‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Viral Video: Fictional Mutants in Real History

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[WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for 'Days of Future Past.']


With the release of X-Men: First Class, the X-franchise began tying itself very closely to real events in history. Not only was that film a period piece set in the turbulent 1960s, but the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 served as the film’s climax and was revealed as a pivotal moment in history between humans and mutants.

Now that X-Men: Days of Future Past intends to bridge the gap between Fox’s two generations of mutants, even more connections between historical events and the emergence of mutants are being made. Through the film’s viral marketing, we’ve already learned about Magneto’s implied involvement in the J.F.K. assassination as detailed in The Bent Bullet. Integrating an explanation for the fabled second shooter isn’t new and frankly a little clichéd, but this hasn’t stopped DOFP’s marketing from drawing even more connections between human history and mutants.

Their latest viral site, 25 Moments, takes this thinking to the next level, detailing 25 instances – from 1962 to 2018 – where mutants played an integral role in shaping the outcome of some of history’s most famous (and infamous) moments. The video above teases a few of these pivotal moments in the ongoing struggle between humans and mutants, but the website’s timeline provides further details about each event.

bolivar trask president nixon dofp X Men: Days of Future Past Viral Video: Fictional Mutants in Real History

Beginning with the Cuban Missile Crisis and followed by the J.F.K. assassination one year later, the timeline continues linking mutants and those fearful of them with other crucial events in history. President Nixon, for instance, held a secret meeting with Bolivar Trask in 1972, yet no record remains as their meeting was conveniently erased from the White House tapes. This implies that in Days of Future Past, those missing 18 1/2 minutes don’t implicate Nixon in the Watergate scandal, but rather the beginnings of the Sentinel program, which the President unveils one year later.

Many of these 25 moments feature mutants we’re already familiar with as well as a few we’ll meet in Days of Future Past. In 1977, Pietro Maximoff a.k.a. Quicksilver is involved in a scandal after he breaks eight track and field world records, forcing officials to enact genetic testing to determine whether or not athletes exhibit the mutant gene. In 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear facility meltdown causes mutations in the surrounding population to begin expressing much earlier, as is the case with who we can only assume is an infant Colossus in the image below. South Africa ended apartheid in 1991 and, as this timeline implies, not only became a safe haven for those seeking racial equality, but mutant acceptance as well. And, through more questionable photoshop, Storm is shown to be present at one of these rallies.

25 moments days of future past metal baby X Men: Days of Future Past Viral Video: Fictional Mutants in Real History

From there, it’s explained that mutants took part in the Zapatista Rebellion in Mexico, and it’s implied that Mystique was involved as a rebel soldier. In 1996, the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease is linked with Trask Industries’ first failed attempt at creating a cure for the mutant gene. And in 2001, Guantanamo Bay is expanded to house mutants considered a danger to national security.

However, as the years tick into the future, what’s revealed is even more interesting. After the events from the films X-Men, X2, and X3 comes the aftermath: the mutant inhibitor collar, Trask Industries taking over Xavier’s Mansion and turning it into a research facility, and the creation of prison camps.

There are even fatalities, as it’s revealed that Warren Worthington III a.k.a. Angel was killed during an Occupy Wall Street protest of the mutant cure in 2011. In 2015, Hank McCoy, now an ambassador to the U.N. working to improve human-mutant relations, was dragged from his home by an angry mob and murdered.

That last moment is especially shocking considering the rather large role McCoy plays in Days of Future Past, but since we’ve heard rumors Kesley Grammer returned to shoot a secret cameo scene, it wouldn’t be out of the question to assume it’s in some way related to his tragic death.

Clearly, 25 Moments has provided the largest bulk of background information about the world in Days of Future Past and how it differs from our own. Do scroll through the website yourself as there are even more events and clues about what’s happening in and between the film’s two timelines.

What do you make of these pivotal 25 Moments? Is Days of Future Past trying too hard to connect itself within our already established history? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


X-Men: Days of Future Past will open in U.S. theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: 25 Moments

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  1. As nervous as I am about how well they’re going to execute this movie, I’m love the viral marketing campaign that much more. I find it really cool.

    • Exactly how I feel.

      • Hope they aren’t showing their best stuff before release.

  2. Looks cool. Kinda sad that they’ve killed Angel off that way without ever really using his character. I guess they had to use someone though.

    • Seriously?

  3. he gonna be death in AoA

  4. Yea, I loved the 25moments.com site. I admit I teared up seeing #24 – Beast being dragged from his residence and murdered by human protesters. Oh and people bitching about supposed infant Colossus needs to look up comics about Nightcrawler.

  5. I really can´t wait ! now I´m even more interested in how it lead to Apocalypse. I would love a Kelsey Grammer cameo and Scott & Jean snapshot at the end (whatever it be)

  6. such cheesy, poorly done marketing. oh look a yellow eye. garbage. at this point fox just needs to dynamite their entire movie universe and start over. its okay you can openly copy marvel studios and we wont care, we want good movies not this trash. and get rid of bryan singer.

    • “we wont care” – Kevin Feige, is that you? :P

    • yep this is the most idiotical storytelling in a comic book movie and very desperate
      and unoriginal. this movie deserves to be passed over like amaazing spiderman 2.
      captain america 2 was not pure greatness but will easily pass both of these movies and
      the goofy gotg as best comic book movie of year. xmen franchise being shamed
      really ugly like transformers 3 did with the astronauts.

      • Cap 2 was great! But I expected more risks in the it. Hoping Amazing Spider-Man 2 and DoPF to be just as good. Let’s see.

      • I agree and disagree. Capt Merica 2 was Great, almost as good as the Abvengers and for a satnd alone Phase 2 movie, better than Iron Man. I agree with the wholw FOX thing,kill singere and give X-men back to Marvel

        • Ok, I have to throw it out there – either your keyboard or your sense of spelling is not working.

    • Someone needs to take a chill pill LOL. Hating for no reason.

    • It was Bryan Singer who directed two of the best x men movies ever, and proved comic book movies were profitable; you know after Batman and Robin. Without Bryan Singer there wouldn`t be an MCU.
      I love the MCU but no every movie has been a winner (the First Avenger, Hulk, Ironman 2)

      • “Without Bryan Singer there wouldn`t be an MCU.”


        Did people go see the first X-Men because of Bryan Singer or because of Marvel’s characters?

        Just because he didn’t butcher it like Batman and Robin(your comparison) doesn’t in any way make him responsible for the MCU. That’s just foolish.

        • I never compared X men with Batman and Robin. After Batman and Robin falied studios wouldn`t touch a comic book movie with a ten feet pole. Until X men proved comic book movies were profitable. X men and X men 2 were a hit and are better than some MCU movies. Bryan Singer was the director so he must have had something to do with it, don`t you think?

          • No, I think you’re reaching really far.

            You didn’t acknowledge my point. Were people in theatres to X Men 1 because of Bryan Singer or because of the characters/history. The latter would be the correct answer. Was the movie good? Sure, but far from great so just because it wasn’t as bad as Batman and Robin doesn’t really mean anything.

            Also, Spiderman (Rami’s) came out before X2 so I’m not sure what your point is there. Spiderman proved that CBM’s could OWN the box office not just be profitable so I kind of take issue with crowning Singer, king of the CBM’s, that’s all.

            • Again: I NEVER compared X men with Batman and Robin.
              I did acknowledge your point. The thing is: if a movie is good people watch it. If it isn`t the movie fails. If the first X men film had been a failure there wouldn`t have been a sequel, let alone a succesfull sequel with the same cast and the same director.
              You keep talking about characters and history, What comic book character has more history than Batman. Everybody knows Batman; the X men not so mach. Not from the comics anyway. And in leser hands even HE failed. It was NOT a good movie and it failed.

              • Oh no, I get the point you’re making I just take issue with your without Bryan Singer there would be no MCU comment. Your ignoring things like Marvel creating characters, Spiderman proving CBM’s could own the summer box office, RDJ as Iron Man.

                I guess if we look at things your way, if it wasn’t for the person who invented the video camera or the movie theatre, there would be no MCU. That’s taking it to the extreme, yes, but why not? Heck, if it wasn’t for Bryan Singer’s parents there would be no MCU I guess we could say.

                I know you didn’t compare Batman & Robin with X Men. I’m just trying to say that because Schumacher pooped on the floor (B&R) let’s not name Bryan king because he didn’t. The original X men isn’t bad but it’s not even a top 10 CBM for me.

                • I believe the re-emergence of comic-book movie trend is generally attributed to 1998′s Blade. But there is no denying the fact that Singer’s X-Men films paved the way for more broader acceptance of the genre.

                • Let´s take on point at a time.

                  - Suere, marvel created the charcters. But in the late 90s they almost went bankrupt becouse they weren`t doing anything good with their characters and their comic weren`t selling. (and before you say anithing no: i`m not saying Singer saved MARVEL).

                  - Comicbook fans knew the X men, but the general public … not so much. They certainly didn`t have the iconic status of Superman or Batman. A case could be made for people giving the comics a shot becouse of the movies. It could allso be said that Grant Morrison`s run on the X men took a few thing from the movies.

                  - All your coments about Singer`s pearents and the guy who invented the camera…….REALLY?.

                  - X MEN paved the way for SuperHeroe movie to become accesible to the general public. Not just comicbook fans. Sure you have Superman since 1977, Batman and Spider-man. But those are cultural Icons. There will be movies about them, even after Superheros stop being the big thing in Hollywood. But; would there be an MCU if the X men had failed at the box office?. Didn`t the firs X men movie pave the way for that to happen?.

                  _ X men and X men 2 are grat movies and great comicbook adaptations even by today standards.

    • Why wouldnt apocolaypse arrive to save the mutants against the sentinal threat

      • Read the comics!!

        Apocalypse hates Mutants, except for as slaves. He reprograms many of the “Sentinels” in the future to serve him alone in fact, since he doesn’t give a rats fig about disgusting mutants that aren’t evolved to his level..

        Cameron Hodge grovels on his feet before him, even though he hates Mutates.
        Apocalypse sees himself as a God, so the likes of Master Mold serve him if anything. They kill mutants and lesser humans indiscriminately for sport.

  7. Does this mean Warren Worthington III, after being killed, will come back when the past is reversed as Wolverine corrects the timeline?

    That would mean he comes back as Death, the Archangel of Apocalypse after he gets kidnapped.

    • fingers crossed

  8. Interesting…..because Magneto alludes to Colossus in X-Men Legends 1 and also several past events regarding the war. Magneto also leads an assault.


    It could be the timeline goes like this..

    1960′s – X-Men First Class takes place, Cyclops is heard of in passing glances, the Hellfire Club is defeated yet goes off in search of an ancient prophecy.
    1970′s – X-Men Legends begins with the Days of Future Past story arc, Magneto is proven implicated in the JFK Assassination….also he leads an assault. Scenes from the future where Kitty Pryde sends Logan back in time to investigate. Future Storm is killed by Nimrod, Colossus is killed off, Beast dies in a major screen death, Forge seems to be killed, Bishop argues with Blink and Professor Xavier sees the assault in the past from a distance. He realizes the terrible mistake and tells Logan to save him before its too late, wake him up in the past in other words. Bishop makes a cameo appearance in the 1970′s, but Logan says sayanora and sends him back to the ruined future that being his last point on screen.

    Trask activates the Sentinel program yet Magneto manages to capture a number of them, leading an assault in New York City. Wolverine leads the defense of New York City, Polaris and a number of others are nearly killed. Trask activates all the Sentinels in the whole area, Nixon goes on TV claiming he’s gonna resign. Mystique and etc. move to stop him and kill Senator Robert Kelly, this however fails, killing someone else instead that really screws the future up entirely. Meanwhile Blink attempts to cross over into the past, yet due to this incident gets zapped away into the Negative/Dead Zone as we know. Her last scene is her being whipped away through a tear in reality, presumably dead. Wolverine, Magneto & Mystique etc wind up stranged in a large military installation somewhere in the 1980′s. Nicholous Hoult/Beast, goes off to investigate a mighty disturbance in the deserts of Egypt and takes the team.

    1980′s. X-Men Apocalypse (Legends II) Beast radios in right away that he’s found the source of evil, and to come quick! Something horrible is taking place. James Mcavoy/Young Xavier is set to appear at a conference for Mutan Liberation. However he’s an emotional wreck, and along with Polaris, suddenly he gets kidnapped. Wolverine is unable to stop anything. So at film’s introduction, Xavier has disappeared and been kidnapped entirely by Abyss & Sinister; Apocalypse’s henchmen. Wolverine and Magneto rush through a horde of bad guys as a dystopian future starts in their world. He goes through a horde of bad guys, exits the facility to take refuge in Magneto’s secret base which is now a prison.

    Off screen: Magneto’s first Asteroid M area gets destroyed before the Xavier disappearance. Fox finally releases a X-Men short film on youtube to cover the story.

    1980′s: Upon meeting back at Magneto’s place, they see future X-Avier/Patrick Stewart alive. He claims there isn’t much time before he ceases to exist. Then they are greeted by Sabertooth, who claims he’s found Blink who got stuck in the Negative/Dead Zone. After this all 3 including Magneto, Sabertooth, Wolverine etc rush off to rescue Blink and John (Pyro) opens the way. During all this Mystique’s lover Destiny gets kidnapped, she rushes off to save and gets whipped by Grizzly. Wolverine rescues Blink from the Dead Zone, a terrible dimension where the Fantastic Four got their powers. From there they time-travel right back to the 1980′s, the Savage Land and team up with the X-men to figure out how to rescue the younger Xavier. Future Professor X orders everyone to rescue Mystique, which then they both rescue Destiny and finally start undoing the damage Apocalypse causes. They defeat Abyss, the Dead Zone Horseman. Destiny foretells Apocalypse will use the Four Hero powers and Xavier will cease to exist, etc. They battle their way through the various dystopian time zones with Bishop joining the fight, Nightcrawler, etc etc. Finally Piotr Rasputin meets Mikhail Rasputin, they get into a major fight and Mikhail laughs about how JFK was killed and Magneto was the perfect Apocalypse pawn. Colossus defeats Mikhail and they all rush through each ruined world, to beat Apocalypse and destroy the Infinite Factory.

    Between 1970′s & 1980′s: Fantastic Four reboot happens. If the movie is really good, Reed Richards gets his powers from the Dead/Negative Zone. While chasing after a time-travel Dr. Doom, they battle Abyss and run into Blink from the DoFP. The Fantastic Four get wasted, Dr. Doom sends everyone into oblivion. Apocalypse wakes up, leads an assault on New York and kidnaps the four heroes.
    1980′s: The X-Mansion is entirely destroyed by Apocalypse…

    Distant Future: ???? Fantastic Four (if the movie does well) end up battling Sinister and Dr. Doom, while Apocalypse completes his ascension in the Lazarus chamber. SHIELD agents raid the helicarrier, and help Wolverine & Sebastian Shaw destroy the Infinite Factory. Beast Dark version is rescued from the Nuvari temple, the X-Men team up with the FF, completely wipe out Apocalypse once and for all, seal him between the dimensions and Young Xavier is tossed back to the 1990′s as the entire Apocalypse story comes to a close. He remembers nothing, yet we see a cameo of someone very evil in the background. Beast, Archangel and the rest see a book about En Sabah Nur and they bury it….leaving it wide open for a Sinister man to find it. X-Force the movie begins.

    • yo, I could buy your version of the timeline…it’s very avengerish’ I mean..

      but one thing, that ain’t possible for the military installation in the beginning of rise of apocalypse to be in the 1980′s. that’s a cameo of 2015, the ruined dystopian future. future wolverine gets stranded in the future again.

      and remember past mystique is with him, aka jennifer lawrence. so because magneto, wolverine and mystique are back in the ruined future….future magneto brings them to his base, future xavier tells them blink is in the dead zone, then wolverine & him use forge’s help to reach the dead zone…

      then after that blink time-teleports them straight out of there. and iceman and them travel to the 1980′s so that works good. all the x-men meet in 1980. but this is a ruined version of 1980, so it lies in ruin like Singer say.

      and oh, I totally would think apocalypse will team up with thanos or someone really evil in a 2020 movie if marvel will get off their buts.

      • You’re right. Sorry I meant to type, Wolverine, Magneto, Mystique wake up in an abandoned military outpost in the year 2015 at the start of xmen apocalypse.

        Xavier sends them to rescue Blink. The future version of Colossus and Storm are alive because he changed the past.

  9. The most pivotal moment is the death of Senator Robert Kelly…..I supposed….

  10. Um, but the whole “bent bullet” thing has been thoroughly disproven… The bullet traveled in a straight line… It’s simply the fact that JFK’s chair was higher (so the crowd can see him better) that made it look like it traveled a weird path. They’ve recreated the results from this bullet impact MANY times…

    • I suppose next you’ll be arguing that 18 1/2 minutes of Nixon tapes can’t possibly be missing because it’s been proven that there is no Trask to have met with.

      While not a conspiracy theorist, I’d be a fool to think that no conspiracies exist. The difference between the past and history is the difference between what has happened and what we’ve been told, and thus have accepted, as having happened.

    • Pretty sure a man moving metal with his mind is thoroughly impossible as well…lol.

  11. This is how marketing for a film SHOULD be. Fox needs to put emphasis on this and run tv spots like this and market thier x films like this. The Carls Jrs/Hardees ads and a laughfest and its quite disappointing. Who knew seeing Quicksilver and Mystique eating cheeseburgers could be so boring. I am loving this and everything else that they have put out except for those food ads. Bring it on Fox and take my money!

    • I guess this is why I’m glad British marketing doesn’t do stuff like that.

      We don’t have movie characters advertising food and other stuff and we only ever show the same TV spot either 1 week before movie release or sometimes 2-3 weeks (in the case of MOS, Pacific Rim, Noah and The Hobbit).

      If we had the same kind of marketing the US gets, it’d make me more likely to avoid that movie when it finally releases. Not that I’m paying to see DOFP (I’d rather wait until it’s on TV next year and catch it there first) but still, TV marketing over there is so goofy.

      • here in America there has been many successful marketing attempts through comic book films, just look at The Avengers, The Wolverine and MoS; but if Fox was going to follow that route they need to not make the ads so silly and farfetched. You cannot have a “serious, and dark” film and then have the marketing geared towards little kids. it just doesnt mix.

  12. One thing I find real interesting in the next to final trailer.

    We see the older Xavier (Patrick Stewart) actually meeting the younger Xavier (Jim McAvoy) in the future, so I speculated that this wouldn’t normally be possible other than Blink teleported the young Xavier to the future.

    So maybe she does use her powers briefly in this movie, to bring the two Xaviers together. Then maybe Bishop gets upset at her, he gets lost in time and then it is some time right after that where Blink presumably is killed off. We probably see her disappear somehow through a portal, and assume she died.

    • I dunno, they’ve been saying for months now that MacAvoy and Stewart never filmed any scenes together so I guess it’s a “wait and see” thing.

      • Actually Singer says in the featurette that Mcavoy got to stand in the prescence of the older Xavier, Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) so I think they did shoot one scene together. So that would make sense..

        Either it was Blink teleporting young Xaver to see himself in the future, or they were able to see each other face to face through the Cerebro network. Which made it appear like they met even if it was meeting in the minds. Though that looks like the ruined Church building, so I bet they do meet which means I guess he does enter the ruined future for a very brief moment.

        • Or as the past changes the older Xavier mind is getting hit with new memories of himself when he was young thus making it possible to think back to the past at those moments.

          In other words, the scene where they are face to face could just be young Xavier looking in a mirror contemplating thoughts while older xavier is thinking back on that moment and talking to his younger self which younger self can’t hear anyway.

          It’s like sitting there in my chair talking out loud to my younger self and wishing i had made a different decision but I cant talk to the past so it is just wishful talking to memories.

  13. Fox has been tying historical events to the X-Men movies since the Three Mile Island set-up in Origins, but I always wonder how much of it is lost on certain segments of the audience. It also seems weird to date the events in their stories when they were purposely vague during the original trilogy. This historical angle also looks a lot like Watchmen, which was always a piece of social commentary that it seems like Fox is trying to turn their movies into.

    • The entire concept of the X-Men is centred around social commentary. Stan Lee/Jack Kirby created them for that purpose.

      • This. The campaign actually got me excited – it looks like they get that.

      • The early connections to mutants and civil rights that ran through much of the 80′s story lines is a large part of the base of the team, but at a point these films have beaten that premise into the ground and not really presented it evenly. The philosophies of Magneto versus Xavier is only a portion of the themes the comics were built on over the last few decades and the inability to shift away from that is probably why characters like Apocalypse and Mister Sinister have not been introduced yet.

        Tossing the characters into historical events is a marketing gimmick to try and add context that the story might not need if they felt what they were trying to get across was strong enough. The add campaign just seems like a take on Forrest Gump and just further locks them into a set timeline that they have yet to figure out how to adhere to.

        • Or it’s just a commentary on modern day events and that’s it.

          If the movie gets you to even ponder things like Guantanamo Bay and why we have them, then it’s easily already done it’s job.

          • +1

  14. Pretty cool sites and filling in blanks and giving you some idea what to expect or add to the movie experience. With that said, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, Mr. Singer, reset this franchise/X-Men cinematic universe. Put the characters in the modern day, recast characters, like Wolverine, Cyke, Storm, and whoever else that is too old or doesn’t want to be apart of the films anymore. Give us a modern day X-Men movie and enough of this “History crap.”

    They could put this in the opening title/scene “A bunch of time travel stuff happened, which resulted in a whole new timeline that is set in the modern day — We now present you, ‘The All-New Uncanny X-Men’” and I would buy it in a heartbeat. Is it an easy out? Big time but who cares. I will gladly nod my head and go along with it.

    • What exactly is wrong with the “history crap”?. Does a movie have to be set in the present to be good?.

  15. Mutants in the Zapatista Movement? as a mexican, I take that hilarious!
    cant wait for memes.

  16. Mr. Singer, reset this franchise/X-Men cinematic universe. Put the characters in the modern day, recast characters, like Wolverine, Cyke, Storm, and whoever else that is too old or doesn’t want to be apart of the films anymore. Give us a modern day X-Men movie and enough of this “History crap.” http://s6x.it/17wh

  17. There’s enough present day CBMs.

  18. The viral marketing Fox is doing is pretty dope. People can hate if they want but the Trask Industries website, The Bent bullet concept and this 25 moments website are all brilliantly done and makes me excited to see the film, despite my being anxious about it living up to the hype. I would love a reboot like most of you and I would love a new team of people, directors AND actors to take he helm because their interpretation might actually go well. But since that’s not happening anytime soon, I can either choose to not support or enjoy the DOFP for what it will be. Seven movies later and people are STILL complaining?! Haven’t you learned?! LOL.

    There are veryyyyy drastic changes I want done to the X-Men film franchise but some people just complain for the sake of complaining. Even when fox does things that deserve an applause, people still find reasons to hate and whine. Shut up and have several seats!

    • Agreed

  19. Clever, though did they really need to connect mutant protests to Occupy Wall Street? That feels very forced.

  20. “Is Days of Future Past trying too hard to connect itself within our already established history?” hate to admit, but I have to say: YES.

    Basically, Singer is trying to convince audience that he still has what it takes to make a great superhero movie and is dying to make this the best one to top anything else. Unfortunately though it might work for some people, it also work exactly the opposite to some other, and honestly I’m in the latter faction. Well, let’s see what happens when the movie is out then. I hope it won’t disappoint (at least the fans).

  21. Mexican mutants being kept out of america seems pretty racist. The guantanamo one just plain stupid. Fox greenlighted
    This huge mess is hilarious. New title ” xmen: days of ripping off forest gump”.

    • comics always look at real life events and do their take on it, especially with X-men franchise, so all of this isn’t a huge mess it’s appropiate.

  22. I have mixed feelings about this. Although I like the idea of this viral campaign, I am concerned about the fact that they are putting their fictional mutants in places which in the real world implicate zapatists, yihadists or citizen protests like the Occupy Wall Street movement. Weird Links.

    • It’s a satirical social commentary, so what do you expect?

      They’re doing a commentary on modern day events, how real people have been classed as outcasts, threatened with arrest, attacked and so on just for being “different.” Makes sense to me.

    • If there were a struggle between mutants and the world powers at be wouldn’t you think the mutants would throw their weight behind any revolutionary movement? If their struggle is against governments, certain corporations, and televangelists it would be in their interest to overthrow the entire global power structure.

      • @ LastDays
        @ Corey

        Yeah. I understand that. My concern comes from there, precisely. I mean… Should we think that people in the real Guantanamo are there only because they are different? And that they are comparable to the zapatistas or to the outcasts? And, finally, that all of them are poor victims of a bad government, thus legitimizing its destruction? Bad match.
        I know it’s a film. But it comes with a message inside.
        Let’s say that I wish I could have more confidence in the ability of these filmmakers to diplomatically walk through all that without finally saying that to be cool in the real world you have to be necessarily an anti-system.

        • “But it comes with a message inside.”

          Yeah, the message is we’re the biggest joke on the planet. (if not oppressors)

          All it’s doing is letting us know that!!

          So you think all those guys/gals at Guantanamo are vicious, mindless terrorists!?!?

          The reality is, most of these people are oppressed for being different. Whether they’ve done bad things or not, our society is far too judgmental and entirely out of control.

          In my view and many others, those people in Guantanamo should flat be released if not deported out of the country. They and many others like them did NOTHING.

          Is joining an armed group, a group with revolutionary ideas or a different type of gang reason for detention and total punishment?

          I would think that everyone in Guantanamo, including the terrorists who really did kill people should be released. The ones that are dangerous, should join their friends in a normal prison and stay there.

          They should sure as heck not remain in Guantanamo bay. And as for the rest of them who did not do anything real, did not kill anyone senselessly, and who may be in there for no reason…they should just flat be released!!

          And then leave the country, there’s no reason for them there. Would you like it if these governments decided anyone who joins a questionable group is worthy of detention? Of arrest? Of prison camps?

          That’s where the bone heads in society are headed, and many of us will be roped in along with them if we don’t wake up. We’re on a very bad path and all this is, is commentary. Like it or not we’re hated everywhere, and that’s for getting involved in other societies who are different more than anything else.

          It’s a tinderbox waiting to explode in violence, and we shouldn’t be over there at all anymore and most people are aware of that. We don’t have any right to dictate to societies how they should behave, when we pretty much can’t even behave ourselves.

          But that’s just the aftershocks.

      • Not to mention the humans who would join the mutants in the overthrow of the govts, certain corporations and TV evangelist

    • I agree that even if it is just for the viral campaign I do not see why they feel the need to intertwine historical events with the X-Men lore at this point. They have done their own glossed over versions of some of the stories from the comics for one reason or another and it dose not seem like they need any side themes for filler.

  23. Gonna be the most debated and argued about movie of the year both pre and post its release cause of the time travel angle. Just waiting for the movie and will try to pay attention and understand all the time jumps and effects of it and the story and hope to enjoy it.

  24. “clichéd”???!! a new french x-word mutant?

  25. I already feel this movie, the story deserved for Cable to make his on screen debut. Cyclops/jean grey’s son needs to be in this movie. Who else was fearless vs apocalypse

    • Apocalypse/En Sabah Nur can not be killed.

      He is immortal, an immortal God like Mutant. He can only be defeated.

      Cyclops can not hurt him. If Cyclops is in this movie, it’s a cameo. He would be in the next movie if anything.

      Remember Apocalypse teams up with anybody, including Sinister or Geyrich. Does not matter whether its human or mutant, as long as they help him kill off all the weak ones so that only the strong survive…

      • No I was saying Cable wasn’t intimidated by apocalypse , atleast to my remembering. Not that apocalypse was defeated. I just thing adding Cable being his family ties importance to this film , and the future aspect would been incredible. Not to mention his weaponry and Sinister poisoning Cable to use him vs Apocalypse.

        • Maybe, but Apocalypse does not really make any appearance in Days of Future Past the comics or other books so Cable doesn’t either. However if the Kinbergs wish to setup the fiction for X-Force, it would make sense for Cable to have a cameo if they can get him in there.

          So I wouldn’t rule him out either, too early to tell. He will for sure be in X-Men Apocalypse though.

  26. I still believe Cable should be in this movie

  27. Okay, how dumb is FOX.

    So quicksilver is the fastest man on the planet but he has a photo finish on the 100 metre dash? Sometime people just don’t think do they.

    • How are you ragging on that photo and getting missing so much. First thereis no finish line that you can see so for all you know that’s the beginning of the race. And secondly, those are hurdles, not a 100 meter dash.

      • Oh don’t mind him… haters gonna hate. Some MCU fanatics just can’t stand by and watch Marvel characters being placed in real-world situations. It irks them. They’d rather have them spouting cheesy one-liners instead.

        • +1

          • What exactly are you giving a +1 to? I’m not an MCU fanatic nor am I “hater”, whatever that is.

            Do you just +1 random stuff? Really, what’s wrong with you Mikeee??

        • Haters going to hate? Should I stop drinking my haterade too? What a stupid saying. What does that even mean? I have to love everything? That sounds illogical and unintelligent. I guess I’m a hater.

          You don’t know me but you seem to be making a lot of assumptions re: MCU fanatics. However I guess if you have no reasonable things to write, you can say cliché lines and use straw man arguments.

          Yikes, prince, that was just embarrassing.

      • Lol – Oh hurdles. Now it makes sense why the he would be in stiff competition. I’m sorry but if he is so fast nobody should be near him. You do no there are no hurdles off the start of the race, they have to run for a bit…. so my point still stands.

        • *know

        • You seem to know a lot about hurdles for someone who’s thinking they’re in the middle of a 100 meter dash. And yes, I KNOW that they don’t stick a hurdle for you to jump right at the beginning of a race. The point is that is just a really pointless thing to pick out about this website. They have another runner in the background of a single shot. You’re inferring a lot based of that to call down the entire studio for one image. (and before you jump on me for that, no Im not defending FOX as a studio.)

          • Hey, the only thing I was saying was that it doesn’t make sense to have an image of Quicksilvers head photo shopped on to a photo that shows two people in close competition. I mean if he’s so fast, there would be nobody close to him, right?

            I don’t care to bicker about track either, lol.

            I guess I shouldn’t have generalized that FOX is dumb. More specifically, they guy who was in charge of that section of the 25 moments is dumb.

            • “I mean if he’s so fast, there would be nobody close to him, right?” ~ Did it ever occur to you that Quicksilver might just be playing it, making it all seem like a challenge to the others? He damn well knows he is very fast. He knows that if he just be strolling through the track, he’d still win.

              Damn, you want little details to be spoon-fed, don’t you? I guess , I’m not that far from the truth – you are hating on this pic just for the sake of the hating. Use that big brain of yours – it’ll help you.

  28. Based on what I just read on the website, it seem like someone went back in time and gave Trask the technology to do the things he does. Maybe Logan has to go back several times and change key events in history. What makes me think that is changes like the Berlin Wall still standing after 1991, the Sentinels, genetic testing, artificial limbs built with DNA, all in the 70′s.

  29. I just wish there were more actual X Men in this movie. Most of them only feature in cameos. Singer seems to have gotten so carried away with making a historical epic he’s forgotten it was supposed to be an X Men film.