‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Viral Site & Video: Did Magneto Assassinate JFK?

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What better way to connect the first events and characters of the first three X-Men movies to those of X-Men: First Class than with a neat time-travel plot? That’s the idea behind X-Men: Days of Future Past, in which a 21st century Wolverine has his consciousness sent back to his 1970s body, with the task of preventing the dark path that mankind and mutantkind alike are set upon.

In the comic book arc after which the film is named, the mutants face a future in which they are rounded up and either killed or placed in concentration camps through the use of technology created by Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage), including the dreaded Sentinels. The mutant-hunting robots were just one of the innovations featured on a viral site for Trask Industries that was launched earlier this year.

Twentieth Century Fox isn’t happy with just one viral website, however. The Bent Bullet, and its own accompanying video, covers the mutant involvement in the John F. Kennedy assassination in 1963, a year after the end of X-Men: First Class and ten years before the main story of X-Men: Days of Future Past (it’s a very timely – perhaps tacky? – piece of marketing, coming hot on the hells of the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death). The video reveals that Eric Lensherr (Michael Fassbender) may have been the second shooter on the grassy knoll, accused of redirecting one of Lee Harvey Oswald’s bullet to ensure a fatal wound.

X Men Days of Future Past Magneto at Kennedy assassination X Men: Days of Future Past Viral Site & Video: Did Magneto Assassinate JFK?

But did Magneto actually redirect the bullet, or was the real culprit Mystique? In the section of the website covering his trial, Eric Lensherr is said to have proven the existence of mutant powers for the first time by bending a metal crowbar with his mind, after which he said, “I did not shoot your president. But I know who did, and you will never find her. She has a way of hiding in plain sight.”

While the X-Men films have always worked as an allegory for social segregation and prejudice, it’s unusual to see one so closely tied with events from a real-world timeline, and comparisons to Zack Snyder’s 2009 adaptation of Watchmen (in which JFK is assassinated by the Comedian) are sure to follow. It’s unclear how much of this particular plot point will be shown in the movie, since the photograph used is actually of Lee Harvey Oswald, rather than an actor portraying him.

The Bent Bullet website is rich with plot hints and details, including a 3D tour of Magneto’s underground cell that was briefly shown being smashed open in the trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, and which was (surprise, surprise) designed by Trask Industries. Like all good viral marketing sites, it raises a lot more questions than it answers, such as why any mutant would want to murder a president who was about to give a speech promoting mutant rights. Was the Brotherhood of Mutants trying to stir up a war, or was Magneto framed?


X-Men: Days of Future Past will be out in theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: The Bent Bullet

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  1. Wasn’t that an early plot idea for First Class? Cool idea though, despite Watchmen beating them to it.

    • It was kind of implied in the Watchmen Graphic Novel, which came as a small joke from The Comedian who refused to comment on his whereabouts during the Kennedy assassination. The Zack Snyder movie on the other hand felt the need to show that Comedian did in fact do so, which was pointless as it makes no sense. He fought with the Americans in Vietnam which implies that he has nothing against the United States, so why shoot the president unless he was against the country and JFK’s political view? Irrelevant, I know, but I thought I might point that out because maybe Days of Future Past will show it in a way that coheres with the storyline and it seems like they have a legitimate reason for Magneto’s group to do it.

      • The Comedian or someone of his ilk possibly killing Kennedy had more to do with the manipulation of who occupied the office of President. There’s also mention in the same panels of Washington Post journalists Woodward and Bernstein being found dead, so the Watergate story was prevented from causing Nixon’s downfall.

        • Of course it makes sense. The Comedian is shown as a key ally of Richard Nixon. It would stand to reason that assassinating Kennedy would help Nixon. It all tied into an overall plot by Nixon and the Comedian to turn the country far more to the right, far more authoritarian and into direct confrontation with the Soviet Union. The Comedian most likely disagreed strongly with the Kennedy’s both politically and socially, and most likely JFK refused to use Dr. Manhattan’s powers to intercede in the Cold War. Whereas, Nixon had no such compunctions, and probably made a deal with Comedian, where, if he could help Nixon get to the White House, Nixon would use Manhattan to full effect. Nixon saw that the country was becoming far more radical, on both sides, more discontent, more distrust. And of course, by the late sixties, that all became true. Anti-war protests, radical black separatist groups, Nixon used all of that to convince the silent majority that his way was the right way. As we could tell, he became so powerful he could get the Constitution changed to allow him to become a President for life. Who knows what other laws he got changed that weren’t mentioned in Watchmen.

    • I thought Cancer man aka Smoking man from X-Files was the one who Shot JFK ??? Scratches Head.

  2. dope….i like when they tie in real events

  3. Fifty years ago, this week, the President was murdered ,and your using it to sell a movie about mutants? What are you? have you no respect for your country? ,your just as bad as that clown oliver stone.

    • too soon?

      • Yeah, My sore is butt.

        • Yep, definite sore-butt-syndrome from Trent.

          I mean, it was 50 years ago. Let it go maybe? Think you can do that? Sure, it was a crime but it wasn’t an atrocity like the things that Jews went through in World War II. I’d understand that being talked about with revulsion years after the fact because it was genuinely shocking and deplorable.

          Kennedy….I dunno, decent enough guy, prevented nuclear war breaking out but also notorious womanizer and in with the Mob. Did his death shock the world? Not really. There are countries where great leaders are assassinated on a regular basis. Did his death impact the world in a major way? Not that I’m aware of, no. Life went on.

          This is a movie. If it offends you then hey, all you gotta do is say “I, Trent Kennedy, refuse to watch this movie” and not many people will care because they see it as a pop culture event being used as clever marketing, similar to The Comedian killing him in Watchmen or the crew of Red Dwarf having to make sure he died because the future became ruined with him alive to continue his Presidency (anyone remember those episodes? Kryton accidentally knocking Lee Harvey Oswald out of the window before he took the fatal shot?).

          • If you are unable to see how inappropriate, and in completely bad taste it is to use a crappy amateur video, to sell a movie, then there is really nothing to talk about .
            Using the death of the President Of the United States on the anniversary of his death ,to drum up movie business is something that should not be done. I simply don’t agree with you Your definition of clever marketing .
            Kennedy for all of his faults was the leader of the free world his death had a major impact on the world ,check some history books .
            By the way The Comedian wasn’t shown killing anyone in Watchmen, it was only suggested.

            • Well he shouldve done more for the mutant cause.

            • So using deaths of other people to sell the movies about them is ok but Kennedy is no go?
              I’d like to see your other messages on other movies where famous people of all kind of profession(including your beloved Kennedy btw) are died and it was used to bump up sales.
              What about selling a movie of the Christ torturing, is it ok with you. Because alot of christians didn’t like the picture completely and thought it was inappropriate. Using the death of the Jesus on the anniversary of his death ,to drum up movie business is something that should not be done. Sounds familiar? Either you’re fanatic kid Trent or you have strong beliefs. If its the second then please answer my first question, thanks.

            • Magneto didn’t kill Kennedy either, according to the viral, it was still Oswald.

              50 years ago today, Magneto redirected John Wilkes Booth’s bullet into the head of President Abraham Lincoln. Today conspiracy theorists still think that it was the Whigs who paid him off, in order to return to power.
              If it was Lincoln, you wouldn’t be complaining would you?

              50 years ago today, President Theodore Roosevelt was assassinated making a speech in Milwaukee by John Schrank. Schrank claims that a mysterious stranger called Magneto moved his hand with his mind to aim at the chest of the great man

              OR Teddy Roosevelt?

            • Trent says: Kennedy for all of his faults was the leader of the free world his death had a major impact on the world, check some history books.

              Leader of the Free World??? Wasn’t the leader of my country, which last I checked was on planet Earth. And not to tweak your apparent sensibilities of American pride, but, you do realize that there are countries in the western hemisphere that are WAY more free than your country has ever been in the last 50 years? I think you all need to step back a moment and realize you don’t rule to “free” world. I think you may need to read some history books and not those written by America…

              • America, F*ck Yeah!

              • What country are you from just curious? Because if it is any country in Europe you guys are hardly free as well as being the most racist continent in the world. There are no countries in the Western Hemisphere with more freedom than the United States. Have you read any types of books on Geo-politics and World Affairs, because you truly have no idea what you are talking about.

                • Last I checked, my country certainly did not table a measure to use drones for civilian surveillance, nor tap millions of phones or monitor internet usage. Granted, we up north of you have our issues with governing policies, but nothing on the scale of the paranoia or warmongering or civil/sovereign liberties violations as our southern neighbours do. You need look no further than history to see the truth of this, as you claim to profess – the Homeland Securities Act would not even be required if none of the above were true. The history of America is nothing if not a solid line of intimidation, suppression and self-approbation of it’s so-called virtues and freedoms, all of which are an illusion used to fuel the masses into believing all it is told. The unfortunate thing is that every act your government supports puts the lie to everything they tell you and the rest of us – and you are all so rapt in what is being said to you, that you seldom seek the truth. If this statement were false, we would not be saddled with the likes of CNN and Fox News. Again, I reiterate – read history from a non-Americanized source. The rest of the world can not be wrong about you as a nation, all things being equal…

          • @Dazz, I don’t care about this argument except for this

            “Kennedy….I dunno, decent enough guy, prevented nuclear war breaking out but also notorious womanizer and in with the Mob. Did his death shock the world? Not really. There are countries where great leaders are assassinated on a regular basis. Did his death impact the world in a major way? Not that I’m aware of, no. Life went on.”

            I thin you forgot he was a major player in the human rights movement too.
            There’s being overly sensitive like Trent and then there is being uninformed about someone. Just don’t sell the man short womanizing = personal life, human rights = helping generations.

            Actually his death did shock the world and yes it did impact it as well, there is no denying that, Dazz.

          • “Did his death shock the world? Not really.”

            Um. Yeah, I think it kinda did. Just a tad, maybe.

            I agree with you generally, but you’re saying some outrageous stuff.

    • @Trent

      Exactly! I mean, everyone knows the US government paid The Comedian to kill him off before he and Doctor Manhattan helped win the Vietnam war, right?

    • no not really.

    • Conspiracist been using Kennedy death as a marketing tool for years to make money and sell their make believe stories. And your complaining about a comic book writing something??

    • yes the entire xmen franchise is based on trying to sell a movie that comes out next year based on a presidential assassination.

    • I am english i don`t give a care about america

    • Why not? Conspiracy theorist do the same to sell their foolishness and to make money.

  4. Wait, is it just me or have we failed to point out that this seems to set up an alternate timeline where Magneto has been imprisoned since the 60s? I was thinking the whole apocalypse was supposed to take place in the same timeline of X-men 1-3 a few years afterward, but it appears that that can’t be since Magneto was around during those.

    • The trailer showed him being broken out of his cell so I’m guessing the double life sentence didn’t stick.

    • I think an alternate timeline may be exactly what they are going for.

      Maybe trying to do a soft reboot like Star Trek did. Meaning reboot without insinuating that the original never happened.
      How else do we explain Professor X still being alive? I am also hoping to see the return of Cyclops, and this would be a good way of doing that.

      • But they already explained Professor X being alive at the end of X-3.

        • They did?
          What did I forget? I kinda purged that one from my memory banks.

    • My theory is that Magneto broke out sometime before X-Men 1, got put back in during the events of that film, broke out during X-Men 2, then got placed back in it again after X-Men 3 since his mutant powers were still weak. (He was regaining them, but it seems like it takes some time for the mutant cure to leave the system)

  5. First Class incorporated the Cuban Missile Crisis, didn’t it?

    I think that this is a very cool angle, but at the same time, borderline inappropriate. I’ll give it a pass, though.

    DOFP is shaping up to be very interesting…

  6. Next
    Magneto cause 9/11
    Storm caused Katrina

  7. That full article is a pretty cool read. I’m not sure how inappropriate it is. Plenty of fictional works blends their stories in with historic events all the time. It’s whatever.

    It seems to point that it was Mystique who had JFK murdered, which makes sense since she seems part of another assassination attempt in the Days of Future Past trailer.

  8. Maybe it’s because I’m British and we always make jokes the second anything major happens (anything from Princess Diana’s death to 9/11 and beyond) but the outcry from some on the comments section here so far is hilarious.

    It’s almost as funny and ridiculous as those Texans who booed a scientist a few weeks back when he said the Moon reflected the Sun’s light rather than generating its own. How a$$-backwards and uppity does a person have to be to take offense to something rather than enjoy what an artist or creative developer is attempting to do to entertain us in this dreary, miserable world?

    I mean, I remember the comments on websites when a pro wrestler called Mr Kennedy was in WWE that went along the lines of keeping him away from grassy knolls or the whole coach full of fellow students jokingly screaming in mock terror when we drove through the tunnel Diana died in Paris one year after her death. Or the jokes about towers and terrorist plots the day after 9/11, as well as the jokes about people making knee-jerk reactions and taking offense (like a clothing store removing items that had the WTC as part of the design in case it caused offense, which led to many calling the store out on their craziness for doing such a thing).

    I guess some people are way too sensitive for their own good or like to find something – anything – to complain about.

    • I see nothing wrong with what you and your friends do. I tend to crack jokes in order to cope with tragedy/death, rather than shy away from it or allow it to make my already miserable existence worse.

    • You bloody wanker

  9. This is pretty awesome.

  10. Pretty cool site! The articles were cool. I’m exited for this movie, mainly because of Michael Fassbender.

  11. I am starting to get a sneaky suspicion that the X-Men franchise is about to raise its game up big time.
    I have always found them very middle of the road, not great but not horrible.

    Dont know why I think that is about to change, but I just have this feeling that we are about to get the first truly epic X-Men movie.

    The one I have long been waiting for.

    • so glad you pointed this out! I was reading through everyone fighting bout watchmen and whether it’s tacky. Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique is supposed to be pregnant with Nightcrawler when JFK is assassinated. (Lawrence said her character has a case of baby in part of the film). So I think that will be a major plot point even if we just get a quick montage in the opening act.

  12. I still can’t picture the young Mystique murdering anyone…now the Mystique from the first X-men trilogies was ruthless and was capable of anything.

    • Well, you have to start somewhere …

    • yeah, hopefully they don’t make her transition feel too jarring.

      That being said I’m psyched to see her as an acrobatic bada** again!! She was one of my fave parts of X-Men and X-2. That scene in X-2 when she breaks into the alkali lake compound disguised as Wolverine? So sick.

  13. This movie will be a disaster.

  14. This may be a long shot, but what if Trask is actually the person behind the death of JFK? Trask has a personal grudge with mutants and is privy to the president’s plans to unite mutant and human kind. Angry that he spent years developing a means of neutralizing mutants, he frames mutants for the murder of one of the nation’s most icon leaders. Magneto was probably trying to stop the assassination attempt.

    But that can be thrown out of the window when you consider the trailer that came out weeks ago with Magneto dragging Mystique across the ground with his powers, surrounded by a crowd of people–and the fact that the viral site states Magneto claims–well, I don’t want to spoil for those who haven’t read it yet.

  15. The cigarette smoking man killed JFK, derp.

  16. Yeah I don’t like how they make note of the magic second bullet since there’s an easy explanation, I know this is suppose to be fake for the purpose of setting Magneto up as the killer (WHO I AM TOTALLY AWARE IS FICTIONAL AND NOT REAL) but the second bullet hit JFK since the back seats of the car he was in were higher up so people could see JFK over his bodyguard and driver.

    • Yep, the video makes the same mistake of showing Connally sitting at the same height as Kennedy. In fact, his seat was much lower than Kennedy’s, thus explaining the angles of their wounds matching up.

    • I kind of doubt he’ll be “the killer.” He might be blamed, but they’ll be more to this story. He’ll probably be stopping other bullets.

  17. becarful. this is a very sensative subject.

  18. Worst promotional campaign, ever.

    • yes, the studio hasnt promoted the movie yet, without any viral site, trailer or pics.

      how LAZY!

  19. I know I’m not the only one that thinks this is both very stupid, and in very poor taste.

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but wouldn’t it also be in poor taste to tie a sci-fi superhero movie to topics like the Holocaust, and even to the civil rights movement, just as these movies have already done?

      On the one hand I agree with you because there is always more to these events than displayed in pop-culture, but it’s also a tradition in a lot of sci-fi movies to tie big historical events and figures into stories about time-travel, aliens, vampires, etc. It’s really just giving some texture and pretend-validity to the fiction.

      They’ve already tied this into civil rights era, so it’s already political. Magneto controls metals, and bullets, so it’s a natural extension. But I would think he’ll probalby be stopping other shooters in the movie.

      Finally, people shouldn’t be getting their history from entertainment, and I’m sure this won’t fit in with, or start any conspiracy theories, so really I don’t see the harm in addressing the event.

  20. If these events eventually lead into the X-Men franchise as it exists now (before Wolverine goes back in time to change things, which he probably arrives after this has occurred anyway), then why has the Wolverine from the first X-Men not heard of Magneto (“What’s a Magneto?”) after this highly publicized media coverage deeming him the man who killed Kennedy? This movie hopes to correct inconsistencies in the franchise but it looks like it’s just making it more convuleted.

    • Easy explanation:

      DOFP is a consequence of Original trilogy, so original trilogy events happened FIRST, and then Wolverine has to go back in time for the Very FIRST Time.

      In any case, each day most fans think there is in fact an alternate timeline on this movie, whatever it is.

      • I think Speshlk37 means that even before Wolverine’s mind is transferred into his younger body, he obviously was alive during the 1960’s and would’ve known who Magneto was if he was on the news for possibly assassinating the President of the United States. Yea he hadn’t met Professor X, Storm, Rogue, Jean, Cyclops, etc yet and he hadn’t time traveled yet, but nevertheless he was still alive and should’ve remembered something so big and controversial. Yea this is a small plot hole but unfortunately it’s one of the many within the x-men franchise. And I wouldn’t care if it was the only one. So yea when the majority of people think that this movie is admitting to it’s continuity issues but offers no real cohesiveness except for basically erasing essentially all but 2 X-Men movies (X-Men First Class & X-Men Days of Future Past), they are essentially justified in their thoughts

        • And another misconception is that the present/future part of Days of Future Past is already a different timeline from the original x-men trilogy…incorrect. The alternate timeline will only be created once Wolverine travels back in time and changes events that lead up to the present/future where the mutants are dealing with the sentinels and watever else Bolivar Trask has unleashed on them. It’s just that there are so many things that don’t make sense. And when Fox, Bryan Singer, Mark Millar, Lauren Schuler Donner, etc first announced their plans last year in September to fix the continuity issues plaguing the X-Men franchise and how the time travel device would be used in Days of Future Past, a lot of people somehow thought that only the events of x-men the last stand and x-men origins wolverine would be erased. How would that be possible without erasing the two movies that take place in between those (X-Men & X2: X-Men United)? And yes they are basically erasing the events of all of those movies, and now even the events of the wolverine and the present/future section of days of future past with older prof x & magneto, storm, rogue, bobby, kitty pryde, colossus, bishop, sunspot, warpath & blink. If they wanna call that “fixing” the x-men franchise, fine. But it really isn’t fixing it as much as it’s just getting rid of all those events. And as I said last post, only x-men first class & most of x-men days of future past will exist in the new continuity. It’s a shame it came to this but watever, they clearly didn’t plan very well or oversee their movies at all

  21. Keep in mind that this is supposed to be in a alternate reality where mutation is possible. They’ve already established a connection with Kennedy and the Cuban Missle Crisis in the first movie, so it’s not that big a stretch to involve mutants in the assassination. Also, if you read the report on the Bent Bullet website, Magneto doesn’t really admit to killing Kennedy. In fact he alludes to it not necessarily being Oswald or even a “he”. It very subtly suggests that Mystique might be the actual killer, disguised as Oswald. Actually it’s quite clever.
    On the other hand, isn’t a bullet primarily made of lead and therefore non-magnetic?

  22. i cant belive Forrest Gump shook his hand, we saw a picture in history class one day

  23. This has got me thinking about why Magneto would actually want to kill Kennedy. When you think about it and the cuban missle crisis scene from First-Class, I guess it make sense, because in the movie both fleets freak out and fire at the mutants. However, when you look at Keenedy’s actual politics and the fact that he was a huge civil rights supporter, why would he want to kill all the mutants? I’m really excited for this movie, but this whole time-travel/real-world tie-in/alternate timeline thing is probably gonna get real messy.

  24. It fits perfectly. The trajectory of that bullet has been a debate for the last 50 years. Of course it would be Magneto!

    Make sure you read through that entire website, its freakin’ awesome!

  25. I’m sorry but I’m with the folks saying this is in poor taste. In particular, releasing this so close to the anniversary of his death is really poor timing. But, as I’ve seen here in the comments, I’m sure that folks in the marketing department at Fox lack a sense of propriety. And for those who joke about people’s deaths – I hope you manage to retain your sense of humor when someone close to you dies at some point.

    • Very well said.

    • I agree. Nevermind JFK’s status and accomplishments, on a more human level, his daughter is still alive and she was old enough to have known her father before he was murdered. If I was in her situation, I wouldn’t want the violent death of my father to be used as a marketing ploy for a superhero movie. This is still personal to people who may have known him, loved him, called him friend.

      I won’t descend into hyperbole and start calling for pitchforks and torches. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a relatively harmless offense. Nevertheless, I definitely can’t get behind this.

      Poor taste, indeed.

    • I agree. The timing is very bad, but very good from a promotional point of view. It seems poor taste for it to be so close the the 50th anniversary. A year either way would have softened that perhaps. It is always sad whenever anyone dies. Comedy can often be cruel and that makes timing all the more important.

    • “And for those who joke about people’s deaths – I hope you manage to retain your sense of humor when someone close to you dies at some point.”

      Yep. Laughter really is the best medicine. Why get upset at someone’s passing when you could have a party at their funeral and make it fun and celebrate their life instead? Why get depressed and paranoid about every bad thing that happens in the world when you could make light of something and show how strong we are as humans that we’re still strong and we can still be positive in the face of bad things happening?

      Thanks for the concern though, Vic.

      • Dazz,

        I think a sense of humor is one of the most important things to get us through this journey called life, so if you can have a good one even when bad news comes your way, good on you. :)



  26. Instead of you guys saying is in poor taste, you should instead keep on asking who the hell did it. That’s what matters. Do you believe everything you are told? That is sad.

  27. At least its not White House Down starring the X-Men. Or maybe it is. Who knows

  28. A bit bad taste on the the 50th anniversary. I’m sure approval and consent were given, but still doesn’t sit right despite being a cool storyline.

    Not sure on the whole consciousness being sent back thing. I know it’s close to the comics but just think a future Wolverine going back in time would’ve been better.

    Would love to see one day an Avengers / X-men movie crossover for the Onslaught saga. Think that would be great.