New ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Teaser from Bryan Singer

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x men days future past bryan singer interview New X Men: Days of Future Past Teaser from Bryan Singer

This year’s slate of anticipated Marvel comic book movies will begin flooding theaters this spring with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, carrying on through to Guardians of the Galaxy arriving on the scene in August. It’s for that reason that there has been a Marvel superhero film headline on our homepage almost daily for the past month or so, between those two Marvel Studios productions, Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and 20th Century Fox’s upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Days of Future Past uses its source material – Chris Claremont’s original time-travel comic book storyline – as the basis for a film that unites the present-day X-Men trilogy and X-Men: First Class casts, even though Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) will seemingly be the lone unifying element between the modern and 1970s settings for most of the movie’s running time – with exceptions, like what in the first Days of Future Past trailer appears to be an emotionally-charged meeting between young Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and the wizened Professor X (Patrick Stewart).

There are a lot of mutant characters in Days of Future Past, even though the movie’s screen time probably won’t be divided up anywhere near to equal between them (much less, compared to the main cast). Hence, the latest Instagram clip unveiled for the film – released by director Bryan Singer – highlights the primary X-Men in the story (Charles, Magneto and Mystique), along with a brief appearance by Colossus (again played by Daniel Cudmore) – with the latter boasting improved transformation effects, with regard to his metallic state – plus a couple newcomer mutation-powered players to the X-Men movie universe (ex. Bishop).

Watch that Days of Future Past clip below:

A second theatrical preview for Days of Future Past should be arriving within the next month (possibly much sooner), though it will likely be more oriented towards enticing and exciting the general moviegoing public to check out Singer’s new X-Men movie; hardcores fans have been inundated with screenshotscharacter profile images, and revelatory information concerning the film’s plot/character components over the past month in particular, so they’re probably feeling a bit burnt out right now (we certainly are).

How about it, then – what’s your current outlook towards Days of Future Past?


X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in U.S. theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: Bryan Singer

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  1. No idea what to expect from this movie, I can see it having a really good story but being let down by individual aspects (costumes+characters)

  2. I feel like it’s super ambitious and will set a new bar for comic book movies. That being said, we’ll see how high that bar is.

    I’m confident in Singer (just re-watched The Usual Suspects), but I don’t have unbreakable confidence in him (Jack the Giant Slayer…)

    • i really dont think so. i think the comic movies that we are getting now are all thanks to the avengers. the avengers really opened studios eyes that comic movies can look really comicy and have crazier story lines and characters.

      though i will give credit that this movie will open up a new area in comics that have yet to be in movies and thats time travel.

      lets hope we can get a rewrite and jean and cyclops can return. hell, id love a new phoenix story after Apocalypse. and maybe we can get more cosmic/space stories if phase 2 of marvel does well cause if it does then once again a new wall will be taken down in studios eyes.

      • Yeah, but this is even a step above Avengers in ambition. It has the potential to be on an epic scale in a Lord of the Rings scale.

        I think it would be cool to see more comic book movies do that, but if this movie is that big, 3 hours long, and isn’t well received, then our chances of getting more of that are tarnished.

        • Where you see ambition, I see grasping at straws………Not saying it might not have a chance to payoff. I meant it feels desperate.

          • Lol, what is this even based on? A trailer that nerds on the internet claim is late??

        • I’d say time travel, alternate timelines, 2 generations of characters, giant sentinels and the looming threat of Apocalypse is more ambitious than Loki taking control of some generic, faceless aliens so he can… oh no… take over the world (gosh!!)….but maybe that’s just me:)

        • I think this movie will be great.

          I think that the studio realizes that it has made some mistakes (X-Men 3, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and is ready to please the fans with some really good movies. They want to achieve the type of success that Marvel did with the Avengers movie.

          If you look at Bryan Singer’s record when it comes to X-Men movies, it’s pretty good. He consistenly delivers very good quality X-Men movies. (X-Men 2 is my favourite so far.)

          For the Age of Apocalypse movie, I’d love to see them bring back Halle Berry, Famke Jansen, James Marsden, and Hugh Jackmen as Storm, Jean Grey/ Phoenix (good Phoenix not dark Phoenix), Cyclops and Wolverine.

      • I baffle whenever someone extorts their belief that Avengers has forever evolutionized comic book films and is a lore among classics. The ‘Avengers’ consists of a cliche storyline that is composed of three human entities, one god, and a monster that blatantly fights blindly as Iron Man receives the glory and single-handedly defeats Loki’s army with a swift nuclear bomb within the realms of the motherboard instead of TEAMING UP to defeat the antagonist since that is what a TEAM does, now isn’t it. It is immensely laughable how the fan base and the general public have been blinded to accept this film as divinity when it is, was, and ever will be a mediocre disappointment Marvel has carved.

        Iron Man has become Marvel’s Wolverine to Fox’s Marvel/Disney, pathetic comedic attempts are as vast and worshipped upon than ever before, and Whedon is a devil for crafting such dissonance.

        Do not ever consider ‘The Avengers’ a fantastic film. It is mediocre. It is a disappointment. It is overrated and imbecilic.

        • The Avengers had incredible depth that was left on the cutting room floor for the sake of brevity in a character heavy medley film that succeeded on so many levels.
          The deleted scenes add more resonance to all of the emotion that each character must be dealing with while being mashed together, such as Banner’s isolation, Steve Rogers displacement, Iron Man’s suspension of disbelief, and Thor’s obligation.
          Carefully thought out to adequately portray these key qualities in a story that included all of them was years in the making with the awareness that the studios desire to make money were in line with the fans desire for respect of the comic books.
          Bryan Singer’s X-Men can’t say the same. He completely distorted the central character dynamics, abandoned key story arcs and violated what made them part of the known Marvel universe. Every character depiction is near unrecognizable to their comic book representations and instead, many liberties are taken for the sake of convenience and lazy plot progressions.
          What he also lacks are two films a year that will consistently compete for the most overall earnings in the history of movies for the foreseeable future and beyond. This is because Singer’s planning lacks the depth to continue making these movies for long nor at the clip that Marvel Studios produces films alone, not mentioning their programming scheduled for Netflix and on ABC or even DisneyXD.
          It also lacks compelling plot lines or characters. How many X-Men films about taking away their powers will their be? How many scenes with Hugh Jackman not wearing a shirt do we need? How many powers will Rogue not have? It’s the same boring trick this pony keeps doing. How many hairs will be on Professor Xavier’s head?
          You’re welcome.

          • So what you’re saying is that:
            - The Avengers is only good if you look at the deleted scenes.
            - The X-men films are bad
            - It is reasonable to compare almost all of Marvels properties (not including Spiderman, X-men and some others) to just one of them (X-men). This results in the conclusion that the X-men franchise is handled bad because they don’t produce as much material as Marvel does.

            R u srs?

            • -the breadth of material in The Avengers is far deeper than what was theatrically presented, which was already quite wide in scope and ambition. The deleted scenes proves that.

              -yes, the X-men films are bad. So are ff4 films, which come from the same studio.

              -I think marc Webb’s Spider-Man was wonderful and could easily be folded into the current avengers roster. That being said, I think it is reasonable to compare both franchises (fox’s mcu vs mcu) . X-men has had at least 5 movies that qualify in their franchise.

              Conclusion : Marvel Studios makes fox marvel properties look amateurish. They’re more faithful to source material and more consistently scratch the comedy, drama and action itch that movie goers have.
              Instead of calling me out on my opinions, try to bring some points to the debate to go along with your disagreements.

              • I agree with you on some points the movies produced by Marvel studios are more lighthearted and faithful to the source material, they bring the elements of comedy/drama/action blend in their movies, sometimes marvel studios have a tendency to overdo it in the comedy and action dept. but overall their films are solid. However singers x-men movies are anything but bad they provide a rich and fresh alternative to the happy going lighthearted feeling that marvel studios does for their movies the same as Nolan did for the batman movies and Synder for the superman universe. The dialogue in singers x men were fantastic the dialogue was cleverly sublime and always painted a picture, the action was not bombastic like avengers, instead it took a more realistic, gritty approach to it, I loved it and a lot of other people loved it also. I could make an arguement that a lot of the villians from marvel studios were one dimensional and generic, malekith,killian,red skull etc..what singer did with the x men movies was unique, and it was brilliant, it’s all about what appeals to your taste and not about what has to be verbatim to the source material.

                • Fans of the different franchises Harry Potter, LOR, Steven King novels, hunger games, go to see the movies based on the source material. Singer has ruined the X-men frnachise, destroyed character associations and made the entire series about wolverine and he’s not even the strongest character. He has 30 years of source material that he couldve used, instead he single handley altered characters. Marvel studios isnt perfect in their work with comic book movies, but they’re getting better in some areas. I dint care for IM3 or this last Thor movie. You mentioned one dimensional villains, well for 3 movies, the x-men have had the same villain, and Ian Mckellen as magneto is really no more different that the red skull, loki or malekith. if you want to see an action filled comic book movie that goes away from its source material, than that is fine too, but if you want something closer to the source material, i would stay away from the x-men movies as long as fox has them and singer and brett ratner is directing them. I think the GODZILLA movie will be far better.

  3. the guy needs a good slap… just release the trailer that was teased when those posters came out. i hate singer, the last director should have gotten the position… not really sure why singer was picked over him when first class is not only the best xmen movie but one of the best comic book movies.

    anyway… at least he changed his mind from leather to the costumes they have now, at least theres a little yellow lol.
    blink has to be my favorite character design ive seen so far from the posters so really looking forward to her in the movie.

    • Agree about release the trailer already. Still can’t believe it’s just the one poorly made trailer and now 2 boring 7 second “teasers”.

    • Matthew Vaughn dropped out of Days of Future Past during pre-production. He was signed and everything but decided to leave. Fox didn’t pick Singer over him.

      • **citations needed**

        • Click back on some of the articles on this site, they covered it extensively.

        • Get off your high horse, pal. This isn’t a research paper the guy is handing in. You obviously have internet access. Google it. If it’s not true call him on it. Smart guy.

    • I guess you need a good slap too if you think this is Brian Singers decision to not put out the trailer….usualy its the studio that releases the trailers and in what timeframe it should come out. Its called a build up…realeasing everything at once is just a dumb way of promoting your own movie.

  4. Can’t wait.

  5. Uh, was this supposed to get us excited? A 7sec. clip……Again my hopes for this movie being any good continues to fade.

  6. Its way to hard to *redacted* to those 7 seconds, I’ll have to wait for the full trailer

    • Wow. Interesting comment

  7. Great! Another 7 secs! That guy is clearly mocking us. So NOT gonna see this movie. Not even on TV.

    • I don’t think he’s mocking us. He just doesn’t have anything to show, so he’s milking the crap out of this for every shameless ounce of promo he can get, while pretending it’s all part of the plan.

      • Or maybe the studio hasn’t provisioned a marketing budget to run a second trailer yet?

        I mean, Singer has revealed much more about this movie than the studio has officially revealed. It’s not exactly his call when this stuff is aired.

  8. Not fast enough to hide the poor cgi on Colossus. :\

  9. I’m sick of these 7 second teasers. They’re more useless than Captain America working at an Apple Store. Just give me a full trailer that wasn’t rushed and doesn’t contain unfinished clips. I’m still excited about this movie. I want to see what Singer has cooked up but I won’t hold my breath that it’s going to be #Epic. Only time will tell. 86 days left!

  10. It’s logical that they just shows bits of the film. We will have to wait until mid March to see a new trailer with some SFX and music integrated to it. That and the first look at the Sentinels. I look forward to seeing the new trailer.

  11. to bad we never see colossus really beat down a villain and now we see him get taken out.

  12. I just want a X-men film with Cyclops, and jean leading the X-men including Gambit, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Storm, Beak, Colossus, Iceman, Xavier, Wolverine, Beast, and The brother hood being Juggernaught, Toad, Sabretoothe, Blob, Toad, Quick Silver, Scarlett Witch, Angel Salvador, Emma Frost, Mystique, Havok, Sinister, Magneto, and their Leader Apocalypse with Archangel somewhere in between. I think they should do two films back to back so characters can all be a big part of the story.

    • You want Apocalypse leading Magneto and the Brotherhood???? What kind of X-men fan are you??????

  13. They must want people to develop even shorter attention spans then they already have.

  14. Spoiler alert!!

    All of those scenes were mystique!!! Lol

  15. I kinda think Colossus looked different than his Empire Cover picture? Alternate timeline already? ;D

    My opinion about the teaser? At first I’m looking forward for Colossus and Warpath, but after seeing their shots… that interest faded out, I don’t know why. Oh and anybody noticed J-Law’s eyes looked different to one another there? Creepy… -_-

    And as usual, Mr Singer is bumping on other movie news (this time, Godzilla) to remind people of his movie. Not trying to discredit him, but that’s exactly what he’s been doing so far.

    • lol, What is Singer supposed to do, wait to make sure a few days have gone by with no other movie marketing? Its almost summer movie season and EVERYONE is putting their s*** out now! And the Godzilla thing was only a poster anyway, a really cool poster, but still a poster.

  16. This simply is a movie not worth wasting your money on and is a redbox rental or should
    Be direct to video. One word-BOYCOTT.

    • Yet you take the time to click on the article and comment on it…. Get over yourself. I’m sure your mom will give you the eight dollars you don’t have to see the movie.

    • People like this truly crack me up! Thank you rod22!

  17. Bishop looks sick! Colossus look like sh**! They could at least gave Colossus his black hair. Still, I’m excited for Bishop and the possible Cable cameo at the end-credit scene.

    • Is the metal supposed to weave in and out through his hair or is his hair supposed to grow right through the metal?

  18. Its probably going to be a really good film! Fox has turned the corner on sub-par cbms because the likes of Nolan’s Batman and Marvel’s The Avengers has raised the bar for what quality cbms should be. First Class and The Wolverine were both good, well thought out movies and now Days of Future Past adds a massive budget to the mix to, hopefully, epic results!

    Singer has also been involved in the 4 good X-men movies and was no where near being involved in the 2 bad ones (X-3, Origins.)

    I also think that Jackman has perfected his take on Wolverine and I can’t wait to see more of Fassbender as Magneto! Mackellan, Stewart, Lawrence and McAvoy are great stars to watch on screen as well. Really excited for this!

    • I disagree. FOX has failed and the best thing they can do with the X-Men franchise is just give it back to Marvel. Fox and Singer have single handedly destroyed the X-men franchise, its continuity and blantantly ignored its source material. The wolverine stand-alone movies were horrible, and First Class will always be garbage, considering you dont have the original 5 ( Cyclops. Jean grey, Angel, beast and ice-man) x-men, having 1 doesnt count.Bryan singer and those responsible for these atrocities should be flogged

  19. Maybe I’m just speculating but the opening of this vine video.. I believe it’s Wolverine and his right arm looks its missing. Thoughts? I could be speculating tho..

    • I have a thought.

      I think taking Wolverine’s right arm would be wrong because Bryan Singer already took his balls.

      Boycott Singer’s X-Men. You know it’s the right thing to do.

      • TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!

  20. Please, please, PLEASE let Collossus have a meaningful role and not be the “token” death mutant at the hands of Nimrod/Mastermold/Sentinel X to establish a serious tone…even if he is the less impressive fluid tin version and not the awesome banded steel version.

  21. Not sure if I missed something, but I assumed that the shots of Xavier facing his younger self were merely a representation of the “mind melded” Wolverine speaking to each Charles. When a standing up young Charles looks at old Charles, I was assuming that it was not a sign that the young man had healed or was from an alternate reality, or moved through time, but rather that he was not physically there at all. After all, it seems clear that Logan is the surrogate messenger to both from themself. If this was already cleared up or obvious then pardon the heck outta me! The extreme use of this story mechanic often involves a deep kiss, so let’s hope mr x isn’t that narcissistic.

  22. I’m going to it. If it sucks or not. Films don’t suck it’s what you want.

  23. Bishop looks Impressive!!! so f**** badass, cant wait to see him in action and sharing screentime with Wolverine and Storm. It will be iconic

  24. I’m hoping this movie flops, so maybe the rights could go back to marvel. They have destroyed this franchise. Get this movie over with and reboot the X-Men already!!!!

  25. Its my opinion that if fox studios that handle the x-men franchise had doneit correctly, they couldve made at least 2 character based movies a year and then do what Marvel is doing with the Avengers with a common enemy. Introducing the Original 5 x-men, and then introducing a small or large story about magneto and then the original 5 x-men vs the juggernaut. then every year introducing diffeent characters and their nemesis. Wolverine and then sabertooth. Mystique, rogue when she was a member of the brotherhood before and after she stole the powers of Ms Marvel. and on and on. The characters are endless as well as the different storylines, x-men and villains alike.