‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Image – Wolverine & Beast Team Up in 1973

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X Men Days of Future Past Wolverine and Young Beast Image X Men: Days of Future Past Image   Wolverine & Beast Team Up in 1973

The more director Bryan Singer tweets about X-Men: Days of Future Past, the more questions fans have about the film. For example: How will the X-Men from the “future” (present?) interact with the X-Men of the 1970s? How will time travel be involved? And, perhaps most importantly, will Days of Future Past have too many characters for its own good?

While we’ve already seen a picture of Wolverine on the set (from behind, mind you), today Singer tweeted the first image of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, front and center – with 1970s Beast (Nicholas Hoult) at his side.

Check out the tweet and image below:


Wolverine and Young Beast in Days of Future Past 280x170 X Men: Days of Future Past Image   Wolverine & Beast Team Up in 1973

The image, like the multitude previous, just raises a bunch of new questions about Days of Future Past.

Singer’s tweet (“Welcome to 1973“) seems to indicate that the Wolverine of the present (or perhaps even the future) has gone back in time to 1973…to prevent something terrible from happening? Presumably. To prevent X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: The Last Stand from ever going into production? Nah, we’re probably not that lucky.

Now, arguably the Wolverine in the image could be 1970s Wolverine, too, but given the complicated continuity of previous films – and Wolverine’s absence from the team until the year 2000 – that seems unlikely. Of course, in fairness, the X-Men series hasn’t exactly been known for its strict adherence to previously established continuity (see: Emma Frost being portrayed as a teenager in the ’70s-set Origins and as a full grown woman in the ’60s-set X-Men: First Class).

Emma Frost in Origins and First Class X Men: Days of Future Past Image   Wolverine & Beast Team Up in 1973

The other question here is – why is Nicholas Hoult not in blue makeup in the image?

Fans will recall that near the end of First Class, Henry “Hank” McCoy – A.K.A. Beast – accidentally transformed himself into a big blue cat-man. In The Last Stand, Kelsey Grammer also portrayed a very blue and very furry Beast – though he was more ape-like in appearance in that film.

More recently, Singer gave us a glimpse of Hoult in the blue Beast makeup (seemingly a hybrid of the First Class and Last Stand makeup design). Check it out below:


X Men Days of Future Past Beast First Look Nicholas Hoult 280x170 X Men: Days of Future Past Image   Wolverine & Beast Team Up in 1973

So by all accounts, Hank McCoy should be big, blue, and hairy in 1973.

What reason would there be for Nicholas Hoult to look relatively normal and clean-shaven – if decked out in hilarious sideburns – in the tweeted image above? (That is, aside from the fact that he’s a fairly well-known actor (Warm Bodies, Jack the Giant Slayer) whose face producers might want to be visible throughout the film.)

Has Hank McCoy developed a means for hiding his mutation? Is he wearing Nightcrawler’s holographic appearance generator from the X-Men: Evolution animated series? Or has he succeeded in temporarily removing his blue, cat-like mutation…only for the blue, ape-like mutation to pop up at some point down the line?

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Do you have any theories about the new image? Drop us a line in the comments.


The Wolverine hits theaters July 26th, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on July 18th, 2014, and Fantastic Four on March 6th, 2015.

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  1. This is why Bryan Singer and Lauren Shuler Donner should be barred from working on anymore X-Films. All of them have been alright but not good. The only exception would be X2 and that mistreated some great characters. After standing back and looking at all 4 movies made to date the only reason they appeal to me is some of my favorite characters are on screen.

    • Totally agree, the franchise needs new blood…

    • 5 movies

  2. I’ve always preferred Kelsey Grammar Beast. Its a shame he won’t be in it, because he did a great job portraying him on the big screen.

    • Yes! He was great! They barely used him, but his few scenes were very poigniant and powerful. I loved the look on his face when his arm shed the blue fur and looked normal for a moment. He is such a beautiful, yet tragic figure. A better role for Grammar, regardless of how well the kid does. I will miss him.

  3. Isn´t it funny that so many people complain about Wolverine being the main character in the X-Men movies, but everyone seems to be ok with Wolverine appearing in every f*cking book Marvel puts out?

    • @Scapegoat
      The difference being that MOST of those Books as you put it are Wolverine specific books (the equivalent of say a Wolverine movie). And the X-Men books he is in he’s not center stage like he was in the first 3 Fox X-Men films. The actual story takes center stage. Wolverine just happens to be in alot of them. Not the same thing as the point you were trying to make.

      • Yeah, why even bother calling it X-Men. It should be Wolverine and his Mutant Friends.

        • I totally agree

        • It should be called “Bryan Singer’s crush on Wolverine and Magneto and for some reason, his disdain for Cyclops and every other character not named Wolverine or Magneto.”

          • That’s about right, Joe. As a Cyclops fan of the first degree, what I want to know is, “WHERE-IS-CYCLOPS!?”

            • I liked him fine, but he seemed rather vanilla and uptight, so I like how the movies let him be uncool while being a powerful and honorable guy. Killing him off was interesting, too. This movie will fix that, I assume, since it hardly seems like Xmen with Scott dead.

          • Hmm… A little cumbersome. Maybe just Xmen 4?

        • Yup.

      • He is a great a character, and yes he is in almost every x title, but he doesn’t always take center stage, plus I hear they are planning on killing him in the comics,

    • People complain about Wolverine being overexposed in the comics alll the time. All the time. It’s probably one of the more frequent complaints in mainstream comic books.

      • Funny thing is, if Wolverine wasn’t such a popular character, he wouldn’t “take centre stage” in the comic books and movies would he?

        Movies, comic books and videogames are the most prominent mediums where something becomes popular and if it doesn’t appear – even briefly – you get so much hate for it. Then when you DO have that popular thing involved in the *film/comic book/videogame* (delete where applicable), you get sections of people complaining about that.

        “This isn’t The Wolverine Show”

        “Halo isn’t Halo without Master Chief”

        “They shouldn’t make Terminator if Schwarzenegger isn’t in it”


        • Taking Wolverine out of these movies would fix everything of course, sounds logical.

        • I don’t know why you’re making that point at me. I wasn’t debating Wolverine’s popularity.

          But it should be noted that Wolverine’s popularity has severely waned in the comic books since he’s been extremely overexposed in the past 10 years. This has attributed to lower comic book sales for his books. Fact.

          Also, Wolverine is only one X-Men of many, and he wasn’t even an original X-Men, so comparing him to Master Chief, Arnold in Terminator, etc., is just intellectually dishonest.

          That said, I’ve always been a fan of Wolverine. So again, I really am just stating facts here, not at all stating my preference.

          • I wasn’t making the point at you, I just posted a comment after the last post of the thread. What people feel is the overuse of Wolverine in the first three movies just seems overblown to me. As for the comics I stopped reading them back in the 90′s so who or what is popular is beyond me at this point, but if they are running everything into the ground like they were back in late 90′s I am sure they will burn the whole catalog out again and have to cultivate new fans again. None of this stuff is made to last anymore it seems.

            • Ah, I see. I thought you were responding directly to me. But I generally agree – I have no problem with Wolverine taking center stage. If the movie’s good, it’s good. If it’s bad, it’s bad. Whether or not Wolverine’s center stage won’t make much of a difference. I would like to see the other characters more effectively used, though.

          • Geez! You make a valid point about Wolverine being one character of many, and that may be relevant to the discussion, but Dazz made a valid point too. No need to lable him “intellectually dishonest” just because you want to add more detail to the discussion. I also like the character among the best Xmen, regardless of how late to the party he was, and most people who weren’t following the comics in the 70′s have come to associate him with the franchise. It’s nice to be the educated one who adds history to the conversation, but we shouldn’t rag on people for what may be a limited perspective. Dazz made perfect sense, and wasn’t being deceptive or dishonest, so I’d appreciate your point more if you would not put him/her down for a reasonable contribution. Sill, I see your point.

  4. Can we just start the whole x-men movie thing again, it’s all getting a bit complicated I think, surely it would have been easier starting again!

    • No they won’t and yes it would.

      • This!!

      • +1000000

  5. Everything about this movie sounds like garbage. If ever there was a franchise that needed a re-boot, this is it. This is the definition of that franchise. They could have taken first class, which they swore was a stand alone film, and rebooted from there. But no, enter Singer, and now we get a convoluted, time traveling, complicated tie in of the previous films and First Class, even though it was never intended. I think they keep doing this just so they can continue to mage Hugh Jackman Wolverine movies.

    • If a reboot would ever grace long-pissed off X-Men fans, it would be a long time coming and everybody should get recast, the costume design team should be replaced and Singer should stay far away. He just doesn’t get it.
      I think everybody, including Jackman, would be fine with a reboot that included him again in less of a starring role, and more of a scene-stealing supporting role, because let’s face it, he’s not getting younger. Jackman seems humble enough to accept that. Way back when, when the first X-Men was released, the promo photos of all the characters made me think the Wolverine character was going to be a joke. He has actually come to embody the role perfectly and I can’t picture anybody being that dedicated to a beloved character. Can’t blame him for bad writing and directing.

      • @joe

        So everybody should be recast but Hugh jackman should still be Wolverine? That is not recasting everybody.

      • interestingly, he was one of the producers of X3 and XO: Wolverine, exactly the worse movies of the franchise.

        Hugh is a talented actor, but he doesnt have a f**** clue about a quality story and script, at least not regarding x-men movies.

        • Also the two most recent films in which he starred. I don’t know what input or authority powers he had to exercise in those films, so I don’t know if he can be bloated for their weaknesses at all. I do know that he has invested himself heavily in the character, caring very much about the quality and accuracy as well as pushing for the best stories of the character’s history. He put his talent and money where his mouth is, which I really appreciate, and that is a rare and powerful resource. I have never heard him say anything about the character or movies that I disagreed with, including his criticisms and hopes for the future. I think he is getting what he wants out of the new movie, so if it isn’t great then I may lose some faith in him, but the fact that he became more invested as the movies got weaker is totally unrelated, I believe. Good for him, dedicating so much energy, creativity, training and effort into making the character as good as he can make it. Hope the new one is his best performance.

  6. Theres not one specific way that time travel can work, is there? You can pretty much take some liberties with time travel, having it work however fits the needs to your story. I think that however it will work in DOFP, will explain/fix continuity issues in prior movies.

  7. I’m sorry but why is Beast back to human form???

    • maybe beast found a way to change back into human form?

    • I’ll let you know after I see the movie and become aware of every plot point.

  8. i loved pyro

  9. Fans of the X-men comics know that Beast actually reverted back to his ‘human’ form shortly after they launched the original X-Factor series and brought back the original X-men team. His blue fur eventually returned after a battle with Apocalypse’s horsemen.

    Image-inducers have always played a big role in X-men comics too. They would allow for characters with more obvious mutations to go out in public without drawing attention to themselves.

    Plus with time-travel involved, anything is possible really.

  10. I really just threw away continuity in this franchise after origins.My message to Fox : it’s really not that complicated to keep continuity.

    @Trilla Dude
    Don’t act so childish

  11. I really just threw away continuity in this franchise after origins.My message to Fox : it’s really not that complicated to keep continuity.
    @Trilla Dude
    Don’t act so childish

  12. Currently in the comics, Hank knows how to time travel. He could of sent Logan back in time to different time-line aka the original time-line separate from the 1st class movie time-line. Therefore Logan has been sent to a time where Hank (pre-second mutation), Jean, Scott, Bobby, and Warren are the 1st X-Men, in 1973.

    Apparently, from what we can tell in the movies, the age of a character is different in different time-lines, during the same time. Example: In one time line Emma is younger in the 70s and in a different time-line, older in the 60s.

    • I’d love to hear an explanation of how time travel can make a character older before she is younger. Multiple, tangent time lines don’t explain how a character can both be old and young, in reverse order, all at the same time.

      • Hey don’t yell at me. Yell at Fox.

        • Wasn’t yelling at you, just thought you had some info that maybe the rest of us don’t.

          • No one knows what the Fox knows. Can’t out wit the Fox.

      • Actually string theory in quantum physics theorizes that separate realities may have different time lines because the laws of time (and space) may be different in the different realities, so theoretically Emma Frost could be different ages. But I’d like to see them try and explain that it the film.

        • Yes, string theory in quantum physics. I’m sure that’s what they had in mind when they cast January Jones as Emma Frost, and not something like, “Who cares? The other movie sucked.”

          • Ding ding ding! And the point goes to the non-scientist with common sense.

      • Seems about right, though my mind is starting to spin :) – wait maybe I’m getting younger..

    • I thought it was clear by now that Origins: Wolverine can (and will be) be ignored, since it´s no longer part of the official canon.

      • Fox is so creative. I hope so.

  13. what i can see happening is however they do the time travel, they must stuff up the timing the first time they try. So they go back before first class and then pre blue beast helps logan get back to try again or helps him get to the right time

  14. Perhaps the Wolverine in the image is 1973 Logan perhaps prior to his memory being wiped- X-Men Origins: Wolverine no longer being in continuity. However, when he meets the Professor and the other X-men throughout the original trilogy it genuinely feel like both sides are meeting for the first time. If Wolverine the one back in the past then I am disappointed its the Wolverine show all over again. But maybe its not and others went in the past. It will be funny seeing Kitty or another character meet Wolverine in the past and have Logan not really understand what the hell is going on.

    Plus, it also assumes this is a traditional time travel film when Singer has defined it as something “different”. Hard to assume anything at this point but vague hopes of what may happen.

    I believe the series can still be great- I love the first two film, especially X2: X-Men United and X-Men: First Class was a good comeback from less successive films in the series. I have hope.

    Now Hank, there can be various reasons. Hank did show up in a cameo blink you will miss it appearance in human form in X2. If X-Men : The Last Stand may be altered in any way , it could be that Hank has found a method of hiding his beast form or temporarily revert to being human for some periods of time.

    The Wolverine should provide answers on the state of continuity that is X3 etc

  15. Wat is wrong with people …stop ur f*cking whining n bitching…its gonna be a great movie just go and see it when it comes out..
    And the studio has millions of dollars riding on this movie so they wont make a sh*tty movie..

    • Investing a bunch of money in a movie does not prevent it from being crappy. The thing is that Singer and Fox took something that was awesome and added a bunch of unnecessary stuff to the equation, which screws up continuity and damages the original story altogether.

      People have a right to complain and voice their apprehensions. There is nothing wrong with having a bad feeling about a movie and being vocal about it. Hollywood has a habit of obliterating fleshed-out universes and characters, so there is no surprise that people would be upset over this happening to a well-established story.

      Also, I implore you to learn how to articulate your thoughts in a concise manner. Simply writing people off as whiners and not providing anything substantive to the conversation is unbecoming.

      • Well said.

      • Indeed! Supposing expensive films are good films is gonna lead to massive dissapointment. More often the opposite is true, with studios trying not to gamble on anything challenging or complicated. The result is terrible popcorn movies, written by a committee to maximize the audience with lowest common denominator junk. We get models instead of actors, and fist fights instead of complex dialogue. Money ruins lots of films, and damages others. If Star Trek wasn’t so well funded they could focus on the sorts of stories that make the best episodes, instead of being obligated to make every single movie a massive action adventure for all ages and folks who never heard of the series before. Furthermore, if fans discussing hopes and frustrations and doubts is so enraging to Jiggy, one has to wonder why he is here, why he read so many comments, and why he didn’t take a chill pill before insulting everyone indiscriminately. I won’t be scanning for HIS insight anytime soon. He could have made the same point without being argumentative and hostile.

  16. I like X-Men, but I refuse to think about this movie because the complex nature of time travel gives me nose-bleeds.

  17. Well first off it seems like Singer is getting what he wants with these Tweets, an that’s attention for the movie. All of the comments good, bad and indifferent at this point are just speculation because there is no context to any of it so all people are doing is building things up in their head, which is just good old fashioned Barnum and Bailey misdirection at work.

    As for the series, the plots, continuity, etc. at this point it just comes down to a lack of any planning or foresight from the film makers leading to a movies that some people enjoy and some don’t that at the end of day just are not a cohesive story. The fact that it is based on a comic with such and long at times convoluted history does not help, but it seems clear that after the first two films they just wrote scripts after the previous film did well at the box office and have never had clue where they were going with an overall story.

    The first film was truncated for many reasons and a lot of the stuff on screen could appeal to non-fans while leaving holes that people who read the books were left to fill. At this point with this movie and how they left First Class they have gone so far away from most recognizable elements that people are just making stuff up to explain away things that they never bother to clarify, That might be part of the draw for some people, but clearly others are not so happy to have to write their own filler story after watching these movies.

  18. If it wasn’t Wolverine being a popular character it would be another popular X-Men character and people would still be complaining. Just enjoy people. Bryan Singer wasn’t the one to mess up the X-Men movies. Bryan is trying to correct the mess and hopefully this will correct Last Stand and knock Orgins out of canon completely.

  19. I’ll just say this: The best actors make the character their own and get die-hards to love it. Only a handful have done it: Reeves as Superman. RDJ as Tony Stark. Jackman as Wolverine. To a lesser extent, PS as Professor X. Beyond that and maybe a few others (young Magneto), what you get is a compromised vision from the Director that warps a character, or an actor who is simply playinf dress-up and unable to transform.

    My point? Jackman is great and not the problem. Be thankful. Classic Collosus was always my favorite….and we know what happened there. Not quite Storm bad, but close.

  20. The best part about time travel is that they can go back, create an alternate universe based on interactions with the characters, and then live in this new alternate time. No need to explain continuity. It voids out all other films. There is your reboot.

  21. Was the identity of the girl In origins actually revealed to be Emma Frost? I don’t recall that part in the movie. I have faith that Singer will come through in this one and all will be explained.

  22. Well I stand corrected on the Emma Frost thing. I checked IMDB and did see the character listed as Frost. However I recall that when Singer made First Class it was stated that the Origins movie was not being associated with this one. I believe Last Stand was also being considered not part of this film’s continuity. Or course, I could be wrong.

    • Not to mention she is listed as such during the end credits as well as on a bunch of promotional material like cardboard cut out and posters.

  23. I hope they address the issue that in X1 Patrick Stewart as Prof. X explains his first students as Jean and Cyclops but then in First Class Jean and Cyclops are not there.

  24. In the comics beast develops a hologram device to disguise his beast form with a human image of himself. Probably the same thing or otherwise he momentarily loses his mutant powers(or he’s dreaming).

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  26. as for hank Has “Hank McCoy developed a means for hiding his mutation?” remember in the first xmen movies you see him on tv as a normal looking human and in the 3rd movie as his true blue self. probably found a way to supress it but it surfaces later on or something along those lines. as for the Emma frost part I got nothing other then maybe alternate timeline she was born earlier or something.

  27. I’d rather they just reboot the entire series. I’m tired of Wolverine and the X-Men as supporting characters. They constantly misuse Cyclops and a ton of other great characters from the comics. Hollywood fails…