‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Viral Site & Video: Did Magneto Assassinate JFK?

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What better way to connect the first events and characters of the first three X-Men movies to those of X-Men: First Class than with a neat time-travel plot? That’s the idea behind X-Men: Days of Future Past, in which a 21st century Wolverine has his consciousness sent back to his 1970s body, with the task of preventing the dark path that mankind and mutantkind alike are set upon.

In the comic book arc after which the film is named, the mutants face a future in which they are rounded up and either killed or placed in concentration camps through the use of technology created by Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage), including the dreaded Sentinels. The mutant-hunting robots were just one of the innovations featured on a viral site for Trask Industries that was launched earlier this year.

Twentieth Century Fox isn’t happy with just one viral website, however. The Bent Bullet, and its own accompanying video, covers the mutant involvement in the John F. Kennedy assassination in 1963, a year after the end of X-Men: First Class and ten years before the main story of X-Men: Days of Future Past (it’s a very timely – perhaps tacky? – piece of marketing, coming hot on the hells of the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death). The video reveals that Eric Lensherr (Michael Fassbender) may have been the second shooter on the grassy knoll, accused of redirecting one of Lee Harvey Oswald’s bullet to ensure a fatal wound.

X Men Days of Future Past Magneto at Kennedy assassination X Men: Days of Future Past Viral Site & Video: Did Magneto Assassinate JFK?

But did Magneto actually redirect the bullet, or was the real culprit Mystique? In the section of the website covering his trial, Eric Lensherr is said to have proven the existence of mutant powers for the first time by bending a metal crowbar with his mind, after which he said, “I did not shoot your president. But I know who did, and you will never find her. She has a way of hiding in plain sight.”

While the X-Men films have always worked as an allegory for social segregation and prejudice, it’s unusual to see one so closely tied with events from a real-world timeline, and comparisons to Zack Snyder’s 2009 adaptation of Watchmen (in which JFK is assassinated by the Comedian) are sure to follow. It’s unclear how much of this particular plot point will be shown in the movie, since the photograph used is actually of Lee Harvey Oswald, rather than an actor portraying him.

The Bent Bullet website is rich with plot hints and details, including a 3D tour of Magneto’s underground cell that was briefly shown being smashed open in the trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, and which was (surprise, surprise) designed by Trask Industries. Like all good viral marketing sites, it raises a lot more questions than it answers, such as why any mutant would want to murder a president who was about to give a speech promoting mutant rights. Was the Brotherhood of Mutants trying to stir up a war, or was Magneto framed?


X-Men: Days of Future Past will be out in theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: The Bent Bullet

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  1. In regards to wolverine not knowing who magneto is in the first x-men movie, remember that in Origins he was shot with the adamantium bullet which erased his memory up to that point. When he awoke he didn’t even know what his own name was.

    • Hmm. Touché. That being said, Origins s*cks donkey b*lls.”

  2. I’m trying to remember if anyone took offence when it showed Kevin Bacon’s character running a concentration camp during the holocaust in First Class, a much bigger tragedy than the assassination of one man. Or during The Wolverine when they tied in events of one of the bombs being dropped on Japan. Yes the timing is suspect, but this very site reported years ago, back when Vaughn was directing, this was the actual plot of First Class 2, before it became Days Of Future Past.

    I think the biggest problem, is that they dared to touch apon the death of a famous figure in recent American history. Im sure if it was made to seem like Magneto took control of Princess Di’s car, it wouldn’t be such a great offense.

    I just hope anyone thinking it’s wrong to use a tragedy for entertainment purposes, hasn’t seen films like Schindler’s List, because saying the death of one American man is off limits, but 6 million dead Jews from overseas is fine and dandy, seems kinda wrong to me.

    • +1000000

      Its just a movie n one man who got shot… I bet more then half of the people on this site .. Weren’t even alive when JFK got shot. So what this movie is making a mockery of history so did inglorious bastards n we all loved that movie.. Its just a movie

  3. Okay, let me get this straight. X-Men’s entire universe is pretty much a metaphor that plays off of the Civil Rights Movement. A historical event that killed millions of people because of the color of their skin. How dare Stan Lee turn such tragic facts into a fictional storyline about people with powers saving the world. Magneto is a product of the holocaust which further fuels his hatred for humanity and his plot for mutant domination. How dare the writers desecrate the lives of millions of Jews who lost their lives. Also, how dare they turn the idea of concentration camps into a fictional storyline the comics and cartoons where mutants are held in concentration camps in the future. How dare Matthew Vaughn and 20th Century Fox tie the Cuban Missile Crisis into a fictional movie. How dare they turn Chernobyl into a horror movie. How dare they make Abe Lincoln a vampire killer. How dare they exploit Emmett Till’s death in American Horror Story!!! How dare all these books, documentaries and films about the theory JFK’s assassination seek monetary gain. How dare Django unchained win an Oscar after exploiting slavery.

    Excuse my continued sarcasm, but historical events have been exploited since the beginning of time. I’m appalled the people are using the “timing” to justify their opinion. Being offended shouldn’t have seasons. Right is right, and wrong is wrong no matter what time of year. JFK’s death being tied in to this film is no more worse than the hundreds of theorized books that have come out just like it. Get over yourself and direct this passion towards real issues!

    • I would gladly follow you into the fires of war.

    • The problem though is that this is the first time that X-Men have tied the storyline into the actual assassination of a real life person who was actually assassinated. I get the point of why they’re doing it since obviously JFK is going to be a substitute for Senator Kelly who wouldn’t be around or old enough to become a person important enough to mean anything should he be assassinated.

      In the past they’ve shown events such as the concentration camps in Germany, the Cuban missile crisis and played off the civil rights movement but they’ve never taken individual people who were actually at those events and had fictional characters killing them. Personally I’m not offended and it might not be that big of a deal, I don’t know since I haven’t seen the film but it just seems a little on the nose.

      Also there’s a world of difference between books on the theory of how JFK was killed and writing a fictional story around the event. Mostly one is trying to find out how he died or to explain things most people might not have known (Unless the words “Magic Bullet” turn up then it’s just a crazy person and they’re crazy delusions on the US Government) where as the other is building a fictional world around a real life event.

      That’s not to say it’s going to be in bad taste and really just having the event happen? Yeah some Americans need to get over themselves, I recall a US film called Anonymous that played on the theories of William Shakespeare being a murderer and a plagiarist.

      • The holocaust, Cuban Miss Crisis, and civil rights movement are all vastly more important than JFK’s assassination. This should be expected from the X-men franchise at this point.

  4. So Three Mile Island, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Hiroshima, and the Holocaust are all fair game.

    But THIS is going too far!

  5. If this trailer was released before the events that were organized in honor of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK, then yes I would say it’s in poor taste. But they waited until after the ceremony, tv specials and others all used to mark the 50th anniversary before releasing this. So what exactly is poor taste in this? Should they have waited until next year, should they have completely scrapped this or what exactly? If a member of JFK’s family comes out and says this is in poor taste I’ll respect that, but not from most of you! If JFK’s family didn’t find the Kennedy movie on National Geographic or History channel in poor taste, then why should this be an issue? This is fiction, doesn’t change a thing about JFK’s legacy. People need to quit being so sensitive!

  6. Amen to that!

  7. Really…..? Why even go there, why try to shoehorn everything into this movie that’s probably already too big for itself. That is such a stupid link in the story and it’s junk like that which makes me doubt the movie’s integrity.

  8. That is in bad taste.

    How disgusting.

    • Did you also think the concentration camp scenes were also in bad taste? Or the Nagasaki bombing scene? If not, why not?

      What about making being a mutant the same as being gay, in the first two movies? Did you find it disgusting they were using gay rights as the basis for mutant discrimination?

      Did you think it disgusting that a bunch of mostly white mutants were equated to the Civil Rights Movement of non-whites in First Class? Or trivializing the Cuban Missile Crisis by making it a conspiracy ploy, instead of a true misunderstanding of the two sides of each other?

      Was it disgusting how Captain America: The First Avenger trivialized the sacrifices made by the Greatest Generation, by making a mockery of Army Special Forces, and making supermen out of the Nazis?

      Or how Ironman 1 made the Islamic Terrorists just moneygrubbing criminals in the thrall of a corporate mastermind? Didn’t that completely and disgustingly trivialize the Long War? Or even Tony Stark’s sales pitch, also trivializing the Long War and the sacrifices made by military veterans.

      Or what about using Thor, totally disrespecting an entire religion.

      What about all the deaths and guns and explosions? Disgusting isn’t it? Glorifying death and violence.

      • Two things:

        1) People are saying the timing is in bad taste, that’s all. You didn’t address that in your post.

        2) I’m not taking anything away from those horrible events you mentioned, I’ll just point out that you’re mentioning groups of people. From what I remember the Holocaust and Nagasaki bombing in the X-Men movies didn’t use a real person with a real name and use their specific death. That’s all. If you are going make arguments at least have logical comparisons.

  9. I have to admit that I hardly ever visit the marketing sites for movies. There’s exceptions here and there but I can’t even remember the last one I checked out.
    The Bent Bullet is pretty fantastic though.
    Maybe it’s a bit gimmicky but overall I really enjoyed it and have recommended it to a few other people that I know are fans of the franchise.