Halle Berry NOT Almost Entirely Cut from ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ [Updated]

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20140315 154736 Halle Berry NOT Almost Entirely Cut from X Men: Days of Future Past [Updated]

[UPDATE: Bryan Singer has responded to this X-Men rumor.]


X-Men: Days of Future Past is an ambitious film. For Fox, it’s their first attempt at a shared universe and will combine all their X-Men movies into one franchise, paving the way for even more X-films – like X-Force and Apocalypse – down the line.

The real draw, however, has been that Days of Future Past sees the return of several characters from Fox’s first trilogy of X-Men films. Storm in particular was a character fans anticipated returning, especially once actress Halle Berry teased her character’s “integral” role, despite her pregnancy keeping her from flying and being as typically “badass” as in previous films.

Unfortunately, there may be some bad news for those looking forward to Storm’s role in Days of Future Past. A gossip column in the NY Daily News reporting on rumors Berry and her husband are living separately are also saying Berry’s role has been almost entirely cut from the film.

Their source is quoted as saying Storm appears in only one scene and “only has one line in the whole movie.” They follow that with a catty remark implying Berry isn’t aware of this and wouldn’t have found out until Days of Future Past released, which kind of makes this all sound like trashy, insider gossip.

UPDATE: Bryan Singer has shot down this rumor:

halle berry Halle Berry NOT Almost Entirely Cut from X Men: Days of Future Past [Updated]

Storm wouldn’t be the first character to have her role in Days of Future Past on the chopping block. Anna Paquin’s Rogue, who appeared in the first teaser footage for the film (as did Storm) was said to have had her entire role excised from the film – by Bryan Singer, no less! The director later clarified his statement by saying just because Paquin’s largest sequence as Rogue was cut “does not mean that we won’t see her in the film.” Whether she’s in it or not, it appears Paquin’s role was significantly downsized and there’s no reason the same couldn’t have happened to Berry’s.

One film featuring two generations of X-Men is a lot of mutants. In the past, having too many mutants has been a real problem for the X-Men films. X-Men: The Last Stand, for instance, tried including so many mutants that those who should have served as fun references for fans became toss away characters, pointless and forgetful. And with that in mind, perhaps giving less screen time to the future X-Men – a real possibility since we know only past and future Xavier interact – will only benefit Days of Future Past.

Then again, one scene and one line is a pretty raw deal for a character and mutant as powerful as Storm. What are you thinking, Screen Rant readers? Is it likely Fox has cut Berry’s role as Storm so significantly? Would this be a good thing or a bad thing?


X-Men: Days of Future Past releases in theatres May 23rd, 2014.

Source: NY Daily News (via CBM)

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  1. YES! there is a god, i can’t stand to look at her…

    • I’d like to smooch her.

  2. At this point, even if I cared about the movie, I wouldn’t give a damn about her being cut entirely because if most of it takes place in the past, her role would only ever be a short appearance in one scene anyway before it switched to Magneto, Xavier and Wolverine in a secure room sending Logan’s conscious into his past self to save the future for most of the future scenes.

  3. If this ‘rumor’ is true… then what’s the point of including her (and Rogue) in the first place? Just to boost interest selling star power names?

    Oh well, I hope this movie at least delivers, to those who are waiting for it. I’m not so I don’t really mind, but it will be bad if it ends up disappointed it’s fans :(

  4. I will bet anything they’re replacing her with Lupita.

  5. *disappointing* Gaaah!

    Oh, and it would’ve been cooler if they didn’t promote her too much. You know, the same way Jean Grey was not announced in The Wolverine yet she ended up having wonderful (and not just short) cameo

  6. X-3 didn’t have too many mutants. It had too many mutants who were butchered, there’s a difference.

    I dont think Halle’ s role git cut because the sad excuse for reporting tabloid said so. But I wouldn’t care if it were true either.

  7. I’ve been really looking forward to this film, the main draw being combining both generations of X-men. That’s been a selling point in the trailers, although recent advertising (like those Empire covers) were all focused on the past-gen of mutants if I remember right.

    Now, I personally found the source comic underwhelming, but just to see Storm, Iceman, Colossus and Kitty Pryde again (even in 25 percent of the film as I read on this site) was still something to look forward to. Even if critics/fanboys nitpick those films to death, Fox hasn’t recast those characters yet when they’ve had plenty of chances, which I infer that those actors still have value to the X-men movieverse.

    The filmmakers shouldn’t punish the trilogy actors for signing up for a film they knew they wouldn’t be the stars of.

  8. I don’t care but i think this is probably trolling and trying to get a reaction and relight that little argument with her and Bryan singer. I wasn’t looking forward to her anyway because she’s pregnant and won’t do anything apart from sit around and mope. I was worried about Black Widow doing a similar thing in AOU but Luckily She will actually fight.

  9. While I’m not really dying to see Berry as Storm, it’d be worrying if they were really making so many cuts. It kinda says that Singer didn’t really plan through the script well enough if he’s had to cut out so many characters, and I can only hope that him trimming the excess fat won’t make the movie appear rushed or a little jumpy at points.

    • Whoa those are really great points sir, i hope its not the case b/c based on the plot DOFP could possibly be the greatest comic movie of all.

  10. If it is true, good riddance. Halle Berry is one of the worst actresses in Hollywood and Storm is the worst character in the entire X-men film franchise.

    • I must disagree If you know anything about x-men or Marvel then you know that Storm is one of the best characters the book ever turned out. Storm,Wolverine, and rouge are pretty much the building blocks. The problem with these films has always been Bryan Singers direction! That killed the first two movies (someone else’s bad direction killed the 3rd) I really liked “first class” though and if Mathew Vaughn was directing “Days of future past” I think I would really be excited. But so far this movie looks like its shaping up to be the biggest hot mess of them all! The stills of the character’s in costume looks like bad cosplay!

      • @hotrod I was so disappointed when Singer was announced as the director instead of Vauhgn. First Class was awesome.

  11. Both Rogue and Storm are the two last living characters in the movies who they entirely messed up and I think they know that.

  12. seriously? Who cares?

    Show me real trailer(March 24th? bleh).. I am not so confident that this director can direct a big budget movie that looks like big budget
    on the big screen..

    Prove me wrong please. I want to love this movie.

  13. Well, since we already knew that her pregnancy has limited her action, this is just meh bleh. I’m excited for the film for other reasons.

    I say it any time that I get the chance – reboot Storm! New actress, better writing, more action. It’s a vein of potential that has been virtually untapped in the X-Men films so far.

  14. If they promised she would be killed and only in the film for a minute… I would see the movie… Otherwise no thank you…

  15. Here is what I think. I completely disagree that Storm was badass in the previous movies. Im okay with replacing Halle Berry as Storm, but Storm needs to have a prominent role in an Xmen movie at some point. Last point, despite the positive outlook Ive had for this movie, recent trailers and posters have got me believing this is going to be a Wolverine/Magneto/ProfessorX movie, just like all previous movies. No big surprise for me being disappointed by a Fox Xmen movie.

  16. Halle was looking GOOD in “The Call”, too bad we mightnever get a killer storm sequence….. C’mon Lupita, don’t get so booked that you can’t be storm in the future X-Men film!

  17. Wouldn’t it be ironic if she got cut from the movie and they added a throwaway line somehow (off screen voiceover?) saying she’d gone to “protect her people in Africa during these difficult and violent times” as a subtle reference to her marriage to Black Panther.

  18. What happens to an X-Men film when Halle Berry’s role gets cut out?
    The same thing that happens to every film when Halle Berry’s role gets cut out-
    it gets better!

  19. Hopefully next up is Bryan Singer will be cut from Xmen movies. Do you know what happens to a Xmen movie when its made by FOX… The same thing as any Marvel movie made by FOX.

  20. I always thought Hale Barry was miscast as Storm.. Was hoping to see someone w/ LONG ass legs… lol

  21. No loss, really, seeing as Storm has been horrible in the films she’s appeared in so far. In all honesty i’ve only liked the first X-Men film, First Class and the recent Wolverine film, i really didn’t like the others and i don’t like the sound of this one. I know X2 is loved, but i didn’t like it at all, it was melodramatic nonsense with boring villains. I think Singer’s just gonna undo the good work done by Matthew Vaughn on First Class by overstuffing this one with too many mutants. His Superman film wasn’t too hot either.

  22. Well, having not seen the script, and seeing as this is most likely a tabloid rumor, it’s hard to make any intelligent opinion on her inclusion or exclusion. On the other hand, I find myself just getting annoyed by this film. All those crummy twitter pictures,the crummy costume designs (hey, it’s just my opinion,) chopping Anna Paquin, and now possibly Halle Berry, that’s a waste of $$ that could have been saved making this thing when you consider all these actors’ salaries add up. Anyone remember that terrible soundtrack from the first X-men? No? Oh that’s right, because it was so forgettable. Okay, not to stir the pot, just: Not looking forward to this one. :(

    • To be fair, X-Men 2000 had SOME memorable songs. The X-Jet, Opening Theme and Checkmate (ending song) are all pretty good. The music only got better, in my opinion.

      • I honestly don’t remember ANY music from the entire franchise.

        Got the Commando main theme stuck in my head though at the moment.

        • I love the steel drums on the Commando soundtrack, James Horner must have too because he used them on a few scores around that time.

        • Exactly. In fact, one of the few memorable moments in that movie was when one of them asks Wolverine, “Would you prefer yellow spandex?” when Wolverine is complaining about the costumes. I remember thinking, “Er, yeah. Actually. Yes I would. Please.” To be fair, it was *kind of* pioneering the new wave of superhero movies. But X-Men simply hasn’t held up by modern standards. We’ve actually got superheroes in bright colors like the books, and big splashy awesome soundtracks. Remember the first Thor? Now *that* was a soundtrack, great set/costume designs, etc. (Although not the greatest movie, but enjoyable.) In fact, Batman did great things with costumes and still had him in the black pleather stuff. Anyway, rant over. Apologies in advance to the mutant crowd.

    • I don’t specifically particular music remember the soundtrack, but I remember that the film was good – in my opinion, of course. Anyway, that seems a little random at this point.

      • I honestly hated it, still do. Same with X-Men 2, 3, Origins, even FC was dull, still have no idea why they decided to set it in the 60s with the roster they picked, especially Havok’s inclusion.

  23. I don’t know how Halle ended up with the role in the first place. Storm should have been played by a tall darker complexion beauty with an African accent.

    • I agree. I’ve assumed that her being cast was/is kind of effectively a commentary on basically an example of how few big-name African-heritage actresses there are. Halle Berry is a very loose fit and is famous, so they go with her. But she was never the kind of right-on casting as, say, Patrick Stewart.

      • Yes, stewart was the right prof x. And at the time of the first xmen, angela basset was the perfect strom. Hallie was the favor of the year that year. And the blame has to go to the story telling a good actor can be help a bad movie along. And remember in the comics, Storm is one the better fighters without her powers. In the movies, they have never showed that size of you character.

    • ^This.

  24. Don’t really care how much she is in the movie to be honest. Seems to be a lot of hate for halle berry as Storm though; and for this movie in general.

    I’m looking forward to this movie, and will be in line day 1…

  25. Obviously Bryan Singer & His Producers Had Way Too Many Actors In X-Men: DOFP & Didn’t Feel it was Necessary to Tell Them Face To Face That It just wasn’t Enough Room For ALL OF THEM To Get An Adequate Amount of Screen Time Without Harming The Overall Story. With a Cast of 20 Principal Performers, EVERYONE Knows that All Those Storyline (& an Already Screwd Up Timeline) will Inevitably Result in the STORY Being a MASSIVE Trainwreck. Now I REALLY Can’t Wait For DOFP!!!

  26. I don’t care if it’s 4 hours, just give them their screen time!

    Kinda wish they would have broken this into 2 films. That could have been more epic. I really enjoy both casts and would like to see the original cast come back more.

    P.S. Just give me Cyclops back.

  27. So tired of waiting for this movie, only thing they release is bad pictures and negative news.

  28. Meh, I lost a lot of interest in the X-films when X3 came out. Ratner destroyed my mythology. Then Fox got greedy and wouldn’t share mention rights with Marvel.

    For crying out loud, they originated it!!

    By the way, if you want to see the movie versions of X-Men and Avengers crossover Marvel has a comic out that covers it. Suck on that lollipop Fox.

    • ?the “movie versions” of X-men/Avengers? I know there’s the x-men vs avengers story arc that came out 2 years ago and another one before that, but I Don’t recall marvel doing a film version. Are they planning a short animated adaptation to that story?