‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Set Images; Hugh Jackman Denies $100 Million Pay Day

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X Men Days of Future Past Posters X Men: Days of Future Past Set Images; Hugh Jackman Denies $100 Million Pay Day

The Wolverine is currently in theaters, trying its level best to make up for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and it mostly succeeds. Currently sitting on a worldwide box office take of just over $312 million, it seems safe at this point to qualify director James Mangold’s film as a success.

Recently, a rumor has been spreading that star Hugh Jackman, who has played the role of Logan/Wolverine in six different films (including the memorable cameo in X-Men: First Class but not including next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past), has been offered $100 million to continue playing the character in another four films.

With the all-too-recent stories of Robert Downey Jr.’s $50 million payday for The Avengers (with some estimates placing his salary around the $70-$80 million range), it’s perhaps not terribly surprising that Jackman was quick to shoot down the notion, telling Entertainment Weekly:

“No, it’s not true. I would never do that. I’ve never done that mainly because, for the fans and for me, each time I’ve gone around there’s been a really good reason to do it and I don’t know what that reason is from here. I’m in the middle of making this and I just promoted the other and I’m really happy with the way The Wolverine came out.”

This is an interestingly-worded statement, suggesting that perhaps Jackman has been offered such wildly lucrative multiple-picture deals in the past and has shot them down out of general principle. It’s a nice, populist sentiment, and putting aside the honesty of actors when discussing money, it means almost nothing.

After Spider-Man 3, Sam Raimi swore up and down that he intended his Spidey films to stand as a trilogy… until Sony offered he and his star Tobey Maguire the opportunity to return for what would have been Spider-Man 4 (which of course eventually became Marc Webb’s reboot The Amazing Spider-Man). We’re not saying that a hefty salary changed their minds… but actors and directors certainly don’t work for free.

Wolverine in the pit X Men: Days of Future Past Set Images; Hugh Jackman Denies $100 Million Pay Day

Still, there are plenty of reasons for Jackman to take such roles one film at a time. As the actor enters his mid-forties, maintaining the physicality required for these roles means more and more work. Robert Downey Jr. has publicly mused on the physical demands of being Iron Man, and Daniel Craig has said much the same about continuing to portray James Bond.

The main takeaway from all this is that the future of solo Wolverine films is clearly up in the air. We do know that Jackman is again reprising the role for Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, and while Singer has been prodigiously tweeting set pictures, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen some new ones.

Fortunately, Singer recently tweeted a series of photos from the set, one of which featured star Michael Fassbender as young Magneto.

Check out the images below:


The hashtag on the third tweet – #Secondtolastdayofprincipalphotography – is a pretty clever way to re-ignite excitement over Days of Future Past. Given the film’s ambitious, complicated plot and timeline, it’s fascinating to consider that this thing is finally almost done filming.

Singer still has nearly a year of post-production before the film’s release, and while that might seem like plenty of time, DoFP boasts a huge cast, a mind-bending time travel plot, and giant, mutant-hunting robots called Sentinels.

Singer has no small task ahead of him. In fact, while The Wolverine satisfied many X-Men fans for the time being, its flaws really underlined what made Singer’s X-films successful: an admirable balance of character and action and a unique subtext (the rabid anti-mutant sentiment in Singer’s films juxtaposed with ongoing discrimination in our society).

Days of Future Past is becoming one of our most anticipated movies of next summer, and the terrific viral marketing coupled with Singer’s set tweets has only added to the excitement.


X-Men: Days of Future Past releases on May 23rd, 2014.

Sources: EW & Bryan Singer

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  1. Ridiculous how much entertainers make.
    There are a lot of them who are supposedly really nice people and decent humans, but the ones who think they are basically today’s version of gods and treat others like lesser beings is disgusting.

    • It’s a very demanding career. Many people who think that these actors and actresses are simply being paid to read lines are ignorant and couldn’t be more wrong (not saying you are one of them).

      Some roles are physical demanding. Some roles are mentally demanding. Some roles are vocally demanding. Some roles are demanding in all areas. The training ranges from mild to extreme.

      Yeah, some are born with the ability to do most of those, but acting almost demands you to be a jack of all trades.

      • Reminds me of a time I was trying to get into the mindset of a psychotic character for a few months and found myself feeling like I was losing my mind for real after trying to think like the character would.

        If it took a toll on me, I can’t imagine the toll it takes on those in Hollywood who get paid way more to do something seen by a lot more people.

        • I mean, look at what happened to Heath Ledger. The Joker took so much out of him that his body couldn’t handle it. Pretty much ANYONE Nolan chose might’ve suffered the same fate because in order to create an Oscar-worthy effort, you have to REALLY become one with the character.

          Jack Nicholson was perfectly suited for Tim Burton’s Joker because he had parts of the character scattered throughout his filmography, and that’s why Burton chose him.

          Daniel Day-Lewis amazingly has the ability to not let that kind of stuff totally affect him even when he is giving an Oscar-worthy performance, and that’s what makes him one of the best IMO.

          Heck, even Jim Carrey had the potential to be a legend as an all around actor, but he devoted nearly an entire decade to Comedy. So by the time he wanted to do films like “The Cable Guy”, “Man on the Moon”, and “The Truman Show”, no one could accept that he wanted to branch out. To me, Jim Carrey is a legend, but I can see why people can’t look past his run in the 90′s.

          • Yeah it obviously is a demanding job, i’m not saying that. I mean the transformation they go through both physically and mentally is astonishing, but it does NOT deserve 100 million, or even 10 million.
            The same can be said for all entertainers, such as athletes and such.
            In the end they are entertaining people, not teaching children or making breakthroughs in medicine or something deserving of such a gross amount of money.
            But that will never change so i’m just bitching I guess.

            • Actually, a lot of movies and TV shows I’ve seen supplied a great amount of knowledge in a fun or entertaining way for people to remember.

              I’m lucky to have not been sucked into most cartoons I see today.

              But “Animaniacs”? That show teaches a lot of things in entertaining and memorable ways, much like older Warner Bros. cartoons.

              Movies, to me, are more for the exploration of morality. They can teach you a lot of things without you even knowing it, and the entertainment industry has had a HUGE impact on society whether you want to believe that or not.

                • You gave reasons and I responded to them.

                  I didn’t say you were wrong or that I was right. That’s my input. I don’t care whether you like it or not, I do not comment to pick a side unless it is reasonable.

                  If you want to believe they don’t deserve it, fine. But really, with enough determination, anyone could “take advantage” of an opportunity to make that kind of money.

                  THAT IS ALL…

                  • Yet again you are talking about things I never mentioned.

                    Did I ever say I was wrong or right? No
                    Did I ever say I was attacking your input? No

                    I agreed with you completely in regards to it being a demanding job. Then you came back saying “the entertainment industry has had a HUGE impact on society whether you want to believe that or not.” Basically attacking my own opinion when I showed you nothing but respect.

                    All I was saying was the amount of money they make is ridiculous.

                    I’m not trying to pick a fight with you over the internet. I respect your opinion but you turned it around. So I’m done talking to you.

                    • It’s like footballers (soccer players to you non-English) being sold to European teams for £85million in one case and Gareth Bale recently rumoured to be close to moving to a Spanish club for £100million.

                      Meanwhile, you get people in the medical industry who barely get £12,000 per year and most of that money goes towards bills, mortgage, groceries.

                    • @Dazz
                      Agreed! But I find you also have to keep in mind that the entertainment industry is the biggest industry in the world. I’d much rather have the actors getting the money instead of the studio who are already getting hundreds of millions of dollars and sometimes billions. Then again, they can lower the ticket prices but I don’t see that happening, especially with piracy on the rise. In a way, I understand why it is the way it is, even if I don’t agree with it.

                      I remember a couple of weeks ago on the podcast they were talking about how studios should reduce the amount of budget films should have and I totally agree. Especially with up in the air films like Lone Ranger and RIPD.

                      It also annoys me the amount of money sports players make too. Ticket prices for games are actually in the hundreds, that’s one thing I don’t understand. I maybe a bit biased on the matter though, I don’t care much for sports, apart from Soccer.

                      I’m short sighted on this topic I admit but it’s pretty much how I see it.

                    • –>At the podcast comment. You usually see a large budget for a film but sometimes don’t even see it on screen. For example The Amazing Spider-Man, as much as I liked the movie, where did the 230 million dollars go?

                    • ColdSc. It goes mostly to the actors

              • Love me some Animaniaca.

          • So true about involvement in character one is performing. Heath and Carrey are among the best in my list.


      • And for those rigorous demands they should be paid millions and millions of dollars? Many jobs are far more rigorous than acting, being a fire fighter, a paramedic, a nurse, a cop, a construction worker…give me a break!

    • @Will

      Given the chance and opportunity to make what celebrities and athletes make you would do what?

    • you don’t know what you are talking about.

  2. Say what you will about all the atrocities FOX has done to this property…

    …those have to be some of the coolest promotional posters I’ve seen associated with a CBM to date.

    • +9000. Totally agree.

    • They made a few bad films, how is that an atrocity?

  3. I love what Hugh has done with the Wolverine and all, but part of me wants to see a new actor play the role.

    Is it just me?

    • No, many others want Jackman gone.

      Not me though. Hugh Jackman devotes so much to that role that it’s hard, for me at least, to not think he’s perfect.

      If Jackman starts to lack, then I would support a new Wolverine. But I don’t see any reason to lose him now.

  4. I was actually unaware that Raimi swore up and down about intending the Spider-man series to be a trilogy. I followed speculation on that franchise with other Spidey geeks at Sony’s boards for 7 years (before it was shut down) and don’t remember ever discussing that. I do remember talk of an eventual sinister six movie though, and also Tobey discussing whether or not he’d be back. It seemed that every time they did a movie, they talked about returning only if the script was right. It’s kind of hard to remember what was official and what was speculation, but my point is, Raimi’s long term plans were never clear to me.

    • I was a part of those boards as well.

      All I know is that if his heart was in it to do more, he would’ve done more.

      Sony kind of ruined it for him and that resulted in the downsides of SM3 plus the cancellation of SM4.

  5. Is that Angel Salvadore’s wing that got cut off in First Class?

  6. Magneto’s helmet here looks like a cross between the one from First Class and the original trilogy. And that new pic of Michael Fassbender has a very Ian McKellen vibe to it. Sweet :)

    • it’s the hat :D

  7. Where. Is. Cyclops?
    That is thunder-pharting all!

    • Give this man a cookie.

    • Read your comics. In The Days of the Future Past, all the character, i believed are already gone. I only remember Forge was studying on reviving Wolverine inside the his lab.

      • Wait what?

        In The Days of Future Past there were a few still alive while they may have been captured or what not they were still alive.

        Just looking at the cover of 141 will show you that.

        Now some (most?) did die in the ensuing books and stories and some (Wolverine) came back a few times from the dead.

        Fact is when DoFP opens not everyone is dead as you elude to especially not Wolverine. Maybe you are thinking of another storyline?

      • Well.

        If they can bring the Juggernaut into the Phoenix Saga, they can bring back Cyclops for days of Future past…

    • Also my question.

  8. Not watching ANYTHING until I see Cyclops.
    Not giving any money until I get the real Cyclops.

    Not paying for The Wolverine Show.

    I hope this works out as well for Singer as Jack the Giant Slayer…

    • grow up. we all have to deal with the cyclops situation.

      • I didn’t really mind a lack of Cyclops because he was barely noticeable in the trilogy anyway. I just don’t miss the character and that needs to change.

        • This is completely true, but people keep hyping over Scott not being in Days and I have come to terms with that. If he appears in the film with Jean that will make it all of the better, if not, oh well. Rumor has it that Days is gonna lead somewhat in part to an AoA movie in a few years. You never know when Cyc will show back up.

          • So they will fix the future and avoid DoFP, only to wind up with another complete disaster in the future.

            God I love comic books.

      • Grow up…?

        Why/how would that entail immaturity?
        I’m just not paying anything until I see the real X-Men. If that makes me immature, then I’m okay with that.

    • The end credits scene will have everyone siting around playing cards when theres a knock at the door & in walks Cyclops.

      • +1

  9. In the X-Men First Class, White Queen or Emma Frost is already existed while she also appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. With a new mutant power. I just don’t get it. It don’t make sense.

    • That’s why they’re attempting to fix it.

      Origins apparently doesn’t exist now but not sure which new power you mean.

      Her secondary power in the comics is a diamond form that makes her immune to other psychics but she had that in both Origins and First Class.

      • I also do not know what power they made up in that movie… Unless he meant to say Deadpool.

      • Hey Dazz when did this power manifest? I dont recall ever seeing it in her early years (havent picked up an X book in a while) was this something from the movie that made the books or was it in the books prior?

    • Remember the xmen first class movie was hurried into production to prevent the rights from reverting back to marvel. Nobody bothered to go back to the previous movies
      to keep their universe coherent. You can tell matthew vaughn never had a gameplan for this movie and it cost him directors gig to sequel once singer came back. Fox has had 10 marvel movies and have yet to deliver a billion dollar movie, heck they dont even have a half billion dollar movie to their name worlwide.

      • ummm, no it wasn’t. Work on First Class begun as early as 2008, with Josh Schartz in talks to direct as well as write.

        Matthew Vaughnn stated on many occasions that he wanted to do his own film, while doing FC, with references to the original triliogy, but obviously Fox has decided to go with tying it all together, FC and the original trilogy being made part of the same film universe.

        By the way, Fox was involved with both Avatar and Titanic. No 1 and No 2 films in box office sales. Id say they know what they are doing. Mostly.

        • Fox can and has made very, very good films, but they are struggling with their superhero franchises there is no denying. I am a fan of the Fox X-Universe and in my honest opinion, after Days they should just re-cast the main trilogy cast (Storm, Prof. X, Magneto, Rogue, etc.) just so there can be somewhat younger actors (younger then Storm, Magneto, etc. in the current film slate) playing the roles to keep the franchise going. And if they (Fox) are planning an AoA movie, there is no way you can have that without Jean, Cyc, Wolverine, Storm, etc.

    • Cuckoo Sisters Origin :As revealed in the first issue of X-Men: Phoenix—Warsong, the sisters are grown from ova cells harvested from telepath and then villain Emma Frost while she lay comatose after a Sentinel attack that killed her students, the original Hellions, and are only five of many cloned daughters. The remaining hundreds (if not thousands) of clones reside within incubation chambers inside a hidden underground laboratory at The World, a complex housing the Weapon Plus (living beings designed to serve as weapons) program. They were created by Dr. John Sublime to be powerful weapons able to kill every mutant by combining their telepathic abilities. The Cuckoos were designated Weapon XIV.

      Im not saying that this will be the explanation in the film series, but in First Class, Emma Frost was held prisoner by the CIA, including one agent who was William Stryker. Than another one turns up years later in a mutant camp, also with Stryker, while he is trying to build the perfect weapon? Emma from Origins could be a clone Stryker made while trying to get Emmas diamond skin ability from dna he got from the original years earlier. Complicated, yes, but its based on a story idea from the comics.

      • holy crap. that has never crossed my mind. logistically this makes complete sense why we see “Emma” in Origins. Hmm, maybe after the X Force film Fox has plans to introduce the Cuckoos. This has genuinely made me excited about the future of the X films even more.

  10. I love the Mutant museum picture. I hope to see Beak in future films or cameo’s since we did see Angel Salvador in First class and they where together. I just think he is a interesting character visually. I’m surprised we have not seen a freak show at a carnival where they meet a mutant in he films yet. also Just want more of other characters like Cyclops, Archangel, Gambit, Night crawler, Blob, Juggernaught, Psylocke, Cable, Forge, Random Colossus, Rogue, Sinister, Apocalypse, Omega Red, Husk, and new characters.

  11. If I were Jackman, I would only do the movies if the script is good and it could rival Marvel/Disney. Not just for the money (which would not hurt either).