‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’: Young & Old Prof. X Won’t Have Scenes Together

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X Men Days Future Past Prof X Youn Old McAvoy Stewart X Men: Days of Future Past: Young & Old Prof. X Wont Have Scenes Together

There are so many questions about the time travel storyline to Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past – a kind of bridging sequel between X-Men: First Class and the original X-Men movie trilogy – which is aiming to straighten out the franchise’s massive continuity issues.

With recent indication that iconic X-Men movie stars Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen would be back as the older versions of Prof. X and Magneto, respectively, fans were wondering if the two elder stars would get some scenes opposite their younger counterparts, played by First Class stars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

Well we can now wallow in the bad news that at least one half of the pair WON’T be sharing the screen; in a recent interview with Empire, James McAvoy let it be known that he and Patrick Stewart won’t be sharing any scenes together, stating that doesn’t “think we get any scenes together, sadly. I don’t think there’s any future self talking to past self.”

Professor X Wheelchair Xmen 570x375 X Men: Days of Future Past: Young & Old Prof. X Wont Have Scenes Together

While this is certainly a letdown in terms of enjoying the sheer geeky thrill of two Charles Xaviers being onscreen together, from a logistical standpoint it makes sense. Why Prof. X would ever go time-hopping in his wheelchair is a hard thing to explain – and a meeting between older/younger versions of the same person (even through telepathy or other loopholes) inevitably evokes Christopher Lloyd’s frantic rantings about time paradox in  Back to the Future. No thanks; the X-Men movie universe is complicated enough already…

The scenario that level-headed fans guessed at from the beginning is most likely the correct one: Days of Future Past - like the 1980s comic book storyline that inspired this film – will most likely deal with a pivotal character (Ellen Page’s Kitty Pryde) who is bounced around time trying to prevent some cataclysmic disaster in the past from ruining mutantkind’s future (possibly at the fury of Bolivar Trask and his mutant-hunting Sentinel robots). Along the way our “time-hopper” likely meets two sets of X-Men teams; the one we saw in the original trilogy (with Patrick Stewart) and the one we met in First Class (with McAvoy), who we catch up with eleven years later in the era of the ’70s.

X Men First Class Days of Future Past Header X Men: Days of Future Past: Young & Old Prof. X Wont Have Scenes Together

This format allows for the most flexibility and affords the most opportunity to “correct” either (0r both) timelines so that they are more unified (or, at the very least, able to be written off as an ‘averted timeline’). We’ll still get both of the Xaviers we know and love – we’ll just have to enjoy them one at a time, it seems. (But will the same hold true for Magneto and other characters?)


X-Men Days of Future Past will be in theaters on July 18, 2014.

Source: Empire (via SHH)


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  1. Not surprised… I don’t see how this is shocking, wasn’t expecting anything of the sort.

  2. “we’ll just have to enjoy them one at a time”
    OMG double entendre alert! :D

    • Get Patrick Stewart to repeat that line you quoted and it will be even better.

  3. There’d be too much brain power in the room!

    But it doesn’t matter this movie is doomed already!-(praying that i’m wrong)

    • Whys it doomed? A lot of fans are excited for it.

      • Hey Badger_Mayhew, that’s why I said (I’m praying that I’m wrong). I’m about all things X-Men! Trust me. I am. It’s just the last couple of movies left me disappointed is all.

    • Doomed for people who want an exact replica of the comics rather than a good film with great character development that fits a two hour format.

      • By now its doomed for both of those things.

        • By now, you don´t know that.

        • Well said and true.

  4. Kinda expected, this movie sounds pretty awesome so far!

  5. I’d really like to see Fassbender with grey hair but not yet an old man in a future movie so we can get a House Of M based story or something that would be too physically demanding for Sir Ian McKellen.

    Maybe somehow the older Magneto gets a message to his younger self and that causes the major X-Men stories from the comics to become a movie reality?

    Then again, I’m still hoping to see Messiah Complex turned into a movie and to see Carnage in a Spiderman film so what do I know, right?

  6. Mark my words: They will have scenes together. The actors are just not allowed to tell. I remember an article in Wizard magazine from around the days when Spider-Man 2 was in post production.

    Wizard: “Do you have any scenes together with Doc Ock?”
    Rosemary Harris (Aunt May): “I don´t hink so. I mean, I know so.”

    And, as we all know, she did have a scene with Doc Ock.

    • That they did. We’re just glad it wasn’t a love scene!

  7. Bigger question: Will there be the Jean Grey Message of betrayal of one of their own?

  8. inb4fanboyrage

  9. awww i was looking forward to seeing them sharing scenes together and can someone plz delete these spam comments above me

  10. Oh whatever. Just find a new Rogue and do her character right. And do’nt involve Singer in this, his vision of Rogue is pathetic.

    • Singer never really got to go full circle with his vision of Rogue.(IMHO)
      It seemed to me he was building her up to a bigger role – had Fox allowed him to do X3 his way, we might have seen this. Instead they rushed it with Ratner and got a confusing and disappointing mess of a movie which didn’t really go anywhere. All so that they could compete with Singer’s Superman.

      If there is one Character that needs a decent Reintroduction to the Fox/Marvel Universe it has to be Gambit. poor guy got Taylor “Kitsched!”

  11. I might get in deep CACA for this…but what the heck.
    When the dust settles on this story and the “corrections” are made, all X-fans will be on their feet and deliriously happy to finally see what they have been waiting for since the mutants hit the big screen…if only briefly.


    Nowhereman out

    • Yeah, or not.

  12. I wish bishop was the time traveler like the 90s cartoon. would of been coo. and i wonder if gambit is gana be the assassin.;)

  13. If Bryan Singer could use some of his Usual Suspects plotting skill to make it less of a timelines/franchise corrections task and more of full on film that would suit me fine. Michael Fasbender as Magneto was great and it will be good to see how he develops the character to be even more badass..

    • I wouldn’t expect much character development Xandra this show will be all about the fix. Makes me wonder though where they’ll go afterword’s. Will they use the new cast, the old cast, or both in future stories? It seems to me what they would do is make the first three movies a dead end time line. If that’s the case what does that say about Hugh Jackman’s role?

  14. I want to see Archangel maybe Mystique gives Angel the serum Beast made in first class, and i would love to see James Marsden return as Cyclops,Alan Cummings as Nightcrawler,Blob,Sabretoothe,Juggernaught, and Daniel Cudmore as Colossus. I think Gambits return would be alright, as well as new characters like Sinister,Beak,Apocalypse,Husk,Chamber,Scarlett Witch,Stacy-X,and PSYlocke.

  15. That was the main draw to watch it :D

  16. Once again, looks like te lead Character will be Jackman “Wolverine” and the definate need of a Bishop, the future time traveling mutuant. Who will they get to play him? I woud be awesome if they finally get to introduce Cable from X-Force. He’s one of my fav.s