Halle Berry Returning for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ [RE-UPDATED]

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halle berry Halle Berry Returning for X Men: Days of Future Past [RE UPDATED]

[RE-UPDATE: Halle Berry has confirmed that she will return for Days of Future Past. Scroll down for details.]

For a while now, X-Men: Days of Future Past has been sounding more and more like it would be one big reunion for the franchise. First, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen joined the returning First Class stars, followed swiftly by Hugh Jackman signing up for his seventh (!) appearance as Wolverine. Then, a few weeks later, Shawn Ashmore, Anna Paguin and Ellen Page came onboard.

Director Bryan Singer has already amassed an impressive lineup for his latest X-Men adventure, but a number of stars remain conspicuously absent from the cast. Rumors persist that Alan Cumming and Famke Janssen could feature into the time travel plot as Nightcrawler and Jean Grey. Now Singer himself has commented on two more potential returnees.

Speaking to E! Online, Singer commented on whether or not Halle Berry and Rebecca Romijn would make appearances in the film as Storm and Mystique, respectively. Here’s what he had to say:

“It depends on how it works out. I loved working with Halle, so all I can say is we’ll see what happens.”

Oscar winner Berry is among the bigger marquee stars to have starred in the X-Men franchise and hasn’t appeared since the tepidly received (to put it generously) X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006. Singer’s vague response with regard to her return could mean that negotiations are still ongoing. After all, the filmmaker has become known for his surprise announcements lately.

UPDATE: When speaking to S&A, Halle Berry confirmed that the deal for her return is being actively worked out. For more details go HERE.

RE-UPDATE: It’s official — Halle Berry is back as Storm in X-Men: Days of Future Past!


rebecca romijn 570x427 Halle Berry Returning for X Men: Days of Future Past [RE UPDATED]

As for Romijn, fans will remember that the actress – like Jackman – briefly reprised her original trilogy role in First Class. Of course, that cameo didn’t require her to undergo the extensive makeup process to take on Mystique’s mutant form. Given the number of actors already slated to take part in Days of Future Past, Romijn’s character may not receive enough screen time to warrant such a grueling process. Cumming reportedly turned down an appearance in X-Men: The Last Stand for similar reasons.

Singer went on to promise that Days of Future Past will be the “biggest” film of the series and will aim to keep the long-running franchise fresh.

“I’m excited about all the actors. It’s an incredible cast. It’s a great story and it involves a lot of stuff that hasn’t been in ‘X-Men’ films before. New [kinds] of technology, science fiction aspects.”

Aside from James Marsden as Cyclops, the addition of Berry and Romijn would essentially complete the set of main players from the original X-Men trilogy (i.e., those actors who appeared in significant roles in all three films). At this point, anything is possible.

Do you want Berry and Romijn to sign up for more X-Men, or is Days of Future Past already becoming too crowded? Let us know in the comments.

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26th, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.


Sources: EWE! Online


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  1. Get that lady from scadal or scanladous.. Whatever the tv show about the white house stuff/ media manipulation lol drawing a complete blank right now

    • Or you know, how bout they get and actual african actress? From like south africa or something. Might as well be authentic to the character.

    • Star of scandal and the wife on Django is Kerry Washington


  3. must have night crawler

  4. Look, BS played his part in the creation of XMFC, so did Matt Vaughn. Was it perfect? No, but still enjoyable. What I dont like is this feeling (again, just a feeling,) that this is a rehash of characters and weak storylines.

  5. A large cast does not a good movie make. I expect more focus on the big name actors instead of the big characters from the comics like Cyclops.

    The only good thing that could come out of this will be a complete reset of the franchise. The X-Men movies were pretty bad except for the first one and maybe the second.

    • “The only good thing that could come out of this will be a complete reset of the franchise.”

      Bravo, I could not have said that better myself.

  6. I’m glad that Halle is returning since she’s hot.

    • Halle is hot duh!

  7. Boo! I like Halle Berry as the star of second rate WWE produced “films”. Brining back Cyclops is more important.

    • Cyclops is dead. Jean vaporized him when she emerged from the river as Phoenix in X-men: Last Stand

  8. Kelsey Grammar. Pls.


    Bring FAMKE JANSSEN back as bigger role, she must rise as White Phoenix of the Crown !!! along with James Marsden as Cycloooooppsss !!!!

    Angelina jolie is good as Scarlet Witch

    Kelly Hu must back as Lady Deathstrike

    Rebecca Romijn must be back as Mystiqueeeee

    Apocalypse + Mister Sinister + Holocaust + Exodus + Archangel must be there as major villains as well !!!!!!

  10. I could not be more happy that Halle Berry is returning!!! Storm as a pretty big part in the original Days of future past comic. I think if written right Storm could be awesome in this and Berry could give a awesome performance again given the right script and direction. Storm could kick some sentinel ass in this movie!!!


  12. We want storm bring halle berry

  13. Yea we want our famous omega level mutant storm the weather witch. Bring back halle berry and really count on Bryan to give her some kick a** scenes, she really deserves it with all the potential and power storm has I mean she is incredible. The should make a Xmen origins African Storm with halle as the older storm and The Vampire Diaries Bonnie Bennett as the younger storm with professor X cyclops jean grey beast angel and sinister and the shadow king after storm while the Xmen try and help professor save storm but its interfered by sinister a plan to kidnapp jean and cyclops wolverine comes back to mansion find all the xmen gone. Storm battles the shadow king with prof X while xmen attempt to take down sinister and the nasty boys. Just a thought

  14. i would need to see emma frost, charlize theron is easy being emma frost
    i also would like to see

    halle berry as storm a leader now !
    jean grey as white phoenix of the crown ( reincarnate ) famke janssen
    angelina jolie is great as scarlet witch
    kelly hu as lady deathstrike
    rebecca romijn as mystique

  15. Halle is sooooooooooooo over-rated as an actor. She should be glad she was even asked. Whether she’s in it or not I could give a toss. Now Hugh or Rebecca on the other hand…..

  16. Singer confirmed that she is indeed returning on Twitter this afternoon

    • Horrible news. She shouldn’t be in that movie. Not only is she a horrible actress, she is also completely unfit for the role.

      • @Pencil. First of all she’s not a horrible actress!! You would know that if you knew what acting was!! And second , she is the PERFECT storm for x-men so get over yourself and give Halle more respect!!!

  17. yeah bring back kelly hu as lady deathstrike

  18. STOP

  19. STOP ALL THE WHINING ABOUT HER! BLAME BRYAN SINGER! Most of the ORIGINAL cast is MISCAST! SINGER ruined the first three and 1st class was good so he came back to RUIN THE REST! He has not made a good film since The Usual Suspects. He thinks his ideas of changing the characters are better than the material that has been around for longer than he has been alive. He ruined Storm and Rogue! I love movies and I try to go to the cinema once a week. I still have many X-Men comics from 20 years ago and some recent ones but I will not pay to see him butcher them again. Thank God that someone else came up with the idea for Days of Future past at least there is a great story that may remain decent instead of him with his lame story ideas.

  20. I think Halle Berry is a seasoned actress and would be a great pick for a variety of roles that fit her. I think personally Angela Bassett should have been cast for Storm, and I definitely think she would be an excellent fit for the upcoming film. Any one else agree? I think the casting director of this film definitely needs to look past casting bankable A-Listers but to cast for the simple fact of staying true to the characters and the fans who expect that.

    • I don’t think the problem is necessarily with Halle, but rather the scriptwriters. Halle can only do as much as her character is written to do. Yet, Halle even had complaints with how her character was portrayed, but no control over how her character is written pertaining to the story. But people project that onto Halle as if she’s in control over what her character can do. She just acts what’s on the script and how she’s directed. So I blame bad writing. She didn’t have much to do in the 1st two films. Though her role was expanded in the third, it didn’t seem to have significant impact due to (incomplete and merged script and story points) and the film was directed aimlessly given all the production problems. If given enough to do with an established purpose and directed properly, I think we would have Berry as a better storm.

  21. so,.. the flick (where in scenes that concern her role)is going to be generic at best then…
    she better had gotten some more acting skills for the role,
    because she did piss poor last time. no personality relation to the role what so ever. so this time, I expect, not hope, EXPECT to see the portrayal, not the portrayer.
    it’s not a good thing when you don’t see the character portrayed, just a person in a costume trying to portray with little succession…

  22. It’s weird seeing these reactions. I know Berry wasn’t the best and I wouldn’t go as far as to say that she’s a horrible actress, but I would honestly be up for a reboot to get the story right. However seeing as it only sort of worked with The Amazing Spiderman I’m not excited for the possibility. It would make a lot kore sejse and be truer to the comics but the point of a film adaptation is that IT’S AN ADAPTATION. This means that certain things have to be cut/chamged to fit for a different/broader audience. I’m not saying that I’m happy with everything that Singer has done but that’s no reason to say that he’s a bad director. Each of his X-men films he directed have gotten raving reviews and he had a hand in producing XMFC. Also people on this board are forgetting that he DIDN’T direct X3 and did Superman instead (both movies had a lot of executive interference). I know Singer tried to make the story appeal to a broader audience with the first Xmen by making the main students teachers but that was at a time when superhero teams didn’t exist successfully on film. Everyone is giving Singer s*** about how he destroyed the story but they are forgetting the fact that he at least brought it to life. Without the success of the first Xmen we wouldn’t have the influx of superhero movies that came after it either. The Superman and Batman franchises were dead at the time.

    • i concur

  23. all this whining and attacks on Singer/Barry or anyone else is pointless. If any of you dont like any of the casting or ideas for this movie than dont watch it. I agree in some degree but not to the point of bashing this film. I am looking forward to this film. I will be 10x happier if they bring back FAMKE, REBECCA !!!!!!

  24. Actually Janet Jackson was initially supposed to be Storm when Brian approached her back when the 1st X-Men movie came out in the 90s but she was too busy touring. He even showed her around the set. I think she would’ve done way better than Halle. If you’ve seen Janet on stage you’ll know she would’ve definitely added some fierceness to Storm cause Halle is just boring as Storm

  25. Halle is an awesome actress. She was really good in Cloud Atlas and The Call. Try to argue with that. Also, Now that Halle is older she has a more regal and refined look but still soft as I believe is fitting for the role of Storm. What we need is good material and direction for Halle and that is up to Mr. Singer. I hope that he does us proud.

  26. Please bring back Rebecca Romjin as Mystique!!

  27. Count me as someone that wasn’t in love with First Class. I actually liked The Last Stand better. I’ve been waiting for them to follow up on that movie (which, by the way, is the most successful of the bunch) since 2006. They waited way too long for this and lost momentum and MONEY because of it.

    I’m happy Halle is coming back as Storm. They just need to give her some great things to do with both action and character moments. I don’t really care much for the new cast although many of the actors are good. I’m going to see Days of Future Past strictly for the old guard.