Halle Berry Returning for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ [RE-UPDATED]

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halle berry Halle Berry Returning for X Men: Days of Future Past [RE UPDATED]

[RE-UPDATE: Halle Berry has confirmed that she will return for Days of Future Past. Scroll down for details.]

For a while now, X-Men: Days of Future Past has been sounding more and more like it would be one big reunion for the franchise. First, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen joined the returning First Class stars, followed swiftly by Hugh Jackman signing up for his seventh (!) appearance as Wolverine. Then, a few weeks later, Shawn Ashmore, Anna Paguin and Ellen Page came onboard.

Director Bryan Singer has already amassed an impressive lineup for his latest X-Men adventure, but a number of stars remain conspicuously absent from the cast. Rumors persist that Alan Cumming and Famke Janssen could feature into the time travel plot as Nightcrawler and Jean Grey. Now Singer himself has commented on two more potential returnees.

Speaking to E! Online, Singer commented on whether or not Halle Berry and Rebecca Romijn would make appearances in the film as Storm and Mystique, respectively. Here’s what he had to say:

“It depends on how it works out. I loved working with Halle, so all I can say is we’ll see what happens.”

Oscar winner Berry is among the bigger marquee stars to have starred in the X-Men franchise and hasn’t appeared since the tepidly received (to put it generously) X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006. Singer’s vague response with regard to her return could mean that negotiations are still ongoing. After all, the filmmaker has become known for his surprise announcements lately.

UPDATE: When speaking to S&A, Halle Berry confirmed that the deal for her return is being actively worked out. For more details go HERE.

RE-UPDATE: It’s official — Halle Berry is back as Storm in X-Men: Days of Future Past!


rebecca romijn 570x427 Halle Berry Returning for X Men: Days of Future Past [RE UPDATED]

As for Romijn, fans will remember that the actress – like Jackman – briefly reprised her original trilogy role in First Class. Of course, that cameo didn’t require her to undergo the extensive makeup process to take on Mystique’s mutant form. Given the number of actors already slated to take part in Days of Future Past, Romijn’s character may not receive enough screen time to warrant such a grueling process. Cumming reportedly turned down an appearance in X-Men: The Last Stand for similar reasons.

Singer went on to promise that Days of Future Past will be the “biggest” film of the series and will aim to keep the long-running franchise fresh.

“I’m excited about all the actors. It’s an incredible cast. It’s a great story and it involves a lot of stuff that hasn’t been in ‘X-Men’ films before. New [kinds] of technology, science fiction aspects.”

Aside from James Marsden as Cyclops, the addition of Berry and Romijn would essentially complete the set of main players from the original X-Men trilogy (i.e., those actors who appeared in significant roles in all three films). At this point, anything is possible.

Do you want Berry and Romijn to sign up for more X-Men, or is Days of Future Past already becoming too crowded? Let us know in the comments.

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26th, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.


Sources: EWE! Online


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  1. I always thought halle berry was a miscast for the role of storm

    • Personally I’ve always wanted to see Angela Basset in the role of storm. She would really fit the role of that character. I like Halle Berry, just not as storm.

      • ;o Angela Basset, what an interesting choice.

        • Wow 4 the first time I ever heard anyone agree on this I replied above and said the same… Good looking Adam

        • Agreed! I always thought the same as well

    • agreed

  2. Indeed…And then she became a huge diva after getting an oscar…Thought she was such hot sh*t and all, so she demanded for more screen time in x-2 and money.


  4. Maybe I’m looking at this from a limited perspective but if the movie is essentially all about the fix, then I have to ask who are these characters and why should a non comic book reader care at all about the film? Some of if not a bunch of things will be retconned and now how do you get people to care about them? They’re just cardboard at that point and if you saw say the first three and expected the story to move forward from there then you’re bound to be disappointed. I guess you would keep the essence of the faves and I can imagine that would help but except for CB people does anyone else really care about it?

  5. Figures… the one actor i really want to hear is coming back is the one that hasn’t been announced. James Marsden needs to come back. Give him a good part and let him become the leader that we always wanted him to. I love Marsden as an actor – he just needs a better part. Of all the characters coming back, Cyclops would be pretty easy to explain. Never died… sent through time, put in a coma, heck… wandering the woods with his eyes closed for 7 years… I don’t really care at this point. Just bring him back!

    • Agreed. I liked Berry and Marsden. We need answers from that mess of a film called X3.

    • The cyclops character was never done right. He works better in the comics where there is more room for leaders (each issue can have a different central character). The movies chose Wolverine to be the go to leader so cyclops doesn’t really fit. He ends up being boring filler. Agreed, Marsden is great, but the role is a terrible fit for him. Marsden’s best and most defining feature is his eyes! After that comes his ability to deliver humor and wit. Cyclops is too serious for him. He would probably make an awesome deadpool though.

  6. I agree though I hate when characters are recast. I read a while back about Angela Bassett and thought wow she would have been perfect. Berry gives nothing to the character but she’s been storm for three movies so that is that. I feel the same way about Anna Paquin as Rouge, also a huge miscast. I think Malin Akerman would fill those gloves 100 times better.

  7. So much work to bridge together a bunch of mediocre movies.

  8. I literally just threw up in my mouth. What is BS doing????? XMFC worked because it was actually GOOD, not watered down and bland like some of the cast from the original trilogy. If they bring back that dude who played Angel, in X-men 3, Im done. NO REDEMPTION FOR SINGER!!!

    • You mean ben Foster? he’s an awesome actor.

  9. I wished Matthew Vaughn was still on board as the director. I’m sure he would have went with someone else as Storm! GIVE UP DIRECTING BRYAN SINGER!!!!

    • Yeah buddy.

    • Amen to that Brother !
      Singer just tries to make his version of Xmen 3 and shoehorns it into First Class 2 !

      Vaughn had already a story at place with the characters we got to know and love,and now singer is PLAYING around with a story and destroys it !

      All those reports just show me how eager he is to make it his own version,make it X men 4,not FC2 ! Over polluted film,with too many characters on screen,so crowded that everybody will not get any screen time.

      It’s sad Vaughn left cause he breath new live into X men and then Singer came and took over :(

      Singer’s vision is so limited,and he is just going back to where he left of 10 years ago !
      Looking at his action scenes…he doesen’t know how to film epic fights !
      And then his on set lightning and colors always feels like a cheap TV production as well !
      He has no taste in good set design as well,as you can see most recently in his Giant Movie ! Castle lloks cheap right out of the TV Show once upon a time !

      And now casting this woman back again ? I thought its about correcting past mistakes nor bringing them into the future or ????

      He has learned nothing,all the same again !

      Lets just hope I am totally wrong about him and he kicks my ass,but so far…no way !

        • @ Avatar

          I been bashed for being skeptical about Snyder’s upcoming MOS but here people talking smack about First Class 2 as if they already seen it & hate it,lol.

        • Nice post. X2 is up there as a top tier comic book movie. Singer is one hell of a director. He just needs to be paired with the right writer.

  10. I’m not a fan of Halle Berry as Storm. Storm is a great character in the comics, to be fair I don’t think the movie role was written with much “oommph”, either. I think we need a younger actress, preferably with an accent, to give the role a bit of the exotic and emphasize Storm’s goddess like presence.

  11. Storm coming back would be OK, as well as the original Mystique, but what we need is alot of Cyclops-Cyclops-Cyclops! He needs to be the hero of the film, along with Kitty Pryde. Not Magneto, and not Wolverine. Those two have been done to death.

    • Halle Berry coming back would not be okay. She’s absolutely awful. Even non comic book movie fans would have preferred recasting.
      I don’t care if I’m called a “hater” but Singer sucks. Plain and simple. He’s f***ing up the reinvented X-Men universe Vaughn was trying to create.

    • STORM is better them all of them ,sorry.

  12. I was not a huge fan of First Class personally, but it seems like the mediocre box office here in the United States affected the studios confidence in how well the cast and characters in First Class could sell another movie. They are bringing back the old cast members to try and get another payday, which depending on how much this is going cost may be a long-shot (hey let’s throw Longshot in the movie too!)

    Right now this movie sounds like it will be the two sets of cast in different movies that will be edited together like some J.J. Abrams flashback on crystal meth.

    • “Right now this movie sounds like it will be the two sets of cast in different movies….”
      Its a big story… they might tell it in 2 movies.

      • The actual story they are supposedly basing it on was only two issues. All of the side stories attributed to it seem to be due to the 90′s cartoon and the deluge of time travel elements that went on down the road. This could turn out like X-3 if they make it too complicated and unfocused.

      • I’ve said this in a previous post, this could even be a trilogy on its own! Give the characters-and the storyline-a chance to stretch and breathe. (Not to mention giving better face time to the actors.)

        • Days of Future Past could not fill three movies, I think people are getting this storyline mixed up with the 1990′s Days of Future Present crossover.

          • Is the book The Hobbit enough to carry a trilogy?

            • Not really, it’s pretty much common knowledge that the two movies they are doing now are just being stretched for money and the third one is a lot of extended stories by Tolkien that really aren’t as well known. But the studio figures Jackson has built up enough good will with the Lord of the Rings movies, so it’s just a sure thing box office wise.

              That really doesn’t change the fact that this particular X-Men story does not warrant three movies, at least not with the same creative team they have in place.

  13. With this many characters i hope they dont mess it up. And they gotta bring back cyclops and jean gray

  14. If a character is bland or uninteresting it cannot be attributed to the actor. The fault lies almost entirely with the writers and directer, the actor can only bring to the role as much as the directer will allow.

  15. Bring them back! Both are hot and did great in their roles

  16. Rhianna would be a good choice, she could pull off an awesome punk storm

    • Please stop!!

    • Wow… just wow.

  17. Halle Berry isn’t a good actress imo, Storm is an important character. So an important character needs a good actress. Why don’t they just get Angela Bassett, she’s perfect. She’s in her 40′s but she doesn’t look like it. Angela has the look, the voice & the acting chops. With or without Storm, I’ll still go see it.

    • Angela Basset is in her 50′s and doesn’t look it, but I think the idea of her playing Storm is a stretch at this point. 10 or 15 years ago, yeah.

      • She’s in her 50′s? That’s damn good aging!!!!!

      • Yeah, Basset imo sucked as Amanda Waller in Green Lantern. Pam Grier was better.

        • Green Lantern was water seeking it’s own level, so the performances fit the project. As for Storm they went with Berry because she is known and they were probably too lazy to look for someone who might be an unknown, but fit the bill. Jackman ended up getting the role of the more popular character just based on Scott bailing for Mission Impossible.

    • I always thought Iman would have made a perfect Storm (no pun intended). She had the accent, she was beautiful and she looked like Storm. Of course now she is pushing 60, so she can’t be Storm now.

  18. to be honest, I’d rather not see Hally Berry as Storm again.
    while she did sort of pull off the look, she didn’t really pull of the personality. when I saw the character, I didn’t see storm, I saw halle berry in a costume. and it’s never a good thing when you don’t see the character that is being portrayed to you.
    in all actuality, I would rather see someone else play the role of storm, one who yes, pulls off the looks of her, but also pulls of the personality relation as well.

  19. I think in my imo in x-men 2, singer got a better perfermance out of halle and maybe he can do it again and if she does happen to be in this one, i wouldnt mind cyclops coming back and maybe doing something worth whiled this time..

  20. Zoe Seldana as young storm?
    I think yes…

    • Zoe Seldana as a young anything. They could cast her as Jubilee and I would be happy.

      • Nice call!

  21. LOL at some here saying first class was all 100% vaughn, bryan set most of the story, casting etc. for first class you know it wouldn’t hurt to look it up, by the way X2 has an 88% score on rt :p

    • There is a difference between directing and writing !
      Singer might be a good writer,for sure he has even his heart at the right place,just as a director he is not as good as Vaughn !

      But yeah,matter of taste in the end !

    • Amen folk forgot that Bryan Singer was bigtime behind the success of both the Xmen franchise and First class.. Thanks for making that fact known Random. Singer rocks! I just hope he really makes cyclops the leader in this one and redeems the god awful Xmen 3 that really hurt the franchise.

  22. Noooo….I really wih singer wasn’t directing. I think Matt Vaughn has such a better since of action. I want to see someone else as storm. Halle berry is hot and all but I really don’t care for her acting. I think Naomie Harris (Eve Moneypenny in Skyfall / Selena in 28 Days Later) would make an incredible Storm!

    • That’s a good shout for Naomie Harris. Halle was miscast from the start and Naomie has real chops, not just Skyfall but Miami Vice and Pirates she can really change her performance to suit…. she doesn’t just play the one note

    • If you go back and watch XMFC, you might notice how cheap Vaughn’s directing looked. It wasn’t because he’s a bad director. They had to rush the editing on the movie because of deadline’s. The mansion looked like a doll house. There are so many errors throughout the movie (some more noticeable than others). XMFC was a great movie, but it wasn’t due to Vaughn’s directing.

  23. Ack! This is awful news! I like Halle Berry, but NOT as Storm! And I love the Naomie Harris suggestion! Yes!

    Crom demands it.

    • Is Conan near ? :)

    • Are you going to cast me out if I don’t know the riddle of steel? :-)

  24. I just hope they fix Raven walking away from the X-Men. If its Jen Lawrence, I’d want her back.

  25. we love Halle Berry must be there in X-men Days of Future Past 2014
    because it’s continued about after Last Stand with mutants alive and the coming of Apocalypse. Now Halle Berry will have to be a leader, she will have to do a lot of extreme action such as Storm and wearing a sexy costume such as in comic book.

    Famke Janssen who after played as Jean Grey in X-men trilogy and in a third movie her role as Phoenix who turned as Dark Phoenix with wore a red one, Now she must rise again from her grave as White Phoenix of the Crown with a white one costume.

    Charlize Theron is perfect to be Emma Frost / The White Queen, January Jones isn’t good as Emma Frost, her acting was so bad, not like Emma Frost, her body is too short, Emma has a tall body, such as Famke Janssen.

    Anngelina Jolie should be there as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch, Now Magneto must introduce one of his a child, most people wanted to see her in this movie.

    Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike she would be OK come again with weapon X and working with Apocalypse Holocaust and Sinister

    Rebecca Romijn as Mystique ?? Yes she must in, because now she must work for Apocalypse

    bring also

    Ian Somerhalder as Havok
    Taylor Kitsch as Gambit
    Terry Crew as Bishop
    Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
    Kevin Durand as Blob
    Clive Owen as Avalanche
    Tyler Mane as Sabretooth
    Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut
    Kelsey Gremmer as Beast
    Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler
    Daniel Cudmore as Colossus

    • Dude, take a breath, don’t want you passing out.

    • Tyler Mane as Sabertooth???? Dude are you on drugs? LOL. LIEV SHREIBER was the one good thing about xmen origins wolverine.

      • Good shout for Charlize Theron as Emma Frost though.

      • You got to it before me.

  26. Angella Bassett should’ve been storm from the get go. Halle didn’t do it, and I think she’s an overrated actress. Anna Paquin too was miscast as Rogue…truely awful miscasting ( eventhough she is an excellent actress with an academy award behind her )
    I truly hate when Hollywood casts an actor because of the star power when that actor doesn’t have a right to play the character from the get go.
    I know it’s business, but still !!!
    I don’t think the cast is too big since the movie will actually be 2 movies in one due to the time travel envolved, and Singer can handle a large cast.
    Since The Avengers, you can bet that other studios will try to mimic it’s sucess

  27. bring both actresses back.