Mutants Clash in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Images

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X Men Days of Future Past Trailer Mutants Clash in X Men: Days of Future Past Images

X-Men: Days of Future Past is definitely the busiest X-Men movie so far when it comes to characters, combining not only the characters from the first three films but also their younger incarnations from X-Men: First Class and a whole host of new mutants. The plot involves both time travel and alternate timelines, as well as the introduction of Bolivar Trask and the Sentinels, and has also been charged with correcting the numerous continuity errors that cropped up in X-Men: First Class.

There’s a lot to get done in the space of just one movie – so much so that director Bryan Singer eventually had to scrap Anna Paquin’s performance as Rogue in order to trim down the running time. Amidst the swirl of new and old characters, however, the heart of the plot seems to lie with the younger and older versions of Magneto and Professor X, and the never-aging, ever-raging Wolverine, whose 21st century self is sent back in time to deliver a warning.

All three characters seem to be key to preventing a dark outcome for mutant-kind, and so it’s worth looking closely at this new set of high-res images and character cards released by Twentieth Century Fox. The image of the White House on fire in the background probably isn’t a good sign, especially since the doom-laden trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past showed the President being hurried into a panic room.


Although the images don’t give away too much in the way of concrete plot details, there is a suggestion that Magneto and Mystique’s alliance might not be entirely stable, and once again a young Charles Xavier is seen out of his wheelchair and on his feet. The three stills are all from scenes that have been glimpsed in the trailer and previous images, but you can never have too many insights into the 70s bachelor lifestyle of Wolverine, which includes some striking yellow decor, Japanese swords on the wall and plenty of old takeaway cartons.

X-Men: First Class had its share of darker moments but there was also a lot of fun in seeing the very earliest days of the X-Men. By contrast, X-Men: Days of Future Past seems to have a much grimmer tone and higher stakes, but we’ll have to wait and see whether the extra dose of seriousness makes for a superior sequel.


X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in 2D and 3D theaters on May 23, 2014.

Source: Twentieth Century Fox

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  1. I can’t wait

  2. This is starting to look better and better. Good thing Fox got Fassbender and JLaw when they did

  3. always have to release a wolverine pic…
    thats like their thing to get the females into the cinema lol

    • I’m not female but I’d go purely for Wolverine because he seems to be the only interesting character in the X-Men movies, which is a damn shame considering the roster of interesting mutants in the comics.

      • i meant to put the word topless in there lmao.

        • It’s true.

          Not to hammer on Hugh Jackman, but he’s so thin. Look how small his arms are.
          He’s in great shape, I suppose. Comes across more anorexic than anything.

          I always imagined Wolvie as more of everything. Sorry Hugh.

          • you and I have very different definitions of anorexic looking

          • Anorexic?

            He looks like a real athlete and not a bodybuilder, like most heroes are imagined/portrayed in various forms of media.

      • Well they should learn how to make a movie that lives up to its name “X-men”, which means give equal importance to every members of the team like Avengers.

        • Yeah, I loved all those Hawkeye scenes

          • Haha, true. Only Iron Man truly stood out in The Avengers, everyone else seemed peripheral until Joss had a scene written specifically for them, then it went right back to “Iron Man Meets…” again. Not that I’m complaining, Iron Man was genuinely the best thing about that film.

            But yeah, this is why I don’t understand why people say the first two X-Men movies were the best in comic book movie history. They’re not. They’re terribly written with some weird costume and makeup choices, everyone hamming it up as much as possible and didn’t really hold up 3 years after release, let alone over a decade later.

            Plus it was The Wolverine Show, which I don’t mind having always been a fan of the character since I first discovered him in 1992. I’d just like to see an X-Men movie that gives equal time to as many characters as possible, shows them as a team and stops with the hammy, over the top acting and poor writing.

            The Wolverine is the only one that’s managed that so far but again, it wasn’t a team movie.

            • you cant be serious… all the avengers had their moment and the final battle with the camera panning around them and during the fights was just nerd heaven. they did a great job and black widow had great scenes which people were not expecting.

              • Deadly serious, otherwise I wouldn’t have typed it.

                That one shot of the camera panning around them and the final battle was it as far as having their individual moments and yeah, Widow had some great scenes, one at the start and one with Hulk on the Helicarrier but that was it.

                It wasn’t nerd heaven to me, just “I wonder how much longer this is going to last” and checking my watch before remember I don’t wear a watch.

                Says something about a movie when the only great and memorable thing I was able to take away from it was Iron Man’s “Doth thou mother know you weareth her drapes” line to Thor (I don’t count the Thanos cameo as being in the movie, it came after).

  4. Hugh is jacked man!

  5. something tells me that Trask Industries will use Mystique’s DNA to create more lethal Sentinels!

  6. what is the homo superior count for this movie?

  7. Look closely… Does Wolverine have bone claws?

    • Yes, he does. It´s in the 70s, before he got the Weapon X treatment.

      “But you can never have too many insights into the 70s bachelor lifestyle of Wolverine, which includes some striking yellow decor, Japanese swords on the wall and plenty of old takeaway cartons.”

      And a hot chick in his bed. Have you guys seen the leaked script page of that scene?

  8. HEY, why doesn’t Xavior tell his younger self to not get shot in the back! He’d have to travel to then, but heck, why not? Time Travel, it really f***s with movies.

    • If I were the professor, I’d tell mysef to invest in Rogaine so I wouldn’t lose that that thick lustrous hair he apparently grew out 😛

  9. I’m glad Rogue’s wimpy whiny character was wasn’t included. She was utterly useless.

  10. How is young Xavier standing?

    • He’s also talking to an older version of himself so obviously something unnatural is going on. Calm the eff down son!

    • I read somewhere – maybe in Empire Magazine? – in an article about DOFP that it was some sort of “astral projection.” I could be wrong though so don’t quote me on that. Not sure how it would all work.

    • Telekinesis?

    • Through the power of positive thinking.

      Just kidding. He’s been seen out of the chair a couple of times, which suggests that DOFP might include an alternate timeline where he didn’t get shot.

  11. other characters could be more interesting if they would take some of the focus and shine it on others. But we get Wolverine, Magneto, Mystique, and Xavier again. man I hope to see Cyclops, Archangel, Juggernaught, Gambit, and Rogue get a few films together to show how interesting their stories are.

    • Gambit coming back at some point seems likely, maybe he could start out working for Mr. Sinister in Apocalypse! A young Juggernaut would be cool too! Xavier even mentioned his step dad (the father of Cain Marko) in First Class.

      • @Ryan, Gambit will have his own solo movie.

        I think ScreenRant had an article about it a few weeks ago.

  12. {Watch out…he’s gonna say it.}
    {You know Goldilocks is going to say it any minute.}
    {Inevitable…he won’t pass up the chance to trumpet it from the highest parapet.}
    {Any second now, the ramparts will ring with his pronouncement.}
    {That’s his thing, you know.}
    {It’s coming…wait for it.)
    {Sense the windup from his voice-box?}
    {There’s the pitch, and…….}:

    “WHERE’S CYCLOPS??!!??!!”


  13. Fassbender Magneto’s costume is very much like the original costume from the comic book.

    Can’t wait to see which mutant will be killed off on screen. My bet is on Cyclops…. Oh wait.

  14. Both xmen and xmen united were good but xmen the last stand, both wolverine movies
    And xmen first class all sucked and its time for the fans to put fox’s crappy marvel universe
    To rest for good. This 250 million movie is dollar theater or redbox for me,

    • X-Me: First Class sucked? Say What?

      • *X-Men

    • Lol, they’re making an X-men movie for $250 million dollars and you dont want to see it in theatres???? what kind of fan are you???

      First Class and The Wolverine were reviewed quite well, especially First Class….I agree with you on The Last Stand and Origins though.

      • Likely a fan who has become disenchanted with the direction they’ve taken with the property. If the studio keeps churning out subjectively sub-par material, when the new piece comes out you wind up with two choices:

        1) Go see it because (as the typical argument goes) if you don’t then the studio will put a lid on the property and not make anything. The problem is, if you do this then the studio says to itself “Look how well we did, let’s keep churning out (this crap-fest) because the audience is eating it up!). Unfortunately, this also means they have no incentive to produce anything better.

        2) Vote with your wallet. Stop falling for the tendency as a fan to cater to the first portion of part one (the very tendency the studio counts on you falling for) and show them you are unhappy with their direction by not going.

        Most people, of course, lean towards choice 1, which is exactly why they wind up getting what the get- subjected to sub-par material and narratives ad nauseam.

    • @rod22

      Nope. Disagree.

      The Wolverine is the only good X-Men movie, everything else was either terrible (the original trilogy, Origins) or didn’t live up to expectations (First Class, which was ok at the cinema but doesn’t hold up or keep my interest on repeat viewings).

      I sort of agree on the whole “I won’t watch at the cinema” feeling because some days I want to pay for a ticket, other days I think I’ll probably avoid it until it’s on TV next year.

  15. Anna Paquin’s performance was not scrapped, she just lost a set piece that was shot.

    Can’t wait to see more from this movie!

    • Paquin needs to get a better agent.

  16. Also, just watched First Class again recently and it is already quite serious when you compare it to any of Marvel’s movies. I like the adult themes that run through it, not every CBM needs to cater to children.

  17. Who’s the dude pointing the gun at wolvy? And does he really think its going to hurt him unless its prior to the adamantium infusion experiment.

  18. the Hugh Jackman photo looks like he was just caught by the husband of the wife he was just boning

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