‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Writer Explains Rogue’s Cut Scenes

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x men days future past movie rogue X Men: Days of Future Past Writer Explains Rogues Cut Scenes

[WARNING: The post contains SPOILERS for X-Men: Days of Future Past.]


Although X-Men: Days of Future Past gave Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) the short end of the stick in the eyes of diehard comic book fans, one former X-Man/Woman was left out of the action entirely. We speak, of course, of Rogue (Anna Paquin), who after standing on the sidelines of the fight in X-Men: The Last Stand was recruited by director Bryan Singer for his time-hopping blockbuster. Rogue was assumed to play a larger role, but wound up left on the cutting room floor. Now, screenwriter Simon Kinberg explains exactly what deleted scenes fans can look forward to, and why they were ultimately removed.

There was a great deal of confusion surrounding Paquin’s involvement in the film from the moment marketing began to ramp up, with Singer initially expressing his regret at having to cut her “one sequence” from the film, despite a strong performance from the actress. Singer would later contradict that claim by stating that Paquin would be seen in the film (those who have seen it know it’s a brief inclusion), yet she still seemed a central enough figure to warrant a magazine cover alongside the rest of the main cast.

Since the film’s release bits and pieces of Rogue’s involvement have been uncovered or deduced, but in an interview with Empire, writer Simon Kinberg sets the record straight on exactly what deleted sequence will be made available on home video, and his motivations – both for writing the scenes, and why they were left out of the finished cut:

“The Rogue subplot was originally there because I wanted a mission for the older Charles and Eric to do, something like Unforgiven – two last gunslingers, Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman – that kind of a mission for them. I just loved the idea of that. Nothing in the story necessitated that, but just for a lark, I thought it would be a cool thing to see, because we may never see it again.

Patrick Stewart Professor X Ian McKellen Magneto X Men Chess 1024x576 X Men: Days of Future Past Writer Explains Rogues Cut Scenes

“When I initially wrote that, Kitty’s power was running out, and there was this super silly serum that was down in a farmhouse… it was terrible. I don’t even think it went to script, but it went to outline, and [First Class writer/director] Matthew Vaughn said it was terrible, and he was right.”

The desire to feature Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in one last mission easy to understand, as the pair are not only two of the most integral characters in the X-Men universe, but two of the most esteemed actors of the group. As Kinberg notes, where the older Xavier or Magneto will factor in the franchise’s future is unclear, as the premise of X-Men: Apocalypse implies that their younger counterparts will handle the 1980s action.

So if the former foes were going to launch a mission, how would Rogue factor in? Some have claimed that her power-stealing ability would have been used to grant Wolverine’s healing to the wounded Kitty, but that adds a power to the young mutant without explanation. According to Kinberg, the solution was a much simpler one:

“Then I thought that if her power was winding down, they needed something stronger or someone who could take over her power. This came from a conversation with Matthew, which was about no-one having the same power as her but then realising there was someone who could take her power. I got chills. Rogue could be the McGuffin of that mission. They’d have to get Rogue out of some dark scary place, and that’s what happens. It’s a really nice sequence, and it’ll end up on Blu-ray some way down the line.

“But it does not service the main story. I thought it would increase the urgency and the stakes of the plot in the future, but it actually does the opposite, because it makes you feel like there is an answer out there. You think once Rogue gets here, we’ll have an unlimited amount of time. The ticking clock that we’d established with Kitty getting wounded and losing her powers… well, Rogue would show up and press stop on the clock. So for all of those narrative reasons, there was this ten-minute subplot that had to go.”

Xmen Days of Future Past Rogue Scene Explained X Men: Days of Future Past Writer Explains Rogues Cut Scenes

The sequence alluded to by Kinberg was actually (partially) revealed in the first Days of Future Past trailer, showing Rogue being carried by Iceman (Shawn Ashmore) and accompanied by Magneto. Kinberg fails to offer further details on where she was located, or why she was in need of rescue in the first place. However, a quick look at the most puzzling continuity issues and dangling plot threads offers a possible answer.

According to the film, it was the mutation of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) – the ability to alter her form to that of any other human being – that gave Bolivar Trask all he needed to craft his futuristic Sentinels. However, Mystique has been explicitly shown to be unable to replicate the powers of those she copies, so the Sentinels’ ability to do so is left entirely unexplained. Until you include a captured Rogue, that is.

Since most audiences and fans seem willing to accept the unanswered question, Kinberg seems correct in stating the sequence was an unnecessary one (after all, Rogue being able to steal Kitty’s power and send any team member days back in time to avert the entire crisis kills the suspense fairly quickly). And just so we’re clear: there’s no evidence that Rogue actually lives to complete the task.

Xmen Days of Future Past Rogue Scenes1 X Men: Days of Future Past Writer Explains Rogues Cut Scenes

Fans can look forward to seeing the full sequence play out when the DVD or Blu-ray of the movie is released in the coming months, and Anna Paquin’s involvement in the future of the franchise remains a mystery. For now, do you think that Kinberg and Singer made the right call in cutting the mission, or would you have preferred to see it in theaters? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.


X-Men: Days of Future Past is currently in theaters worldwide.

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Source: Empire

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  1. Charles DIDnt Survive Silly. Well, his Body didnt. Hes most likely inhabiting some Comma patients body, and mentally projecting his Image to others, so they see him as he was. Why is he still in a wheel chair… who knows. Maybe he wants avoid any questions why he can Miraculously walk again. :)

    • Welp, x-3 got eliminated anyway so…

      • X-3 isn’t the only X-Men film to be eliminated from canon. The only films that exist in canon now are “X-Men: First Class” and the part of “X-Men: DoFP” in which Logan returns. “X-Men: DoFP” has basically given the franchise a reset.

        • But how was he alive before the continuity change?

        • Actually the only movie that this one really ended up obliterating was Last Stand. The first two definitely could have happened because we do not know what happened to Mystique and Magneto in the new future. We have to assume that since Rogue still has her streak and that she is even at the school keeps the first movie in play and Stryker has always been against the mutants so the events of number two definitely could have happened too just with a different outcome (Jean not “dying”)
          As for the Rogue scene. Personally I think they were idiots to take it out. I found a large portion of the film to be boring and just plain unnecessary. Having to listen to Kitty whimpering for the rest of the movie after she is stabbed yet is able to keep enough control to keep Logan in the past was annoying and laughable. Rogue would have only been able to take a little of Kitty’s power as Rogue’s power severely weakens the person she is taking it from and Kitty was already extremely weak. Rogue could have easily killed her if she were to take to much. They talk about wanting to keep the suspense but the suspense had nothing to do with Kitty and everything to do with the Sentinals that were about to bust in and kill them. Logan was their only chance to go back that far in time so if rogue broke the connection they would all be dead, no matter what. They even said in the beginning of the movie that this was their last chance and there wouldn’t be any going back this time.

          • That’s true. Rouge’s hair-streak is the key.

            Additionally, I too feel they should have left her scene in the theatrical release.

          • X2 got wiped too because Jean is at the school and not the bottom of the Lake.The only films still in continuity are First class, events prior; X Men, because future Logan is at the school at the end and the other characters know him which could not have happend with out X men; and Origins too because that is what is next for past Logan. Basicaly everythin that happend after X men and prior to the future in Days is now not part of the continuity anymore.

          • actually no, if you think about the plot of the past events in DoFP, then the entire trilogy never happened, since according to this movie, mystique is supposed to be killed during experiments, if thats the case, how is she even in the first movie?

            personally the one I didn’t like too much was first class, the rest of them were great movies imo

    • you cant say he didnt survive maybe he was pushed to the phantom zone or what everr its called in the xmen you know where shadow who was after storm in the comics/tv cartoons.

      We were never fully explained what happened to charles.

      • Actually it was supposed to have been the body of his twin brother who was brain dead and on life support in a hospital. His spirit took over that body. Yet, that part too was not made clear in the movie. Google it.

    • You’re close. Actually it was supposed to have been the body of his twin brother who was brain dead and on life support in a hospital. His spirit took over that body. Yet, that part too was not made clear in the movie. Google it.

  2. I for one want to see more of Rogue in the X-Men comics…but an older Rogue who is more like her brash character from the comics than as re-imagined in the movies. Can Anna Paquin take her there? I don’t know. I’d like to think so. Also, bigger hair and more flying fists for Rogue. Disappointed she wasn’t a bigger plot point in the movie? Sure. But you can only do so much with so many characters in one film.

    • I totally agree with you I want the rogue that flies and hits and steals powers the rogue that can do really anything because of her powers

    • I Totally agree!. I cannot stomach another X-Man movie with Wolverine as the main character. Enough! of Hugh Jackman already. We need Rogue as the main character at her baddest, glorious & powerful super hero she is. Even storm (another powerful mutant they dumb down with bits and piece parts here and there has to stop). She is powerful enough to wreck the world with hurricanes, storms & snow etc. but in X-men DOFP they still kept her from obliterating the Sentinels that are flying in her domain the sky (makes no sense). Why are these male directors or plot writers so afraid of a powerful female superhero is beyond me. I hope with fans clamoring for these ladies to take the lead they start to change the misogynistic culture of Hollywood..

      • Unfortunately Storm was supposed to be a much bigger part in the movie but because of HB’s pregnancy they had to change it. However I fully agree. Enough of the Wolverine centric movies. Its really getting old at this point.

  3. i think it would of been much more logical & made a lot more sense if they included the rouge scene & plot..mystique can only shape shift nothing about adapting to other powers like rogue does soooo well!! & naturally may i add..

  4. i think it would`ve made it better. There could`ve still been suspense in the end, and that would explain the sentinal powers. The scene sounds cool and it was a mistake removing it.

  5. I think she should get her own movie like woverine did. Maybe a prequel leading up the the events of futures past, Rogue needs to much back story for her to be done right and you would have to introduce ms. marvel so rogue can take her powers….she does turn bad in the comics for a while so to make up for all the power she would have if done right u could have her become a bad guy and have woverine have to use his connection with her to save her and turn her back good. Since he is the fan favorite/ cash cow and the one all the movies are really about it would be a perfect story line

    • That would be awesome but Fox owns the rights to Xmen and Marvel owns the rights to ms Marvel so they cannot include her unless Marvel sells the Ms. Marvel rights to them.

  6. I’ve been waiting to hear that… a rogue movie would be great. I would start it out with rogue and ms marvel fighting on the bridge don’t even give an explanation. 15 min in ms marvel dead and a confused rogue is being consoled by a manipulative mistique. mystique and Wolverine play cat and mouse, rogue keeps having flashbacks of ms marvels life, something attacks the city, mystique and Wolverine fight over rogue, during the attack rogue fights ms marvel in her head for control over her mind, rogue finds peace, rrogue flys and uses her super strength to save the day, Wolverine loses mystique in the crowd, rogue goes to the xmen with Wolverine. don’t worry about the time line it’s not like they didn’t already screw that up.

  7. Fans of the comics know that Mystique can only shape shift. But Rogue is the one able to absorb other mutant’s powers and perform.
    So, I think its dumb that the didnt have Rogue as the protagonist of this movie and Its not because of Rogue or Anna paquin. It is because Jennifer Lawrence. She’s a big name now and the studios want to bank on her. I personally cant stand her. But hey, Im not the owner of one of those movie studios… Smh.

    I just feel bad because Rogue is one of my favorite mutants.

    • There’s no doubt they were trying to capture the Jennifer Lawrence’s popularity but it isn’t the reason Rogue wasn’t put into this film. Rogue was a teenager in the first X-Men meaning in this universe she wasn’t born until after 1980. They could have moved the timeline of the movie to 2000 to focus on her but then Fassbender and James McAvoy would need to be recast. That wasn’t going to happen.

      This movie was a reboot and a way to say goodbye to the old characters. There was no way they were going to make the focus of this movie in the future which is the only way to include a Rogue-centric movie. Instead they need to do a Rogue standalone movie if they want to do the character justice.

    • Even just movie watchers( non comic fans) know that Mystique did not have those powers. They chose Mystique to be the center of the movie because Jennifer Lawrence is the Hollywood “It girl”. The Hollywood money machine is idiotic.

  8. Awesome post my friend. definitely puts the questions up to date.

    Am I the only one that thinks Anna Paquin should use the x-men tv cartoon hair style? She’d look WAY better.

  9. I’m glad someone finally explained why the sentinels have those powers. The Mystique connection never made sense.. even as I was watching the movie. Bad idea to leave that out.. looks like Directors are getting greedy by holding out on important scenes and making them available by purchasing the movies later on. The industry is destroying itself much like the American car companies did decades ago.

  10. I just think it is a damn shame we still live in such a misogynistic society in which powerful female heroes are never allowed to get the screen time or overall recognition they deserve. So, did they make the right decision? No! Actually. they made the sexist decision because neither can handle the thought of a powerful woman and once again have comic continuity issues because obvious they lack the appropriate skills to bring the pure vision to life!

    • And yet, we have a Wonder Woman movie coming out… oh and that new one, Lucy, and upcoming(hopefully) movie for Black Widow… so yeah I think your thought there has been blown.

      Now, on the other hand I will agree a little, as I have that ability being human and all, that we should have more female based superhero whatever movies. Not just having women tagging along and being supporting characters. So hopefully one day Rosie the Riveter will rise again for us all to see.

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  12. I’m torn on cutting Rogue. I see where adding her would kill the suspense and urgency, but having her would explain how the sentinels were able to use mutant powers.
    This is how I would of used Rogue purely to explain the sentinels powers and not ruin the plot. Opening sequence: Past Sentinels: show a production line of sentinels being made, scan the factory and get to Trask and two containment cells. One holding Mystique and the other Rogue. (You could either have them alive, preserved dead bodies, or part of their bodies for DNA purposes.) Then go to some test tubes labeled “Transformation” for Mystique’s powers and “Adaptability” for Rogue’s powers. This opening could be narrated by Patrick Stewart explaining how the sentinels came to be so deadly and leading up to the desolate, future scenes.

    I’m happy they are releasing her scene on DVD though.
    Can’t see Rogue in future installments. They really limited her powers in the . She could of learned to control her powers and choose when she wanted to steal someone’s powers and then have her learn to hold on to some powers for a longer period of time. Too bad X-Men can never have Rogue’s comic book powers because they are from Ms. Marvel.

  13. They could have easily just included the scene as intended to give the elder Xavier and Magneto a final mission, and Rogue some final spotlight. With a bit more effort, they could have done it in a way that still let them focus on Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique as the main catalyst that sparked the idea to give the Sentinels powers based on those of a mutant. Trask and crew could have hit a brick wall when it came to the Sentinels adapting powers from other mutants in the field while hunting – then enter Rogue. They could have still kept all of the same focus on preventing that initial catalyst from getting the bad guys anywhere – still making use of Lawrence’s star power, and they could have easily avoided the break in tension that Kinberg seemed to think came along as baggage with Rogues scene… KILL HER BEFORE SHE GETS WITHIN CONTACT RANGE OF KITTY.

    We would have had a much cleaner and more comics relevant explanation for the Sentinels adapting powers from mutants, they would have had a bit more for Magneto (and I guess Xavier) to do, it could have been a heart breaking and emotional scene for Iceman to have gotten Rogue back only to lose her again, and it could have given us a bit more tension in the form of a tease. That someone was in fact set to save the day on the future side of the battle, only to have that chance get blown away before their eyes?

    Seems like it all could have worked just fine to me.

  14. They may do that Mystique is Rogue’s mother. If I remember right some of the comic books did have that that Nightcrawler and Rogue were actually children of Mystique’s.

  15. I would look to see a lot more of
    Anna Paquin in the movie I hope she is in the next

  16. It’s ridiculous how they keep putting forth the likes of wolverine in all the movies while wimping down Rogue’s powers the most powerful of all the mutants. Give her all her powers and stop making a mockery of the comics. (I think it’s a cheap way of getting out of special effects and a credible adversary to face her). So in the future us fans are expecting the films using Marvel’s heroes please stick to what makes them lovable by fans and stop cutting corners on plots to go the easy routes like Wolverine yeeesh!..

  17. To all the people saying Rogue was outcast because she is a woman; I’m pretty sure Famke Janssen was the main character in one of those movies. I’m also fairly certain that she is regarded as the most powerful known mutant in that film.

  18. De-valuing and “wimping down” Rogue’s powers and appearance in these X-Men movies is most fatalistic flaw by their direction. Rogue is far, far more appealing and powerful than Kitty. Indeed, Rogue is strong enough to kick Mystique’s ass any day of the week. Granting Rogue as much screen time as Mystique is most dramatic, helpful improvement Bryan Singer, Simon Kinburg or any other director and screenwriter could make to this movie. We lick our chops drooling to watch long fight between Rogue and Mystique! Rogue understands why killing Dr. Trask only helps mutants’ enemies.

  19. Rather than see bits of Rogue in this movie, I would prefer to see an X-Men movie where she is the central figure. I love the comics, the movies, the stories but it is long past time for women to play central roles and to stop playing the constant damsels in distress. No matter how strong they are they always seem to need some man, mutant or not, to come along and save them. Rogue is an awesome character, well worth a central role and strong enough to be the lead savior.

  20. I was disgusted to not see Rogue in the movie.
    In third movie she lost power…
    Now her power is back and we dont even know how she react when she finds out.
    THIS IS HUGE DISAPPOINTING for me as the big X-MEN fan.
    Same as with Psylocke in X-Men 3 movie.

    The directors and writters should more care about old character then add many new characters to movie. I do not like this.

  21. They ducked X men up royally

  22. It’s better to delete Rogue’s subplot sequence since it will make the limited time of Kitty unlimited and the conflict will be resolved just like that because of Rogue.

  23. Blueray is out. The scene with Rogue, Magneto and Bobby is not included in the deleted scenes.

  24. Rogue is by far my favorite of the X-Men, although I know Wolverine is the franchise favorite-to me he is just an a-hole with adamantine claws which to me got old fast but not with the fanboys running Marvel for the last decade and half or the movie franchise.

    I read the interview/article above-just Hollywood drivel.

    The best use for Rogue-in a climactic battle when she lays the smack down on the Hulk’s over rated a–; that’s something fans would go to see. Quite a kudo for a woman superhero-but again, like Wolverine, Hulk is a favorite of the jerks running Marvel.

  25. Yes it wiped out the last stand and Charles did inhabit someone else’s body that was hinted was brain dead. I’m hoping rogue gets a change because she could be effective
    as for the Jean gray bit, I would assume that when wolverine went back that minor things could change such as Charles reading wolverines mind and speaking to himself. I would assume he would learn from his
    Mistake of controlling jeans mind so maybe you see the Jean at the peak of her powers but not being the mental kind, which may actually mean she can help rogue focus her power. Quicksilver was awesome though I hope he gets a bigger part

  26. the movie was weak and i had a hard time watching it left to much unanswered and to much of trying to change what the x-men are and cutting out needed characters to give it the push it needed the writers need to go back to the drawing board and might want to watch the movies