‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Early Reviews – Best ‘X-Men’ Movie Yet?

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x men days future past featurettes X Men: Days of Future Past Early Reviews   Best X Men Movie Yet?

It’s not easy being a mutant. This message has been drilled into the X-Men movies ever since the opening of the very first one, which showed Rogue accidentally kissing her boyfriend into a coma and subsequently being forced to flee her former life. At the end of X-Men: First Class, hatred and fear of mutants led to the US and the USSR being temporarily united against the common enemy.

Mutants aren’t very popular, and in the alternate future of Bryan Singer’s upcoming “inbetweequel” X-Men: Days of Future Past, this anti-mutant hysteria has been taken to near-genocidal extremes. Desperate to prevent mass tragedy before it can even begin, Kitty Pryde sends Wolverine’s mind back in time to his younger body, so that he can convince young Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr to work together and save mankind.

X-Men fans were able to breathe a little easier after the early Twitter reactions to X-Men: Days of Future Past proved to be overwhelmingly positive, even praising Quicksilver (who had caused complaints due to his somewhat dodgy hair and costume) as a highlight of the movie. 140 characters don’t leave a lot of room for detail, but now the first batch of reviews for X-Men: Days of Future Past are in and, though they’re somewhat more critical, on the whole they seem to reflect the earlier responses.

X Men Days of Future Past Wolverine drinking 570x294 X Men: Days of Future Past Early Reviews   Best X Men Movie Yet?

Steve Rose, The Guardian:

“If you’ve consulted your ring-binder of data from the previous six X-Men movies, you’ll probably enjoy this. If you come to it fresh, it can be like trying to follow two games of chess at once.

“For all its ambitious plotting, this X-Men is really an effective merger of the franchise’s two separate incarnations, resolving one and continuing the other on its way towards the next summer blockbuster in 2016.”

Justin Chang, Variety:

“Working from Simon Kinberg’s screenplay… Singer unspools these intricate developments in a smooth, carefully controlled style that, while hardly skimping on expertly choreographed action and lavish f/x spectacle, puts a gratifying premium on psychological depth and delineation of character: The story effectively becomes a platonic triangle, with Professor X and Magneto (who, as always, has his own surprising agenda) waging war for Mystique’s soul.”

David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter:

“While it’s more dramatically diffuse than the reboot and lacks a definitive villain, the new film is shot through with a stirring reverence for the Marvel Comics characters and their universe.

“Logan/Wolverine has possibly never been more compelling. In his seventh turn in the role, Jackman brings powerful physicality, laconic humor and depths of sorrow beneath his gruffness that make him an unusually nuanced figure for a sci-fi action movie.”

X Men Days of Future Past chess game 570x294 X Men: Days of Future Past Early Reviews   Best X Men Movie Yet?

Matt Looker, The Shiznit:

“Right from the start, Days Of Future Past moves at a breakneck speed assuming that you already know the situation and can deal with it instantly changing. It’s a film for comic-book fans; those who regularly put up with with various, sometimes contradictory storylines of their favourite characters and who are used to parallel universes, alternate timelines and sudden history rewrites. It’s a film that serves as a prequel, a sequel and a bridge between the two. And, most of all, it serves as a giant “f*** you” to X-Men: The Last Stand.

“As such, much of the film feels like little more than fan service, and it’s hard to imagine that Average Joe isn’t going to leave scratching his head about some lampshaded in-joke, or under-explained development.”

William Bibbiani, Crave Online:

X-Men: Days of Future Past proves itself to be one of the best films in this admittedly slapdash series. Even the best of the X-Men movies tend to be good in spite of themselves: so many plot holes throughout the series and so many characters reintroduced in different timelines and at different ages only lends credence to the theory that nobody at the studio has been paying attention to the story of these films as a whole… But one doesn’t get that sense from X-Men: Days of Future Past. This latest film may ignore the past (pretty ironic for a time travel movie) but it does seem to be laying groundwork for future films that may work better than ever before and finally right this ship.”

Tim Grierson, Screen Daily:

Days Of Future Past has certain logic issues inherent in time-travel narratives, which often make simplistic assumptions that stopping one event in the past will automatically prevent a larger catastrophe in the future… But if one’s willing to accept this sequel’s premise, Days Of Future Past creates plenty of suspense and intrigue as the younger Magneto and Professor X must learn to work together while grappling with the events that drove them apart at the end of First Class.”

Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask 570x294 X Men: Days of Future Past Early Reviews   Best X Men Movie Yet?

Simon Reynolds, Digital Spy:

“Much like its predecessor First Class, this sequel carves straight through world history, taking in the killing of JFK, the Vietnam war and Richard Nixon’s tenure in the White House. It’s broad in scope, too, clocking up air miles to rival even the most exotic Bond picture. All this globe (and time) travelling provides the backdrop for some action set pieces that out-do anything that’s come before in the series.

“Where Days of Future Past ends up may not be entirely to everyone’s tastes, but judged on its own terms this is a movie that delivers excellent performance and brains to compliment its bang-for-your-buck spectacle.”

Alonso Duralde, The Wrap:

“As Cole Porter never advised, “Brush up your X-Men,” especially if you want to stay afloat in the tricky, time-tripping storytelling of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Do some light streaming, dig out the DVD box sets, browse the Wikipedia pages or consult the cashier at your neighborhood comic store.. Since the screenplay by Simon Kinberg assumes you already know mutant chapter and verse.

“While there are fun moments and a continuation of the franchise’s main idea — Professor X’s peace, love and understanding vs. Magneto’s fight the power — “Days of Future Past” ends up feeling more exhausting than exuberant.”

Sean O’Connell, Cinema Blend:

“It’s an X-Men story that’s nearly 14 years in the making. It’s the X-Men movie dedicated fans never thought they’d see. And now that it’s here, it’s the greatest X-Men movie we’ve seen to date, and a new standard-bearer for the massive potential of comic-book franchises far and wide.

“The movie rarely slows down, which is exhilarating for X-Men enthusiasts, but might be too much for casual fans seeking the next eye-popping thrills of the summer blockbuster season… The series also has yet to conjure a credibly complicated human villain, and Trask – despite some sinister flair by Dinklage – doesn’t reverse the trend.”

Amon Warmann, HeyUGuys:

“With both new and old characters to introduce and re-introduce, as well as the tricky mechanism of time-travel, there was tremendous potential for it to go horribly wrong. Which makes it all the more impressive that Singer gets it mostly right.

“While there is still a satisfying amount of action, the emphasis is always on its characters, and the organic manner in which the story unfolds mean that action sequences are not missed even in long stretches of character interaction. It helps that every single piece of action is in service to the narrative. “

omar sy bishop x men days future past 570x294 X Men: Days of Future Past Early Reviews   Best X Men Movie Yet?

As a counterweight to all this praise, The Telegraph‘s Robbie Collin gave the film just two stars. His exact complaints are a little difficult to pin down, but the review compares it to other recent movies like The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers and says that X-Men: Days of Future Past, “feels like an attempt to reassure us that, 14 years on, the mutants can still match their younger rivals.” Summarizing the movie as a “curate’s egg, thoroughly scrambled,” the review criticizes the large cast and the questionable decisions made by some of the characters.

“We open in a dark, Matrix-style future-wasteland, in which mutants slip from shadow to shadow, evading giant predatory robots while scratching for supplies in the dirt. Singer borrows stylishly here from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis… one of few hopeful signs that Days of Future Past’s makers are aware of the existence of a non-superhero cinema.

“The film squanders both of its casts, reeling from one fumbled set-piece to the next. It seems to have been constructed in a stupor, and you watch in a daze of future past.”

Other criticisms were common even among the positive reviews. Although critics praised Quicksilver, they also lamented how quickly he is taken out of the movie after helping to spring Magneto from prison. Several reviews also noted that the period fashion is a little more understated than it was in X-Men: First Class, though the characters still get to sport a bit of 70s style.

A final important piece of advice that regular comic book moviegoers probably don’t need to be told: just because the credits have started rolling, it doesn’t mean you should leave your seats just yet.


X-Men: Days of Future Past is out in theaters on May 23, 2014.

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  1. Many people spoke ill will about this movie saying it will never succeed and that theres too many characters and look, everyone finds it highly entertaining and the best addition to the series. Just goes to show that people should give comic book movies (especially ones that aren’t made by High King Marvel) a chance before drilling it into the ground before even seeing it.

    • +1

      Unfortunately sometimes it does genuinely turn out like the cluster fail most thought it would be. (Looks at a certain sequel right now…)

      But with Channing Tatum now confirmed as Gambit, and them claiming Cyclops and Jean will return…. Apocalypse might rival MoS2 as my most anticipated CB movie in the next years. (And would shove Avengers 2 to the third place, which I had not thought this franchise capable of anymore without a reboot.)

    • Too much sense.

    • That’s how it’s been for a while, isn’t it. Apparently only Marvel Studios’ can make good movies, even though most of their movies(including Avengers) have been sub par.

      • thank you. marvel just puts out a stream of subpar films (capt 2, avengers aside). they have yet to make a film rivaling tdk in quality and from the look of things, dofp as well.

        • In that case WB/DC also has yet to put out another film equal to TDK in qualitym making them look like a one- trick pony.

          Could we stop putting this certain movie on a pedestal?

          • I have no preference between one or the other but I agree with Van Dyne. Both studios, Marvel and DC, has had it’s great/epic movie with everything being good to just okay. That’s just the big screen business. No one is in the lead at this point and we should all be greatful that these movies are actually being made

        • Really? Just because DC made 1 good movie( too many plot holes in TDKR, sucked on so many levels. ) doesn’t mean that they are good. Marvel has made many good movies, not just Captain America 2 and The Avengers. You’re forgetting Iron Man, Iron Man 3. DC has made just the batman trilogy, while I liked it, DC needs to step up.

          • Seriously?
            TDK was the best and will be the best Comic Book movie ever!!
            Open your eyes. Our movie won an Academy Award for acting. First of it’s kind!
            What have you done?
            Secondly and most importantly…yes we created one trilogy! But boy oh boy did we influence the WHOLE comic book movie genre!

            Iron Man’s Director admitted they took inspiration from Batman Begins and did Marc Webb with his movie (which was crap)
            As with Avengers they admitted TDK was a huge influence as you can obviously see with Loki being caught!

            TDK was perfect no plot holes and it ruled and I’m sure no movie would come even close to that Shining Achievement !!!
            Don’t be a blind fan! Just agree that even your precious Iron Man 3 took a huge bite out of TDKR!

            Speak of influence!
            A Trilogy defined a whole comic book movie cinematic universe! Their rival no less

            • Mentalist calm doWn

            • In my opinion, The Dark Knight was way too overrated by the hardcore fans. It was great nonetheless, but it’s being worshiped like the second coming of Jesus or something.

            • Stop being a blind fanboy and see the truth. TDK was over hyped, and had no plot holes. I’m talking about TDKR. Also, Iron Man 3 was already in development when TDKR was released. How can they copy from a movie that had just released when the script was finished 6 months before the release of TDKR.

            • “Our” movie?

              I get that you like the film, but please don’t talk as if you were apart of the making of the film.

              I love the TDK as much as the next person, but people act like that movie is the “Holy Grail” of comic book movies. Great movie? Yes. Perfect? Nowhere near.

  2. critics are so exact these days and look at every little aspect of films and find a few flaws and just bury the film itself, i wish action critics would realize that action is why people want to see movies like this and the avengers and the spider mans, i mean there should be good spacing and story arch and character development but critics find ways to destroy big blockbuster action films cuz its not to there liking, some of my favorite action movies got destroyed by critics and and as a result did terrible at the boc offices, (john carter, battleship, i.frankenstein) to name a few

    • Thanks Mister,couldnt have said it better my self !
      Add Van Helsing or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to it just to name a few !
      Sad !

      • dont get me wrong i love oscar worthy movies just as much as action movies but an action movie is made to entertain, to bring in big money and possibly start a franchise, as dramas are usually there to bring in awards…but i almost feel as if these critics are one sided and dont see an action movie as it is, even a movie like the expendables or expendables 2, theres really no good acting or any suspense or twists and turns in a movie like that but the action puts itself over all those other things

        • +1

  3. Sounds like this movie will make up for last year’s twin fails of Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel.

    • We live in hope.

    • You must have really high standards.

    • Destro…i hope youir kidding when you say that these movies faled last year? i thought bioth of these films were brilliant and the fact that MOS grossed almost 700 million worldiwde and IRon man 3 grossed 1.2 billion, i mean dont get me wrong theres some movies out there thats grossed between 500 mill and a billion that i didnt enjoy but these ones were amazing, i actually enjoyed iron man 3 more than the avengers

      • +1. Totally agree.

    • You got the twin fails wrong.

      It was Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, not Man of Steel, that movie was pretty bad a$$!

      • No, it was right the first time. MoS was just plain old garden-variety bad, and is only defended by people who don’t care how bad a CBM is, just so long as it takes itself super seriously. IM3 was just a mess of a movie, but at least I can see how people, especially those who don’t read a lot of Iron Man comics, could enjoy it. Thor 2 would have been solid if they hadn’t been intent on cramming an episode of 2 Broke Girls into the middle of the story.

    • Contrary to the internet hipsters, Iron Man 3 was actually very well received, and main reason why fans are bashing on it is because Trevor happened.

  4. Channing Tatum will be Gambit CMB reports

    • CBM**

  5. The consensus of “the X-Men film we have been waiting for” brings me feelings of joy that cannot be expressed through written word.

    One more week!

  6. “And, most of all, it serves as a giant “f*** you” to X-Men: The Last Stand.” – This made my day.

  7. This movie will suffer a fast flameout like amazing spiderman 2.

  8. I liked what The Shiznit wrote :”a giant FU to X-Men :The Last Stand”

    • So they’re saying Fox should flip the bird to themselves?

      • Even as a Marvel fan, I find The Last Stand to be a subpar movie compared to the first two. I think it’ was unanimous.
        I’m really pumped for DOFP

  9. Glad it’s awesome! And I can’t believe one of the negatives is that you have to know the plot up to now. Like what kind of negative is that? That’s like saying Return of the Jedi would confuse people who haven’t seen the first two.

  10. Looking very forward to seeing this with my buddies on opening weekend.

  11. Guys will love it.

    As I have the wrong parts I think I’ll pass.

  12. But where’s my Nightcrawler!? If they don’t find someone awesome and place him in Apocalypse I’m going to be very disappointed!

  13. Robbie Collins of The Telegraph is an idiot. He didn’t really like Cap 2 either. He’s so far up his own arse it’s unbelievable. The man needs a slap.

  14. “It serves as a giant F@#$ YOU to X-Men The Last Stand”

    That alone has me excited for this movie :D

  15. I wonder if the film will somehow explain the absence of the Sentinals in the original X Men movies?

  16. Threads like this are the main reason most of the more successful comic-movies tinker with the history of the material.

    Studios realize there’s no pleasing fanbois so why show any reverence to the source material.

    For example:
    IM2 wasn’t as good as IM or IM3, but it made money; so much that IM3 was never in jeopardy

    Guess who cares about the whole Marvel v DC Fanboi Civil War?
    Fanbois … only

    As far as this movie?
    Singer has pulled a Cleveland Steamer on every comic movie he’s touched so, despite the reviews, I’ll wait until I see it for myself

  17. I just wish the ‘X Men’ were actually in the movie a bit more! I hoped I was wrong but alas my fears that the film would revolve around Xavier and Erik have been realised. Rogue, one of my favourite characters, doesn’t even have any dialogue!

    I’m glad the reviewers have mentioned this because I have no intention of wasting my money on ‘The Bromance of Charles and Erik Part 2′.Not even the presence of the gorgeous Hugh Jackman can make me want to see Singer’s love fest to his personal favourite characters.

  18. I think this movie will be the biggest superhero movie of all time.. Just behind xmen DOFP is the God of all superheroe movie which is Cptn. America, the winter soldier..

    .. Im soo excited to all the characters esp. Mystique because i know she can deliver.

    ..my biggest concerns about this movie are:

    * why is wolverine the one thats been sent to the past then in the future, its kitty pryde and snowman…?
    * whats with the 3 sec pose of blink whenever shes creating a portal, i mean, is it really necessary?
    * toad in the past looks so much older than the toad that was struck by a lightning ( which, according to storm, same thing that happens to everyone)

  19. Film-Reviews.net have just posted their ★★★★review of X-Men: Days of Future Past, if you’d like to add it to the list? http://film-reviews.net/x-men-days-of-future-past/4584534108

  20. Days of Future Past can get incomprehensibly complex REAL fast, as it did in the original comics. Pretty much everything depends on the director – can he keep the audience up to date as to what, where, when and why things are happening? Not all directors have that kind of clarity.

  21. Just watched this movie and its awesome, Brian Singer delivered it. I must admit, this is the best of X-men.

  22. I saw a facebook post from Oakley that possibly spoiled the return of a certain character. Don’t know if it is true but the advertisement has been taken down from what I see.

  23. X-Men Days of Future Past: Logical Explanations for Various ‘Plot Holes’