‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Images Feature Blink, Stryker, Toad & More

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Bingbing Fan as Blink in X Men Days of Future Past X Men: Days of Future Past Images Feature Blink, Stryker, Toad & More

In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Bryan Singer’s long-awaited return to the X-Men movie franchise, past and future will collide as characters from the first three movies send a message through time (via Wolverine) to their younger counterparts from X-Men: First Class in an effort to save mutantkind from a terrible future.

In addition to dealing with the weighty concept of time travel, X-Men: Days of Future Past will also have the largest cast of iconic mutants from the comic books so far. New faces include Bingbing Fan as Blink, Booboo Stewart as Warpath, Evan Jonigkeit as Toad (the role previously played by Ray Park), Adan Canto as Sunspot and Omar Sy as Bishop.

To see some of these supporting characters in action, check out the latest gallery of images (courtesy of CBM) from X-Men: Days of Future Past. Also included are stills of key players like Beast, Mystique, Magneto and Bolivar Trask, as well as John Helman playing a young William Stryker.

The image of Quicksilver might turn a few heads – not because it’s the first time we’ve seen him out of his funky ’70s jacket, but rather because of the little girl pictured with him. Singer said last year that Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver’s sister, will not be in the film, but the closeness between the two characters in the image suggests a possible sibling relationship. Could a younger, pre-Scarlet Witch version of Wanda Maximoff make an appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

Based on Singer’s recent words regarding the structure of the film, it sounds like the past and future segments are going be quite sharply divided with little interaction between the young and old versions of characters. With some characters, it’s still uncertain which will appear in the past and which will appear in the future, but it should be noted that in one image Blink is shown with red streaks in her hair, while in other stills they are purple. It could be significant, or it could just be a phase she’s going through.


X-Men Days of Future Past will be in theaters on May 23, 2014.

Source: Les Toiles Heroiques [via CBM]

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  1. Or with Blink, it could be the lighting?

    I’m now in love with her, though. Ms. Bingbing Fan is so beautiful.

  2. It seems like X-Men DOFP, Fantastic Four Reboot, and Batman Vs Superman are all competing to see who will be the worst comic book movie.

    • Except Batman Vs Superman is the only movie that’s making me excited with the brilliant casting decisions and other rumours swirling around it.

      • ^^^^^ unintended sarcasm…?

        • Nope, legit opinion based on what I know about all three movies so far.

    • Spoken like a true Marvelite;)

      • Huh???? Lol, you do know what a marvelite means right?

        • He’s talking about those narrow-minded nitwits who have it in their heads that Marvel/Disney has the the ONLY proper way to make a CBM. It does NOT mean EVERY Marvel fan (or even even most) is that way, but it does call forth the image of the dullard who wonders why moviemakers do not agree with everything he says. There are quite a few of these on the DC side too, unfortunately.

          I agree with him.

          • My comment was in response to Ryan who was responding to Mintchoclates post,

            “It seems like X-Men DOFP, Fantastic Four Reboot, and Batman Vs Superman are all competing to see who will be the worst comic book movie.”

            That statement doesn’t not imply that he is a Marvelite at all. In fact, he/she is making fun of 2 Marvel based movies and also a DC property movie. He/she is not discriminating between Marvel or DC. So how is it that he/she is a Marvelite when a Marvelite is one who is an obsessive fan of Marvel.

            If he/she were coming off as a Marvelite then the post would have read “It seems like Batman Vs Superman will be the worst comic book movie.”

            • would love an edit button to remove *not*

  3. Looks like pics from San diagonal comic con…lol…

  4. Diago… G*d d*mn auto correct..

    • It’s Diego not Diago.

  5. It does all look kind of cheesy… but my hopeful theory is that the ‘First Class’ segments of the movie will be more like itself than the original X-Men trilogy style look that we see here. What I am trying to say is hopefully Mr. Singer is saying farewell to HIS X-Men style with a “last hurrah” to make way for the awesome NEW style of the rebooted series ‘FIRST CLASS’ without entirely negating his original vision.

  6. I’m uncertain about this movie. I was for awhile uncertain about the amazing spider-man, but the trailers have cleared my anxiety. There’s some sort of weird creepy edge on this film however that I just can’t look past. Anyway I have a feeling this is going to be a good movie, but I’m not sure it will make enough to merit a sequel.

  7. The one way to bring X-men back to something really special would be in the next sequel make two films back to back like I said how they did Matrix 2,3 n Lord of the Rings, and use Cyclops and Jean as the two main characters along with Beak, Beast, Nightcrawler, Gambit, and Rogue. They also need Archangel to be beside Apocalypse, Sinister, Mystique and a new brotherhood such as Toad, A BIGGER BADDER Juggernaught, Sabretoothe, and Blob. They should bring Colossus up and finally show us some really great fights and unique ways the mutants can use their abilities. By making two films back to back they can spend time on really building characters up that should have been already, and Wolverine could have a great little story going on with Sabretoothe hunting him down as he tries to help his X-men team.

  8. They should of just rebooted this mess with the original roster. It’s hard as a fan to not go and see this movie, but I will actually pass on this one. I’ve found with Fox’s comic book movies, that I’m always disappointed, they always change something or make some mistake in regards to the source material. Marvel doesn’t stick to the source material exactly, but the mild changes they make are generally for the better. Fox seem seem to go in with a how can we piss of the fans but still get their money approach.

  9. I wonder if they’re gonna fix Stryker now. The one in the comics had nothing to do with Weapon X. They can easily bring in the Purifiers.

  10. Fox should just forget about any other xmen projects they have in the works it is so clear that they will never make a decent xmen film one look at that picture with quicksilver and who I am assuming is scarlet witch made me drop to my knees and scream out NNNOOOOOO!!!!! Darth Vader style.

  11. Excellent, can’t wait to see the film. I just hope the X men team doesn’t allow those losers from F4CRAP do a crossover.

  12. Okay…I just rewatched both the trailers for this film andfor GotG. I found the “Guardians” trailer to be frothy fun…not actually impressive, just an entertaining trailer. I had found the X:DoFP trailer to be much more satisfying, in terms of hinting at some depth and intriguing development.

    Now, after rewatching both, I feel EVEN SURER of which one I’m actually anticipating. While I agree that the pic of Quicksilver DOES look weird, even a bit silly, I have to wonder if that image shows him in worn-down, stressed state…since that is what he appears to be suffering (along with obvious concern).

    In any case that ONE still does not lessen my feeling from the trailer, whereas the “Guardians” trailer does not increase NOR decrease my feeling from the limited pics released before.

    I DO, however, wonder about some (most, really) of the inane comments tearing into this film. Yikes.

    • “While I agree that the pic of Quicksilver DOES look weird, even a bit silly, I have to wonder if that image shows him in worn-down, stressed state…since that is what he appears to be suffering (along with obvious concern).”

      No, Evan Peters always looks like that. It’s weird, but everything I’ve ever seen him in, he always looks like he’s in the middle of an acid freekout. Maybe he is, but who’s to say. I agree that the pics tend to look a bit cheesey, but I’m goin to see it anyway. It can’t be much worse than watching Havoc hoola-hoop his f’n plasma blasts like in First Class!! We’ll see how it goes.

    • Ignore this dumb ass comment that my roommate posted using my name and email while i was out of town on business it seems he posted a few comments and i received emails asking if he was serious with those comments. I think he should be shot and buried in the desert somewhere i myself think x men dofp will be great as long as i get to see wolverine slice sentinels into more pieces than when jesus broke bread.

  13. I’ve been curious why they reversed Blink’s facial markings. It’s almost as if someone said “We need to make this character our own… put a different spin on her. How about we mirror image her face.”

  14. Most of these stills make the set look cheap. But Toad looks interesting.

  15. LOL. Always cracks me up when people say they’re not gonna watch a movie for some odd reason,even though they’re a fan. So, if someone had the blu ray & offered to to throw it in, you’re gonna look away, or leave? Gimme a break lol. Everyone wants to be right, so even if you object to every aspect of the movie, you’re gonna watch it just so you can say, “See? I knew this movie would suck!”

  16. I like these well enough. But I wish they would let their rights expire so MARVEL can bring x-men into the fold at their studios.

  17. Irlly wnt.