‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Set Photos: Beast vs. Magneto

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X Men Days of Future Past Nicholas Hoult Beast Eyes X Men: Days of Future Past Set Photos: Beast vs. Magneto

It seems like a fairly substantial chunk of the filming for Bryan Singer’s superhero sequel X-Men: Days of Future Past is taking place in Montreal, since the cast and crew have been spending a lot of time there over the past few weeks. It also seems as though scenes are being filmed at heritage sites that are open to the public, because there have been quite a few unofficial set photos snapped at various locations around the city.

All that, of course, is good news for X-Men fans who like to keep track of the movies in the making, though it’s been difficult to try and ascertain anything concrete about the plot. The film is based on the comic book arc of the same name, in which a present-day Kitty Pryde was temporarily possessed by the mind of her future self in order to warn the X-Men and prevent a dystopian future where Sentinels rule the country and the surviving mutants live in internment camps.

Fan-Girl has published a gallery of high quality images from a fight scene in a fountain, which features Nicholas Hoult in full blue make-up as Beast, facing off against Michael Fassbender as Magneto. Jennifer Lawrence can also be seen in her Mystique make-up, though it’s unclear what kind of role she’ll be playing in this scene.

There isn’t really anything here that could be considered a spoiler for X-Men: Days of Future Past, since the enmity between the X-Men and Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants has been established in the movies for over ten years, and the story of its origins was told in X-Men: First Class.




Both Beast and Magneto are wearing the kind of fabulous ’70s fashion that we can hope to see more of in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is set a decade on from the swinging ’60s of X-Men: First Class. Fassbender is sporting the high-waisted maroon flares and green fashion scarf that he was seen wearing in previous photos, and Hoult is only a little better off in his denim jacket and orange patterned shirt.

Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy in human form X Men: Days of Future Past Set Photos: Beast vs. Magneto

Respect is definitely due to the X-Men: Days of Future Past makeup department for creating a Beast skin that remains intact despite the rough treatment in the water, and one that can easily be removed between takes to give Hoult full use of of his hands.

If you’ve been following the set photos from X-Men: Days of Future Past, seeing Hoult back in full make-up once more probably has you feeling a little curious about his character arc for this film. Though a medical treatment for his “deformed” feet went wrong in X-Men: First Class, causing him to morph fully into his beast form, Singer has tweeted a photo of Hank McCoy in the sequel looking human once again.

It’s unclear exactly why Hank is shown as a normal(ish) human in some photos and as Beast in others, but in these set photos, his clothes are shown to be torn at the seams in places, suggesting that he has transformed whilst wearing them (a la The Hulk). Either that or his tumble in the fountain with Magneto has just taken its toll on his threads.

Will the different appearances of Hank McCoy be due to the time travel plotline, or will they result from further attempts to “cure” his condition? Share your theories in the comments.


X-Men: Days of Future Past is out in theaters on July 18th, 2014.

Source: Fan-Girl [via CBM]

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  1. At least the Beast costume is MUCH better in this one. He looked like crap in First Class!

    • Totally agree.

      • I think he looks better but still pretty bad. Glad he’s getting some solid screen time though as he’s my second favourite X-man.

        Oh and for the record, Bryan Singer is a friggin’ joke of a director. Makes THE worst superhero movies.

        • Brett Ratner would disagree with you.

          X-Men was avg.
          Superman Returns was disappointing, but not awful.

          X-Men 2 was pretty darn good.

          This movie has potential.

        • Sorry, but most people (including myself) consider X2 to be the BEST of all the X men movies.

          • I consider them all to be crap. X1, X2, & X3. The only decent one was First Class.

            • That’s fine, we all have different opinions. But you need to understand you are in the minority when it comes to not liking X2.

              • X-2 was an okay movie but it was not a good comic book/superhero movie. It was boring as hell! There was almost no superhero vs. super-villain action apart from Logan vs. Deathstrike. And really, it was basically a Wolverine movie. I understand Singer wants to make movies which appeal to everyone, but his approach is seriously flawed. Other recent blockbuster hits have proven that you can have 2 1/2 hours of almost non-stop action, and people will be lining up to watch your movie.

                That’s what I want to see when my favourite heroes hit the big screen. Singer’s Superman and X-men movies were about as fun as watching grass grow.

                • Again, a LOT of people would disagree with you on X2. It’s a very different Super hero movie, but I still find it pretty enjoyable. And I think it easily has the best writing and directing of all the X men movies.

                  • 2 1/2 non stop action…please thats an 80′s way of making a movie…yeah let put all action in and NO story. X3 had action alright but a terrible story arc for most caracters and killing off 2 main caracters in a way that was borring and dull. what first class did was put a sollid foundation for caracters and a believable world and era. Singer can hop on that bandwagon and make it something awsome. X1 was ok in my book and X2 was awsome. I find X-men origins Wolverine to be a let down, specialy how at the end Deadpool was turned in to some kind of power rangers villian. First Class has some top notch acting as they say. Micheal Fastbender and James McAvoy are one of the best actors out there. This film is going to be great.

                    • Im with you, dude!

                      Singer has all the ingredients of his movies and First Class to make something really relly huge.

                      Good scenes and talent on the 70′s and talent, familiar mutants and Epic action vs Sentinels.

                      His crew and Fox are there to put all the money needed to make this the biggest x-men movie ever. So what the movie only needs are good dialogue and scenes, just like X1, X2 and FC had. The rest is epicness during the whole movie.

                • Yeah,thing is that Singers movies are not actually meant for the simple minded viewer.If fighting is all your interested then,sorry,but Singers movies all tend to have a brain behind them.If want mindless action movies then go watch A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD or go watch some cartoons?X MEN fans are standing united in defending Bryan Singer brother!

                  • most true X-men fans (at least those who read the comics) dont stand behind Bryan Singer…we stand behind Marvel. We are unwilling accomplices to Bryan Singers disastrous treatment of the X-Men.

                    • believe me, I read the comics and I preffer Singer’s version over Marvel style.

                      After watching Thor, Cap and Ironman 3… no, thanks.

                      Singer puts more quality on his scripts and filmaking style. This sequel, with the huge budget it will have, will finally show what he is capable of.

                      X2 was a pretty solid movie and had a budget of 110m, lets see how DOFP will be with a budget of 200m. Hater wont be able to hate after this movie.

                  • X-Men fans do not all stand behind bryan singer!! This guy didn’t inclue an orginal x-men in angel. He ignored a fan favorite in gambit. He made ice man into ice boy. Rouge was never a bad ass. Colossus barely got screen time!! Bryan had plenty of flaws

                    • Character DEVELOPMENT! A lot of those things were all leading up to The Last Stand, and Brett Ratner completely dropped the ball. Singer was showing some characters transform into these badass superheroes at a young age, it was up to Ratner to show them truly become these amazing heroes in The Last Stand. Instead, he totally wasted them.

                    • Yeah Singer must hate Angel or something, (although that’s unlikely as he doesn’t even read comics), as he has tonnes of X-men in First Class 2 and still no sign of Warren. Lame move IMO.

    • totally agree with you, albeit its not as good as Kelsey Grammer’s costume in X-3. Ive always felt one of Singers biggest faults is that many of the actors never end up looking like their comic book counterparts. Bryan Singer is great at plot & storylines…I will never take that away from him, but his interpretations of storied source material is almost disrespectful at times.

  2. This beast looks like one horrible looking blue cat. Disney better not ever claim this ridiculous marvel fox universe into their cinematic universe.

    • Disney probably won’t ever buy it after at least a decade. Once the X-Men is over, Fox will likely reboot it rather than sell it, like Sony with Spider-Man.

      • Fox will never give up X-Men Willingly. Marvel for whatever reason dident realize that the biggest fan base they possessed in the 1990s were X-Men fans (1991′s X-Men #1 sold over a billion copies) So that fanbase has always been there & will always continue to be there…they will still continue to see the movies, no matter how bad they may be. Fox will never lose money on the X-Men franchise….it would be better for Disney to buy them out or share proceeds.

    • In the aftermath of Vargas’ attack, Beast’s secondary mutation is “jumpstarted” due to the powers of teammate Sage. The further mutation causes Beast to develop a more feline physique.

      • From wiki on Beasts appearance. In the comics he does look feline now.

        • yea in the astonishing x-men comics he does resimbles a jungle cat

        • Why is it feasible to use the comics to justify certain things in these films, but then say they are not the comics when someone questions something else? Whoever Vargas is and this secondary mutation deal has nothing to do with why the same character appeared one way in First Class and now resembles the X-3 Beast a bit more. Unless they actually give some explanation of their own in this movie it is just going to look like another oversight.

  3. bryan singer = terrible

    • Bryan singer = solid

      • Brian Singer = Awesome

        • Bryan Singer = overrated

          Especialy by some people that frequent this very site ;)

          • Bryan Singer = Meh

            I liked The Usual Suspects but haven’t liked the X-Men movies that much. That includes First Class, which he didn’t direct and The Last Stand which was just terrible all round. Superman Returns was overlong and boring too.

            Can’t think what else he’s done other than that terrible looking Jack The Giant Slayer movie but I won’t say he’s a terrible director just yet because he might just redeem himself.

            He’s definitely not as terrible as Eli Roth, that’s for sure.

            • It’s amusing to read people ripping Bryan Singer a new one … when they’ll never walk a mile in his shoes, ever. But hey, talk is cheap and opinions are free.
              Here’s mine:

              He’s a solid storyteller, but horrible with action. He was getting better at action with X2 and he decided to make his gay Superman movie for some reason, which also had horrible action.

              Now here’s the wrinkle: action costs money. It’s really expensive. And there’s only so much talent to go around.

              If you like the movie, great. If you didn’t like the movie, that’s also great. What kind of boring world would this be if everyone liked the same things and everyone had the same opinion.

              You live in a world where there’s every taste for every person. So stop with the “so and so is lame”. Great minds discuss ideas. Terribly small and stupid minds discuss other people. Can you get behind that or what.

              • Do feel Singer is a great plot and character driven storyteller, able to infuse emotions and well paced story beats. I do find it Intetesting isofar as your comments regarding Singer’s ability to portray action scenes. Perhaps its a script limitation but they have always seemed too “small scale” in the xmen films, perhaps its how they are shot, but you dont watch a Singer action scene and be blown away by the visual or spectical. Even his Supes seemed to lack something though the airplane scene was pretty cool. Watched x2 last week and though did like the wolverine vs lady deathstrike, there just to much meh going on. he’s perhaps too restrained, lacking visual flourishes aka money shots that other directors have made a career off of. Just look at the MoS trailers and they are replete with these highly kinetic yet grand scale shots of battles and explosions. I only hope that when we see sentinels vs an amry of mutants in the distopian future that the scenes rise to such a level and dont become another missed oportunity at something that could have been utterly mindblowing.

            • @ The Fred, which is lamer? People blogging on there thoughts and feelings about movies or coming on that site to pass judgement?

          • Byran Singer = 1 hit wonder

            • Bryan Singer= trying to cash in on the superhero fad

  4. From previous set photos of the beast in human form and then now in beast form. They better have not have done a hulk on him as in he can turn it off and on when ever he wants. Cause if you look at the beast carefully you’ll see that he is coming out of his clothes as if he was ripping through them Turing into beast mode, if you even look at his shoes you’ll see that his beast feet are ripping through them

    • If he goes back and forth from being human and the Beast, that might be a tie in to X2 (in which Hank McCoy has a cameo, but is still in human form. Yet the transformation happened to him at a young age in First Class). Maybe between X2 and The Last Stand something happened that made him as Beast permanently.

      • Maybe its more simple. His serum created his more mutated beast form, its was clear in First Class that he hated it, in the decade between movies he may have managed to inprove on his setum to give him his human form for short periods of time. Supress his beast form in other words. Perhaps he’s just struggled with in all his life (his identity/appearance) and finalky between the events of x2 and x3 in light of what was happening, and the possibility of no longer being a mutant at all he finally came to terms with what he is and rather than go on pretending to be normal he let go and started licing in his permanent form as the beast.

        The possibility is there for some a good character arc concerning him if thats how they plan on doing it.

        • Maybe, cause a reason for the 3 different looks need to be explained and touched on cause its oblivious their wasnt any attention to detail. America loves the Hulk now so why not have X-mens own version

  5. Ive never been a Superman fan, but I really liked Superman returns.

    I understand it wasnt a fresh and modern version of the famous hero, but to me it was a good movie.

    So again, I dont get all the hate to Singer. But as many people say: haters gonna hate, lol.

    On other hand, really liking this Beast vs Magneto fight. Wasnt expecting it, so its a cool surprise. Cant wait for the full scene

    • Are u seriously a fan of movies or comics in general? You can admit if u work for the director or studio cause its while know him as a director is good but fantasy isn’t a strong point for him.
      Bryan Singer= trying to hard

      • So I have to work for the studio or director to like his movies? LOL
        No, I dont work for them, Im just a superhero, sci-fi fan, and I really liked Superman Returns, I even have it on DVD, because I liked it. I wouldnt have bought it. I have the X-Men movies too, since Im a x-men fan before anything else. I dont act like a hard marvelite with Singer saying “he is God and his x-men movies are perfect” no, they arent, but I really enjoyed them and love the cast, the tone of the movies, plot and how he seemed ready to give us a great Phoenix saga. But sadly he didnt X3 and Ratner came on board, and we all know that story.

        So taking into accounts Singer movies, specially his x-men movies, yeah, I have realy faith in his skills and Im sure DOFP will be a really solid movie and the best X-Men movie of all. The story is awesome, the cast is awesome, and he and his crew are talented so I dont have any worried about the quality. If we get a great script and the Epic action we all have been wanting since year 2000, we’ll have a Winner.

        • I had to ask with your statement on the Marvel films compared to Bryan Singers Interpuatation of the X-Men. The X-MEN is a team thus the MEN in the title. His films focus soley on the top billed actors and in this case Hugh Jackmans Wolverine with the other topped billed actors. I enjoy Sir Ian Mckellar but isn’t nessesary for the film since their is a new main villain. It’s X-MEN UNITED all over again. Granted it was a good film for its time the superhero film genre has stepped up and the Avengers another team super hero movie took it to new heights. Do you honestly think ALL the actors cast in this film will receive the stage presence needed for their individual characters? Him leaking his own footage is similar to Ray J putting out ” I Hit it First” , he wants to build hype and talk about this film since the fan base isn’t as strong as it once was. I am sure it will be a good story, but I also know its more of the same cause its like he puts all his energy( money) on Hugh(wolverine) not believing in the other characters he ripped out of place and stuck their to lead theses films. It cracks me up how people bash X-MEN FIRST CLASS but praise Bryan Singers return when he Execute produced and co wrote that film as well. Your X-MEN Savior helped sabatoged the reboot. As for Superman Returns, he even admits he messed up cause how can he expect an audience to gravitate to a film which was a follow up to another film that took place more then a decade ago. Even Star Wars 1-3 were in a different timeframe.

          • I agree with the Wolverine issue, as most fans do.

            But somehow, X2 felt a bit more balanced than X3 which was a really short film, and had the biggest cast of the franchise and any franchise.

            Im sure both Singer, Fox, producers and writers have learnt some lessons after all these years, specially taking into account Avengers success and good balance, so with Wolverine having two solo movies now, I doubt he has a really big role this time. Yeah, he will have a pretty decent role, but this time they have Fassbender, McAvoy and Lawrence on board, so Singer WILL have to deal with that and Im sure he will.

            Of course the new characters will have smaller roles, but thats how it has to be. Storm, Rogue, Iceman and Kitty have to have bigger roles than the new ones, because they are more important and still need a bit more development.

            But all of us have to realize that the X-Men world is much more complex than many other comics, because the x-men deals with a world FULL of mutants and at the same time they live on a SCHOOL, so the x-men movies always have a big cast, the main villain, the x-men team, and supporting roles (mutants and humans). Its a big world, so they will have to work with a big cast. The only thing they have to do is pay a bit more respect to the characters, and to write some good scenes and lines for them and of course EPIC action.

            All the characters cant have 1 hour of screentime for each one, thats impossible. So…. as long as they have GOOD material, and GREAT action, it will be fine.

            At least thats my opinion.

            • The Harry Potter movie franchise had way more characters and a bigger cast which still somehow managed to allow growth and development of its characters. The X- MEN world isn’t as complex as you think. The Racist tone shouldn’t be ignored but it doesn’t have to be touched on as much, the X-MEN are a strike Team who lives at a School but are in so many words a Family 1st. Just cause its a school doesn’t mean it has to have 20 minutes of a no name student just to show its a school. I think we all remember that. As a team that trains rigorously to “maintain” their powers cohesively show that. The wolverine jean grey thing has gotten out of hand like she was his only focus or love interest. Hell he is Raising his female clone like his daughter! He has more depth to him then smart Alec responses and Jean Grey. Cyclops& Wolverine should be in the leading Man roles cause of there differences but ability to come together. Emma Frost the new X-Lady in charge is Cyclops woman whom he cheated on Jean Grey with. Mystique as Professor X Sister? She isn’t even Rogue and Nightcrawlers mother in his films. So he can dive deeper into what? The stories aren’t bad but they aren’t X- MEN stories. X-2 should be added to the wolverine box set cause it more about him. The films don’t even alternate to other characters in the squeals. I hope you enjoy the film but I do feel you are letting your self settle for less just cause its an X-MEN Film in title.

            • The Harry Potter movie franchise had way more characters and a bigger cast which still somehow managed to allow growth and development of its characters. The X- MEN world isn’t as complex as you think. The Racist tone shouldn’t be ignored but it doesn’t have to be touched on as much, the X-MEN are a strike Team who lives at a School but are in so many words a Family 1st. Just cause its a school doesn’t mean it has to have 20 minutes of a no name student just to show its a school. I think we all remember that. As a team that trains rigorously to “maintain” their powers cohesively show that. The wolverine jean grey thing has gotten out of hand like she was his only focus or love interest. Hell he is Raising his female clone like his daughter! He has more depth to him then smart Alec responses and Jean Grey. Cyclops& Wolverine should be in the leading Man roles cause of there differences but ability to come together. Emma Frost the new X-Lady in charge is Cyclops woman whom he cheated on Jean Grey with.

              • Thought comment didn’t post @1st my bad. If the Fast&Furious Movies can get it right after a few bumps( 2fast &Toyko drift) its possible. Avengers has the luck of these being there 1st times to film with nothing to compare it to. X-MEN doesn’t, the loosely based off comics animated series in the 90′s was as big as the comics. 2 more animated series followed with an Anime one as well. At this point Fox might as well got Micheal Bay seeing how he at least maintains consistency. Fox, Bryan singer and the Donners need to sit down and watch their competitions film series and take note of consistency and growth. Leave Wolverines Stories in his films

                • Im sure Fox specially has watched Marvel’s plan since day one, and now they want to pay more respect to the X-Men world.

                  again, they made mistakes in the past, but as many fans have seen, they seem to start taking more care and this Crossover movie will probably be something really special and unique and will pay more respect to the x-men.

                  So lets wait at least to the teaser trailer to see the scope, tone and what the x-men will be doing and then we’ll have more info to discuss about. ;)

                  • That is a fair assessment cause I honestly don’t know what this film has in store. Going off the past isn’t always the best thing to do. First Class was the last movie put out and it was good. There were things I had issues with but it be far did I good job at conveying the start of Xavier institute. Now I know myself and many others who grew up watching X-MEN or loved the comics was frustrated with what has been put out thus far. Lighting doesn’t strike twice and I how this isn’t an attempt to mimic what was put out by Marvel Studios but get an idea on what fans like to see and realize we pay attention to detail in what’s in front of us. Peter Dinkage is an amazing actor but it is noticeable that it was another actor in X2.things can be changed to make a new world for the films but not blatantly ignoring certain things

  6. I am sorry but you sir can’t be a fan or are probably one of singers assistance online writing this nonsense. It’s a Comic book movie that’s been trying to establish a universe similar infact to Marvel. If that wasnt the case then why oh why would a director leak photos of his own movie? Giving it away does stir talk but if it doesn’t deliver which we all know it won’t makes it seem even lamer. First class was a good movie because the story showed the development of a friend ship and their fight for equality. His movies aim to cash in on Wolverine cause I guess he feels other characters aren’t safe choices. The marvel studios fans were good for what they were, introduction action movies that weren’t serious intone the entire time isn’t realistic. I am in the army and have been overseas twice. Yea it’s scary but you would go crazy living day by day so serious. He is a good director but fantasy isn’t his thing. Look and jack the giant slayer

  7. Without the reason Nightcrawler, the only reason X2 was so good, and Azazel, I doubt this movie will be any better than the others. Fox just doesn’t know how to make a good superhero movie

  8. X2 was the best of all the X- films I didn’t mind that one being focused on Wolverine but it had room for improvement. All of these films have room for improvement and yes I am looking forward to seeing I have been with all the others but I kinda realize now Bryan Singer isn’t the director to bring this type of movie, the producers aren’t any better cause they green lighted the other films that were years apart and not knowing much of their source material

  9. I want to know when we will see More Cyclops,Gambit,Nightcrawler,Banshee,Colossus,Rogue,Blob,Juggernaught,Sabretoothe,Multiple Man, and maybe have new characters like Beak,Husk,Chamber,Glob herman,Archangel,Sinister,Apocalypse,Psylocke,Cable,Forge,Random,and John Sublime? these are some of the most Interesting characters i can think of mostly because of their unique looks or abilities, and alot of great detailed stories.