‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Getting Reshoots; Hugh Jackman on Wolverine’s Curse

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X Men Days of Future Past character posters X Men: Days of Future Past Getting Reshoots; Hugh Jackman on Wolverines Curse

Next summer will see past and future colliding and likely causing quite a big mess in X-Men: Days of Future Past, the latest in Twentieth Century Fox’s line of movies based on the Marvel comics – and possibly the busiest movie so far in terms of the amount of characters involved. Based on a comic book arc of the same name, X-Men: Days of Future Past will see the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants of the 1970s work together with their future counterparts to prevent a dark future for all mutants.

Director Bryan Singer and the cast were seen throughout the summer filming primarily in Montréal, Canada, which meant that quite a few set photos emerged from fans and press keeping a close eye on the shoots in public locations. The photos didn’t give away too much about the plot, but they did give us a look at some of the fabulous period costumes that the characters will be wearing.

Montréal residents should continue to keep an eye out for those pesky mutants, however, as Quebec film commissioner Hans Fraikin has confirmed to the Calgary Herald that X-Men: Days of Future Past will be returning for at least two weeks of reshoots before Christmas. The article states that the extra filming has been scheduled in order to shoot “extra scenes” for the movie, but otherwise it’s unclear exactly what will be filmed or which cast members will be involved.

It’s fairly common for big studio movies to have reshoots scheduled, whether for the purposes of adding more to a certain scene, adding new scenes entirely or just improving on what’s already been shot. The most recent comic book movie release, Thor: The Dark World,  underwent fairly extensive reshoots, as did this summer’s surprise hit, World War Z, and the highest-grossing movie of 2013 so far, Iron Man 3.

X Men Days of Future Past Wolerine Magneto Xavier X Men: Days of Future Past Getting Reshoots; Hugh Jackman on Wolverines Curse

If anything, the reshoots are actually a positive sign for X-Men: Days of Future Past, since its complex time travel plot sounds like something that could benefit from extra polish to ensure everything is kept clear for the audience. Moreover, with studios building shared universes out of their popular franchises, the trend of eleventh-hour additions (in order to set up future story threads or steer characters to more spin-off-friendly positions than originally intended) is becoming more and more common. Days of Future Past has the considerable task of bringing together characters from both the X-Men movies with a modern day setting and those from X-Men: First Class, as well as introducing new characters like Quicksilver. That’s a lot of mutants being thrown into the mix, and quite a few of them will have more than one actor playing the same role.

One notable exception to that rule is Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), who looks just as fresh in the 21st century as he did in the 1960s, and who returns in X-Men: Days of Future Past after making a brief appearance in X-Men: First Class and starring in his own standalone movie, The Wolverine. With Logan returning for another team-up, the Daily Star asked Jackman whether he consider the fiercely antisocial fighter’s gifts to be a curse:

“His main curse is this berserker rage. It is what defines him. He doesn’t have the most powerful powers — on paper his powers aren’t that incredible if you think of other mutants who would probably have the upper hand. He can’t jump, he can’t fly; he has claws and he can heal but he is probably the most feared or powerful in a way because of that very human quality of his inner berserker rage. That animalistic side of him gives him power and strength but it also causes damage, loss and pain. And with the immortality, everyone he loves dies — everyone who has ever meant anything to him has passed on. What sort of life is that?”

Jackman also says that despite Wolverine’s perennial presence in the franchise, he expects the part to outlive him and for a new actor to take on the role someday. X-Men: Days of Future Past marks the end of his current contractual obligations, but he recently said that he’s already heard some great ideas for a third standalone Wolverine movie from director James Mangold, and in the light of The Wolverine‘s box office success this summer it’s very unlikely that X-Men: Days of Future Past will be the last time we see Jackman in the role.

…And of course, there’s yet another X-Men movie plus an X-Force movie currently hovering in the wings – both of which have the potential to star Jackman, as well. So the actor may be in story for more Wolverine than ever, should the DoFP box office hold strong.


X-Men: Days of Future Past is out in theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: Calgary Herald (via CBM), Daily Star

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  1. Anyone else roll their eyes whenever they see ‘Hugh Jackman on Wolverine’ or ‘Hugh Jackman talks Wolverine’? He makes X-Men so lame. Man, a standalone Wolverine film should illicit *some* kind of interest from me, I love the character, I love X-Men – since I was a young kid! But I just can’t get past Hugh Jackman, he just makes it so…boring.

    • Would be good if he could actually act the ‘berserker rage’ without it being so fuucking cringeworthy. Russel Crowe should’ve accepted the role.

    • Hmm…strange because I thought The Wolverine was the best X-Men movie so far, mainly thanks to the focus on Wolverine and barely any other mutants. More character focused and less concerned with over the top action scenes that look good but don’t advance the plot.

      • Dazz,
        say it ain’t so.

        The Wolverine? The best X-Men film so far?
        Is this even up for debate?

        X-Men: First Class

        in that order.

        The rest aren’t even worth mentioning, therefore, do not count as movies.

        The Wolverine was good, in parts. Absolutely horrible as a whole.
        Hugh Jackman was not the problem.

    • NO, I don’t roll my eyes. But I am not one of those cool hipster comic book fan bois who like to piss and moan about it because it’s the cool thing to do.

      • lol. Nice hipster reference. And agreed!

    • Roll my eyes no, become more impressed by the increased intensity he brings with each film yes.

    • Your boring, bub.

    • I’ll take Cyclops over Wolverine any day! Cyke tops Wolvie with his eyes closed (which is a good thing, because with them opened, he’d probably zap Wolvie to Kingdom Come!).

  2. what happens when they go alittle too far into the past does Leopold show up?

  3. As long as this movie spins off into X-Force, which introduces Deadpool, then spins off into a Deadpool movie I’m good.

  4. Nothing wrong with Jackman as wolverine.

    But if (when) they recast the role i’d like to see Scott Caan give it a go, he certainly has the build to pull it off.

    • +1

  5. I don’t know why…but I have a bad feeling about this one.

  6. This movie is going to be awesome, can’t wait!

  7. No problem with jackman as wolverine.he’s not perfect, but he’s not bad either. I mean there were some people who wanted Glenn dazing for the role. Can’t image that have happening. I bring that up cause recently in a article he said He would have made wolverine less lame.whatever the hell that means. Again jackman isn’t perfect And maybe Russell crowe would have been better but jackman has done a decent job IMO.

  8. I rather see a Yukio movie. LOL

  9. Personally, as much as I love Jackmans portrayal of Wolverine, I’d like to see the Wolverine from the comic books finally realized on screen. As in the short, pissed-off hairy chunk of muscle who’s as intelligent as he is strong, and unwillingly gives in to his famous berserker rages. Can’t think of anyone who fits that description, so for now, Jackman it is. But man am I waiting for the day we’ll get to see the REAL Wolverine on film. THAT would be epic.

  10. Will they be shooting those scenes in HFR though? I want a real answer from the director himself, not these conflicting answers from other sources.

    Right now it seems like they may be shooting in HFR but aren’t sure if they’ll release it in that format or not. Perhaps they’re waiting to see how the release of Desolation of Smaug in HFR pans out.

    • You want this movie filmed with a high frame rate so it can look like actors on a sound stage with horrible blurring when the camera pans? No, it didn’t work for The Hobbit and it’s not going to look any better here.

      You would have to see the movie in 48FPS as well as in 3D for it to even be feasible, and you can clearly see how it flaws the movie either way. If you watch the movie in 2D it’s still highly obvious.

      • Sorry but no, it won’t look like actors on a sound stage, and it worked quite well with the Hobbit and got rid of the horrible judder on panning scenes and made the 3D work even better (since the film will actually be shot in 3D). Not sure what the blurring you’re talking about was, since HFR is designed specifically to prevent the blurring on panning shots. They were crisp and clear. Lots of people loved The Hobbit in HFR so I wouldn’t say it flawed the movie.

        You can have your old outdated technology and see it in 24fps (you’ll probably still have that option), but those of us who want to see it in HFR should have that option.

  11. Jackmans a great actor and he got to show that finally in the The Wolverine, but there’s something missing with his portrayal of Wolverine that I can’t put my finger on. There’s not enough of a rough edge to Jackman’s portrayal of Logan, he seems to polished even when he’s got a face beard.

    • I’d hate to see which other areas of the body can grow beards.

      • Face beard = beard that covers his entire face 😛

    • Man, it’s because it’s Hugh Jackman. He’s just a nice guy. Also, YouTube his Peter Allen performances.

  12. What about all the other characters of the x-men why does fox’s mutant movies have to center on wolverine even if they bend the source material to make stories that fit their interests

    • Popularity of the character.

    • Popularity of the character among the properties Fox owns the rights to? Mainstream audiences aren’t going to care about a standalone movie about Cyclops or Storm.

      Also Wolverine shows up in a lot of different series including Xmen, Avengers, Alpha Flight, etc so he makes an easy center piece too.

  13. I like Jackman as Wolverine… The only thing is.. I’ve seen it.
    I’ve seen Huge Jackman in everything x-men…which isn’t contrary to comics where wolverine appears in every other comic. But the movie portrayal.. its done. I have seen enough of Wolverine as a character on screen. That’s why the thought of more hugh jackman as wolverine…is not a good feeling for me.

  14. Wolverine may not be the most powerful, but he has a ton of fighting experience and he isn’t the stereotypical dumb brute. He is a strategist with a savage nature coupled with his inhuman power of will.

    The Wolverine was much better than its predecessor, but I thought it could’ve been much better. I think it’s time to concentrate on other characters in the X-Men universe (Cable).

  15. So psyched for this movie!! I hope its the best Xmen movie yet. It certainly has the potential to be :)

  16. I have yet to see Jackman do this Bezerker Rage.

    • Watch the scene when the splinter cell dudes attack the mansion in X2. It may be brief but Wolverine goes bezerker and its epic.

      • +1
        One of my favorite scenes of the entire series dude.

  17. My main gripe is that every X-Men movie is a Wolverine movie.

    X-Men – Wolverine’s interaction with Rouge and crew dominated the screen.
    X-Men: Evolution – Wolverine’s past with Styker dominated the story.
    X-Men: The Last Stand – Wolverine brings the kids together to stop Magneto and the Phoenix.
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine I – Wolverine’s background story.
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine II – Wolverine’s background story.
    X-Men: Days of Future Past – Wolverine goes forward and back in time to save the day.

    I call that the “real” Wolverine curse.

    • I am glad others see this too. The only true X-Men film was First Class. All other films were seen through his eyes and dealt with his interaction with the X-Men. The biggest mistake made in the original trilogy was over looking Cyclops. James Marsden is a great actor who was so under used in these movies.

  18. As a fan of the marvel vs street fighter series & the 90s Xmen cartoon, Hugh Jackman is too polite & dull for Wolverine. Where’s the badass remarks, the snarls. I’m so sick & tired of seeing Jackman in tanktops & jeans. They could’ve atleast had him in his outfit in The Wolverine which sucked worst than origins. Unless marvel gets the rights back, xmen is forever doomed.

  19. I don’t know what these reshoots are for but I just hope they plan to extend some of the action scenes because if they aren’t epic like they should be….what’s the point. I also hope that Halle Berry returns to do more scenes. Now that she’s had her babies, they can let her do Storm the justice she deserves. As for Hugh Jackman and Wolverine, I’ve accepted the fact the Wolverine is the most popular character. He was never my favorite but his popularity is undeniable. I do wish that the filmmakers would give other characters their just do and allow them some screen time to be the hero and have some epic action scenes and character arcs. It seems that in all the movies, everyone is just helping Wolverine save the day. Even with all the press, we have so many characters in the new DOFP, why is Hugh Jackman the only one being interviewed. We can’t find any other actors to talk about their characters? Seriously? I will definitely enjoy seeing my favorite super hero team on screen, but I can’t wait for a reboot with Marvel/Disney at the helm.

  20. My biggest concern is Singer trying to fit this story all into one movie. I hope this will lead into a new trilogy for both films dealing with the consequence of Days of Futures Past. Singer is going to have to step up his game. His actions sequence will need to better and there needs to be a balanced focus on the main characters and not just Wolverine. The Dark Knight, Avengers (including the stand alone films), and Man of Steel have raised the bar for comic book movies since he last made X:Men 2. Avengers has set the example for an ensemble cast with each character getting the right screen time and not being sold short.

  21. Hugh Jackman school of acting:

    Lift lots of weights
    Knit eyebrows together
    Bring Peter Allen to life
    Practice screaming “Noooooo!” with various modulations

  22. Xmen and x2 were good. The 3rd one ,origins ,and first class(except magneto in bar scene with the knife) were terrible. Even though he destroyed superman bryan singer should make this a good movie

  23. If DoFP turns out as good as its trailer makes it out to be, then I’d say this is the perfect to cap off Jackman’s turn as Wolverine.

  24. I would say that now that the character has been established and it is almost time for Mr. Jackman to say goodbye to it, he could make two more films. In the last one, he could make a film that it is not PG13 but rather rated R. With this rating, Mr. Jackman could portray a more berserk Wolverine. That would be a good film to watch.

  25. I hope bring Jean Grey as White Phoenix of the Crown ( Fully Phoenix )it’s mean she is more powerful than before in X 3 as Dark Phoenix. She is so potential rising again from the ashes. Wolverine should be surprised by her resurrected again. I hope should happening in Wolverine Sequel + Age of Apocalypse. so Wolverine encounter Phoenix and Apocalypse it hope in Wolverine Sequel future. Charlize Theron would be so best as Emma Frost Halle Berry Storm must do action very very extreme in Wolverine Sequel. bring also Rebecca Romijn and Tyler Mane as Mystique and Sabretooth also Angelina Jolie as Scarlet Witch and Avalanche.