‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Set in the ’70s, Eleven Years After ‘First Class’

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X Men Days of Future Past Timeline 70s X Men: Days of Future Past Set in the 70s, Eleven Years After First Class

There is much confusion and speculation still surrounding the next X-Men film,  X-Men: Days of Future Past. The sequel to X-Men: First Class sees the return of X-Men 1 & 2 director Bryan Singer to the helm, telling a story that will introduce new levels of sci-fi  into the X-Men movie universe.

Today we have a one important piece of this puzzle to share: where Days of Future Past fits into the X-Men movie timeline – at least, where the sequel starts off in the timeline. Considering the time travel plot device, this film could literally be all over the place.

CBM got heads up from TV Chiquita about a casting call sheet for Days of Future Past; if you don’t know, these sheets – which describe the type of actors needed for a part and a brief bit about what kind of character they’ll play – often contain nice tidbits that rumor hounds can scrutinize and use to deduce facts about a film. In this case, the casting sheet dropped the following piece of info:

Most of the film takes place in 1973.

That would be 11 years after the 1962 setting of First Class. If further evidence is needed, here’s the call description for what seem to be extras:

Look 1973. Hair should be left to grow as well as sideburns, mustaches and beards. Modern hair color and hair cuts will be OUT for this film.

Now, this isn’t too surprising for several reasons. First of all, it’s been teased (and to a certain degree assumed) all along that the First Class continuity could essentially “decade hop.” It started in the ’60s, so the ’70s were always looked at as the natural followup point for the sequel.

John Byrne X Men Days of Future Past 70s X Men: Days of Future Past Set in the 70s, Eleven Years After First Class

’70s-era X-Men

However, even if this casting call sheet is to be believed, the fact remains that the ’70s are still just the starting point for Days of Future Past. With characters from the original trilogy all returning, and the obvious plot device of time travel (which will hopefully straighten out many of the nagging continuity issues with these films), where this Days of Future Past plotline will go is still a mystery.

Will the original trilogy characters all be presented as aged versions of themselves (from a more distant future)? Or will that “future” be kept in real time – meaning, eight years after the events of X-Men 3 by the time the movie is released in 2014? We know The Wolverine will be taking place after X3 and will leave us with a “changed” Logan by the end of the film; that new improved Logan  could potentially be a key player in Days of Future Past (as he was in the comic storyline) – especially since we already know Wolverine is confirmed for the film.

hugh jackman x men days future past cast X Men: Days of Future Past Set in the 70s, Eleven Years After First Class

All the worries about timeline jumping and continuity aside, starting off in the ’70s could allow for some convenient tidying up of storylines and characters – such as how Charles Xavier becomes bald Professor X; how Magneto flourishes as a terrorist and builds the brotherhood; and even why characters like Emma Frost (January Jones) aren’t returning. The one curious thing is that the call sheet mentions that the film is “mostly” set in that era; could this film devote much less screen time to the future than originally anticipated? It’d be easy to see how the primary focus would be the race (in the 70s era) to prevent the disastrous event that corrupts the timeline in the first place.

Comic book aficionados will tell you that the ’70s era of X-Men comics was definitely a special time; an era that introduced the Phoenix, saw Wolverine, Storm, Colossus and Nightcrawler join the team, brought back The Sentinels (which will likely be featured in this film) – all under the hand of legendary creators like Dave Cockrum, John Byrne and Chris Claremont.  Even if Days of Future Past is (at least in title) drawing from ’80s-era X-Men storylines, there are still plenty of nods the film can give to the proceeding decade. They just better not include any disco stuff (unless we get Dazzler with it)!

What are your thoughts on the decade shift? The potential time-jumping? And all those lingering continuity issues? Let us know in the comments.


X-Men: Days of Future Past will be in theaters on July 18, 2014.

Source: CBM & TV Chiquita

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  1. License some Classic Rock now!

  2. Man, there are so many ways this movie could go wrong. I’m hoping it does not.

    • Same here.

      • And here.

        • Here here.

    • Your make? Its pretty good!

      • I didn´t make it. I found the main pic online and re-sized it to wallpaper format and added the title.

    • I want a movie like that!!

    • nice!

  3. Kinda OT, but is the original series supposed to take place? i know that in X-men 1 and 3 they start off with “in the not to distant future” or whatever so are they supposed to be within a decade (of their release) or is it even further in the future? just always wondered that. especially after Wolverine and first class came out and took place in the 60s and 70s.

    • I don’t even think THEY know. I wouldn’t think too hard about it because I really don’t believe that the writers and Bryan Singer cared that much about time. They just said in “the not too distant future” just because (IMO).

    • Origins isn´t canon anymore, but if it was, it took place in the mid/late 80s. Depending on how far in the future the first X-Men is set in…

      • Origins final act took place in 1979, indicated by the use of the Three Mile Island meltdown.

        • Then the movie has one more error I didn´t notice. Since the first X-Men film came out in 2000 (and depending how far in the “not too distant future” it takes place), and Xavier said “It´s been 15 years now, isn´t that right, Logan?”, I assumed Origins´ ending took place in 1985.

          • Oh boy, you found another script error in the series :) I would have to watch the first movie again, but yeah if that is what Xavier said then it doesn’t match up with what they portrayed in Origins.

  4. Maybe it turns out that all the events of the others movies are the results of Charles and Eric doing too much acid at Woodstock?!

    They wake up in an opium den in 1973, Eric has smoked Xaviers hair and now has a full English accent, the entire franchise was just a massive trip?!

    Both have a shower, something to eat and go there seperate ways

    • Sorted

    • lol this made my day! That is definitly how it should go down!

  5. To be honest, even though I know Havok’s place in the timeline is wrong, I hope he returns for this film. Also, it would be sweet if both Azazel AND Nightcrawler were in the movie. And freaking Cyclops. James Mardsen is great so they should keep him, but Cyclops got the short stick in past X-Men films. He needs some more awesomeness this time around. Hopefully we get some more casting news soon. Unfortunately, most of those things seem unlikely as the film already has a growing cast that doesn’t even include the villain yet (assuming there is one, maybe it’s just X vs. Magneto).

    The time gap does seem weird to me. I thought this movie was going to show how Xavier & Magneto became true enemies (since they simply drifted apart and went different directions at the end of FC), but after 10 years they probably already will be.

    • Watch The Wolverine and stay through the end credits. Just saying.

  6. Time jumping to the 70′s could’ve been an excellent way to introduce the original roster, but with this Days Of Future’s Past stuff, it looks like we will never see it any time soon.

  7. Was not a fan of First Class, but I am sooooo looking forward to this.

  8. I may have to watch first class again. At the end of the movie, which mutants were left from Xavier’s side?

    • Havok, Banshee and Beast.

    • Havoc, Beast and Banshee.

  9. I was born in ’74 and didn’t start reading X-Men until the mid-80′s. The 70′s era of X-Men is totally foreign to me, and I don’t mind their educating me on all that I missed by starting in the 70′s. My hope is that they tie up loose ends in a sensible way. And where it’s too difficult to pull together neatly, I hope they do some simple hand-waving and just move ahead full speed a la the diner scene in Looper. I want them to focus on telling a cohesive story now rather than trying to pull together movies that were never meant to be connected or demonstrate internal consistency.

  10. Personaly, i am a little tired of the Original trilogy’s lineup! (except Jackman and Page which is fortunate)

    I loved the new faces in First Class! The more 70s there is the better.

  11. I guess I’ll never see Marrow in any of the X-Films :(

  12. This really isn’t special news. We have known all along they planned the next XMFC to take place in the 70′s and the one after that (hopefully the LAST in this train wreck) to be in the 80′s which would bring us back to the first X-Men movie set just barely out of the 90′s, so all 10ish years apart.

  13. It always made me laugh how Xavier encouraged the mutants to be different by making them all wear the same leather suits!

    And if his mind was so powerful that he could move things and control other people, why did he not have a word with his legs and get them to walk again!

    For a Professor he’s pretty dumb

    • “It always made me laugh how Xavier encouraged the mutants to be different by making them all wear the same leather suits!”

      Those leather suits are UNIforms.

      “And if his mind was so powerful that he could move things and control other people, why did he not have a word with his legs and get them to walk again!”

      Because his legs are not people. And he can´t move things, he´s a telepath, not a telekinetik.

      • Fair enough lol

        • +1

        • I believe you’ve been lawyer’d, Dr Kenneth ;)

          • haha I think things sound funnier in my head than in the written word

            When youre wrong your wrong lol

            • Someone told me I should change my name into “Dirk, the nitpicker”. Maybe I´ll do that. :)

  14. Hope this is good interested in seeing the X-Men in the 70s that sounds like it could be cool

  15. more Mutants is what I want

  16. a Looper-esc diner scene with Wolverine would be awesome:
    Old Logan: “listen here bub…”
    Young Logan: “no, you listen up bub…”
    Plus Hugh Jackman is the man and can totally act out both Logan’s

    • My money’s on old-man “get off my lawn” grandpa Logan.

      • Played by Clint Eastwood, of course.

  17. Better be Cyclops. Lots and lots of Cyclops. In an important role: team field leader, where he belongs. Add some Sentinels, too. An older Banshee, Polaris, Havok, and Kitty Pryde would probably be welcomed. And don’t overdo Magneto, Wolverine (especially!), and beast. There are other characters, you know.

    • So tired of Cyclops. He was a whiny, immature wussy. I say don’t bring him back unless you’re gonna give him a backbone.

      • Indeed. Dying was the best things Cyclops ever did.

  18. i want Jean grey to come back and for her timeline to be fixed. if they were to bring the pheonix in correctly it would be crazy. the portrayal in x3 was not great. i didnt imagine the pheonix like that.

  19. all this time travel is starting to confuse me <.<

  20. so First Class wasn’t First Class (the comic) at all and Days of Future Past won’t be Days of Future Past (the comic) at all… and next we get God Loves Man Kills which won’t be God Loves Man Kills (the comic) at all…

    • They did their version of God Loves, Man Kills, it was X-2….

  21. Well the x-men roster for the time I believe was Cyclops, Banshee, Sunfire, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Thunderbird. As you can see the 70′s lineup has a problem or two with the 90′s movie lineup. So the non-continuity continues as the lineup has to change for a 70′s era to make any sense in a movie form. That likely means that a live action D.O.F.P. will play very differently than either the comics, where Kitty’s consciousness goes back in time to the 70′s where the Kitty of the 90′s movies isn’t or the animated version of how things unfold is borrowed and you try to reconcile Kelley’s ambitions with what happens to him in the 90′s version of the movies. It’s all really fubared anyway I’m getting more and more convinced that it’s a joke and it’ll end up rebooted in a few years, when the powers that be realize that they have a confused mess and the current actors become too old or too expensive to make the current model viable…

    • If the studios track record is any indication this movies script will be loosely based on the original comic, the cartoon version or some mix of both. This sounds like the only major component of the original story they are going to use is the time travel angle plugged into what they have already done. I doubt they are going to be able to introduce many new characters in this film and they still have to actually set up the Sentinels origin if they are going to use that part of the original story.

  22. I’m keeping up with the news but I’ve no confidence in this. Good luck, Fox.

  23. It’s unfortunate that they’re wasting this story on Singer. Although it’s not like Vaughn would have been any better. I can’t wait for the day when a talented director who actually understands X-Men is given the wheel. Someday…

  24. Why the f*ck did they not just reboot it!? Instead of giving us that sh*tty reboot/spin off that was First Class. What a f*cking mess this is.

    • Edit: PREQUEL/spin off

  25. So, I’m still confused. Is this a time-travel movie that just shares the name “Days of Future Past?” Or is this just a movie that features two storylines, one in the 1970s “present” and one in the post-X3 “Bad Future”?

    Cause I don’t if they change the story to have more mutants time travel then just Kitty, but if they ARE going that route, I’d rather they push the date back a couple years, if even a whole decade.

    Because there’s no real fun of seeing Cyclops, Storm and Jean travel back in time if we don’t get to see them interact with their younger selves. And even if we assume X1 takes place when it came out, and that all the characters were born in the mid-to-late-60s (even though Marsden wasn’t born until ’73), all the characters would still be too young to be part of the 70s X-Men, so no time travel fun.

    Plus, since Origins takes place in ’79, Wolverine should be off having mercenary adventures with his bone claws at this point, so we wouldn’t get any “young” Logan meets “old” Logan scenes, which could actually be pretty fun.

    I’m also really curious to see how they’ll explain how something happens in 1973 that doesn’t have any major repercussions until 30-40 years later.

  26. What would be funny would be FOX running into trouble using “Days of Future Past” for the title of an album of the movie score, seeing that it infringes on a Moody Blues title released back in 1967…

  27. Time Travel is very complicated and that’s how I feel with this X-Men movies. From Wolverine Origin to First Class. Some of the Timelines actually contradicts to the other movies such as First Class to X3.

    But I still love watching X-Men movies but hopefully this time they will give better story to cyclops, he’s one of my fave X-Men. The X-men trilogy made him somewhat like a wussy and I hate it.

    Can’t wait for this movie to come out.

  28. D.I.S.C.O, as the song put it…. So it will be a Studio 54 era film with mulleted, sideburned men and back combed blow dried Fawcett’s on the women, flares and 70′s style social unrest… Cool.. I expect ABBA and the Bee Gees to be on the soundtrack as well. If they could get a cameo from a Bowie a like in a sequence that would be cool to as that sort of detail in the opening of Watchmen really halped to set the period tone of the movie as it whizzed through the ages up to the 80′s from the 40′s