‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Costume Featurettes Reveal New Footage; Rogue Cameo Confirmed

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X Men 3 Anna Paquin Rogue Wallpaper X Men: Days of Future Past Costume Featurettes Reveal New Footage; Rogue Cameo Confirmed

Poor Anna Paquin has had a rough time of it in this campaign to bring X-Men: Days of Future Past to theaters. Paquin’s character Rogue was confirmed for the film early on in production, the actress herself appeared onstage at Comic-Con 2013 alongside the rest of the massive ensemble cast – but then we heard that Rogue’s scenes (fighting alongside a group of future X-Men against The Sentinels) had all been cut from the theatrical version of the film. And yet, director Bryan Singer continued to tease that we may yet see Rogue in the film…

…And now that’s being further confirmed in a new report.

Buzzfeed got confirmation from 20th Century Fox that Rogue WILL be in the film, “Essentially, a cameo,” as a rep was quoted to have said. That pretty much echoes what director Bryan Singer said earlier this year, when he both teased a Rogue appearance and an explanation of anomalies like future Wolverine once again having metal claws, even though the character lost his adamantium during the events of The Wolverine – a film Rogue was almost in, BTW. (There’s also the issues of Beast having human form, Professor X walking again, etc. Big answers needed from this film…)

X Men Days of Future Past Trailer Wolverine Convincing Xavier 700x425 X Men: Days of Future Past Costume Featurettes Reveal New Footage; Rogue Cameo Confirmed

As for where Rogue fits in: well, going on my own instinct I would point to that moment of voiceover in the second Days of Future Past trailer – the scene in which future Wolverine is explaining (presumably to the X-Men of the ’70s) the terrible events of his timeline, and all the friends he’s lost. One could surmise that Paquin will at least get a second of screen time as a memory in Wolvy’s head that the younger Xavier (James McAvoy) reads in his mind as part of proof of future events. At least that’s a guess. (It would be a shame if it’s true, as Rogue supposedly had a much more worthwhile role to begin with.)

In the end, most hardcore fans are probably rolling their eyes and waiting for the day when they can actually get the Rogue they know and love from the comics in one of these X-Men movies…

Days of Future Past Featurettes: The Costumes

WATCH these two new behind the scenes featurettes for X-Men: Days of Future Past, which talk about the significance of Magneto’s helmet in this sequel to First Class, as well as what it takes to create the look of the ’70s era onscreen.

X Men Days of Future Past Magneto Helmet Scene X Men: Days of Future Past Costume Featurettes Reveal New Footage; Rogue Cameo Confirmed

NOTE: Be sure to watch to the end of both videos as they reveal new Days of Future Past clips – one of which is a direct echo of the recent button-scene at the end of The Wolverine, which launched the DoFP storyline!

BONUS: If you havne’t seen it yet, here’s the final trailer for the film:


X-Men: Days of Future Past will be in theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Sources: Buzzfeed & Fox

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  1. It would be sweeeet if they put Rogue in a cameo where the timelines change and she is raised by Mystique

    • I agree with nightcrawler as her foster brother!!

      • Yes to both of these!

    • Reminds me flashpoint paradox. Thats the thing about time travel. new time lines and old ones are erased or stay as the messed up worlds that they are.

      • They even apparently have the ability to change things before the point of divergence in timelines if Flashpoint is any indication.

  2. im almost positive they will re-boot cyclops or bring the old guy back

  3. Thanks Mr. Singer for the Rogue cameo! I was thinking about it cause her name is still appearing in the credits!

    • It would appear that Mr. Singer is now being accused of going rogue himself.

  4. “and an explanation of anomalies like future Wolverine once again having metal claws, even though the character lost his adamantium during the events of The Wolverine”

    Wolverine DID NOT lose his adamantium in The Wolverine. He only lost his adamantium claws which healed back as bone claws.

    • I think thats what they’re trying to say.

      • Actually there is a big difference between him losing his adamantium, than losing his adamantium CLAWS.

      • Correct. Wolverine only lost part of his Adamantium claws.

        The distinction is because Adamantium was bonded to his bones, they are now fused with the same growth properties, thus adamantium that broke off grows back. This occurs in the books due to his regenerative healing factor.

        • Now they just need to explain how the adamantium claws just happened to form as razor sharp blades right out of the box instead of the more naturally occurring coating of the already present bone claws.

  5. You know…cameos are sometimes fun to see when unexpected. Thanks for spoiling that with the title. The Wolverine cameo in X-Men: First Class was really cool, funny, and unexpected. Granted, Rogue isn’t nearly as awesome as Wolverine, but still, come on.

    • Dude it’s not a spoiler. This has been an ongoing debate for over a year. Never been a secret.

  6. The new Playwire video player you guys use sucks. Honestly, since you guys switched a few weeks back I’ve dreaded coming here to see all the latest movie news. Honestly, there isn’t any difference between HD/SD and if it is HD then it’s at most 720.

    Before you could watch videos and change the settings to up to 1080 with youtube.

    I don’t know what’s happened but your site has slipped a lot in the last few months. The new zergnet box in the upper left on every first page and the extra auction ad before the comments suck. Suck is putting it nicely. I love your guys’ site, because it has so much content and you guys write more articles than anyone else. You guys need to dump the playwire though. That’s a real deal breaker.

    • If I see you guys have a new trailer up, I just go watch it in YouTube. There’s no reason to watch a heavily pixelated trailer after watching long ads.

      • @gfunkpalace.

        Always happy to hear how much we suck.


        We’re total /film clones for sure. You should just go there and never return here.

    • Actually, Slashfilm.com has more articles and I feel that SR gets their information from that site because quite often, Slashfilm.com has an article about a subject about an hour or more before SR does.

      • ComicBookMovie.com has articles a day or two before SR does, the difference is, SR’s writers spin a tiny piece of info to create discussion and add opinions, theories and other cool things.

        That’s the difference between copying and pasting and real journalism. Engaging your reader is one of the biggest rules and SR manage that pretty well. That’s the advantage they have over most other film sites.

        • Agree with Dazz here…

          Screen Rant is usually a step behind in news (from what I’ve seen) BUT…. they definately put more “voice” into their stories (opinion, bias, though-provoking questions)

          That is why I come here. So I can either get some interesting spin or take on news.

          OR I cant get Hulking mad at the some of the opinions the writers have LOL!!!

          Plus, its always fun to banter with my fellow cinephile’s and comic nerds.

      • False. We actually WRITE, we don’t regurgitate/copy-and-paste news. We analyze, explain and discuss and offer insight. That’s why there are longer word counts on SR on average more than any other publication in the same game.

  7. This film may determine if the X-Men are better off being rebooted sometime down the road, after the dust of Singer has settled. Their whole ‘universe’ just seems inconsistent all around…and most of the actors, outside of Jackman, Stewart, McKellan, McAvoy, Fassbender, just don’t really do it for me. Obviously Jennifer Lawrence isn’t going to want to continue being painted blue when she can actually use her talents elsewhere with less time spent in makeup all day. Kevin Bacon was great as Shaw and he only gets a single film appearance. If this film doesn’t live up to the hype, I can’t see myself being excited for Apocalypse, regardless of which villains are in it.

    • Agree with all you have said, +1,000 tho I did think that Bryan Cox was a good Stryker to add to Kevin Bacon as Shaw.

  8. Maybe they teasing her story to head a different direction and are keeping her out of the mix so that she can be more heavily used in the Gambit spin-off.

  9. Still looks like a disjointed mess sad to say .

  10. I wish that Rogue got more than just a “cameo” in the film, but I’ll take what I can get. It’s better than nothing after all. I already know what the deleted sequence will be though and most fans, especially of hers will be highly pleased w/ it once it’ out.

  11. It’s a good idea to me. I think it will be infused with that sense of dread we have when viewing Colossus, because it’s already known the character dies. Though I’m sure her fight and death sequence will be memorable.

    Though because Wolverine is changing the past, they won’t stay dead. Yet still seeing her in this movie to complete that Gambit arc, makes me wonder if they aren’t going to use her in that planned Gambit film. She could really add a lot to that movie, and so too could some Externals like Selene and Mystique.

    I would be most interested in seeing Selene in that Gambit film.

  12. Like many others, I never cared for the way Rogue was portrayed in these films. In addition, I never liked Anna Paquin’s performance as Rogue either. She admitted in interviews that she didn’t know anything about the character before being cast, and that is totally believable after watching her weak attempt. They need someone ‘saucy’ in there, with a real southern belle bayou accent. Someone like Zooey Daschanel maybe.

    • No way, Anna Paquin is definitely Rogue. She just needs someone to hand her the Rogue series, issues one through eight and give her a tutorial on southern accent. She can nail that accent as good as Dunst, Kate Winslet or better if they develop her character.

  13. Really? All that? How about someone who is ready to go? She has been told about her bad southern accent and is too lazy to work on it. Her acting has been going down hill for years on tv and in movies. Her fans are always making excuses for her poor performances over the years.  If she can’t be bothered to improve then recast. I’m excited for the movie and glad she will barely be in it.

    • Downhill? I thought that was where she started….. Sorry, not a fan and dont even fancy her either….

  14. Anna is now old enough to play Rogue closer to her comic version. I enjoy her acting. She has a great accent for Rogue too.

    • Her Mississippi “southern accent” as Rouge is about as believable as her Cajun accent in True Blood. And if you didn’t catch that, it was sarcasm.

      • No I caught it. I like her Canadian Southern twang. Opinions vary.

  15. Want…..CYCLOPS!
    Get….the wooley wazoo….!

  16. I’ve always wanted to see Cyclops take down a sentinel. Nightcrawler use his duel swords and Rogue using her powers to borrow and mimic her teammates powers during battle

  17. does anyone have an idea as to why young professor x can walk again? i saw him in a wheelchair and walking in the trailer

  18. Maybe they should go back in time and change their casting decision….. Anna Paquin as Rogue was a truly dreadful decision, maybe the worst in Cinema/comic book history….

    • They should have chosen Kate Beckinsale…

  19. I’ve been restraining myself from watching the final trailer, as I was for the second one, well that didn’t go so well, loved it though, loved the first one too btw, one of my favs coz it doesn’t give anything away, and once again you throw it to me, i just hope my restrain holds until after the movie is released.

    Love Rogue btw, hope there is a Cyclops and Jean cameo too..