‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’: New Featurette and MTV Awards Clip Preview

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As Marvel Studios basks in the record-shattering success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Sony prepares the release of their own Marvel-based The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Fox would evidently like to remind the world that they also have a Marvel property in the form of director Bryan Singer’s upcoming, hugely ambitious X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The past week alone has seen the release of a breakdown of the opening sequence, several new featurettes touring the set with Bryan Singer and nine dramatic posters featuring many different cast members (okay, but mostly Wolverine). Fox may not have released quite the same flood of publicity as Sony with their Spidey sequel, but as DoFP‘s release date approaches, they’ve certainly ramped up public awareness.

The PR push continues with a new featurette, once again featuring director Bryan Singer. The studio is putting the filmmaker upfront in a way it never has before with these films – perhaps to tie this entry to the first two Singer X-Men movies in the minds of fans and casual audience members alike, all while stressing the connection to X-Men: First Class (and perhaps distancing it from Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand)You can watch the whole preview above.

Singer talks about this connection, and how one of the reasons he was excited to revisit this universe was the chance to work with the younger cast, combined with a reunion of sorts with the stars of the first two X-Men films. Singer elaborates on why and how the original cast (led by the returning Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan) are joined in Days of Future Past by their First Class counterparts (Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence), saying:

I wanted to try and find a way to combine these two casts. And the subject of time travel has appeared in a number of the X-Men comic books, so it was an obvious choice.

x men days future past previews clips X Men: Days of Future Past: New Featurette and MTV Awards Clip Preview

The featurette includes a fun moment when McAvoy – the younger version of Stewart’s Professor X – geeks out on the commanding presence of Captain Picard the original Charles Xavier. According to Singer, despite having played the role in First Class, this film finds McAvoy coming into his own:

For the younger cast, it wasn’t until they walked onto the blue hallway. Standing next to Hugh Jackman in full Wolverine make-up, James McAvoy said to me: “Wow, now I feel like I’m really in an X-Men movie.”

While there’s a lot on the line with DoFP, this project also seems like a passion project for Singer, who said: “For me, it’s sort of a personal opportunity to reach into the past myself, reunite with old friends.”

While the DoFP trailers have been suitably epic, we haven’t seen too much in the way of standalone clips, which could help zero in on specific aspects of the film’s time-travel plot and members of the film’s massive cast. Well, we’re getting one this Sunday, April 13th, which will premiere during the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Conan O’Brien.

Here is a teaser:

This footage stars Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique, with the tag at the end featuring the metallic snikt! of Wolverine’s claws… despite the fact that he’s got his bone claws here and has apparently been stripped of his adamantium at this point.

While we haven’t really learned much we didn’t already know, there appears to be an attempt to center some of the attention on the characters of Professor X, Magneto and Mystique by providing a glimpse at the shapeshifter in action as well as hinting that the conflict between the three of them may have been affected in unexpected ways by Wolverine’s timeline-jumping consciousness. Expect even more material along these lines as the release date approaches.


X-Men: Days of Future Past will open in 2D and 3D theaters on May 23, 2014.

Source: Fox & MTV

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  1. Anyone else notice in the bottom clip, at the end when Logan lets his claws out, they have the “metal” sound, but it is the bone claws coming out?
    Can you say “oops”! LOL!

    • This Summer, the Summer of 2014 looks to be what the Summer of 2012 should have been. Perhaps more people then will admit were worried about the whole end of the world in 2012 and so we had to move past that year for things to get back on track and since the movie industry takes 1 to 2 years to put out something good from start to finish that would explain why 2013 was not as epic as 2014 looks to be.

      • Wha?

      • What was wrong with the summer that spawned The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises?

    • Guess we’ll have a “bone” to pick with them over that oopsadoozy!

    • Not at all, because the lower portion of the claws are still covered with adamantium and therefore the metallic sound.

    • I did! lol

  2. Come on, guys. It’s McAvoy – NOT MacAvoy. All you have to do is look on IMDb.

    • Oh, and here I thought it was Chips Ahoy! Anyways, whatever..I want a cookie.

  3. I don’t really care what the Guardian says. Those guys are the biggest fanboys of Superman Man of Steel I’ve ever seen. So when the Guardian trashes Spiderman and X-Men Days of Future Past, color me uninterested and unphased. Lets not all forget here that Superman and DC & Warner Brothers also do not like anything that disrupts the status quo. It’s all about the benjamins to them rather than offering a higher message.

    Superman may be powerful, yet he’s also pretty darn xenophobic in how they do not like outsiders. I counted three times in DC comics recently where Superman says ‘Well it’s too bad there is a lot of struggling or starving people but we can’t help them, that’s not really our responsiblity. We have to look out for each other.’ and that is a prime example of Superman promoting status quo. DC and Superman does not like Marvel, never have and the Guardian refuses to admit Man of Steel is just a bad film. It just really is a terrible film! The story is so darn cookie cutter that Clark Kent looks like he belongs on an episode of friends receiving an award from the president. Supes has never had trouble fitting in, he’s always been this cookie cutter guy who got accepted by everybody and that’s another reason why I never bought his figures/comics growing up.

    The X-Men and Spiderman are the total opposite of Superman. They have diversity, they are a bunch of outcasts. They are the OUTCASTS of society. They don’t grovel for big media or money and won’t accept the status quo, this to me is the literal backbone of their characters. It is why they have much wider appeal to people who are different, to the underclass, to those who feel different but don’t give a toss. In fact in the Batman films DC has a scene about an actual town where a murder is going to take place. What the heck is up with that company? Supes would just say they’re just trying to warn people, times will get tough. Heck if I believe that one liner. I think they including many execs at DC, just can’t stand anything that upsets status quo.

    I think they hate diversity, and I can prove it in how they only give one small-time actor a role in Man of Steel. They gave Laurence Fishburne the part of the CEO at Daily Planet, yet gave no part to anyone else from a minority. I believe that they secretly do not wish the X-Men or Bryan Singer to succeed. Well I don’t really care. I’ve been waiting more than 2 years for this movie which is supposed to lead into the fight with Apocalypse. I will bring at least 4 others into see this movie and spread the word. Based on the podcasts I heard this is going to be the best X-Men movie yet. Also as Kinberg is working on the script for X-Men Apocalypse already, it is very possible we will see Sugar Man in the sequel as well as Cyclops, Blink and Nick Fury. I cannot wait for it because the story in X-Men legends is really good and is supposed to be what they’re using as a roadmap. For once there is going to be an X-Men film about Apocalypse and not Magneto and I really think Kinberg will do him justice.

    • Agreed. The Guardian newspaper’s credibility took a huge hit when they admitted they really loved MoS. That was just a bad, over exhausting film.

      I agree on most points you stipulated. They certainly didn’t have valid critiques against Spiderman, given the storyline has always been pretty out there and jumped from scene to scene. Besides that the origin story of Electro is really good. I’m kind of tired of status-quo superheroes after watching three hours of the Dark Knight trilogy, and like you suggest they are cookie cutter fare. Honestly though I’m willig to give Bryan Singer another chance as I think he learned from Bret Ratner’s flop. I think the movie will really surprise people.

      I really cannot wait to see Sunspot on screen in the next two movies!

    • Also don’t forget how Green Lantern, Firefly, Batman and Green Arrow are all pretty boys. It was easy for them to make billions and never feel left out.

      They never had a hard time in their lives and were accepted by society. The boys got super powers sure, but with them came punky attitudes that are stuck up on themselves in my opinion. The exact opposite of Nightcrawler or Wolverine and Wonder Woman wouldn’t allow anyone who looks like nightcrawler on her team.

    • Wow! Can we not just enjoy our comic book based movies (both DC and Marvel) without turning it into a political agenda?

      • Agreed

  4. The only Guardian that is going to be smashing Spider-Man and X-Men… is The Guardians of the Galaxy, and any trashing will be done in the box office.