‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Teaser Photos Hints at Peter Dinklage’s Character?

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Peter Dinklage Face Scars Game of Thrones season 3 X Men: Days of Future Past Teaser Photos Hints at Peter Dinklages Character?

It’s become abundantly clear in the last year that the world of comic book movies has changed in the wake of The Avengers. While Warner Bros. and DC look to jumpstart their shared movie universe with next month’s Man of Steel, Fox and Sony are taking matters into their own hands with the X-Men and Spider-Man franchises, respectively.

Casting announcements for both Marvel properties have run rampant for months now, but while Sony has been revealing which iconic characters the Amazing Spider-man 2 actors will be portraying, Fox has taken quite the opposite approach with regard to its new cast additions for next year’s time-bending mutant adventure X-Men: Days of Future Past.

We’ve known for a while that Hugh Jackman and virtually the entire cast of the X-Men film trilogy are set to join the principal characters of First Class. Neither Fox nor director Bryan Singer have announced who any of the new cast members are playing, leading to no small amount of guesswork on the part of sites like ours.

However, Singer himself recently took to Twitter to reveal what may be the latest clue about who Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage will play. Here’s Singer’s tweet followed by the accompanying image:

The above photo may not seem immediately forthcoming as far as the identity of Dinklage’s character. Yet, it’s worth mentioning that Dinklage himself seems to be sporting a thick mustache that just so happens to reflect the comic book depiction of Bolivar Trask. In the comics, Trask was the man responsible for the creation of the mutant-hunting robots known as Sentinels, and it’s been heavily speculated that Dinklage will be playing the main villain of Days of Future Past, which is expected to prominently feature The Sentinels.

Bolivar Trask X Men 570x378 X Men: Days of Future Past Teaser Photos Hints at Peter Dinklages Character?

It’s starting to look more and more likely that Dinklage – as has long been rumored – will be playing the X-Men movie universe version of Trask, but there’s one problem with that. The character has already been included in a previous X-Men film. Bill Duke portrayed Trask in X-Men: The Last Stand as the Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security and, in that regard, has already gone up against Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants, at least to some extent.

Bolivar Trask X men The Last Stand X Men: Days of Future Past Teaser Photos Hints at Peter Dinklages Character?

The two actors clearly bear no resemblance, but Trask’s role in Last Stand was minimal at best. Considering that the film is widely regarded among the weakest entries in the X-Men franchise, it is possible that Singer has merely opted to ignore his appearance in that film as a canonical part of Days of Future Past. On the other hand, he could also embrace that the character was introduced and simply redefine him for this story. However, such an approach would seem contrary to Singer’s intention of cleaning up a few of the continuity issues plaguing the existing films.

Do you think Singer’s tweet implies that Dinklage is playing Trask, or do you need more evidence to convince you? Let us know in the comments what you hope to see in X-Men: Days of Future Past.


X-Men: Days of Future Past stars franchise newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart and Fan Bingbing, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, and Daniel Cudmore.

The Wolverine releases July 26th, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on July 18th, 2014 and Fantastic Four on March 6th, 2015.

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    • that is exactly what i think. how clueless is this guy to not even mention the obvious. granted nothing is gaurenteed until it hits the screen but C’MON,DUDE. you need someone else to do the reporting on this one cause you dont have clue one pal.

      • didnt even need “the hidden message”. common sense says PUCK. here is the real question. sony owns the rights to THE X-MEN as of right now. does that extend to all of the mutant offshoot titles and characters? if it does then PUCK is not only the obvious choice for Dinklage to play but really great casting. love the imp! great actor. he is the epitome of someone being larger then life. and because it obviously cant be said enough,GET A CLUE YANIZ!

        • It’s Fox, and they own ALL mutants in Marvel’s library :)

          The exceptions are Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch who Marvel can use as well, but not as mutants or children of Magneto.

          • Exactly, all mutants. Hence not Puck.

          • id still love to see Sony and Marvel share some of the characters.
            as far as i know, quicksilver will be in a Marvelmovie (prolly avengers2), even tho he belongs to the Mutants.
            would be awesome to see some kind of crossover there.
            the last thing fans want is the same character in different movies being played by different actors cause the studios cant work together.

            • Quickie and sis, besides being mutants, also are significant Avengers cherished by the fans. Whedon is a fan. ‘Nuff said.

              I seriously doubt Marvel Studios are willing to cast Evan Peters, considering how Bryan Singer backstabbed them with this stinky move. And honestly, Fox has screwed up so many things in their X-Men franchise that I really don’t give a f*ck anymore (except about the upcoming Wolvie flick).

      • Yeah, Puck has that mustache too. I thought I was losing my mind.

        • You guys might be forgetting one tiny detail: Puck’s not a mutant.

          • Why is that a big deal?  Honestly, if he does end up being Puck (which is still tone determined) I feel he’ll be a much more subdued version of the character.  Dinklage doesn’t have the same muscular proportion as the comic book character.  I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but it might look a little silly or demeaning to see him, as he looks now, doing cartwheels all over the place.

            • In the 5 X-movies released as of now, we haven’t seen one single superpowered being who wasn’t a mutant. I know, you might say they just could change his origin like they did with Juggernaut, who wasn’t originally a mutant either, but honestly, casting Dinklage as Puck would be a little too obvious (“- Hey guys, we got ourselves a dwarf actor here. – Oh really? OK then, let’s make him play Puck!”). Also, making him portray such a second-tier character would be an insult to his acting talent. The guy deserves a leading role. Him playing the main villain is a much more plausible idea.

              • Then, it seems, you and I are in complete agreement.

              • I’m not going to claim I’ve read all of the Alpha Flight books, but I did read the last 2 volumes. Puck pretty much owns that title. He is the only character worth reading it for. So, being on a team of mutants, having close ties to Wolverine, and pretty much being a hard-drinking, hard-fighting baddass, I think it would be great if he was cast as Puck. Semantics mean nothing in the Fox X-World. Also, Puck is in the new Uncanny X-Force & they usually introduce the characters in bigger titles when the movies are going to introduce them to the world.

                • Maybe he owns it but he’s a minor character in the Marvel world, as is Alpha Flight, which by the way is not a team of mutants. Why did they include him in Uncanny X-Force? Aren’t all the X titles supposed to be about mutants?

                  • Alpha Flight has mutants and other supers. Regardless, they are always linked with Wolverine. I know Puck is a minor character but he is a baddass. He may even start as a villain as he was possessed by a demon for a while.

                    He’s in X-Force because he is awesome. X titles have often had non-mutants highlighted in them. Honestly, it may be better that he is not well known bc they can change his origins and not many will care.

                    I’m psyched but I’m easily entertained.

                    • I never said Alpha Flight didn’t include mutants, just that it wasn’t a team of mutants.
                      Anyway, we’ll see who he’s gonna play but to be honest, I’ll be disappointed if they give him the much too obvious role of Puck. That would be somewhat insulting to Dinklage both as a human being and as an actor. They should be smarter than that.

                    • Good old Judd doesn’t have to be a mutant to be featured alongside (and ruined by) the X-men Film franchise… after all, look at Deadpool (No most of you, he’s not… look it up)

                      Beyond that, I’d imagine Fox’s interpretation of ownership or use probably based on where characters made their first appearance. In which case Puck and the earliest incarnation of Alpha Flight would be fair game.

                      I think it’d be great of them to cast Dinklage in a role that has absolutely nothing to do with his size, but I don’t have that much faith in studios.

                      I love Puck and Dinklage looks like a badass version in that photo, but I also have little faith that Fox will do the character any justice. Anymore, I think of Fox as just racing against the clock to try to ruin as many X-Characters as they can before audiences lose interest.

                      This just in: Fox Studios as a whole have been signed to play Nimrod the mutant killing sentinel.

                    • That photo is not an on-set photo. We have now seen an actual on-set photo of him in a tailored suit, which screams more Trask than Puck.

              • That is another aspect of the debate. Dinklage is riding a wave of popularity besides being an excellent actor. I don’t think they’d waste that cachet on a minor character like Puck. I also kind of think he wouldn’t do it. “You want me to play a superhero just because we’re both dwarfs?”

                • Why not? He played Tyrion Lannister because they’re both dwarves.

                  • Tyrion’s dwarfism is essential to the character’s psyche, so he needs to be played by a dwarf. I doubt the same can be said about Puck, who’s basically a tough gymnast. He might as well be played by a normal-sized guy – or girl for that matter, his daughter having taken his mantle while he was believed dead. Anyway, this whole discussion is pointless now since it appears Dinklage won’t be playing Puck.

            • Right. And Kelsey Grammer was such a HUGE mistake for Playing Beast. I mean, he’s not muscular and he’s bald!

              …Oh wait… They couldn’t have picked a better person to play Beast.

          • I see now, the whole topic was about the misconception of Puck as a mutant. Apologies, please disregard my first sentence. I stand by the rest.

          • Neither is Juggernaut!

          • Neither is Juggernaut.

            • Yeah, I already said that. Before responding to a post, you guys should read the subsequent replies.

    • tomtom… I wouldn’t say you are a 100% correct… but, as soon as I saw Dinklage’s name, I thought of Puck.

      Unfortunately, sticking to story lines is not any of the Marvel super hero movies’ fortes. So, him playing Trask is in play too.

      As much as I like Dinklage… I think Martin Klebba would be a better cast for this role. And, he seems to be light years ahead of Dinklage in athleticism for the role. But, that’s just my opinion.

      • Richard, your info doesn’t seem to be up-to-date. It is now known that Dinklage will indeed play Bolivar Trask.

  1. Dinklage may share a height distinction with Puck, but that alone does not mean that this is the part he’s playing. In fact, it goes against consistent reports that he will play the lead villain. In a story focused largely on Sentinels, it’s not much of a leap to think that Trask would likely to be included somehow. To the point about Singer’s hidden message, the film is currently filming in Canada so perhaps taking it as a reference to Puck’s roots is a bit of a stretch. Granted, anything’s possible at this point. Stay tuned!

    • Yeah, if you want my honest opinion, the tweet is meant to be taken at face value and not meant to be dissected for clues about the possible identity of Dinklage’s character. And Festie, if Dinklage is indeed playing Trask, or anyone other than Puck for that matter, I think you owe Robert a big apology.

  2. What about MasterMind?

    • I thought that Jason Stryker in X2 was the “X-Men movie universe’s” version of Mastermind (his mutant powers coupled with the name of Jason [as Mastermind's name is Jason Wyngarde]).

  3. One of Bryan Singers only redeeming qualities is he is relatively true to the X-Men characters looks. He wouldent cast Peter as Boliver trask…there are no similarities there whatsoever.

    I agree with everyone else…Its a spot on guess that hes playing Puck who was involved in DOTFP storyline. The glaring question I think everyone wonders is will we see a cameo from Alpha Flight???

    • Did you just write this and then go to another article to complain about Mystique’s design in the movies being different and uglier than her comic book design?

      • key word was “relatively” true…could they have improved on her looks after 4 friggin movies…hell yes, like I said Bryan Singer has remained “Relatively” true to the looks of the X-men Characters.

        • Well, I am still going to have to respectfully disagree, at least on your claim of Singer’s casting tendencies.  A very popular debate is that Hugh Jackman is about a foot taller than his comic book counterpart.   Also, a more than “relative” departure is his casting of spry martial artist Ray Park as Toad, who in the comics is usually portrayed as a very stout, grotesque individual.
          My point is, love him or hate him, Bryan Singer strikes me as a very passionate director who often thinks outside of the box, and therefor would not let a thing like Peter Dinklage’s dwarfism get in the way of casting him in a part that traditionally is not a little person, especially if he was the best actor for the part.
          Now having said all that…I wasn’t very familiar with the character of Puck, and after getting a look at him, I would say Dinklage’s mustache would probably bettor support his casting as that character rather than Trask.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

          • I would agree with Speshlk37, not only were the the first movie’s characters cherry picked and loosely based on the comic characters, casting was rather loose, even beyond Wolverine’s traditional height.

    • Oh, I have to disagree. Singer has strayed greatly in a lot of his characterizations. Why would a dwarf actor HAVE to play the only dwarf mutant when Wolverine was played by a man 6’2″ tall? Mystique wasn’t old enough. He ignored Wolverine & Sabertooth’s connection even though it was known long before the movie was made. He totally rewrote Mastermind, if that is indeed who Stryker’s son “Jason” was. He had to excise Rogue’s Ms. Marvel powers, although that’s understandable.

  4. Puck houses a Demon inside him thus the possible Villian connection

  5. not for nothing, though a nice twist and i love Dinklage, the main villain should not be Trask or the sentinels or even Magneto again. the X-men have such a rich history to explore especially when time travel is part of the story that villains come very clear. Where’s Apocalypse? a great way to set up why Cyclops was missing is clearly Mr. Sinister? I won’t say Dinklage is obviously Puck just because of his stature, but that big mustache…kinda sells it. i could see Puck still bein around at the end of days. We’ll see i guess, but come on Fox, get the ball rolling on these other villains that exist, not all of the X-men villains are humans or Magneto.

  6. Even, call him Oliver Brask – the reference will still be as evident.

  7. I am not sure why Dinklage would be wasted in a role like that. There are other characters with mustaches and to assume Trask without further evidence is silly.

    • Evidence 1: He’s likely to play the villain.
      Evidence 2: There will be sentinels.
      Do the math. In light of what has surfaced until now, this is somewhat more plausible than him playing Puck.

  8. I think it has to be Puck, but he would make a great Modok as well

  9. I still think he’s Trask. Let’s not forget how Harvey Dent went from Billy Dee Williams to Tommy Lee Jones within the same franchise. But it IS interesting that his character is named on the IMDb page. Why is it so important to them to keep this a secret?

    • Sorry…I meant that his character ISN’T named on IMDb. Ooops.

  10. If Dinklage is playing Puck. I have this to say:

    Fuuuuuuck yeeeeeeeaaahhhhhH!!!!!


  11. I think they should go ahead with the serious tone. Camp – even the tolerably & novel kind – looks a lot better on paper than it does in execution (and that is the only explanation for why Batman & Robin even happened. For non die-hard Dark Knight fans, a campy Batman does sound like an interesting novelty on paper)…

    Chu delivered a pretty neat “G.I. Joe – Retaliation”, by the way. Curious to see what he’ll do with this….

  12. Well, Considering that a different Kitty Pride was used in the first 3 X men movies, this will not shock me at all…

  13. see what people never realise about marvel is that their are countless universes. it doesnt matter what has happened in the past films because we might not be in the same universe. just a parallel one. e.g x men first class xavier looses ability to walk. x men origins wolverine hes old but can walk. its because its a different universe

  14. Trask? That is probably the biggest stretch I’ve ever seen. “He has a mustache… TRASK. HE MUST BE TRASK.”

    That’d be the equivalent of saying he’s playing Cyclops because he has brown hair. This was a complete waste of article. Brian Singer was OBVIOUSLY hinting at something with the tweet. A FLIGHT back to MONTREAL (Canada)… ALPHA FLIGHT will be in this film. Who is a… vertically challenged hero, in some relation to the X-Men (Alpha Flight), and is likely to make an appearance? Puck!

    Come on guys, get your sh** together.

    • Wow, and you were saying…? Looks like you were a bit too clever for your own good, and they were just, well, on a flight back to Montreal. I think we know who’s got their sh** together now.

    • Please explain how a mustachioed Dinklage playing Trask would be more of a stretch than him playing Puck because he’s a dwarf?

      The flight to Montreal means the movie is shot there, period. Infering a connection to Alpha Flight IS one hell of a stretch.

      Also, we have seen an on-set picture of Dinklage in a tailored suit, which is more in line with Trask than with Puck.

      • …and you’re forgetting two tiny details: he’s rumored to play the villain and Sentinels will be involved.

  15. mutant x perhaps?

  16. Oh lord! Way the frack are they letting Singer into the franchise again?! We had to endure the steaming pile that was X3 BECAUSE of him! He just up and left to do his lackluster Superman film! THHHHUPT!

    What was wrong with First Class? At first I was upset that they wern’t going to use the original team in First Class. But it turned out to be such a fresh direction to take the franchise, I ended up liking it. bringing Singer and the Trilogy cast back and blending the two? This can’t possibly work. First they killed all my hopes of seeing the Dark Phoenix Saga on the big screen, now Singer and the execs are going to muder one of the other great X-Men storylines. This is depressing!

    End of rant.

  17. I doubt it’s Puck. A better guess would be Mastermind. He could then be a villain unlike Puck who is a hero.

    • They already sorta did a version of Mastermind with the story of Stryker’s son.

  18. Only an someone who has never read any comics ever would say that Dinklage looks like Trask and not Puck.

    There are not other options: Dinklage will play Puck, and he looks perfect.

    • Bochs, maybe you should check the more recent news before horning in your unlikely certainties. I believe it’s more or less settled now that he probably won’t play Puck and is more likely to play Trask.
      Evidence 1: this photo is NOT an on-set pic; the actual on-set pic that has surfaced after the publication of this post shows Dinklage in a tailored suit, which rings more true to Trask than Puck.
      Evidence 2: Dinklage apparently plays the main villain.
      Evidence 3: Sentinels will be involved.
      If he turns out not to be Trask, he probably will be a very similar character.