‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Script Leaks May Reveal Key Moments

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x men days future past movie script leaks X Men: Days of Future Past Script Leaks May Reveal Key Moments


[The following contains POTENTIAL SPOILERS for X-Men: Days of Future Past!]


Bryan Singer established the general approach for the the X-Men live-action movie franchise, and now he has returned to the director’s chair for the darkest chapter yet, X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film is based on Chris Claremont’s famous comic storyline and takes place in a dystopian near-future, where mutantkind has been hunted to the brink of extinction by Sentinels (i.e. giant robots programmed to capture and kill mutants) – forcing Professor X and his allies to take desperate measures, which involve going back to time in an attempt to change the course of history for the better.

With various mutants and X-Men being slaughtered like flies, it would be fair to expect that Days of Future Past will indeed show a familiar face or two getting taken out, if only to drive home the severity of the situation. Well, a couple of excerpts from the script by Simon Kinberg (X-Men: The Last Stand, Sherlock Holmes) has apparently found their way online, and they definitely suggest that dark times lie ahead for our heroes.

One such purported script excerpt was fed to Radar Online (via HNGN), which (if accurate) reveals that the film’s opening sequence takes place in “futuristic Moscow” and introduces franchise newcomer BoBoo Stewart (Twilight) as James Proudstar/Warpath, in addition to fellow X-Men novice Bingbing Fan (Shaolin) as Clarice Ferguson/Blink. The two characters hurry to find and seek shelter in¬†“a vast bomb shelter under the Kremlin,” where several other mutants have taken refuge and built a shrine to their fallen brothers and sisters.

That is, when THIS happens:

[Removed at the request of Fox.]

Basically, Blink and Warpath and other mutants are seemingly under attack from above and can feel it coming.

While the described sequence (and the mystery source who provided it) ought to be taken with a grain of salt under further notice [Update: Fox asked us to take it down so...], we do have reason to suspect that it may in fact be legitimate. Just last week, nestled within our report on who Evan Jonigkeit is playing in the movie, we reported on another script leak that reveals that noble X-Men Colossus (Daniel Cudmore) faces off against an advanced model of Sentinel – and while the final outcome wasn’t made entirely¬†transparent, it was obvious that even in the best case scenario, Colossus would still walk away badly injured (if at all).

x men days future past colossus 570x294 X Men: Days of Future Past Script Leaks May Reveal Key Moments

Why mention that? Well, Colussus’ ties to Russia suggests that his battle with a Sentinel could be connected to the aforementioned opening scene in Moscow. Moreover, 20th Century Fox has since requested that sites like Think McFly Think (the original source of the leak) and CBM remove the revealing script prose, which indicates that it was indeed the real deal. As such, that increases the likelihood that Colussus’ fight might well unfold in the battered and crumbling ruins of Moscow, as he defends his mutant brethren from another deadly attack.

Of course, on the down side (assuming this is all accurate), this might also signal that a number of mutants will only be used in a capacity where they are either killed or glimpsed just before being murdered by Sentinels, in order to paint a bleak picture of the future (basically, they’ll be the Red Shirts in Days of Future Past). Heck, one fan-favorite X-Men has already been axed off, even before the movie’s theatrical cut has been finalized.

Theoretically, the storyline does allow for many characters to be killed impermanently, given the decent chance that Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) can fix everything – once his consciousness in the present has been transported back to his 1970s-era body, so he can prevent some terrible event from setting in motion the death of all mutants. Indeed, the Screen Rant Underground Podcast crew has been speculating that there could be multiple trips back in time in the film (based on photos that suggest the possibility of different timelines), so there’s a chance that we’ll end up seeing a number of mutants die and – hopefully – resurrected, by the time this superhero blockbuster is over.

And if you think that sounds crazy, just remember – the Apocalypse is yet to come.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: Radar Online [via HNGN], TMT [via CBM]

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  1. I still think the sequel should be named X-Men: Enter Apocalypse.

    • X-Men: Apocalypse Wears Prada

    • X-Men: When Harry met Apocalypse
      X-Men: The Dark Apocalypse Rises
      X-Men: Your not going to like this iteration of Apocalypse, remember the phoenix force? Well it’s worst then that, personally this subtitle is too long now but remember Trevor? Yeah when you’v seen this film your gonna be ok with what Shane Black did.

    • Apocalypse: Wolverine and the X-Bubs

  2. X-Men: The Desolation of Apocalypse.

    • X-Men 5: 3rd Class: Rise of the Age of Apocalypse

      • Wolverine: Agents of Apocalypse

        • X men: Wolverine and THE Apocalypse

          • Xmen : Apocalypse Now

            • If it makes alot of money, it will be “Aporkalypse Now”!

          • X-Men Into Apocalypse.

            • Wolverine and the Apocalypse Dolls

              • Wolverine and Friends Battle The Apocalypse

                • The Woverine 8

                  • You all got it wrong…..

                    “X-Men Origins: Wolverine – This one sucks slightly less”

                    • X-men:Alternate Time Line in Age of Apocalypse Rises Return of the Wolverine’s Metal Claws To Kicks some A—*man shouts* ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

                    • Wolverine Origins: The Wolverine

    • Armageddon: The Sister of Apocalypse


    • X-men: Fixing Continuitalypse

    • Xmen 2: the Legend of Apocalypse

  3. One thing I expect to be fixed is the “death” of Cyclops.
    My idea would be: Wolvy meets Havok and tells him his brother apparently died, but his body was never found and nobody saw what happened, so Havok would be there when that moment occurred, and witness Cyclops actually suffered another fate and needed help, and Cyclops would have a cameo appearance alive at the end.

    • Which would be weird, if the time lines up Havok would either be Father/Uncle or Older Brother/Cousin

    • Sadly Havok is about 30 at this point in the 70s. Fox yet again screws the pooch.

    • Fox doesn’t want Cyclops around.

  4. For the Apocalypse subtitle it will probably just be the usual unoriginal rubbish and make it “Age of” oh wait…

  5. X men 5: Tokyo Drift

  6. X-Men 5: Just Ignore What is on the Apocalyptic Screen and Hand Over Your Cash

  7. That seems legit. It lines up pretty nicely to the old “Days of Futures Past” story line in the comics. Except in that one, it’s Kitty Pryde that comes to the future from the past.

    Interesting all in all to see what they’ll do with the story line.

  8. Well whatever happens, we all know that Hugh Jac- I mean Wolverine is going to be the savior of all mankind/mutantkind.
    And that he’s going to be the one who kills Apocalypse.
    And will be the actual creator of the X-Men.
    And will get the girl.
    And will find the cure for cancer.

    • RIGHT!? Im so sick of wolverine being the front runner! There are so many more interesting and complex characters- or you could go with the ACTUAL FREAKING TEAM! or any of the TEAM variations. If Cyclops nad Jean aren’t back in one way or another I’ll be uber pist.

      • lol ok this made me laugh.. and then I realised that you are 100% correct. Now I am sad.

  9. TO all those naysaying Havok and Cyke being brothers…

    They could show a flashback where their parents were trying to hide their kids from Mr. Sinister or what not by time traveling their kids to different decades. Havok to the past and Cyke to the future. Then show their parents killed right after doing it.

    Easy fix and fits with the time travel stuff of the movie.

  10. This movie is sounding very interesting can’t wait till may 23rd.!!!

  11. That’d be pretty sweet to see Colossus again since he was definitely underutilized in the original trilogy. I just wish they’d also bring back Nightcrawler

  12. I don’t trust any of these “leaks” or these “random sources”. I’m just ready for the new trailer to come out so I ca have another fanboy moment and then I’ll just wait for May 23rd to see if Bryan Singer demolished or did justice to my fave superhero team!

  13. That seems extremely vague and really does not reveal much past a scene description. Even if I am not super excited to see this movie personally, I don’t see why people are trying so hard to decode it before it even hits the screens.


  15. I don’t trust “leaks” completely, but it’s rather obvious that some characters are gonna suffer in a cannon-fodder syndrome. And as much as I want “The Last Stand” to be reset/retconned, I don’t think that’s possible cause that means “The Wolverine” would be affected and will be considered not exist as well. All I can say, let’s just NOT hope too much about Cyclops or Jean Grey’s resurrection, cause I don’t think we’ll have it.
    Btw, please watch “Wolverine and The X-Men” series before you see this movie, that show already used the Days of Future Past storyline as its fundamental arc so I can already imagine how the plot would look like…

  16. We know Logan’s conscience is sent back in time. Assume he changes everything for the better and returns to his future body. The Logan in the 70′s will just be standing wondering where he is and who all these people are. The entire timeline changes as soon as Logan goes back in time. Every movie before this has essentially been erased. Singer said this was the plan a while back. It will be interesting to see the result of this time travel. Maybe the change brings on Apocalypse. Good stuff.

  17. X- Men: Apocalypse Boogaloo

  18. Xmen: The 4 Horsemen

    • “”I am Mr. Ed!”

  19. What, no Cyclops in the “spoilers”? Well, I hope this movie is not “spoiled rancid”!

  20. P.S. I love apocalypse… He’s just not into apocalypse… I know what you did last apocalypse?

  21. Is it possible that Cyclops never died in X3, but was abducted by Mr. Sinister? It’d be an easier way to bring him back seeing that Sinister has ties to Apocalypse.

  22. What is the comic event coinciding with the release in 2016? X-Men: Apocalypse Regensis. I took out the Letter e, because Axel Alonso and Nick Lowe, I assume that loser is the X-Office editor at the moment, thought it was kewl man.

  23. XMEN:SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME would have been a good title. I know some are tired of Wolverine but as long as he is the most popular he will take the lead. I just want some resolution on Sabretooth from Xmen1 and Victor Creed from Origins.

  24. X men: Wolverine takes the spotlight AGAIN!!!

  25. X Men: 50 shades of apocalypse

  26. Fox men:wolverine then,wolverine now,tap-dancing in time.

  27. Wolverine 3:Logan vs. Terminator, Wolverine 4:Logan vs. Predator, Wolverine 5: Logan vs. Jack the Ripper, Wolverine 6: Logan vs. Billy the Kid, Wolverine 7: Pirates of Canada

  28. i think this movie will rock the theaters..
    its old part were really awesome and the trailer is awesome also..
    i like this website too..

  29. The trailer is f***ing stupid . It doesn’t look like a pro cut and also the music is from 12 years a slave trailer. Its so like fox to be unprofessional