Ben Foster Willing to Suit Up as Angel for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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X-Men: Days of Future Past is already well into production and Ben Foster isn’t on the roster. His character, Warren Worthington III, also know as Angel, was introduced in Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand, but, unlike co-stars Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Halle Berry (Storm), Patrick Stewart (Professor Charles Xavier), Rogue (Anna Paquin), Shawn Ashmore (Iceman), Ellen Page (Kitty Pryde), Daniel Cudmore (Colossus), and Ian McKellen (Magneto), he is not reprising his role in Bryan Singer’s May 23, 2014 release.

No need to launch into a tirade against X-Men: The Last Stand, but even though the film has its problems, one of which is the underuse of Foster’s Angel, the character still makes an impact. We may only get a fraction of the tale of the heir to the Worthington Industries fortune, but when you see a poor little boy trying to cut off a gift that his father deems a forbidden abnormality, only to ultimately spread his wings, blast through a window and fly away, you’re bound to get chills.

With X-Men: Days of Future past fresh on the brain from the film’s incredible display at San Diego Comic Con and the new viral marketing campaign, while discussing his new movie, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, touching on the possibility of bringing Angel back to the big screen was a must.

Ben Foster XMen Last Stand Ben Foster Willing to Suit Up as Angel for X Men: Days of Future Past

When asked if he’d been approached to reprise the role in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Foster simply replied, “No,” and when asked if he’d be interested in doing so, he joked and said:

 “Yeah, sure. If they gave me some feathers, I’d jump around, sh*t on some busses.”

Clearly Foster is just having some fun with the idea, but who wouldn’t watch an “X-Men” spoof featuring all of the original trilogy’s dumped characters? We could have Angel doing his business on buses, Pyro (Aaron Stanford) lighting more flying cars or farts on fire and Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming) trying to teleport his way onto the Days of Future Past set.

But seriously, an Angel appearance in the X-Force movie­, should that take off, could be a viable option. He doesn’t make an appearance until Volume 3, but seeing him have his wings ripped out could make for a vicious visual and then having him turn into the Archangel in a fit of rage could make for exciting arc.

What do you think? Do you want Angel to return to the X-Men film franchise?


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  1. Archangel, YES!

  2. I was thinking X-Force when I first started reading the article.

    • Would LOVE him to be in x-Force

  3. It’s amazing how these actors will go through many lengths to get into a movie.

    So, Ben Foster REALLY wants to be in “X Force.” Errr, but Ben, no one even knows if ‘Angel’ is in the ranks. (Hopefully not)

    Same thing with Michael Rosenbaum. He REALLY thinks he would be the BEST Lex Luthor in “MOS 2/ Superman vs Batman.”

    Bryan Cranston was ASKED if he’d be willing to play Lex Luthor and he’s all for it.

    And as far as Mark Strong is concerned, we’re all still looking at this “space” –> ______.

    As I recall, before MAN OF STEEL went into production, Kevin Spacey said he would love to reprise his role as Lex.

  4. Yes!!! Love Ben Foster and Angel is my fave x-man. Yeah, Ive said it. I really need to see him back on the franchise and to share screentime with Cyclops, Rogue, Kurt and the rest.

    • Cyclops for sure, and I think they cold still find room for Rogue and Nightcrawler as well, yes indeed.

  5. For some reason that pic of Angel made me think of an underwear add, and the guy is angry because his shorts are too tight….

  6. I’ll never understand how Ratner and crew gave him such a short role, when the main plot of the movie was the cure.

    Rogue and Angel should have shared one beautiful scene, meeting each other and sharing their feelings. It would have been a special moment to me, and a nod to 90′s show too.

  7. sure he wants in. guy hasn’t done anything since Alpha Dog

    • That’s a joke I’m sure. 310 To Yuma, 30 Days Of Night, Contraband…

    • No way. Watch The Messager. Woody Harrelson is great too in that film.

  8. Id like to see him turn to Archangel & work with Apocalypse against the X-Men. I love this line from the 90′s animated X-Men series.

    Archangel: Who dares challenge the Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse?

    Wolverine: The X-Men do bub!

    • Yeah, that would be cool. Archangel and Wolverine as two of the Four Horsemen again. Always wanted to see that in live action.

      • Well, we do need to see Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister at some point in time.

  9. NO! Angel was two EMO in my opinion and Ben Foster was too short there was nothing joyous or lighthearted about his portrayal. Fox shot itself in the foot with this approach because they’re basically would be no transformation into the darker archangel because he was already too EMO. Characters need an arc is all I’m saying….

    • This site needs a “like” button.

      Oh well, +1 then.

    • This. The only thing Angel was good for in that movie was to show his wings and pose majestically. Ugh, we should have had Gambit, not that lameass.

  10. Bring the mutant massacre to film complete with Angel’s wing amputation, then his transformation into Archangel.

  11. If they were to write another character in at this point it would just add to notion this movie is over crowded and random.

  12. West Bromwich Albion!! ohh wait…. sorry…. Archangel Yeah!!

  13. There is something about a guy with wings that makes me warm and fuzzy all over

  14. Why does FOX have to “sh*t on” Angel!?! So sad that he’s underused in the movies.

    Foster’s comment is awesome btw!

  15. I’d be up for that. I really enjoyed the scenes he was in in The Last Stand.

    • me too. I wanted to see Angel having one dialogue scene with another xman, something more intimate, with great dialogue, u know. Either Kurt or Rogue. Singer would have done something great with them.

      and of course joining the x-men on the jet to flight to Alcatraz. I hate how he stayed on the school. f*** Brett Ratner

      • The novelization of The Last Stand was sooooo much better. Angel hung out with Bobby and actually joined the X-men.

        • oh, I remember something involving Bobby, but its being a loooong time, lol.

          I just shouldnt think too much about X3 possibilities because it ends hurting

  16. foster’s done Broadway since alpha dog, taking over for Shia lebeouf went lebeouf stormed off a production. foster playing angel/archangel would be great. dude was terrific in 3:10 to Yuma.

    • Word

  17. “I’d jump around, s*** on some busses.” Just for that, I hope all of his dreams come true.

  18. I have been pleading for this from day one! I even tweeted Singer about it. He seems to have no use for Angel at all. Didn’t use him in X-men 1 or 2, and is pretty much the only character from The Last Stand he doesn’t want in this movie.

  19. i would like to see him in X-Men Days of Future Past and maybe any with Apokalypse because Arkangel is obsessed with killing him

  20. Yes, as the archangel along w/the four horseman story line. That would be awesome!

  21. Warren’s tale soars and dives.

    Mister Sinister’s maurauders were killing every morlock hiding in the tunnels under New York. The X-men intervene, X-factor as well… Harpoon impales Warren through his wings.

    months later, infection is spreading, Cameron Hodge (apparent friend) convinces warren to amputate. He does and goes into a fit of depression and not even the lovely Candy Southern can ease his pain.

    Then he kills himself in a plane crash.

    Then Apocalypse attacks New York, Caliban has replaced the late angel and the four horsemen are introduced and its… Warren! He is Death! with bladed wings that shoot! wtf!

    Yeah that was some moment in the comics when it happened. wow.

  22. to answer the question……heck hell yes! I understand why Angel/Archangel has not had a huge role in any of the X films due to the difficulty of producing his character and doing his character justice as far as what he can do, he would be the first character to fly on the regular outside of the few times Storm raises herself to the sky. Angel has gotten the least of luv out of the 5 original X Characters…….Really I would love to see him get his own film similar to The Wolverine and Wolverine Orgin b/c bringing Angel to film would be one of the most challenging things that Marvel could do, not to mention if he’s Archangel in the film… becomes like “Wolverine who?, wtf is this guy?”….just saying the imagery and fighting scenes would be awesome!

  23. HORRIBLE costume. I’ve seen better cosplay. Ahahaha. These FOX movies.

  24. I love angel he’s one of my favorite x-men I would like to c him played by a different actor though because I just don’t like Ben foster that much :(

  25. I would love to see him in this then as Archangel!!!! yes make it happen please, and bring in Cyclops, Night crawler, Beak, and Gambit for sequels. YES!!!!!

  26. We need to see the Brotherhood in the next X-men film too With the real Blob, and Juggernaught.

  27. Its crazy we see Angel Salvador in first class but we still have yet to see Beak?? please bring him in Fox.

  28. Lame that Foster wasn’t invited. He’s good in just about everything I’ve seen him in.