‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Viral Marketing Reveals Sentinel Blueprint

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Sentinel Mark I Close up X Men Days of Future Past X Men: Days of Future Past Viral Marketing Reveals Sentinel Blueprint

At Comic-Con last month, Fox showed off an impressive first look at the Sentinels to be featured in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Now, with the viral marketing campaign for the movie in full swing, we’re getting another interesting look at Bolivar Trask’s giant robotic assassins.

In the comics, the Sentinels were some of the greatest threats to ever face the X-Men and they should pose a major challenge for the team in the new film. In this latest piece of viral marketing, we get to see a little bit of what makes them so deadly.

Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. However, the Sentinel blueprint (shared via the X-Men Movies Twitter account) is pretty cool. Check it out below:


X Men Days of Future Past Sentinel Blueprint 280x170 X Men: Days of Future Past Viral Marketing Reveals Sentinel Blueprint

As Screen Rant’s Rob Keyes explained in a recent post exploring the Trask Industries website, X-Men: Days of Future Past takes place in two timelines, both of which feature Sentinels prominently.

Pretending we’re in the year 2023, it’s now 50 years after Trask Industries released the first Sentinels. It’s that era where the ‘past’ part of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ takes place (with James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, etc.) and it’s the 2023 (Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Halle Berry, etc.) era where the other part of the story occurs.

It’s clear that something terrible relating to mutants occurred in the ’60s which changed the mindset of the world’s governments, so much so that they accept lethal robotic centurions as a normal element of emergency response.

There’s no doubt that Bryan Singer and his team are taking on a major challenge in creating a connected universe from all of the existing X-Men movies, but using the Sentinels as a main threat is one very smart way to do it.

How different would the world look if Sentinels were there to stop the events of the first X-Men films? It’s an interesting thought exercise and one that could lead to a compelling movie (assuming audiences are able to keep all of the characters and past movies straight in their heads).

What do you think about having the Sentinels in X-Men: Days of Future Past?


X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: X-Men Movies Twitter

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  1. I can’t wait. To me the Sentinels were always what made the future living hell for mutant life. Its just being able to see the originals (Stewart, Berry, etc.) And the newer cast (Frassbender, Hoult)..

  2. About time we had the Sentinels. I was so po’d with that intro in part 3. They’re like, “Sentinels! …. not!”

    • You could sum up that entire friggin debacle with “X-men!… not”

  3. Nice.

    It’s a better blueprint than the one we got in Marvel Fact Files over here in the UK (they have blueprints for stuff like Sentinels, War Machine’s armor, Iron Man, the Quinjet, Doctor Doom, Deathlok etc, it’s kinda cool).

  4. this movie is going to suck. too many actors it will be too long, and most importantly bryan singer is a terrible director

    • Unless we are talking complete reboot, I just cannot get excited for “Wolverine: Days of Future Past”.

    • Singer is good director and X-men under his wing were the best.
      Cast is big yup but noone said some can’t be side characters. Same stuff is in the comics, in some stories one character is important in next he is minority. But we have Jackman problem yeah, still there is hope. And making reboot now is silly idea why? No filmmaker is going to adapt comics to a big screen they will still have different stories. And lets face it what universe is by far the most rich Marvel has? X-men. So if Fox want to they could easily live without reboot for 20 years if they would make 1 movie/year. The cast doesn’t have to remain the same, make it Bond style whenever it needed.

    • @ Patrick

      Please tell me about the movie that you directed that is better than the Usual Suspects.

      • What kind of logic is that? I’m not a hater of Singer. I’ve quite enjoyed the X-men films and even Superman Returns, but since when does a person have to have made something better in order to critique someone else’s work? If that were the case, then NOBODY would be able to have an opinion because there is always someone who has created a better movie, piece of art, etc.

        • There are far worse directors than singee

        • @Ghost

          And THAT is why I always felt that the people who say “lets see what you’ve done better” are the kinds of people who know they’ll lose a debate and so fire off the most ridiculous thing ever to try and “win” an argument by making the other person walk away without responding due to how lame that line sounds.

    • There’s potential for a clever story. As long as it’s fairly linear and doesn’t jump about too much – starts in the ‘future’ before Wolverine (who, I guess, was alive at the time, whereas Kitty wasn’t even an itch in her dad’s pants… still peeved at a lack of Ellen Page, though) gets mentally transported back through time before he goes ‘back to the future’ and the timelines are separated – the storyline shouldn’t be too convoluted or plot-hole-ish.

      Maybe Wolverine’s intervention will cause a younger Charles Xavier to meet a younger Bolivar Trask (seriously annoyed at the people saying that Trask in an anagram of Stark… as if that actually means ANYTHING) who decides not to start up the Sentinel program and calls up Charles, explaining that his son is a mutant. Wolverine’s future consciousness goes back to his own timeline with some knowledge about a weakness in the Sentinel design to fix things there. Everyone’s a winner.

      Obviously, there’s a chance it’ll be rubbish, but that’s the same with every film. Hopefully, it’ll have an extended fight scene in the ‘future’ setting with characters like Magneto, Kitty Pryde and Iceman really going all out against the Sentinels. Super-powered folks going nuts is half the fun of superhero films, right?

    • Ugh dude look you can have your opinion but the fact is singer is a good directer not a great one but a good one I hate when people go off the deep end with this I hate singer crap. AND have nothing to back up there hate is what really pisses me off.

    • the sentinels are definitely the reason why I would see this movie, especially if I get to see wolverine run up one of them and slash its head off.

  5. Where is the Avengers? Where rest of mcu? Just the look of the sentinel reminds
    me the plastic toys at mcdonalds. Apparently now fox wants to give us a blueprint from the official handbook to the marvel universe, lol.

  6. I like how the Sentinels look. According to the marketing campaign Sentinels become a part of culture from the past. I think I saw a picture of a Sentinel at Ronald Reagan’s inauguration. I am very interested to see how that happened since there were no Sentinels in the original X-men movies. But I’m sure they’ll piece it all together in the film along with Prof X coming back from the dead, and Magneto getting his powers back.

  7. Most of you people bug me. too negative. welp I think the movie’s going to be AWESOME.

  8. All virgin males just came in their shorts

    • Why, is there a scene of gratuitous Ellen Page in the movie?

      She wouldn’t have to do anything, just stand there in the same pose she had in Super when she was trying to convince Rainn Wilson to let her be his sidekick.

    • SPOILER ALERT FOR X-MEN: THE LAST STAND – Ctrl+F and enter ‘m00seface’ to skip!

      At the end of The Last Stand, Professor Xavier’s consciousness was transported through space into his clinically brain-dead brother. Well, in my mind, it’s his twin brother. Because otherwise, it makes little sense. Earlier on in The Last Stand, Xavier was giving a lecture on ethics, asking if it was right to ‘mind-jack’ the body of someone that is basically not alive at all. It doesn’t make sense to me for Xavier to have Moira MacTaggert looking after someone that’s pretty much dead unless it was someone close to him, so I figured it was his brother.

      Just Googled it. Not gonna edit it, because that would make me seem like a know-it-all and, whilst I like to think I am, I know I am not. Apparently, it was mentioned on the DVD extras that the body Xavier uses is that of his twin brother whose mind was destroyed by Xavier’s developing powers whilst in the womb. Regardless, the ‘future’ in this film is the future of the original X-Men trilogy of films.

      And, finally, I have to put in a ‘m00seface’ for all those that want to skip the spoilerific stuff.

  9. This film will ruin the characters but will be a BO success.

    • I’d hope they have a powerful deodorant for that then.

  10. mikhail prokohov’s blueprint for success
    (since 2000)
    1. Marvel studios (A award) 7 MCU films, 2 billion grossers worldwide
    and 4 marvel films over 250 million dollars domestically.
    2. Warner brothers (A award) 6 JLA character films, 2 billion dollar grossers and 5 200 million plus domestic grossers.
    3. Sony 6 marvel related films (C award) ZERO billion dollar movies
    worldwide. 4 at over 250 million each domestically. one bomb in ghost rider 2. and finally spiderman takes a step back gross wise with last film
    and sony foolishly loses ghost rider when he could have teamed up with spiderman.
    4 FOX (F award) 10 marvel related films. ZERO billion dollar movies, heck they cant even get one to 475 million plus worldwide.
    only two over 200 million plus domestically. and a bomb in electra. translation next years xmen pulls all stops by cramming 500 xman characters into one movie to make as much dough as possible until bottom
    falls out, lol.

  11. toy*

  12. I am just counting First Class as a reboot. Trying to figure out and keep track of the continuity stuff just makes my head spin. This way things become a bit more linear.

    Now only if they would reboot Gambit…

    • Gambit played by the guy who starred as Cesare Borgia?

  13. Sentinel pic looks like a toy robot I had as a kid. I liked the Sentinels in the earlier comics.