‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’: ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Credits Scene Online

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If you’ve gone out to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters – and, judging by its U.S. opening weekend box office, a fair number of people have – then you should’ve also gotten to watch a minute-long clip from X-Men: Days of Future Past, assuming that you stayed for the film’s credits. If you left too early and/or caught the latest Spidey flick at one of the advanced screenings (which didn’t include the X-Men teaser), then fear not! The aforementioned Days of Future Past scene is available to watch online.

For those just tuning in: no, this crossing of paths by Marvel film properties isn’t setting up for Peter Parker to share the screen with the likes of Wolverine; to paraphrase Spider-Man franchise producer Avi Arad, that’s highly unlikely to happen in the near future. It’s actually part of a deal struck between 20th Century Fox and Sony, where the latter agreed to do free marketing for Fox’s new X-Men movie, so that Marc Webb would be freed up to direct the second Amazing Spider-Man installment.

The clip – showing Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), along with a handful of her fellow mutants, infiltrating a military installation – does a pretty decent job of selling Days of Future Past‘s mutant power effects – which, by the looks of them, are an improvement over those from past X-Men installments. That’s despite the sequence being very noticeably chopped up, shortened, and having part of the Man of Steel score slapped on, in lieu of the finished accompanying musical score by director Bryan Singer’s trusted collaborator, John Ottman (Superman Returns, Jack the Giant Slayer).

x men days of future past mystique clip X Men: Days of Future Past: Amazing Spider Man 2 Credits Scene Online

Furthermore, this Days of Future Past sequence is proof that, for reasons that will soon be revealed, Mystique and young Magneto (Michael Fassbender) have a parting of ways at some point in this film. It’s not altogether clear yet how the “Mystique going rogue” (no pun) storyline plays into the larger narrative in Simon Kinberg’s screenplay, though it’s possible her actions somehow contribute to the mutant-centric events that set in motion the plot – a hybrid of the superhero genre with the time-travel and apocalypse sub-genres, based on Chris Claremont’s comic book of the same name.

Mystique had a significant role in X-Men: First Class, but now that Lawrence is a much bigger name – thanks to the Hunger Games films and her award-winning David O. Russell collaborations – the character arguably ranks second to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, as far as marketability goes. No wonder a Mystique spinoff is now being considered, since something of that magnitude may be the only way to keep Lawrence in the role once her old contract for the First Class trilogy is done.


X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in U.S. theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

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  1. Yep, saw this clip on April 23rd on release day over here, not only did it fail in trying to convince me to go see X-Men (it still looks pretty meh and uninteresting), it also disappointed the handful who stayed after the credits in the hope of a post-credits scene, especially the one person who loudly said “This still looks s**t, where was the extra Spider-Man scene?”.

    • You’re a funny guy

      • Dazz, why do you continue to post regularly on the ‘Days of Future Past’ forums if all your going to say is how this film doesn’t appeal to you in the least? We get it. You’ve made your point very clear to the community that you have no intention of watching this.

        • ^^^^^^^THIS

          • Yeah.

        • Happy that other people have noticed.

        • yep…still wah wah over Dazz. BOOOOO XMEN: DERP

    • You are VERY wise Dazz… X-men: DERP looks like the rainbow Marvel Studios throw up! It just means I didnt have to stay after and I could go to the restroom sooner. REGARDLESS I was destined to I see something that belonged in a toilet. heh

      • But yet you an him/her came on here to check out the clip or at least click on a thread for a movie that both of you “claim” to be uninterested in..things that make you say Hmmmmm

    • Please stop spamming the comments section with your pessimistic views. Christ man, do you really have to comment on every topic, even if you don’t have a valid thought?

  2. Although I’m still going to see DFP, I’m unimpressed.

  3. I was really disappointed in this scene.

    Also, during the credits you could hear the many moans and groans of people wanting a Spiderman scene.

    SPOILER: The meeting with Harry about creating the Rhino should have been used for aftercredit scene. Then they should have just showed Rhino fight Spidey in next movie.

    • +1

  4. Am i the only one who think’s Jennifer Lawernce is incredibly overrated as an actress, it feel’s like she gets success and publicity through being a likeable person not through talent/merit.

    • Welcome to the real world

      • +1

    • Im with ya.

    • Hell to the yes! i’ m already sick of all the clips she appears in.. it’s like they’re showing all the Mystique-centric scenes in the movie just to bring Lawrence fans to the theatres….

    • I would say not. I to am yet to be overwhelmed by the charms of “JLaw”

      I will confess my exposure to her work is limited (1st Hunger Games & X-Men FC)

      Her other high profile stuff don’t really float my boat,

      Playbook = RomCom = NO

      American Hustle = No idea what its supposed to be, historical bio-pic, some sort of comedy, I dunno. That and the rest of the hunger games I’ll pick up when there’s nowt else on to salve my curiosity.

      That said what I have seen of her aint bad, just not 2 Oscars and “the next big thing” type of good.

    • Watch “American Hustle” and you’ll be amazed—extremely talented actress. I thought of her just like you did until I saw her in this. I gotta say she’s a way better actress when it comes to off-the-wall characters, not such serious ones like X-men or Hunger Games.

    • She’s so hot tho lol

  5. yeah that was super confusing. Lets not make end of credits scenes open season for commercials and trailers for unrelated things.

    • ^THIS^

  6. Who is the african american mutant with the spikes? I know toad, ink, havok, and mystique

    • It seems like this is another case of them throwing in a random version of some character that people may or may not know just to have a special effect in a scene. They are still not sold on the less is more idea as far as character usage I guess.

    • That looked like Spike from the X-Men: Evolution cartoon.

      • That is who I thought of when I saw the still shot, but whatever he is doing to knock those soldiers out those not look like what I remember the guy from Evolution being able to do. The guy Wolverine fought in the woods in X-3 seemed to have a more similar power set, as did the Asian guy with the quills. For me some of these background characters all start to blend together at a point, which begs my original question as to why they add them in the first place.

        • Good point.

  7. I hate that Fox still has the rights to X-men.

  8. This proves that a mix of studios is not a good idea. It is clear that people who liked Spiderman won’t see DOFP and vice versa. The same thing happens when you make comments about the batfleck and the not a sequel to MoS film. There 2 or 3 people in the comment section that won’t be pleased with my comment but are happy to trash the new X Men film or the Avengers.

    • I liked The Amazing Spider-man and I’m going to see DFP. And GoftG. And TWS when I get a chance. As will the vast majority of people who have a rational and/or casual approach to all of this. Don’t forget that the people most involved and most vocal in sites like these are also the most irrational ones. So keep that in mind.

  9. Despite popular opinions, these promo clips are actually building my anticipation for this film. I’m very anxious to see the full scene. I do agree with an above comment that J.Law is overrated because she definitely is. She’s just extremely likeable….and sexy.

    I also think a solo Mystique film is a bad idea, after I thought about it. I don’t care about Mystique’s exploits unless it directly tie in to Magneto or the Brotherhood. Don’t get me wrong, I love her but I’d rather her journey be alluded to than having to sit through two hours of them showing it. I, personally, think the past aspect of this X-Men franchise should end after the First Class cast finishes their third movie in their contract.

    Majority of fans only care about the present and future aspects of the Xmen universe, not the past. It’s clear everyone is more interested in seeing the dystopian future and not the past. Take not Fox, we’re giving you great pointers on how to get on the same level as Marvel.

    Furthermore, I just need ONE X-Men film with entire X-Men roster. They all don’t even have to be present throughout the whole thing but just one movie where everyone is there; Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Wolverine, Beast, Angel, Iceman, Rogue, Gambit, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Jubilee. PLEEEEEEEAASSSSSEEEEE Or maybe just a danger room session. I mean gimme something!

    • The point of this movie (Days of Future Past) is to connect the past and modern X-men; this allows them to catch up and bring the new cast up to date. So you should get what you want pretty soon.

    • I would have loved that myself, and the hype seemed to promise that. But what we are really getting is First Class part 2. And I’m bummed that Mystique is going to be the ONLY female lead. All the others are little more than bit parts.
      It’ll probably be a good movie, just not the one they hyped it up as.

  10. Man this was a horrible, horrible clip… if this was the only bit of marketing for DFOP I saw I’m not sure I’d want to watch the movie. Extremely chopped up, zero context, just there to show off a few flashy fight scenes and some mutant powers – and big deal, it’s got more than enough competition in terms of action and visuals. They need to sell the idea that this next X-Men movie is going to be better than the previous ones. If they really wanted something more action-oriented they should’ve used the one set in the future with the Sentinels – that at least wouldn’t have ‘bad editing’ written all over it.

  11. All the young and sometimes goofy actors (well, Marvel is affiliated with Disney….”Goofy”, get it?) in super-hero flicks nowadays: this one, the Spidey reboot, the Fantastic Four reboot, some of the DC properties as well, makes me think we are filming a mutated version of The Little Rascals or The Cosby Kids or something.

    • none of the movies you are talking about are even being made by disney

      • But Goofy is Disney.
        And Marvel and Disney are partners, and some of those movies happen to have derived from Marvel comics.
        Oh well, fell flat.
        better luck next time.

  12. Uh…again I am surprised by the negativity towards this film. This scene was not great, but I liked it and it certainly did not dampen my anticipation for DOFP.

    On one hand, it wasn’t anything incredible, but this film has already had plenty of trailer and viral marketing gimmicks, so it didn’t need to blow my mind to work.

    On the other hand, I’ve never seen a single promotional material for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that really impressed me, other than in terms of graphics, so…to each their own.

  13. Looks like Singer’s fantasy and NOT the Chris Claremont wonderfully written story.

    Singer must hate Russains. Colssos is Russian, Wolverine is a short Canadian.

    Orrroro, is Somalian or Ethiopian.

    Why is everyone American. When you take away those characteristics you remove some of the already existant plot tensions built into the story and the lessons of all nations getting along and being heroes.

    This is the NWO version of XMEN. the crap version. The hate other nations version.,

    • Uhh, I can’t say for sure what they are but you know everyone was in their disguises in this clip right? Mystique traveled around Europe with Prof X earlier on, I thought.

      And actually im not even sure if you’re complaining about nationalities in the film or IRL. Either way I’m not sure where you’re getting these complaints from.

    • LOLZ so just because colossus isn’t Russian Singer is racist????

      I thought we have gotten to a point in time where a character’s ethnicity doesn’t matter.

  14. Is it me, or does anyone notice the camera speed is a bit… iffy. O.o

    • To mask the fact that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t as acrobatic as they want her/Mystique to appear. It’s blurry too.

  15. YES!
    I for one hope we start seeing all manner of random adds in post credit scenes.
    McDonalds post credit scene!
    Pepsi post credit scene!
    Budweiser post credit scene!

    Combine that with the fact that at the last three movies I went to see that had them (Thor 2, Cap 2, ASM 2) not a single person stayed to watch, and I was there opening weekend with a packed house. Also, I’m really hoping WB just refuses to add these in.

    Maybe the end is nigh for the post credit scene fad!

  16. Ok, is there two different William Stryker characters? Because theres the one with white hair in First Class & a young one in this film. The one from First Class would have to be too old to meet up with Logan in X2.

    • Dad & son.

    • There is only one and Fox has been doing injustice to the character since X2. Hopefully they will at least give him a Nimrod arm.

  17. If that is the chance Fox have of pulling more crowd to DOFP, they blew it. They’re maybe trying to save some of the best scenes for the actual film but I think had they shown a scene with Sentinels, be it in the past or future, it would have wowed the crowd.

  18. Did they take the drums from Hans Zimmer? Listen to Oil Rig from the Man of Steel soundtrack and tell me this isn’t identical.

  19. What was the pic you used on Facebook with Mystique and Spidey?

  20. I want to watch the newest movies

  21. Why is havok with the bad guys thought he was an x men!

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  23. in my opinion i like it everytime a marvel movie ends a movie there is an end credit clip of an upcoming movie they’re gonna release. it really will update the viewers and as well serve as a trailer for the new movie. just like the end clip of X-men: Days of Future Past had an end credit clip of the sequel of the movie which is X-Men: Apocalypse. It gives us a hanging feeling and makes us eager to watch the X-Men: apocalypse.

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