‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’: Plot Details & Mystery Characters Revealed

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X men and sentinels X Men: Days of Future Past: Plot Details & Mystery Characters Revealed


For a high profile blockbuster superhero movie with a well known director and a huge A-list cast, you have to hand it to 20th Century Fox for managing to keep the plot details of X-Men: Days of Future Past under wraps for so long.

Despite multiple teaser photos from the set – many from director Bryan Singer himself (see his latest one here, of what appears to be a an actor on wires in a very Magneto-esque pose) – the actual plot and character details on the time travel storyline have been largely hinted at … until now.

Here’s what we know so far about the film: the main cast of the previous “present-day” (well, near-future) X-Men films are reprising their roles even as the actors who played their younger counterparts in the prequel X-Men: First Class will also play an integral role in the story.

uncanny x men cover X Men: Days of Future Past: Plot Details & Mystery Characters Revealed

The popular 1981 comic book story written by Chris Claremont – also called Days of Future Past – serves as the inspiration for this installment, which features time travel and the mutant-hunting giant robots known as Sentinels, which were (sort of) seen very briefly as part of a Danger Room training simulation in X-Men: The Last Stand.

In the comic, Kitty Pryde (played by Ellen Page in the film) has her consciousness sent back in time into her younger self to help the X-Men of the past (most of whom have been hunted to extinction in the future) prevent the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly’s (who died in the first X-Men film) and the Sentinel apocalypse to come. In the adaptation from the 1990s animated series, the mutant Bishop was the time traveler.

However, in the forthcoming adaptation – according to Vulture  – Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) will be the mutant who gets sent back in time to 1973.

Apparently, Kitty Pryde will use her powers (??) to send Wolverine back, where he meets the young Professor Xavier (James McAvoy), Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). Kitty suffers some kind of mishap in the process, forcing the mutants in the present to find someone capable of absorbing Kitty’s powers and returning Wolverine to the present.

X Men Days of Future Past Wolverine and Young Beast Image X Men: Days of Future Past: Plot Details & Mystery Characters Revealed

Anyone with a passing knowledge of this universe knows this may be where Anna Paquin’s Rogue – and her ability to absorb other mutants’ powers – could come into play. Despite the fact that she took the “mutant cure” in The Last Stand, we have reason to infer that the cure’s effects are not permanent, evidenced by the way Magneto (Sir Ian McKellen) was able to slightly move a metal chess piece toward the end of the film.

It’ll be interesting to see how Kitty Pryde’s intangibility powers are capable of sending people back and forth through time. That’s definitely a new development.

Vulture has also revealed that Peter Dinklage is indeed playing Bolivar Trask, the inventor of the Sentinels (and owner of an epic ‘stache), and that Josh Helman is set to play a young William Stryker. Previously, Stryker was portrayed by Bryan Cox (X2) and Danny Huston (X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

Bolivar Trask X Men 570x378 X Men: Days of Future Past: Plot Details & Mystery Characters Revealed

It seems that Trask will play the part of the villain in the present (though Dinklage’s handlebar mustache may say something different) while Stryker will be the villain of the past. Considering Stryker from Wolverine and Stryker from Days of Future Past are both from the 1970s and are drastically different in appearance in age, we can probably assume the former film no longer exists in X-Men movie continuity.

Bryan Singer has also confirmed the return of yet another cast member, one he hasn’t directed before – Lucas Till will reprise his role as Alex Summers/Havok from First Class as we figured from an unofficial street photo of him on set in Montreal. He tweeted an image of Till on set:

Could Havok be a soldier in the Vietnam War? It seems pretty likely.

Fox is bringing its upcoming blockbusters to Comic-Con this coming weekend, including Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and The Wolverine, with “a surprise” in store as well. We initially thought that a new Predator project could be announced, but with this sudden flurry of new information, we have to wonder just how many more surprises Bryan Singer and company have in store.

The director has promised that his latest outing will be more than a gimmicky time travel reunion, but just having Singer back in charge of this world – which he helped bring to life in the first place – is exciting for fans. We can’t wait to find out what else he has up his sleeve.


Expect more news on the X-Men’s latest adventure as 20th Century Fox hosts their panel at Comic-Con 2013 on Saturday, July 20th.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters July 18th, 2014.

Sources: Bryan Singer, Vulture

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  1. Hopefully Singer will pull this off to go with X1, X2 and FC in the good pile of X-Men movies. Along with The Wolverine of course. Good years ahead for X films.

    • Singer just kind of gave away the ending to the Wolverine, unless that is not cannon now too.

  2. Wolverine? I wonder why they picked him? He even looked the same all ready. Will there be 2 Wolverines?

    • That’s what I’m wondering. Didn’t he have a cameo appearance in the First Class where he told Prof. X and Magneto to shove off? So wouldn’t he already be established in that time line?

      • Wolverine is going to fight himself and cause a paradox that destroys the whole timeline. Then he will become Apocalypse.

        • This. I hope this occurs in this installment of X4.

      • Maybe the wolverine in the first class cameo was really him from the future.

        • There is be another wolverine but he eill be off doing his own thing, as its quite clear he doesnt care (from the first class scene). We’ll Only wolverine from the future will figure into the story (the time traveler.. No doubt ther ewill be a throwaway line explaining why it be bad if they met or something).

          • Or.. He is not “physically” transported to the past.. His consciousness is the only thing that goes back into his earlier self. So in this case there wouldnt be two logans.. Just one, but overtaken with his near future consciousness. Makes it more similar to DoFP comics where its kitty’s consciousness that travelled to the past.. Naturally in the cinematic U, she can’t do that.. She wasnt born in the 70′s.

          • Two interesting points:

            1. The reuse of Kitty Pride’s intangibility. This power has already been observed to have a tactile transference so that Kitty could save others. But the power is playing with dimensions, now she will be using it to play with space and time. One day, perhaps, she could use it to access the 5th dimension.

            2. Her power may be used to access their bodies from a previous time. This is what I suspect will happen. In this case, there will be no paradox, although tampering with the past will alter the future and that is always risky.

  3. Kitty has time traveling powers?

    • Yeah, it’s from the Super Deluxe Ultimate Edition of the Astonishing X-Men that has not been written yet…..

      • Lol its the Singer way of doing things.. Forget getting an actual mutant that can do that, just change one u already have and change everything about them because ita easier than changing the script. Kitty just because het another plot convinience. I suppose we could justify it by saying “oh, secondary mutation” or some such.

        • Maybe her ability to move through matter is by warping spacetime? Perhaps she can amplify and focus it for time travel? Honestly, I’m more disappointed about them employing the old time travel trope. It’s been done TO DEATH and it’s getting old.

          • Meh maybe theyll recycle the x1 magneto powered gyroscope to enhance kittys phazing abilities to the piont where it opens a gateway for wolverine to jump through. Meh.

  4. Cue the Internet storm of fanboy rage….

    • See below, you just had to say it didn’t you lol

    • I like you , because you are psychic and can tell the future.

  5. I HATE that they always ruin s*** from the comics when they adapt it to film. If this is anything at all like First Class it will be TRASH.

    • I agree. First Class was terrible. The entire franchise is pretty bad. X2 is the only one that has the least cringe worthy moments.

      • Yeah! Give it to marvel! I’m actually joking, but you just seem like someone who would support that brain dead idea

        • @Bucky and @Watchmen83 I totally agree with you two… Marvel needs to get all there properties under the house, especially X-Men and FF!

          • Yeah I completely agree! that way we can expect only 2 superhero movies a year instead of 4, and we’ll never get movies about second tier characters like black panther and daredevil. F**k those guys!

            • Absolutely, it’s better to let Fox screw the characters so we can have more superhero movies.

  6. Hopefully Singer will pull this off to go with X1, X2 and FC in the good pile of X-Men movies. Along with The Wolverine of course. Good years ahead for X films.

  7. Dope! Cant wait for this movie.

    • +1

  8. I can’t wait for this franchise to get rebooted by Marvel one day and wash away this whole sorry sorted Singer mess.

    • The X-Men Franchise is the only cinematic franchise that has succeeded to deliver such quality. The only excuse I see fanboy assholic low-life geeks giving is that both Origins and X3 were so bad is because they failed to stay original to the comics yet staying ignorant to see that it can still deliver quality entertainment. Maybe Logan and Victor weren’t brothers in the comics but that explains the close connection between both characters. Maybe Phoenix wasn’t as weak as it was portrayed in X3 and too many characters were sandwhiched together but you can’t ignore the incredible battle scene in the climax of the film and the plot itself. And if you dislike X-Men: FC then you need to go see a doctor because that film caught every aspect that makes X-Men phenomenal.

      • Isn’t a sorted mess an oxymoron? I think you mean SORDID, genius. Get a f***ing dictionary ’cause you sound dumb.

      • The best thing to do is ignore these people and they will slowly wash away. But I just watched a AMC Movie Talk on youtube and the interviewer said something that made a bit of sense to why Fox should and will not give back the rights to Marvel.

        Think of it this way, imagine you owned a really expensive car, your only car. But by selling this car, you’d be able to help several others with food and shelter or something with the money you got, it’d generally help a few people around the world. Are you really going to sell that car? You use it everyday to get around, you pay for the gas and it’s pretty much yours. Like hell you’re going to sell it. I may not have worded it well but I hope you guys get the point.

      • It was Shaw who tried to tame the Dark Phoenix not Magneto. Therefore they ripped us off from a good Dark Phoenix movie with the Hellfire Club involvement. Let alone taking it cosmic with the Shi’ar Empire getting involved. Instead of bringing in the cosmic side, they brought in the sewer side like the sewer trash they are. They couldn’t even do the Morlocks right and they killed off Psylocke who in the movie was apart of the Morlocks >.>

        Then when they finally use the Hellfire Club, they f*** up Emma Frost. Let alone they f***ed her up twice.

        We can go on.

        All in all, the stories could of had greater quality if they followed the comics to begin with.

      • Except first Class had nothing to do whatsoever with First class but the title…

  9. Even with all the time travel back and forth, I still don’t see how they can right all the continuity errors. And there kind of has to be TWO Logans, doesn’t there? Otherwise what happened to the seventies Logan when the future Logan gets set back? Another Wolverine heavy mess seems to be brewing, though I hope not.

    • “Otherwise what happened to the seventies Logan when the future Logan gets set back?”

      Go watch Back to the Future Part II again. You scream and pass out when encountering each other.

    • If they keep with the base concept of the original comic Logan’s conscious will just be transported into his body in the past, which will make things not as screwy if that is possible. The thing is going to be he should not have his Adamantium yet and if he meets a younger Stryker before the Weapon X project would that not alter the future. Unless they are going to retcon the story and make that how they met.

      That also brings up the point that Xavier, Magneto and Beast would all have to be mind wiped to forget meeting Wolverine in 1973. They might also have to bring up the cameo in 1963. Yeah this sounds like it will fix all the confusion…

  10. Havok’s back!! thats the best news of the whole scoop. Appart from Peter being Trask, but we all kind all kind of knew that

  11. hopefully this is as good as X2, in my sole opinion. the last three x-men films were left wanting.

  12. You know what will make everyone go nuts? Somehow, Wolverine’s adventures in the past will be linked to the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

    • AND that’s what will happen…

  13. o god no, please no…another x men movie about wolverine…i can’t believe that singer managed to bring wolverine in the first class x men movies like he being the main character again….fck you singer, fkc you !!!!!!!!!! You just fcked up first class…fkc you and fck your wolverine !!!!!!

    • Hugh Jackman fits the role for the Wolverine quite perfectly and has not failed to deliver, in my opinion. The man deserves respect for the painful diet and exercise he needs to go through just to fit in as Logan.

      • @Prince, Your Wolverine comment has nothing to do with anything namik just said.

        Here we had a chance to see Kitty, Bishop, or even Cable as a lead role to go into the past. A chance to see something new. However that’s not happening.

        • +10,000!
          That’s what I liked in X-Men First Class. The chance to explore more X-men universe character. Other movies frior that always felt like X-men, featuring Wolverine. There are other actors in this just as much capable of portraying the other x-men than him (even though I admire the training Hugh Jackman goes through to become Wolverine). Ellen Page is just as much an Oscar nominee than Jackman. What’s wrong in giving her a little more of the spotlight?
          My impression of the writing staff : “Hey, people are used to see big bad Wolverine. Let’s make HIM go through the past! Genius! Comic-book fidelity? Naah! Fans’ll forgive us when they see Wolverine kick some *ss and Jennifer Lawrence’s stunning figure as Mystique!” forgive… that remains to be seen ($$$).
          I wonder if if this is why Matthew Vaugh exited this project.

        • Are you a psychic? Because you clearly know how this story is going to turn out -_- dude get over your self and calm down , if its bad its bad but dont go around killing peoples vibe just because your being salty for no reason.

  14. …and the x men movies felt fresh again because of vaughns first class…but now they will be the same

  15. Too bad Apocalypse doesn’t show up :/

  16. Please no more hula hoop plasma!

    He mostly shoots from his hands, the chest blast, like iron man, is saved for last defence… and it’s a straight beam, not a shooting HULA HOOP!

    • It’s only a straight beam when he has his uniform/chest piece on to focus it. He was learning how to control it in First Class. Go nitpick somewhere else or… do it better yourself.

    • +1. Even if he did shoot plasma with his a$$ there would be someone to explain that…

  17. Now with Havok confirmed, Polaris woult be the perfect female member of the team, but since Quicksilver is involved, seems highly unlikely that Singer use all of Magneto’s children on the movie.

    we would be lucky if at least Pietro and Wanda are involved… but who knows? maybe she is out of the movie. (I hope she’s announced next, she HAS to appear along with Pietro)

  18. Rage over what? I can see deviating/changing the characters that may have done certain things.

    But to assume (and this is a big assumption) that Kitty somehow has time traveling powers and or to incorporate time traveling powers is taking it a bit far (IMO).

    No rage just WTF moments.

    The story did not have Kitty Pride time travel . It was actually her concious/mind that traveled (if I remember correctly) to from her older self.

    So POSSIBLY what is meant is Kitty gets word from her future self and has to send Wolverine back to prevent the death of Senator Kelly. The reason Wolverine is sent back? pffft I dont know. Maybe the metal on his bones.

    As for her having time traveling powers. Something to rage over? Sorta. I mean she never showed this in the movies why now just to move the movie along?

    If anything have Nightcrawler be the time traveler. When he BAMFs explain that he travels briefly through time and space when he ports. Have Leech (forget his name in the movies) slow down/dampen his abilites so he can drop off Wolverine. Or Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch.

    So we get a small glimpse of the bleak future with most of the movie taking place before and after the death of Kelly.

    • Yeah, genius, that’s probably why LOGAN’S gonna be the one actually doing the time traveling in this. DID YOU EVEN F***ING READ THE ARTICLE?!

  19. So they are putting Wolverine as the main focus? You have to love the brilliant minds at work here………

    (now that’s what you call sarcasm.)

  20. Doomed right from the start….

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is accurate. If so, Singer is an idiot (still). Although, Wolverine is wearing 70s clothes in the leaked picture so there’s still hope that he doesn’t get sent back.

    I think Bishop should be sent back. I also think FOX is clueless so this movie will be garbage.


  22. … But wouldnt the very act of sending wolverine into the past “to fix things” essentially erase the sentinel near future? What does it matter if kitty suffers a “mishap” and they need to find someone to absorb her powers? That future would no longer exist.. Isnt that the point of sending someone into the past?? Oh terminator franchise, have u been lying to me all these years? Hehe

  23. The more I hear, the more this sounds like an overly complicated mess of a franchise. I’m worried now.

  24. I will give it a chance. X-men were my favorite Marvel characters, (behind the Hulk, and Captain America). I will just go in the movie expecting another Fantastic Four and I’m sure i will be pleasantly surprised.

  25. Sounds like a confusing, convoluted mess of a plot.

    If Fox/Singer just had a plan from the start, this wouldn’t be an issue. It seems as if they have just been making it up as they go, which is probably why I personally find this franchise unwatchable.

  26. I say leave Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch to marvel in the Avengers 2. Introduce them as Eternals and there we have a movie.

    • Let’s not do the Fox route and alter origins.

      • Technically this isn’t origin altering. Thanks to the Celestials,(via genetic manipulation) we have three races of superhumans. The Mutants(Cyclops), the Deviants, and the Eternals(Thanos). Thanos has already been revealed to be apart of MCU. So MCU has it’s very own race of mutants the Eternals who are also more powerful than the mutants.

        • If they dive that deep into it then it’s fine.

        • Sounds good to me!

  27. Finally some good news with this film. Now I hope that Emma Frost, Azazel, Gambit, and Nightcrawler will return.

  28. Not Gonna Lie..Kinda Feels That Singer Is Piggy Backing On Matthew Vaughn Here. Why Bring In The Fresh New Cast To Be ( What I Feel ) Backing Up The Old Cast?

  29. So…no one has read Days of Future Past at all and are just jumping to conclusions without any evidence whatsoever…typical. I mean no offense but I’ve seen this more times than I can count and while speculation is normal and there’s nothing wrong with that, assuming that a movie is going to be horrible with little to no facts annoys me. I’m not particularly looking forward to this movie, but I won’t condemn it outright. If it does well then it does well. I’m also not a huge fan of Bryan Singer’s he’s made some great films including the X-1 and X-2 and he’s made some bad films as well. I enjoyed these and First Class because they were the closest representations of what the comics feature and I as a comic fan realize that beggars can’t be choosers…which is what every comic fan forgets. At any rate I was as skeptical as anyone when they first announced this movie but I can see thing unfolding at least in their proper order or as close to it as we’re going to get.

    In Days of Future Past, Kitty’s CONSCIOUSNESS is sent back to her younger self with the telepathic powers of Rachel Summers the offspring of Jean Grey and Scott Summers.

    I’m not sure why everyone is assuming Kitty will be the one to send Wolverine back, she may be but hopefully Xavier or another powerful telepath will. Wolverine is the obvious choice to send back because none of the other X-men were around during that time, except Professor X, and Beast. I’m not sure about Beast (he may be one of the mutants to die during whatever crisis it is that prompts them to send Wolverine back in the first place), but Professor X is in a wheelchair and not of very much use physically.

    So far it looks to be on a decent track, but I will still reserve my opinion for when I see it myself. I don’t know what to expect but we’ll see what happens.

    • People are assuming it because that is what the article stated. Blame the original author from Vulture.