‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Post-Credits Scene Actor Revealed & Sentinel Art

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Apocalypse X Men Days of Future Past X Men: Days of Future Past Post Credits Scene Actor Revealed & Sentinel Art

[WARNING: The post contains SPOILERS for X-Men: Days of Future Past.]


As has become the norm with comic book movies, X-Men: Days of Future Past features a post-credit stinger intended to tease where the franchise is going next. And, much like how the mid-credit scene for The Avengers featured a tantalizing appearance by Thanos, the scene tacked on to the end of Days of Future Past hinted at another of the X-Men’s most infamous foes.

But unlike Thanos in the MCU – who won’t necessarily be the main antagonist for The Avengers in their sequel, Age of Ultron - the big bad who debuts in the end-credit scene for Days of Future Past is definitely the villain for the next X-film: Apocalypse.

Apocalypse – or rather En Sabah Nur as he’s first known and is in fact called in the post-credit scene - is an extremely formidable villain. He has immense power and unique talents, yet screenwriter Simon Kinberg has promised a multi-faceted villain. Apocalypse will be a “super charismatic leader” and audiences will be “almost empathetic about his motivation.” (Emphasis on the “almost,” surely.)

In that post-credits scene, however, he’s simply a young and gifted En Sabah Nur, who MTV News has revealed was played by Brendan Pedder, an 18-year-old unknown actor from Montreal. Check out a photo of him in costume with director Bryan Singer below:

brenden pedder x men days of future past X Men: Days of Future Past Post Credits Scene Actor Revealed & Sentinel Art

Brendan Pedder with Bryan Singer on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past

Hopefully, the exposure will only boost the young actor’s career – because he will not be back for the sequel. While speaking with Collider, Kinberg confirmed Pedder will most likely not be returning in X-Men: Apocalypse, adding:

“The tag is a tease of Apocalypse’s origin backstory.  It’s not necessarily gonna be a part of the storytelling of the Apocalypse movie.  It was really just to sort of tease for the audience. There’s this new guy out there and he’s coming.”

Kinberg also revealed to Collider they were several versions of the post-credits scene considered before landing on the one we all saw. All of them featured Apocalypse, some were even “reported erroneously online,” but the one in the film wasn’t decided on until near the end of production.

In other Days of Future Past news: the company responsible for the film’s visual effects, Framestore, has released some of the Sentinels’ concept art. The Sentinels’ design was a hot topic before the film’s release, as almost nothing seen in the movie – especially the future sequences – resemble what fans are familiar with from the comics.

However, once said designs have been seen in action, there haven’t been many complaints. Check out a few of Framestore’s concept designs for the future and past Sentinels below:


x men days of future past Sentinel Concept Art 6 X Men: Days of Future Past Post Credits Scene Actor Revealed & Sentinel Art

x men days of future past Sentinel Concept Art 1 X Men: Days of Future Past Post Credits Scene Actor Revealed & Sentinel Art

x men days of future past Sentinel Concept Art 2 X Men: Days of Future Past Post Credits Scene Actor Revealed & Sentinel Art

x men days of future past Sentinel Concept Art 3 X Men: Days of Future Past Post Credits Scene Actor Revealed & Sentinel Art

x men days of future past Sentinel Concept Art 4 X Men: Days of Future Past Post Credits Scene Actor Revealed & Sentinel Art

x men days of future past Sentinel Concept Art 5 X Men: Days of Future Past Post Credits Scene Actor Revealed & Sentinel Art

It’s interesting to notice how little the design for the Sentinels varied from concept to final design. Clearly, there was always a strong vision about how they would appear right from the start.

What did you think of the Sentinels in X-Men: Days of Future Past? Did their design suit their function? And, knowing that Brendan Pedder won’t be returning – and the Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse will likely be more mature – what sort of an actor do you have in mind for the eponymous role in the next X-Men film? Fire away with your choices in the comments below!


X-Men: Days of Future Past is currently in theaters; X-Men: Apocalypse is scheduled to premiere on May 27, 2016.

Sources: MTV News, Collider

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  1. The issue with En Sabah Nur should not be his colour but that he SPEAKS ARABIC and has an ARABIC NAME!!! This is set a few THOUSAND YEARS before the rise of Islam…which is when the arabs left the peninsula and began to conquer and spread their language. It makes no sense. He shouldn’t speak arabic!!!Gahhh

    • Well, that’s Hollywood! At least his language is consistent with the geography, if not with history, unlike certain Norse gods who speak modern english.

    • It premise is from a comic book, not real life. It’s a movie my friend! Learn the difference

  2. Very clever to add a spoiler warning BELOW a pic of said spoiler.

  3. The most important aspect about Apocalypse is his appearance. If people at Marvel/Disney will portray Thanos the way he should be, why wouldn’t Apocalypse look the same? We know that in his early stages he resembled a human being until he found the Celestials ship. I would not mind the producers at Fox using CGI to make him look as he does in the comics. I hope it is as good as DoFP.

  4. Did anyone notice how the future sentinels main beam weapon that emanated from a socket formed after their face peeled back, looked strangely like that of the destroyers from Thor?

    Perhaps that aspect of the sentinels was confiscated from shield…(yes I know the franchises are owned by different film companies…and that really sux as we are not likely to see cross-overs in what is supposed to be the same comic book universe)


  5. Looks like Singer’s type and may be the reason they screwed En Sabah Nur up. This boy looks nothing like him, the one I saw in the comics was far more menacing. This is just disappointing. But I suppose they are going to make Apocalypse CGI anyway so they don’t care how he looked before. It shows a lot in that clip……

    • Stay classy bro.

      • Reading the other comments I am not the only one who thought so.

    • They intended to make him look young….
      almost a child and yet very powerfull.

      I was thrilled when i saw that clip in the theater !!
      if a little boy is this powerfull, what if he is an adult and has full control over his powers?

      i think that is what they wanted to show and that is why this young actor probably wont come back
      because what Apocalypse will be like eventually we dont know yet

      • I still think they should have gone with him being older. Actually this clip will be pretty pointless because how far will they delve into Apocalypse’s history really? A clip here or there of him when he was young and that’s it. With his history you would need a heck of a lot of screen time to cover it. I really hope this doesn’t turn out ot be a big disappointment.

        • You’re so ignorant
          Apocalypse wasn’t born a 400 foot tall, bass-mouthed, linebacker looking, bald behemoth
          He is a human. He was born a child and aged like a human. And the fact that you called him “En sabah nur” makes you look like a poser that got your info from Wikipedia. En Sabah Nur isn’t his name; it means “The First One”. Stay away from threads. And don’t have kids, either

          • I will admit I Apocalypse is someone I have been familiarizing myself with in the comics since Age of Apocalypse. Where I live there were no stores selling them so I missed out on a lot of his origin stories. Does that make me a poser? No, it just means I am just now learning about his history. Glad to see even among comic nerds some of you can be so understanding.

            • Don’t listen to that “another name for rooster”-hound [Son of a big boos]. He is the poser because he didn’t create a god dang thing. It is reading them like the rest of us. You refer to Apocalypse however you want to. My only problem is all the Egyptians were black so why is this not black lightskinned boy playing the part? The arabs that are there now are not the group that were there before. Look at the hieroglyphs people! Ugh. If they don’t change this I say burn dude at the stake.

              • Egyptians were black? Where did that come from? Nubians, who ruled them for a brief period of time, were. If you follow your own advice and look at the hyeroglyphs, you’ll see that egyptians were portrayed in a variety of colors ranging from yellow ochre to rusty brown, with the “main sequence” actually being red ochre. This is several shades lighter than the dark brown the painters should have used if they were black.

                • Well,they definitely weren’t white lol

            • All of you are without insight. In death he has a name. His name is Robert Paulson.

          • That was DEEP…

      • yeh I’m interested in who are gonna be his horsemen obviously they had make him young about time they did apocalypse i just pray he is good he’s my favorite x-men villain

  6. Is that the boy Bryan Singer molested? What a whack job. The 70′s Sentinels look stupid too.

  7. I can really see the actor who played Bane doing a really good job.

    • Tom Hardy

  8. Is that the boy bryan singer molested? What a whack job. The sentinels look lame too.

    • I guess writing the same garbage under a different name is supposed to give the accusation weight? Here’s a tell…when one has to resort to exaggeration to point out a problem or invent personas to give the illusion of wider criticism it means that the problem or issue is not that bad.

  9. Hmm Young attractive male. WOnder how he got the job considering SIngers’ past.

  10. where’s Singers other hand! haha

  11. They better use Archangel, Sinister, and Juggernaught to get him on the right path for these films. last time we saw Juggernaught made me laugh in a bad way. Archangel was one of the best stories with him, Sinister, and Apocalypse as a team. I have a bad feeling Wolverine will replace Archangel, or maybe Gambit. The only way to bring Archangel in is with Apocalypse, so if they do not there is no need to ever use Angel in the films again. really Apocalypse made Angel an interesting character the way certain characters play off each other is what make them interesting, like Gambit and Rogue made each other better characters. Anyways maybe the story could end with Sinister, and Archangel taking over for Apocalypse or something and Cyclops could then become the main character of that sequel, along with Storm, Jean, Gambit, and Beak. without Rogue I do not know how Gambit will be what we all like him for their love story, and their abilities.

  12. cannot wait to see what they do with Nightcrawler, Gambit, Cyclops, Juggernaught, Sinister, and ARCHANGEL. Still wanting my Beak, and Husk cameo’s too.

  13. Stop whining about a 30 sec post-credit scene. Boo hoo, get over it. It’s meant as a tease. Wait for the finished product before you complain. Get over yourselves.

  14. Some of these comments disgust me it has already been proven that singer was no were near Hawaii when the accuser was raped , and the accuser has already admitted that he lied about singer being there so before we jump on the whole singer is a pedo-bear bandwagon remember it is innocent until proven guilty. And Second of all I dont care who plays Apocalypse as long as they look good in make up and are physically imposing Im fine with whomever oh and costumes I want to see some colorful ass costumes.

    • IRL, people already are hardly able to shed their preconceived notions about others, no matter how much you prove them wrong. Did you really expect the interwebz to make more sense?

  15. I could tell his skin was paint but besides that the scene was still VERY cool to witness. To imagine a kid that powerful? It’s insane. Now i do agree with what “666″ had to say, bout how they used a really young version of apocalypse. They wanted to give that thought out that he is already powerful while young…just imagine what he’ll be capable of when he’s older AND when he gets hold of the celestials armor an such. This cinematic universes version of Thanos. I have a good feeling about this next xmen film.

  16. I was really excited to see apocalypse and the four Horsemen standing in the background. That post credits scene has the recipe for something truly epic!

    • I know!
      It was really interesting and good that they had added that scene in there cuz i predict that he will not be shown as a child in Xmen: Apocalypse. Apocalypse will most likely be seen as an aggressive,smart an grown version of apocalypse. I would like for this to be a dark(er) version of the other Xmen films especially for wolverines cause. This is supposed to be a HUGE happening in the Xmen cinematic universe of the Xmen. So i believe that this film should go out with a ‘BANG!’ so to speak…
      It’s just good to see some action and view of his younger form in action so we’d at least get a decent idea of how this could play out, ya know?
      It’s just cool to get a quick little back story visual of Apocalypse.

  17. The actor who should play the eponymous role in the next X-Men film is me! I am an aspiring actor and would love to be apart of the franchise. E-mail me for any questions.

    • Wishing for you to succeed Kevin Jr.

      Even Josh Helman (William Styker) was just once like you. Watching X-Men movies and hope to be in it. And what do you know? He’s in DoFP!

      Looks like dreams really do come true in this “real” world :)

    • You already are apart. What you want is to be part of it. Also, not giving your e-mail makes it a little hard for people to contact you, you know. Not that you’ll likely get the part by advertizing yourself here anyway, but still…

  18. I hope the Apocalypse movie starts with Apocalypse finding the Celestial technology before everything else.
    it would suck if the first big part of the movie only focus on the x-men and especially Wolverine or that we see only Apocalypse in his human form only.

  19. Tom Hardy should play Apocalypse based on looks alone. He also made a good bane and I think that would carry over to this character.

    • No Wesley Snipes, The Rock or Lawrence Fishburne! They would look the part.

      • Do you guys realize he is Egyptian? None of those you mentioned even remotely looks the part.

  20. Being a critic of Singer’s work is one thing, but getting into all of this stuff about these allegations just feeds into the some people’s dislike for other people’s lifestyle. If he did something illegal and it can be proven in court, then he will have to pay the price. Otherwise it is all just rumors, and if people were honest with themselves if half of the things people in the entertainment industry did was publicized nobody would go to movies, watch television or anything else. Maybe then reading would make a comeback, well writers are a weird bunch too so I guess everyone is SOL…..

  21. I know he’s a terrible actor, but wouldn’t Batista make a good looking Apocalypse? I like Tom Hardy, but can we stop these actors from jumping universes?(talking to u Ben Aflec) And Apocalypse is not known for his hansom face, so Hardy may not fit the bill. No homo…

  22. What can I say, the kid was hot and had buttcheeks like two balloons rubbing together

    • hahahaaha! Whoever did it. That made me feel again! lol

    • Who would the actors be for the X-Men if Marvel/Disney was getting their hand back on the property and rebooted it?

  23. I’m a purist. Nick fury is supposed to be white and Apocalypse is supposed to be black. What is soo hard about people doing it the right way? Regardless of what white people think. There were NO white egyptians except the Jews that were in the country or traders from other lands! So Apocalypse needs to reflect his true heritage.

    • Actually, Jews weren’t white either and our boy Apo here is supposed to be Egyptian. Egyptians (if you refer to how they represented both themselves and black peoples like the Nubians in their paintings) were not black. And the actor, even if he has a very much anglo-saxon name, does look middle-eastern, though I agree they could have cast someone with a slightly darker complexion.

  24. Nada makes some good points. For sheer size, Robert Maillet as Apocalypse. For complexion and athletic ability, perhaps Dwayne Johnson. Or, to go way out on the figurative limb, David Robinson (yes, the former NBA star). Before slamming me hard, get a side by side of Apocalypse and Robinson…it’s NOT that much of a stretch solely on appearances…

  25. I bet all he had to do to get the part was bend over and touch his toes into front of a pantsless Brian Singer…

  26. the soldiers are most likely in the pictures to show how large the Sentinels would be. it’s all for measure. people or human silhouettes appear in almost all sentinel concept art just to show their height and composture.