‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Official Image & ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Casting Update

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With so many Marvel movies in production, it can be hard to keep track of all the moving pieces – which is why we’re here to provide a nice roundup of Marvel movie goodness for you to indulge in all at once.

Today, we have the first official image from Bryan Singer’s pivotal new film,  X-Men: Days of Future Past; production is underway on Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy, but that isn’t stopping director James Gunn from taking yet another actor from his circle of collaborators and adding it the cast of his big blockbuster debut.


X-Men: Days of Future Past Images

X-Men: Days of Future Past has now wrapped production, and director Bryan Singer commemorated the occasion by Tweeting out the following wrap photo from the Montreal set, featuring himself, star Hugh Jackman, writer Simon Kinberg and producer Hutch Parker:

X Men Days of Future Past Wrap Photo Bryan Singer Hugh Jackman Simon Kinberg and Hutch Parker 570x321 X Men: Days of Future Past Official Image & Guardians of the Galaxy Casting Update

Note the funny bowl-cut hairstyle Wolverine is rocking. Hopefully Jackman is just “out of makeup” in that shot and some proper Wolvy hair extensions are waiting for him back in his trailer. Fingers crossed.

With production now done – and Singer’s one-man teaser marketing campaign now behind him – we can start to get the polished promotional tour for the film’s march into theaters next summer – kicking off with this first X-Men: Days of Future Past official image (obviously from the overseas markets), which seems to have been purposely chosen in order to echo a teaser set photo that Singer released early on during production. Courtesy of Hitsville:


X Men Days of Future Past Official Image Spanish 570x570 X Men: Days of Future Past Official Image & Guardians of the Galaxy Casting Update

The story for Days of Future Past will presumably be about a dystopian future in which mutants are hunted by killer robots known as Sentinels. A post-credits scene during The Wolverine [MILD SPOILERS FOLLOW] revealed that present-day Professor X and Magneto are aware of the terrible fate awaiting the world, and have a plan to avert that future – using Wolverine’s help.

In the comics, it is Kitty Pryde whose consciousness is sent back in time to warn the X-Men of a dire things to come; Comic-Con 2013 revealed that Singer’s film will use Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine as the time-hopper who tries to warn the X-Men of the First Class era about the dangerous seeds that are sprouting in the 1970s era they live in – namely the threat of Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage), the man who will engineer the Sentinel robots that wipe out mutantkind (and perhaps humanity).

X Men Days of Future Past Sentinel Mark I 1974 Riot 570x383 X Men: Days of Future Past Official Image & Guardians of the Galaxy Casting Update

Sentinels Deployed In Response to International Turmoil

So, that synopsis explains why ’70s Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Beast (Nicholas Hoult) are hanging out with Wolvy in the X-Men base – but we still have yet to learn how and why Beast is able to show up in human form – especially after early teaser photos revealed he will be blue and furry at some point. Just one of many questions surrounding this film.

X-Men Days of Future Past will be in theaters on May 23, 2014.

Source: Twitter & Hitsville [via Bleeding Cool]


 Guardians of the Galaxy Casting Update

Character actor Gregg Henry is best known to the masses for roles such as the sleazy Val Resnick in Payback, or more recently for his roles in popular TV shows like Scandal and The Killing; another notch on Henry’s belt is that he’s starred in both of Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn’s previous feature films, Slither and Super. There is a second actor who holds that honor: Walking Dead star Michael Rooker, who has already been cast in GotG as hunter alien, Yondu. Not to break ranks with his camp, Gunn apparently has a role for Henry in the film as well, which the actor revealed via his Twitter account (see above).

Rocket Raccoon Guardians Comic Panel X Men: Days of Future Past Official Image & Guardians of the Galaxy Casting Update

No details yet on who he might be playing, but if he isn’t already in our Guardians of the Galaxy character guide, odds are it might just be a bit part. Then again; take a look at Henry onscreen and ask yourself: Does he have the voice for a good Rocket Raccoon? With growing evidence that Vin Diesel could be voicing Groot, the other major CGI character in the film, Henry’s casting could conceivably be the final (and long-awaited) piece of the puzzle.

A militant space raccoon who sounds like Val Resnick? I’d be down for that…


Guardians of the Galaxy will be in theaters on August 1, 2014.

Source: Twitter

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  1. I can’t wait. I will be staring at this Rocket Raccoon gif until the movie comes out…


    • that has to be just some kind of test footage since they had only been filming for a couple weeks when they showed that at comic-con, and i love the way he looks, plus this was recorded from a video screen using a cell phone, and it still looks amazing.

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  2. “take a look at Henry onscreen and ask yourself: Does he have the voice for a good Rocket Raccoon?”

    NO, not even close… but there;s a very good chance that’s what he’ll be doing on GotG.

  3. Anybody know why Beast is in his human form…?

    • My guess is he has a hologram device to mask his appearance like Nightcrawler had in the comics. Either that or Xavier is projecting a human appearance onto him, but that wouldn’t make sense since they’re clearly in the danger room where he wouldn’t have to hide his appearance. The only other explanation would be an attempted cure of his form that works temporarily.

      • Miight be the hologram thing then. Didn’t know about that. Sounds like something Singer would transfer from one character to another. He was seen as beast against Fassbender’s magneto so… He will be beast in that timeline.

      • hologram device. I suppose I could allow that. I hope it’s not some lame temporary cure.

    • He is likely using the Image Inducer from the comic books. He, Nightcrawler and even Archangel later on used it frequently, even when not in public.

  4. I thought Michael Rooker would be great to voice Rocket Raccoon.

  5. Perfect, no gripes here. He was very memorable in Payback and Slither, films I both love and have in my collection. Rocket Raccoon seems (by virtue of images I’ve seen, not familiar with this group of characters) to be a tough/comic character, and I think Henry can bring both to the party in gallons.

  6. I can kinda picture that voice on RR! if you listen to him talking with your eyes closed he really reminds me of a weasel so I guess a Raccoon could work with that voice!

    Not my first choice or second, ummm or third! but I do think that he would do RR justice! I just wish they would announce something already, It sucks that they are keeping this so close to the vest but They also know that EVERYBODY wants to know who is doing RR voice so we just might not know for sure until we get the first trailer!! 4-6 months before release sounds about right!! BUT maybe not until Comic Con next year!

  7. Nice

  8. I would like to see how they fit the Sentinels into the storyline in the 1970′s. We have not seen the Sentinels in the original X-men movies. maybe something happened to change the history slightly. I will be interesting to see how they blend it into the story. And of course explain how Professor X comes back from the dead. Maybe it was the twin brother mind transfer thing. It’s a little strange but sometimes comic book stories can go into weird directions.

    • Watch the end credit scene at the end of X3.

  9. I wasn’t a very big fan of the first two X-Men films(I try to forget about 3 and Origins and I haven’t and will not see The Wolverine) although I appreciate that the first one brought a wider universe of superheroes onscreen. First Class just did it for me, for some reason. I didn’t enjoy some characters like Banshee and the weird relationship between Mystic and Charles and how awkwardly that friendship ended at the end of the movie. Nonetheless, I am very excited about Days of Future Past and excited to see my favorite villains, the Sentinels. I think that Bryan Singer has some weird fetish with the Wolverine character because no matter the story line, Wolverine has to be the main character in his X-Men films. But an apocalyptic future due to the Sentinels hunting down mutants is very exciting to see. And my hats off to Fox for the marketing they have done for the movie. The Trask Industries website and videos and the Sentinel posters, it’s amazing and I hope it is as good as it is eager to be. Oh, has anybody else noticed that Trask is just Stark but rearranged.

    • What, so why are you an Xmen fan? You didn’t like x1 or X2? Singer did an amazing job with a very limited budget on both. Origins and Last Stand had their flaws (X2′s ending basically forced the Dark Phoenix Saga to be in X3, and that story is nearly impossible to do in one movie, especially when the film has another major storyline in it). You won’t see Wloverine? It’s based on one of the greatest miniseries in comic book history, not just Xmen history. You didn’t like characters Banshee, and the sibling relationship of Mystique and Xavier? Banshee was brought to the screen in an interesting way (hard to do), and that relationship was basically the whole central idea of the film: two opposing ways to view your mutation and the world around you, personified by Magneto and Prof X. The sentinels are your favorite villain? Okay, you are entitled to your favorites, but I find them super boring. They are huge robots with no minds, and all they ever really do is smash through the ceiling, occasionally blast someone, and very rarely fly. Their Frankenstein monsters made by a company. Sorry, but I just don’t understand what real Xmen stuff you actually like.

  10. We did get a little glimpse of the Sentinels in X3 during the danger room exercises. Wolverine was tossed at one by Colossus and he beheaded it. it looked like the classic comic book version of the sentinels.

  11. Guardians of the Galaxy: A 100% must see for me!

    X-Men: Days of Future Past: Might be okay, maybe not great but just okay. Hopefully better than X-Men: The Last Stand!

  12. Just saw Teasers for Guardians of Galaxy & ANT-MAN …I`m so in !
    hopefully ANT-MAN gets a good story I like the concept it looks perfect

  13. Cool, a pic of Beast, Wolverine and Lieutenant Dan.

  14. just as i thought this is gonna change every thing logan is gonna be the member of xmen before cyclops and storm future would might cause two time lines

  15. I am the biggest fan of hugh jackman, i am waiting for this blockbuster, but the leading role must be perform by hugh. i watched X-MEN Origin Wolverine, X-MEN 2, X MEN Last stand and The Wolverine more then 20 times but i did not watch X-MEN Classic because there is hugh jackman in that part

  16. I am the biggest fan of hugh jackman, i am waiting for this blockbuster, but the leading role should be perform by hugh. i watched X-MEN Origin Wolverine, X-MEN 2,X-MEN2002 X MEN Last stand and The Wolverine more then 20 times but i did not watch X-MEN Classic because there is no appearance of hugh jackman in that part.
    Best of Luck Hugh Jacman

  17. Beast did not always have blue fur and since that shot was clearly from the 70′s portion of the movie it took place before his transformation to the blue furball we know today. Don’t overthink things.

    • He turns into blue furry version in First Class, which is in 1962. It takes place before anything in DOFP. Maybe he can change back and forth now, maybe it’s a hologram. Regardless, he is the blue version of beast at this point, set photos have emerged with him in 1970s clothes as blue beast.

      I am leaning toward hologram. In X-men Last Stand he can’t transform back to normal on his own, and this movie has so many characters, there’s no time to alter his situation from the XMFC and X3

  18. I hope this is not just another wolverine film with him chopping threw a bunch of Sentinels. I hope to see Cyclops blasting them down that was always my favorite mutant to see going against them. I really want these films to start focusing on the team and not Wolverine I feel like I have been force fed his character for too long and he is becoming stale, I would much rather see some of the others shine a bit. you ever eat hot dogs or something for a month straightand end up heating them well that’s how I am starting to feel as a X-men film fan.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Cyclops has always been my favorite, but they have seemingly killed him off. Jean only says, “I think I killed Scott” so there’s some wiggle room.

      Wolverine is the most popular X Man and Jackman is so good playing him (as well as being A-list at this point), it is easy to see why they are doing what they are doing, still, I am ready for them to dial it back.