New ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Images: Past & Present-Day Mutants Unite

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X Men Days of Future Past character posters New X Men: Days of Future Past Images: Past & Present Day Mutants Unite

Marketing for X-Men: Days of Future Past – the biggest (and most expensive) Marvel superhero blockbuster made by 20th Century Fox to date – got kicked up a notch this week, as several human and mutant characters from director Bryan Singer’s comic book movie were given their own magazine cover, providing fans with a reason to celebrate and/or mourn how the new additions to the X-movie universe are being represented. Those covers also revealed the different models of the mutant-hunting giant robots in the film, otherwise known as Sentinels 

Empire Magazine exclusively premiered all 25 Days of Future Past covers to start the week, and continues its parade of X-Men related goodness today, by unveiling four additional images from the heavily-anticipated project, which is also a risky investment for the studio – considering that it’s the starting point for a planned Fox/Marvel shared universe.

The X-Men: Days of Future Past script by Simon Kinberg (Sherlock Holmes) sends modern-day Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman) consciousness back into his 1970s-era body, so he can work together with the younger mutants of X-Men: First Class to stop an event that will lead a dystopian future – one where mutantkind has been hunted to the brink of extinction by Sentinels, while the rest of human civilization suffers when everyday people likewise get caught in the deadly machines’ line of fire.

Wolvie, in the present-day, has silver-tinged hair, bone claws and maybe reduced healing abilities (due to what happened to him in The Wolverine), but the healthier and (relatively) happier ’70s Wolvie doesn’t have the adamantium sheers either – seeing how this would be before his Weapon X days depicted in X-Men Origins: Wolverine – as you can see, below.


Also featured here is present-day Magneto (Ian McKellen), who’s doing his magnetically-powered flying thing near the mysterious temple glimpsed in several of the Days of Future Past photos released so far; not to mention, the official teaser trailer. Similarly, that’s Sunspot (Adan Canto) and non-transformed Colossus (Daniel Cudmore) alongside Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde and Shawn Ashmore’s Iceman, right outside of the aforementioned safe haven; maybe that’s a clue for a scene featured in a recent script leak (a fight between Colossus and a Sentinel).

As for why Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) is waving a gun around, the Days of Future Past footage unveiled points to an assassination attempt – possibly against President Nixon – having something to do with scientist Boliver Trask (Peter Dinklage) being sought out to construct an anti-mutant defense that, in time, evolves and develops in to the modern Sentinel program. Question is, what role does Mysty play in all that, considering she’s now in her rabble-rouser stage of expressing mutant pride?

[Watch our video discussion & analysis of X-Men: Days of Future Past characters here!]


X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in U.S. theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: Empire Online

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  1. Cue people complaining about the lack of adamantium claws….

    • What! No Adamantium claws?


      • *goes into complete meltdown*

        Screw you Michael Bay! Er, I mean, Bryan Singer! Yeah! Take your lack of Cyclops and your messy continuity and shove it right up your-

        *dragged away by Fox’s security team*

        • Well he also has it in the trailer. These xmen are the most confusing things

    • I don’t even care, he had them on the magazine cover so I think he will have them at some point in the movie.

      • I’m wondering how, if it happens.

        Variation on the Weapon X procedure? Finds them in his box of Frosted Flakes?

        • Nah, finds a magic lamp and 1 of his wishes is that he wants his claws fixed.

          Wish 2- Scott to be resurrected

          Wish 3- Jean to be alive and not in love with Scott

          • That would be four wishes.

            • Lol…Depends how you look at it. I look at it as Logan combining 3 into one wish. Mostly because he threatens the Genie.

              • And when I say “3 into one wish” I meant his 3rd wish about Jean into 1 wish.

        • Inside rumour is that events in this movie essentially rewrite the events of wolverine origins. Logan stops himself from getting the adamantium but when he returns to the future he finds his metal claws returned. The professor explains that the events in origins still happens but not as Logan remembers them. He also explains that he never went to japan, basically erasing both wolverine movies

        • That would work for Deadpool.

          Maybe he gets some backwards.

          C’mon Fox, make that damn movie already.

        • future/present day wolvie could easily have magneto meld the adamantium back over his claws by spreading out some of the metal present in the rest of his body. easy fix to the events in The Wolverine

          • Guarunteed, whatever it is, it’s explained in one line of dialogue. Case closed, moving on.

    • I’m not understanding the confusion…

      This is a time traveling movie via consciousnesses not physical being. So when Logan’s mind gets transferred into his younger self’s body, he doesn’t have the adamantium claws anymore because he didn’t get them yet…

      Any more questions? LOL

      • Funny thing is, you replied to me but all of us commenting so far (as I type) understand exactly what you said and knew that information already. It’s the people complaining about the lack of metal claws that don’t understand it.

        • I was replying to you because you raised the comment first. And my response wasn’t directed towards you (although I am sharing it with you and the rest of everyone else) it was directed to the uninformed since no one answered the question, it was just joked about.

      • Yes and no… to your question question…. the cover of empire shows the present (future) wolverine with adamantium claws…. so how? But this article above says he doesnt…. so again how if he does and good if he doesnt. Im hoping for the magneto gave it to him to fight the sentinels idea….

  2. I don’t care that he doesn’t have adamantium. It’s before he got the adamantium in Origins and after he lost it in The Wolverine. It fits with continuity for both past and present to have bone claws

    The slide show that was shown here on screen rant like last week had a scene that looked like Wolverine was drowning. That could be the new scene where he gets adamantium in the past. This time minus weapon X program.

    • Yeah, except the future Wolverine in DoFP (and after the events of The Wolverine) has adimantium claws.

      • @Kieran…

        But he doesn’t. He lost his adamantium claws but not the rest of adamantium in his body.

  3. what a terrible version of Kitty. Whatevs.

  4. look Wolverine has a boner

    • Boner claws?

      What is this, XXX-Men?

    • No big deal unless it is made of Admantium…..

  5. Who’s that in Wolvie’s mirror?

    • Looks like Bobby

    • His boy friends…I mean…er…the crew it looks like, there is a camera on the right too!

  6. The costumes look really bad….

    • +1 But they sure do look ready to fight Raiden and Sub-Zero.

    • It does look like admantium claws but i’m not getting any of this anyway. Also the thing with Stryker now being played by a younger guy which is 11 years after First Class where the guy was an old guy in CIA…

      • Once again (and continually until people finally understand)…

        The Stryker in FC was the FATHER of the Stryker in DOFP.

        • I doubt that, if so than both of the goes go with the same name..

          • Ever heard of the concept of Junior? The real issue is 70’s Boliver Trask and X-Men Last stand Boliver trask, who is quite opposite in both stature and color.

            • Yeah ofcourse bro. I mean you never know how those writer pull it off by ignoring the other stuff.

            • I think they will go the route of bolivar adopting bill dukes trask. They never actually say his first name in last stand just trask.

          • Doubt it all you want. You’d still be wrong. It’s his father. Xavier even says when reading his mind, he is thinking about his son “William”. The William Stryker from X:2’s son’s name is “Jason”, i.e. First Class Stryker = Senior, X:2, Origins, DoFP Stryker = Junior.

            That being said, there are still continuity issues regarding Stryker’s age. In the early 70’s DoFP, he is played by a 27 year old. Then in Origins, which must take place at and around 1979 because of the Three Mile Island disaster. He was played by Danny Huston in that movie (who was 47 at the time), and then in X:2, he is played by the then 57 year old Brian Cox, and that takes place in the not-too-distant future of 2003 (2006?)


            Early 70’s- ~ 27
            1979- ~ 47
            ~2006- ~ 57

            So basically, he ages 20 years in less than 10, and then only ages 10 years in almost 30. This evidence only lends further credence that the events of Origins are being completely ignored.

            • I don’t worry to much about actor vs character age and one can’t really go by that considering many actors playing high school students are people in their mid 20’s. Either we have a lot of flunkies being portrayed or it’s just not an effective gauge.

              My Grandmother is 84 and many people either think I’m her son because looks and acts like she’s probably late 60’s early 70’s. Many times people think I’m her son as opposed to being her Grandson.

          • In FC, Xavier says to Striker, “I could ask you about your son William, who you’ve been thinking about…” And I don’t recall Xavier using a first name. He just called him Striker.

      • Well in the comics, Stryker is a reverend who leads a group of mutant haters called, the “Purifiers.” He has nothing to do with Weapon X. So they f’ed up from X2. He’s a former military solider tho. They got that right at least.

  7. The article includes 4 very different pics and characters…

    and I wonder, why are most people soo worried/interested in Wolverine’s claws?

    Dont they find anything more interesting to discuss with such a huge cast?

    • So, you’re a Huge Cast Man then, yeah?


      No, it’s because people complained about the claws last summer and wondered what he’d have in this movie and why promo pics had him with the metal claws.

      The cast could be even bigger than it currently is but to me, that means nothing compared to how the story turns out.

      • In my case, its just that with some many awesome actors and characters, old and new, I dont care about Wolverine anymore, lol.

        Ive seen enough of him since year 2000, so Im ALL for new stuff, including from original actors and all the new characters (70’s and future).

        Give me Bishop, Blink, Sunspot, Quicksilver, Toad, and any new cameo they have in store.

        Im ALL for it, man

        • I’m the complete opposite with these movies. I find that Hugh is the only good thing about them usually (Liev Schreiber being the one exception, he was fantastic).

          • Agreed, the only cast members I think have stood out since the start of the X-Men films was both Magneto’s, Xavier’s, Janssen, Jackman and Schreiber

    • Because hats the big continuity issue

  8. Who are the two people in the mirror of that wolverine picture?

    • 2 guys in the mirror, 1 guy on the ground and a camera.

  9. People keep complaining about costumes A: The futures bleak and dark I seriously doubt anyone is going to run around in anything colorful ( which if you read the comics nobody had uniforms in DOFP everyone was in concentration camp uniforms) B: Its the past Xaviers broken so I doubt his ass would be in any kind of costume ether since he kind of disbanded the x men (from what it looks like in the trailer Im just guess) So why pray tell do people not want to accept this fact? Maybe sometime latter you will get costumes and mask and all the other little things you want but until then your going to have to wait for this movie to find ground.

    • Ummm, you’re talking about logic there, which is something that crazy comic book fans don’t consider…so please stop it!

  10. Nice to see Collosus in human form (he looks… older ;_;), that means we’ve already seen both of his form. Now how about Iceman and Sunspot next? I think Bobby should (and probably will) go full ice form in this movie, no reason why he can’t right? He did it in Last Stand.

  11. I don’t understand why other people don’t understand the alternate timeline thing. Wolverine will meddle in the the past and affect the future. For all we know, by the time the movie ends, all other x-men movies will be erased. If I may… The tag scene at the end of The Wolverine was Prof X and Magneto reaching out to Logan from an alternate future where i’m assuming Logan is already dead. Maybe an official trailer will start to clear everything up but as far as the bone claws no bone claws thing goes, it has to be a result of Wolverines doings in the past. The continuity will be seriously changed by this film.

    So glad to see Iceman and Collosus back in the fold. Now if we could only get a revived Cyclops and a legit Gambit.

  12. And we need an image of Cyclops! Didja hear me say Cyclops?! I want Cyclops! Cyke-Cyke-Cyke Clopsitie-Clops-Clops!

  13. Obviously no one knows for sure at this point but why do people keep assuming that its present day vs. the past? I’m pretty sure its future vs. past and the future x-men are in the year 2023, 50 years after the past x-men.

    Xavier warned Logan of things to come at the end of The Wolverine, not of an imminent threat. And scenes shown from the future segments of this upcoming movie look nothing like the airport meeting place of old Xavier, old Magneto and Logan. Just sayin’.

  14. I hope that Colossus has more dialog and combat and that Daniel Cudmore becomes cast for portraying Hunk in ‘Voltron: Defender of The Universe’ (Film). That movie has been in official development since 2011 through Relativity Media and Atlas Entertainment. 1 of that movie’s producers, Charles Roven mentioned in June 2013 that they’ve been having problems with portraying that movie’s story where people will not say “They copied ‘Transformers’/’Pacific Rim'” by mentioning that;

    “if you’re going to create a Voltron story, you want to know that you’ve created enough distance between those potentially similar elements. You want to make sure you’re not treading on them and you’re coming up with something original that, on one hand, holds true to the Voltron canon, but on the other hand, it still holds fresh. It’s quite a challenge.”. I hope they put that movie together correctly before (At the least) the 2020’s.

  15. Would have been nice to see Naomie Harris as Storm. Halle Berry is terrible.

  16. Why does Ice-man have on a jacket/vest w/long sleeves? Does he get chilly? *hehe