmen recruit him in 1973 does this wipe out all past xmen films? I would think it does.

  18. Alright so I get it. But only if this how the plot is set.

    X-Men: DoFP starts with Shadow Cat (or someone else) from a distant future where the world just sucks. After the events of X3, everything goes down hill. So she goes back in time and starts “fixing” things. (Think John Connor sending Kyle Reese back to fix what happened in the future.) So any interaction that happened in the first 3 films doesn’t matter. That time continuum exists but is now about to be altered. This would include everything that happened in First Class. If she goes back before that date, she can alter those events as well. Basically, at the end of the movie, the only thing that should be consistent is what moves forward from Pryde’s NOW altered timeline.

    Please correct me if Im wrong.

    • Yup this. With TT everything thats happened in previous xmen movies and what have you are obliterated (or would have happened quite diffetently.. or not at all etc).

      So the only continuity left standing would be first class, days of futures past 1973. this means that from say 1974 to the day kitty pride’s (or whoever else does TT to past) present all yhe time get rebooted. As the events in 1973 realign the future. So events in xmen 1,2,3, the wolverine movies etc none of that happened, or happened differently but with similar results or well whatever (anything could happen as its impossible to tell what repercussions and ripples of cause/effect TT would create. Most simple way of looking at it is everything in the original xmen trilogy is retconned. And whatever the new “present” results (with the original xmen cast) thats what theyll use going forward if they decide to do a new present day xmen. First class could then continue on from 1974 to the near future “filling in” the blanks, therefore setting up a new internal chronology of events linking everything together in a cohesive singular continuity.

  19. Hope wolverine movie turns out to be good this year. That will set up these movies coming next year very well.

  20. I suspect the reason Hoult is not ‘in-costume’ so to speak is that he is not in that particular shot. The camera actually filming only has Hugh Jackman in view, so Hoult is probably there as a reference for Hugh to speak with.

    When they film this scene a second time, Hoult will be all blue’d up.

    • He’s clearly wearing a ’70s outfit.

    • I sincerely doubt that. If that were the case, he’d be wearing sweat pants, not a full-on 70’s costume wardrobe (including sideburns and glasses).

  21. Wow, I wonder if all of these X-Men continuity apologists are the same ones who will never forgive Marvel for the supposed IM3 “flaws”? If so ,you’re all hypocrites!! 😉

    Personally, I know how you feel… I can’t watch any more X-Men movies because they messed up the story/continuity/characters so badly. REBOOT.

  22. Fail.

    Just hand back the rights back to Marvel. Fox lost and Marvel won. Nolan isn’t a god, Joss is the GOD. Marvel>>>>>>Fox, Sony and WB

    • Youre drunk, go home.

  23. Speculations speculations, all speculations. I can’t wait to see the movie and find out what actually happens 😉

    • +1

  24. Not sure why Beast isn’t blue, but I can say with some certainty that this must be Wolverine from the future considering he clearly hasn’t met Beast before in X-men 3. However, continuity has been forgotten before, and clearly this film has the ability to retcon elements of the franchise.

    • Why would a 1970s Wolverine need to remember a 1970s Beast later on when Stryker shot him in the head and he lost his memory?

      Not to mention, if they are exploring alternate timelines and etc. that can change everything.

  25. With all the issues with continuity in this X-Men universe, just imagine how much of a pain in the ass it would be Marvel to try to fold mutants into it’s MCU. Sure fans would love to see Wolverine fight along side Captain America and Iron Man but sheesh I quite like the way Marvel has organised it’s movie universe, X-Men would screw it up big time.

    • I agree 100%. Keep Fox’s X-Men far away from Marvel’s movies… Spider-Man I wouldn’t mind crossing over though.

  26. Wow….Hugh Jackman looks more like Wolverine in this picture than in the trailer for The Wolverine

    • Probably because Logan himself said in regards to Wolverine, “That’s not who I am anymore…”

      However, you can still see the slight curves in his cut hair so there is still an animal side to him that he is not afraid to unleashed.

  27. Its just a theory but here goes….
    maybe its been something like a year since the death of Jean,Professor X, and cyclops.All the rest of x men decide to have a function to remember them….of course wolverine is invited…then someone with psychic powers get a bit too drunk, loses control and boom, time travel. Next morning they wake up, find that they are in 1973, and are trying to get out of it.
    In essence, a mature version of The Hangover, with superpowers and Wolverine

    • That may be an improvement… get Singer on the phone!

    • Similar to my theory but with a comedic twist. Bring on the rufies!

      • keep in mind wolvie’s healing factor gives him a super high tolerance for drugs/alcohol. he’s gonna need a lot of roofies!!!

    • it goes beyond that…..I don’t wanna overdo it, but here goes….
      after this adventure, Wolverine realizes that
      a)he misses Jean too much
      b)having his “particular set of skills” while being drunk can potentially kill someone
      Since he cant quit drinking, he is depressed and becomes recluse, and he decides to find a way to turn off his powers….and then “The Wolverine” happens.

  28. I’m so confused!! LOL

  29. I really want to see Cyclops Return and blast some Sentinels,because there is nothing like an Optic Blast and smashed Sentinel pieces falling all over the place. I would also love to see Archangel,Sinister,and Apocalypse as main characters of the story line. I also would love to see more Nightcrawler,Gambit,Blob,Multiple Man,and Juggernaught.would like to see new characters like Omega Red,Glob Herman,Husk, and Beak too.