‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’: Plot Details & Mystery Characters Revealed

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X men and sentinels X Men: Days of Future Past: Plot Details & Mystery Characters Revealed


For a high profile blockbuster superhero movie with a well known director and a huge A-list cast, you have to hand it to 20th Century Fox for managing to keep the plot details of X-Men: Days of Future Past under wraps for so long.

Despite multiple teaser photos from the set – many from director Bryan Singer himself (see his latest one here, of what appears to be a an actor on wires in a very Magneto-esque pose) – the actual plot and character details on the time travel storyline have been largely hinted at … until now.

Here’s what we know so far about the film: the main cast of the previous “present-day” (well, near-future) X-Men films are reprising their roles even as the actors who played their younger counterparts in the prequel X-Men: First Class will also play an integral role in the story.

uncanny x men cover X Men: Days of Future Past: Plot Details & Mystery Characters Revealed

The popular 1981 comic book story written by Chris Claremont – also called Days of Future Past – serves as the inspiration for this installment, which features time travel and the mutant-hunting giant robots known as Sentinels, which were (sort of) seen very briefly as part of a Danger Room training simulation in X-Men: The Last Stand.

In the comic, Kitty Pryde (played by Ellen Page in the film) has her consciousness sent back in time into her younger self to help the X-Men of the past (most of whom have been hunted to extinction in the future) prevent the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly’s (who died in the first X-Men film) and the Sentinel apocalypse to come. In the adaptation from the 1990s animated series, the mutant Bishop was the time traveler.

However, in the forthcoming adaptation – according to Vulture  – Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) will be the mutant who gets sent back in time to 1973.

Apparently, Kitty Pryde will use her powers (??) to send Wolverine back, where he meets the young Professor Xavier (James McAvoy), Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). Kitty suffers some kind of mishap in the process, forcing the mutants in the present to find someone capable of absorbing Kitty’s powers and returning Wolverine to the present.

X Men Days of Future Past Wolverine and Young Beast Image X Men: Days of Future Past: Plot Details & Mystery Characters Revealed

Anyone with a passing knowledge of this universe knows this may be where Anna Paquin’s Rogue – and her ability to absorb other mutants’ powers – could come into play. Despite the fact that she took the “mutant cure” in The Last Stand, we have reason to infer that the cure’s effects are not permanent, evidenced by the way Magneto (Sir Ian McKellen) was able to slightly move a metal chess piece toward the end of the film.

It’ll be interesting to see how Kitty Pryde’s intangibility powers are capable of sending people back and forth through time. That’s definitely a new development.

Vulture has also revealed that Peter Dinklage is indeed playing Bolivar Trask, the inventor of the Sentinels (and owner of an epic ‘stache), and that Josh Helman is set to play a young William Stryker. Previously, Stryker was portrayed by Bryan Cox (X2) and Danny Huston (X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

Bolivar Trask X Men 570x378 X Men: Days of Future Past: Plot Details & Mystery Characters Revealed

It seems that Trask will play the part of the villain in the present (though Dinklage’s handlebar mustache may say something different) while Stryker will be the villain of the past. Considering Stryker from Wolverine and Stryker from Days of Future Past are both from the 1970s and are drastically different in appearance in age, we can probably assume the former film no longer exists in X-Men movie continuity.

Bryan Singer has also confirmed the return of yet another cast member, one he hasn’t directed before – Lucas Till will reprise his role as Alex Summers/Havok from First Class as we figured from an unofficial street photo of him on set in Montreal. He tweeted an image of Till on set:

Could Havok be a soldier in the Vietnam War? It seems pretty likely.

Fox is bringing its upcoming blockbusters to Comic-Con this coming weekend, including Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and The Wolverine, with “a surprise” in store as well. We initially thought that a new Predator project could be announced, but with this sudden flurry of new information, we have to wonder just how many more surprises Bryan Singer and company have in store.

The director has promised that his latest outing will be more than a gimmicky time travel reunion, but just having Singer back in charge of this world – which he helped bring to life in the first place – is exciting for fans. We can’t wait to find out what else he has up his sleeve.


Expect more news on the X-Men’s latest adventure as 20th Century Fox hosts their panel at Comic-Con 2013 on Saturday, July 20th.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters July 18th, 2014.

Sources: Bryan Singer, Vulture

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  1. As soon as they announced Bryan Singer was back in, I knew something retarded like this was gonna happen. X2 was horrible, we should of learned from that mishap. How do you have a Weapon X movie without Sabertooth!?!? and how is Stryker the director?!? From that mess up, it should of been clear.

    Now we got Wolverine and the X-Men Part 6 coming, can’t wait to see Alex as Scott’s papa. Starjammers, who?

    • The Starjammers thing was the most cringeworthy part of the X-Men comics, the only thing that has genuinely annoyed me about Singer was making Colossus American for no reason, other than that his films were pretty solid.

  2. I wonder if Days of Future Past will serve as an intro to the Fantastic Four reboot as well. Anyone who has read the source material knows that a grown Franklin Richards is the lover of Rachel Summers aka Phoenix. I’m not opposed to the idea of changing elements of the story for the sake of making it work on film (it obviously worked in First Class), but it would also be nice if they could somehow bring Cyclops and Havok being brothers into the story. It’s not entirely impossible, they might just have to make Cyclops be Havok’s younger brother. If First Class wasn’t such a good movie, I would be happy with the ending of this film causing some sort of catalyst that ‘reboots’ the timeline and makes it so that the original first class of X-men (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman, and Angel) is actually possible. This project seems so ambitious it’s hard to tell where it is going at all, but I’m excited nonetheless

    • Or, you could have Havok be Scott’s younger brother in the present, and he somehow gets trapped in the past, explaining his presence in First Class. I believe he got stuck in a pocket dimension at some point in the comics – trapping him in the past would be a nice nod to that.

  3. Im sorry but i hateeee Bryan Singer. He ruins the x-men for me with all this hugely inaccurate plot and character detail. Is Alex Summers related to Scott Summers? gahhh so frustrating!! give the rights back to Marvel Fox. TAKE THEM AWAY FROM BRYAN SINGER!

    • To answer your question yes they are brothers.

      • not in the movie universe

    • Son, people can read what you type, and if you mean to insinuate that Bryan Singer’s X-Men movies are worse than Brett Ratner’s then I’m sure you’ve seen some sadder things than movies in your life. Singer’s direction and enthusiasm are exactly what this franchise needs.

  4. From under Fox’s regime, James Mangold seems like their only savior. Why? Oh Why?!? Do they not have James Mangold in-charge of the rest of the X-Men Fox Franchise. Mangold seems like he is the only one listening to the fans and staying close to the comics. Mangold is the man!

    Fox needs to put Bryan Singer to sleep. I mean this in the nicest possible way.

    I remember hearing Bryan Singer’s reaction to Mangold’s work, “I have no idea what he’s doing.” Yeah, we know you can’t comprehend how to do a good X-Men movie…

    • We have no idea if Mangold’s version will be any good yet

    • Mangold has almost completely changed the story from the source material, you clearly haven’t a clue what you’re talking about mate.

      • I’ve read Wolverine Vol.1, the ninja scene in the snow is shot for shot. The whole idea of Logan being infected with the healing factor poison is spot on. Yukio is perfect. Mariko’s wedding is present.

        The only thing added to the story is Silver Samurai, Viper, and Mariko’s Grandfather who knows Logan from back in WWII. These are very minor additives compared to Singer’s extreme changes.

        • Also in Wolverine Vol.1, they never dove into how they created the healing factor poison. What better answer to make up with Viper being the one to make it. After all she shares a link to Silver Samurai. He was her bodyguard at one point.

          Also, Will Yun Lee looks fine in the trailer IMO.

      • Mangold did not write the script and he is not the only one who is privy to what is it. The producers have a hand in what story they use for the film.

        • @Slayer, So overall what you’re saying is that FOX should STFU & GTFO! lol

          • I’m just saying they are trying to now make some kind of cohesive “universe” after a decade and 7 movies when they clearly do not have a long term plan and write scripts (sometimes multiple scripts) as they go along.

            The whole notion they are also going to reboot Fantastic Four and then try to link it with what they have going on with the X-Men films seems like a stretch as well. It is like trying to build a steel-reinforced concrete house on a cheap wooden frame, it is going to be unstable.

            • Hey I agree with ya 100% there, they’re messed up. However if Mangold and his team can prove they can deliver then the finger needs to point at booting Singer.

    • Yeah, because as we all know the first 2 X-Men movies (directed by Bryan Singer) were terrible!

  5. yes, becase Viper is a perfect translation of the comics character, right?

    and what about robot Samurai?


    • I’ve read Wolverine Vol.1 and “The Wolverine” seems more accurate than Singer’s garbage. Silver Samurai was never in Wolverine Vol.1, he can do what he wants with him.

  6. Three loving little words to reverberate throughout your consciousness throughout time:

    • He!


    • As opposed to “Thank god Cyclops is dead now quickly kill of Storm so we could focus on the good characters!”

    • @Goldilocks
      James Mardsen has been seen on Set. Unfortunately, I think his character has been diminished as always…

      • And this is why these X-Men movies suck. It’s always the Wolverine show instead of the team of mutants. There’s tons of other characters whose backgrounds and stories have yet to be explored yet we still get the same old recycled junk. Pathetic.

  7. Personally I don’t see what’s so satisfying about the current state of things. The classic stories are being messed with in such a way that the whole makes no sense. To be fair though Disney/Marvel are beginning to do the same thing. It won’t be long until they’re pretty much equal in how messed up they’ll be. What it tells me is that they think its all trash, even great literature of the past, trash in their eyes. Something you use and abuse. Use in order to squeeze some money out of people that hope for some worth and emotional meaning. The only emotional payoff they want you to have is shallow, about two hours worth. Beyond that they don’t care because you’re not in the theater.

    Some will argue that the source is faulty too but that’s just a poor excuse for the current laziness. If the changes they made would make the whole more cohesive then it would make sense to change it but it doesn’t. Compare this experience to watching the recent ‘Les Misérables.’ Did they take liberties with the source? Yes they did. However when they know how to do it you can forgive it because it doesn’t change the quality that came from the source. That quality still comes through on screen. Actually the movie illustrates how visually you can enhance the story.

    Beyond the first two X-Men movies did any of the others push you emotionally beyond the desire to “rule the day”? After those two movies It’s all bereft of emotional payoff. Even ‘First Class’ is bereft even if you ignore all the logical shenanigans that they play when you compare it to a movie like Les Mis it’s emotionally bereft…

    • The first two movies were bereft also in my opinion. The whole damn franchise from start to finish (so far).

      • I agree. What a waste.

        • X2 is genuinely one of my favorite and most memorable movies ever, nothing compares to the opening scene with Nightcrawler’s assault on the White House or Brian Cox’s Styker and his vernacular.

    • At this point there has been so many changes in the comic books it is going to be hard for anyone to tell what is accurate and what is not. The stories and characters a collector from the 80′s and 90′s who no longer reads the books will not have a clue what is going on with the comics recent history, and for whatever reason some new fans may not be totally aware of past events.

      The problem with the X-Men films is that they have not set up any cohesive idea or story. They may be able to pull this next movie on and fix the errors, but their track record really makes it doubtful. Personally I never liked the whole time travel gimmick in the X-Men comics because it caused a lot of confusion. Doing a story like this is like telling a lie, to be effective you have to be able to remember all your lies. I do not see the team making this film being able to keep track of their narrative.

  8. I really enjoyed 1st Class. I was hoping that Vaughn would be directing again. I’m a little dubious that Singer has his mitts on the franchise again. I hope the film doesn’t become emotionally drowned. Not that the hunt for character growth & progression is a bad thing. It sucks however when that takes on more of a roll than the actual telling of a story. I could be wrong but I think Singer has been guilty of that before.

  9. The only thing that had me excited by this was the rumor and possibility of Apocalypse as the villain, which apparently is no longer the case. But good to know it’ll be more of the same… yay more Stryker. Oh, X-Men movies, will you ever learn?

  10. Pretty much in agreement with all you good peeps. I really want this film to succeed and prove us nay sayers wrong. But I fear the worst.

  11. Don’t forget Blink can teleport. Maybe by combining Blink’s power and Kitty Prydes power they can teleport by phasing through time barriers. Or maybe Forge is in this to create a maching

    • I vaguely remember Blink from Age of Apocalypse, and it would make more sense to use an actual dimensional teleporter to send someone back in time. They could have chosen Magick, Gateway or even Spiral for the same purpose though, since casual fans will not know most of these characters anyway.

      There is also the question what role Kitty would play then since she might not be the one sent back in the movie version and she can only be used in the future because she would be too young to be around in 1973.

  12. I’m not worried because who knows how it’ll pay off as far as having some semblance to continuity but I’m definitely not looking forward to seeing it, just in case I have the same feeling I’ve had with all the other X-Men movies where I walk in looking for a good time, walk out pleased over the action sequences but thinking “well, that could’ve been a whole lot better than it actually was” and forgetting it within a week.

  13. Either way I am pretty upset that this movie is focusing on Wolverine AGAIN. However, it takes place in future and past so maybe he is only in half of it.

    • Don’t count on it.

  14. I was born in ’74, the same year wolverine made his first appearance in the Hulk comics and love the character, and while I think Jackman is making a good fist if it, I have to agree. The whole franchise is way too Logan heavy. C’mon lets have some Cable and maybe a touch of Deathlok, not strictly an X man character but hey just tossing some ideas around.

    • The reason for it is, sadly, Wolverine makes the most financial sense… He is the only one recognized by non comic book casual movie goers. Sadly.

      • And so, the comic book readers are the ones thrown to the wayside.

        This is so ridiculous, I can hardly stand it anymore.

        • The comics throw fans away at a point, do not expect Hollywood to care.

  15. Has anyone stop to think about wanda and pietro? I think the plot says “something happens to kitty and they have to look for another mutant who can time travel” so, what about wanda? She can alter reality, and that’d be a nice way of introducing her (albeit it’d be a hugh surprise by singer)
    About logan, i think they only send his consciousness but he cant avoid anything and the future stay the same. Giving place to the X force movie.

  16. so i guess wolverine origins don’t exist anymore and this time dreck driven
    new xmen movie is suppose to explain everything. jack and the beanstalk was a clunker and he made a mess out of superman that killed the franchise for 6 years. only movie this guy made recently that was good was based on a true
    story about would be hitler assassins. i watched xmen first class at the dollar theater and will do the same for this awful continuity of a franchise headed no where without the rest of marvel universe.

  17. I honestly have no faith in any of Fox’s CBM properties. After The Last Stand, Origins, and the god awful FF movies I just wish they’d stop ruining my past

  18. cant wait to see Kitty use her teleportation powers

  19. So I guess rogue wont be super strong, flyer…since they are going to use her power absorption as a plot device…

    • Dude, I’m pretty sure she still has power absorption even when she has those other powers. Pretty sure it’s always been that way.

  20. WOW so much hate for wolverine. Sure the origin was bad but doesn’t deserve this much hate. I understand that many wants to see some new characters other than the wolverine but they don’t make these movies just for comic book fans. They need to attract the overall audience to maximize their revenue and wolverine is the face of the franchise and one of the most popular character in marvel.

    • @ari1160, So you’re saying FOX doesn’t make Comic Book Movies for Comic Book fans (period).

      The Comic Book Fans should be ignored. Those who grew up reading and watching X-Men and looking up to their favorite mutant heroes should be ignored. Yeah, you have a kind heart, my mans.

    • There’s no hate for Wolverine here my friend and I think we all understand his commercial value, it’s just with such a rich vein of characters to mine, some of us were hoping he’ll maybe open the door a little wider and let some of the other X-men shine, that’s all.

      • Sorry, really mixed my metaphors then didn’t I?

    • But at the cost of the actual story?
      The actual the characters?

      Is Wolverine really worth that much? To butcher X Men just to glorify him?

      I don’t care how popular he is. I’m a true believer. I love my comics and I love my X-Men. If Singer wants to make an X Men movie, I’d appreciate it if the movie was centered around X Men and not one freaking character.

      There is a Wolverine movie, already. There will be two, shortly, and we already know one is as poorly executed and acted as twilight (in my opinion, it’s pretty much the same on the lameness scale).

      This pop X men nonsense has gone on long enough.

      And I might speak for others when I say that…

  21. Cyclops, Archangel, Nightcrawler, Gambit, Beak, sABRETOOTHE, Apocalypse, Juggernaught, Blob, AND Beak? where are they??????

  22. God forbid we make this true to DOFP.
    God forbid we stay true to X Men at all.
    Let’s just make this another Wolverine worship movie…

    • I agree. They should rename them “Wolverine and whoever the rest are”.

  23. I just hope this film introduces newer characters and directions, such as the apocalypse mythology, archangel, sinister, the world and its byproducts, etc.

  24. At this point, with how messed up and convoluted the continuity has become with the X-Men franchise I’d much rather see X-Tinction Agenda over DOFP… I’d rather see them kill off all the characters I loved in the comics that they haven’t done any justice to than attempt to “fix” anything.

    I think I wish Marvel still had the rights to this franchise even more than Spider-Man, I’ve spent most of my adult life having Fox kick my inner comic geek in the nuts and I’m tired of it.

  25. A X-Men movie without Cyclops is not a X-Men movie.

    • These are not X-Men movies.

  26. Oh my look at all these wonderful movie critics with your wonderful and fruitful history in classical film critiquing how you all do it on a fine level is AMAzing!!! :) But no seriously its just a movie I could care less how much it changes from the source material because at the end of the day Im pretty sure you can read that s*** on line or got it in a comicbook shop
    or not care – like the rest of heterosexual america in any case bryan singer despite most of you wonderful critics here has a average to above average directing career and last time I check his superman that soooo many “fans” got their panties in a bunch did well on every reviewers site and made back its revenue and nor did it kill any thing nobody had the balls to do superman and when someone did everyone complained some more anyway point being stop throwing shade on people with out doing a little leg work first you look pathetic when you do that.
    Oh and Your Welcome.

  27. I hate this, Wolverine is extremely overrated I kno fanboys will be pissed, I feel that Kitty should be sent back and they should still stop the death of Senator Kelly that way xmen 1,2,3 wouldn’t exist and the universe would be rebooted, and wasn’t Bolivar Trask black in X3? This is stupid Singer sucks