‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Reveals Nine Very Dramatic New Posters

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X Men Wolverine poster header X Men: Days of Future Past Reveals Nine Very Dramatic New Posters

The X-Men universe has had sequels and it’s had a prequel but now it’s time for what director Bryan Singer refers to as an “inbetweequel” in X-Men: Days of Future Past. As future versions of Professor Xavier and Magneto watch their fellow mutants being persecuted by Sentinels, they resolve to use Kitty Pryde’s abilities to send Wolverine’s mind back into his younger body and prevent the fracture between humans and mutants.

As the above image demonstrates, however, the process isn’t without its dangers for both Kitty Pryde and Wolverine. Kitty can usually only send a person back in time about 15 minutes, and although Wolverine’s healing abilities allow him to survive the long journey into the past, his body will eventually start to break down under the pressure.

We’ve already seen plenty of detailed images of the mutants – both old faces and new – as they appear in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but for those who are seeking the perfect poster to hang up in celebration of the film’s release, there’s a new batch of potential choices now available, courtesy of CBM. Most of them are standard character posters of various mutants in dramatic poses, but some of them are genuinely excellent (click any one to enlarge):

X Men Days of Future Past banner 570x259 X Men: Days of Future Past Reveals Nine Very Dramatic New Posters

X Men Days of Future Past Cast poster 570x829 X Men: Days of Future Past Reveals Nine Very Dramatic New Posters

X Men Days of Future Past Magneto poster 570x830 X Men: Days of Future Past Reveals Nine Very Dramatic New Posters

X Men Days of Future Past Storm and Beast poster 570x830 X Men: Days of Future Past Reveals Nine Very Dramatic New Posters

X Men Days of Future Past Storm and young Xavier 570x844 X Men: Days of Future Past Reveals Nine Very Dramatic New Posters

X Men Days of Future Past Wolverine and Mystique poster 570x829 X Men: Days of Future Past Reveals Nine Very Dramatic New Posters

X Men Days of Future Past Wolverine poster 570x844 X Men: Days of Future Past Reveals Nine Very Dramatic New Posters

X Men Days of Future Past poster Wolverine and Mystique 570x844 X Men: Days of Future Past Reveals Nine Very Dramatic New Posters

X Men Days of Future Past Wolverine title poster 570x876 X Men: Days of Future Past Reveals Nine Very Dramatic New Posters

One thing that immediately stands out about these posters is the emphasis on Wolverine, who only had a brief cameo in X-Men: First Class but more or less takes center stage in X-Men: Days of Future Past as the vessel for a message across time. Wolverine remains the only mutant to have starred in his own series of standalone movies, so it makes sense that he would be, quite literally, the poster child for what is the most expensive X-Men installment yet (and one of the costliest superhero movies to date in general).

The divide between the potentially better future for mutants and the very bad future is also represented strongly, particularly in the final poster. Whether the plan to save the future works out for better or worse in this latest installment, it’s been said that X-Men: Days of Future Past will move all of the pieces into place for X-Men: Apocalypse, so keep a careful eye out for signs of foreshadowing when watching it.


X-Men: Days of Future Past will open in 2D and 3D theaters on May 23, 2014.

Source: Movie Web via CBM

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  1. Can’t wait for Marvel May to come.

  2. I cannot wait for this movie. I have a gleam of hope that we see Cyclops. At least just for a second. If not, he has to make an appearance, if not have a LEAD in X-Men Apocalypse.

    • I meant to say that if Cyclops does make an appearance in Apocalypse, he should be represented as the leader of the team for once. Or at least have a central role in the film. I know Hugh is the poster boy of the film franchise, but c’mon. I think 6 films in 14 years, of Wolverine saving the day is more than enough. Frankly, all I want to see is Scott Summers creating some real destruction with his optic blasts!

      • The button scene at the end will have all the xmen sitting in a living room, just making small talk & Cyclops will walk through the door & say “Did I miss anything ?”


      • He will be in X-Men Apocalypse for sure.

        For those who always complain about Wolverine, why complain about one of the series best tenets?

        Remember if it wasn’t for Wolverine, the X-Men movies would not be as popular. Wolverine is the gateway to the rest of the characters, as if X-Men gets big enough they will do a Cyclops solo film and Magneto solo film too. That’s why I say celebrate the fact they are making Wolverine into a big star.

        • I for sure would love for Fox to start giving Cyclops his due recognition as one of the mainstream X-Men character. But didn’t Singer said Apocalypse will be set in the 70s and is meant to be a continuity of the First Class series? I doubt Cyclops will be included. The only way Cyclops can ever be given a bigger role is if a big name actor is cast as him, one at least one on par with Jackman.

        • I agree about everything else, but there would be no purpose of a solo Cyclops or Magneto film. Magneto’s origins were basically covered in First Class and the only thing probably of note from Cyclop’s origins that we haven’t seen on the big screen is the whole plane crash incident where he lost control of his powers, but we’ve already seen him as a kid in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and he will make a cameo in DOFP, but as his younger self in the past as a kid.

          • Cyclops could work as solo movie easily, because we don’t know next to anything about his past.

            Keep in mind who Cyclops’ father is, being he is Corsair of the Starjammers, and I’m sure Marvel and Fox would be able to appropriately manage his character in a solo film. Lets keep in mind the amount of villains Cyclops can fight, from Warstar all the way to Senyaka, Killgrave and Mr. Sinister. The origin of Cyclops since he got tossed into an orphanage is very important, and even if they don’t follow the comic exactly, we could see that tension and most important huge battles between Cyclops and Sinister. And especially we could see his dad.

            That is what I really desire to see, as it would make a perfect action movie as well as a thriller. It’s up to Fox, but if they approach Cyclops the right way I agree with the others he could be a very big movie box office wise. Again he is the sole reason for the Phoenix saga, so he is a huge player for the X-Men.

            Another one we need a solo movie for who is just as cool as Wolverine, Iceman. If Iceman could carry his own film we could see Polaris and the rest of them, my favorite mutants growing up was definitely Iceman, Wolverine and Gambit.

  3. Wolverine , wolverine everywhere.

    Sony shoulda re-titled it X-men : Wolverine and his b1tches.

    • I meant Fox. My bad.

    • “Wolverine And Friends Travel Through Time.”

      That’s the real name of this film.

  4. those posters are looking awfull :/

    • No, it is not, bo! You silly.

    • I agree with you on the last poster but I really like all the other ones.

    • While not all of them were great, how can you not like the Wolvie disintegrating poster?

      • Agreed, that poster might be my favorite (next to the original posters of Prof. X and Magneto, those were pretty cool too) :D

  5. Why is storm on any of these posters? She is not even a big part of the movie, at least from everything i have read. I would rather see kitty pride since ya know she is the reason that this can even happen. Freakin adding people to a poster because of star power is idiotic.

  6. Wow, some of these posters are fantastic :D

    I don’t really care for the ones that just reuse some of the images of characters we’ve already seen, but some of them really stand out (particularly the one that may be foreshadowing Wolverine getting vaporized by a sentinel). I just hope we get more character posters, but some of these are looking great (definitely more artistic than most Marvel movie posters).

  7. Anyone else notice that Logan has METAL (maybe Adamatium?) claws in the future?

  8. Second poster looks like they are taking a page from the marvel studio poster method. Looks good though. I fall in the category of fans that can’t get enough wolverine. Glad he will be emphasized in this movie as well. Hugh knows the role and delivered IMO the best comic movie of last summer.

    • I second your thoughts here, Jackman is my top choice for best CBM role. Well, maybe second to Heath Leger’s Joker.

  9. Wish they had done Mystiques eyes like the 3rd poster down with her in it.
    White sclera with Yellow iris.
    Every time I see her in the movies the Yellow of her sclera scream cgi.

  10. Some people complain about Mr. Jackman being the main character in the series but I believe that when a person has worked so hard on something and has given their best to achieve success, then why should we complain about it?

    I would rather celebrate it and thank him for taking the role seriously. It will be hard to find a Wolverine like his when the time comes for him to say goodbye.

    • Blah blah blah blah

      • I second that blah blah blah. Lol.

  11. Lol X-men posters = Manly Hugh Jackman + Blue Jennifer Lawrence.

    • Three of these posters don’t even have them in it, and don’t forget that the first two posters for this movie ONLY featured Prof. X and Magneto.

  12. The whole moaning about Wolverine being the star of every X-Men film thing is very old. It’s been going on ever since the very first one and here we are 6 movies later and he’s still the star, obviously that means that no matter how much you guys complain. Fox and whoever directs, writes and produces this films are going to do wth they want to do anyway. Wolverine is w/o a doubt the most popular and marketable X-Man, so it’s really a no-brainer why he has always been the focus of most of these film. So, if Wolverine being the hero all the time bothers you guys so bad then don’t watch the movies anymore, no one’s forcing you. Let us fans, who don’t compare every little decision made in the films to the comic version, enjoy the series for what it’s worth.

    • It’s okay for fans to express what they would want to see in an X-Men film. I mean, you are on Screenrant. Not everyone’s opinion is the same, so why get all up in arms about it? Yes, the whole world knows Hugh is the star of the franchise. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind about that. Just because someone says they’d want to one day see another character, like Cyclops depicted as a true leader on film, doesn’t mean they are less of a fan of the movies as you.

  13. Wolverein an his amazing friends….who will play second fidle to hugh jackman in the remaining movies untill he is finally recast by a younger actor who will be the new star!

    Really im not looking foward to this one. As i like jackman but im rather timed of the over used wolverein..