New ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Trailer Preview: Mutants Fight to Survive

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x men days future past trailer preview New X Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Preview: Mutants Fight to Survive

20th Century Fox has been having a field day with hyping the second full-length trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past (to mention nothing of the movie’s marketing bonanza). This X-Men film installment puts director Bryan Singer (X-Men 1 & 2) back in the helmer’s chair, for a time-travel adventure based on Chris Claremont’s acclaimed comic storyline – one which has been refashioned to bring the present-day X-Men trilogy and X-Men: First Class casts together in the same film.

One preview for the second Days of Future Past trailer was posted a few weeks ago through the film’s official Instagram account , but now a second teaser has also been unveiled – exactly one week ahead of the new full-length theatrical promo‘s online debut. There’s nothing in the way of previously-unseen material featured here; it’s the layout and presentation that distinguishes this X-Men teaser from its predecessors.

It’s possible that there’s some thinning of the herds throughout this X-Men installment, in part due to the sheer number of mutants that will be around in Singer’s new comic book adaptation at the onset (the head count includes a mighty 25 “main” characters at some point).

Since the film takes place in a dystopian future where super-powered individuals are dropping like flies (due to them being killed by giant robots known as Sentinels), chances are good that a few fan-favorites and/or cool-looking newcomers will perish onscreen – even if their deaths are not permanent, thanks to Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman) messing around with history.

Check out the latest Days of Future Past teaser:

The X-Men are joined here by Bolivar Trask: founder of the Sentinel program, who is brought to life by Game of Thrones‘ beloved Peter Dinklage. He may sport a mustache that is worthy of being twirled, but Dinklage insists that Trask isn’t some nefarious mutant-hater; on the contrary, he understands the X-Men and their plight better than most, having long been prejudiced against by society himself. Fingers crossed, we’ll get to glimpse both Trask at work and his giant mutant-hunting machines in action in the upcoming trailer.

One additional thing worth noting – Halle Berry as Storm (also featured here) is rumored to have had her screen time in Days of Future Past chopped down, though we’re already gotten conflicting reports on that matter. Either way, it’s best to keep in mind: given the huge character count, it’s inevitable that certain mutants aren’t going to be in the film as much as their most dedicated of fans would like them to be.


X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in U.S. theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: 20th Century Fox

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  1. Lol.

    Worst. Marketing. Campaign. Ever.

    • Agreed. They haven’t even got a proper poster out.
      All I’m seeing in the Internet are fan-made posters.

      • The first trailer was good and that is it

  2. If I were Singer then I would stick with Age of Apocalypse after DOFP. Make a AoA trilogy of sorts. X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, X-Caliber and finish with a somewhat different version of Old Man Logan, make it R, base it on the AoA Logan coming out of retirement to end the AoA.

    • If wolverine were the key to stopping the aoa. It would never end.

      • How so? If you ran he won’t retire then I’d say this: 3 films, about 7 years. Jackman would be 52. Jackman would be too old to keep playing him as anything but old man Logan.

        I suppose they could do 4 or 5 films. I doubt Fox has any idea past AoA.

        X-Men:AoA(set in the 80’s, confirmed.)
        X-Caliber(set in present day UK and US, but AoA continuity.A cold war has settled in and active combat has stopped. America is split into Human/Sentinel zone and Apocalypse’s Kingdom, maybe some smaller vassal states and lots of wastelands.)
        Weapon X or Old Man Logan
        X-Men: Omega(The end of this series.)

        It is possible Singer is doing Apocalypse as a one-off villain. That would be disappointing.

        • Personally, I’d like to see Rogue’s X-Men facing off against the army of Apocalypse.

        • @Bat-Mite, he’s joking that it would never end because Fox likes pumping out Wolverine movies over other standalone X-Men. Basically, Wolvie is having his teets milked for all their worth.

        • I think we’ll see Omega Red featured as a side-villain during the Age of Apocalypse and I wouldn’t be surprised if several characters die. Also Wolverine kills several.

          The truth is Apocalypse is so powerful almost nothing can take screen time away from him, so I doubt there will be much focus on the other villains, I think we will see the full range of Apocalypse type machinations though for certain.

          • YES thank you for adding Omega Red! :)

            Not just a good call… But a great one.

  3. I had to keep scrolling up and down while it played because the viewing format wouldn’t fit on my screen. It was obviously designed for upright smartphones, not regular screens.

  4. for this movie they have done the worst trailer/teaser ever seen! Plz Patrick Stewart come back to the Enterprise and leave this bloody hell x-men franchise

  5. Well that was just a waste of time

  6. Lol, since when did marketing make people so angry?? Geeze, the movie will be out soon and then everybody can judge-away!

    • Because……

      Tune in on April 1 for the end of that sentence. This is just the teaser answer.

      Be sure to follow me on twitter where I will post pictures of me answering your question.

      • Have to give that a +1.

        I’m all for keeping a product in the public mind but teasing a teaser then teasing a trailer after a bunch of images are released seems madness.

        I liked it before we had the internet when we’d have an announcement of a movie in a magazine then hear nothing until the first trailer drops while you’re at the cinema watching something else, then hear nothing more about it until the TV spots start airing the week before release.

        • Heyyy, we finally agree on something;)

          • No we don’t, you no good son of a….


            Nah, it’s the Jackman effect probably. Maybe?

            • Lol maybe, not a good sign for DoFP though.

        • The hype and advertising leading up to these types of films is always going to be like this from now on. People spend more time speculating about what might happen and dissecting every still image and cryptic social media blurb then watching the finished product.

          They even get people talking about what trailer is playing before the movie they paid to go see, in essence starting the whole cycle over again before the viewer gets out of the theater.

      • Ha! Good one!

      • Awesome, Movie B. Best way to answer that.

  7. @ Ryan


  8. “Here’s the story, of a man named Brady…”

    • Lmao my first thoughts as well

  9. I love Xmen… but expectations are waaaaaay lower than they should be on this one…

    • Yea foreal. Im just not interested in this film for some reason.

  10. Singer exhausted his budget for marketing so he’s using social media and the anticipation of fans and blogs to spread the word. They were probably granted enough money for Tv spots that last two months of filming and for theaters but that’s all these Instagram teasers are, just a cheaper alternative to stay in the ranks with heavy marketing campaigns like Amazing Spider Man 2 and Captain America 2. I’m a kind of over this movie before it comes DOFP. In the spirit of rebellion, I’m gonna see it the second weekend it comes NOT the first. TAKE THAT FOX! LOL

  11. O mer gawwwd, can we please just agree no one really cares how much screen time Halle has?

    Oh, and can’t wait for the trailer. Very excited for this movie.

  12. So much hate for this movie. I get the teaser of a teaser complaints, they drive me nuts too. But for me this a must see, a return to the characters of the first two movies (3rd doesn’t count), it’s gonna be great! :)

  13. One day we will get a great & amazing X-men film fans of the comics can be proud of. With 51 years of material We just have to be patient true X-Men fans.

    • X2 and first class were amazing. X men and The wolverine extended edition were very good.

  14. As far as Im concerned the X-Men will never get old…I will love them till the day I die. As for the american public, they are getting tired of X-Men movies that deliver nothing new or exciting.

    I think the X-Men are such a cultural icon though people will support them from a distance. Eventually Fox will lose enough money it wont be worth it to make a new movie…hence the rights will revert back to marvel and we may See a Marvel X-Men movie at the end of the decade…possibly helmed by Joss whedon.

    • Remember the original assassin of Senator Robert Kelly was supposed to be Gambit. He was to take the full blame because Mystique took on the form of Gambit on purpose and it was Apocalypse who ordered her to do so.

  15. Picard looks like he just saw a Borg Cube

  16. Maybe they can show a glimpse of the mutant prison camps and maybe a mark x sentinel in action.

  17. I am coninually saddened by the fact that the two biggest, most universally loved, most popular franchises that Marvel Comics would ever make (X-Men and Spiderman) are controlled by other studios. I sometimes imagine a world where Marvel was in control of these properties and treated them with the same care and proper planning they have with the rest of the MCU.

  18. Singer never directed a bad X MEN movie. X2 is the best of the bunch. Don`t know where all that skepticism is coming from.

  19. Where

    • Dead. Yeah, then you can argue that Xavier was dead too…but he’s Xavier, he always finds a way out.

  20. Besides Apocalypse I hope we eventually see Omega Red and Mr. Sinister.

  21. Cannot concur that Singer’s excessively dark (both tonally and aesthetically) X-Men films were great. They were okay, unlike the Avengers, which accurately captured the massive scope and gravitas of the comic. Singer should have just directed a damn Batman film if dark and edgy is all he’s good at (see Superman Returns).

  22. This movie should go straight to DVD.

  23. ^^Spoiler^^

    I think it helps to put things into context. The truth is we know from the Uncanny X-Men that every single corruption of the timeline, comes from Apocalypse’s doing as the source. He’s always behind it.

    In the beginning of Days of Future Past we see Apocalypse was ultimately behind that split timeline as well, since it reveals he ordered Mystique to kill Senator Kelly. Magneto did not do it though he would have liked to, it was Apocalypse who ordered it. When Bishop shows up later in Time Fugitives, it is Apocalypse who’s behind the plague. He makes it always appear like it was someone else’s agenda, however he ordered it. When Master Mold goes out of control and orders the killing of Xavier, we can surmise that Apocalypse is behind it. One Man’s Worth in the comics and animated series.

    So if one man dies (Professor Xavier) it will change the whole timeline, creating the Age of Apocalypse because Xavier is the only one who can stop that timeline from turning real. I think it is very obvious each future reality Bishop alters, is also the Age of Apocalypse for sure because you see Holocaust, Cable, Forge and the Superhumans even in the animated series episodes. And they only exist when the Age of Apocalypse starts so in a way, one is lead to believe Apocalypse knows every single time that if Xavier is dead then nothing can oppose him. Even when he did what he did to Asteroid M it was done with the full knowledge that none would dare oppose him, if Xavier dies. So I have to believe then that Bishop has some foresight about this and that is why he is going to stop him, since Cable won’t do it as he does not trust the X-Men. These were the best issues for a reason. I hope in the movies they show the Lazarus chamber being destroyed as that would be perfect.