Final ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Trailer Coming on April 15th

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X Men Days of Future Past Final Trailer Preview Final X Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Coming on April 15th

On April 15th, millions of US residents will be rushing to file their taxes by the annual deadline; but they (and you) may want to take a second to check out the final trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, which will premiere that same day.

The Days of Future Past teaser introduced us to the time travel premise of this latest X-Men movie; in a near future, mutants are facing extinction thanks to a new breed of mutant-killing robots known as The Sentinels. In order to prevent this dark era, Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) round-up the last remaining mutants for a last-ditch scheme: using Shadowcat’s (Ellen Page) abilities, they will send the mind of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) into his ’70s-era body.

X Men Days of Future Past Final Trailer Announcement 570x570 Final X Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Coming on April 15th

The full Days of Future Past trailer elaborated on the initial premise, showing how the future X-Men must hold out against an unbeatable threat in order to allow Wolverine necessary time in the past to persuade a lost and broken young Xavier (James McAvoy) to reunite with Magneto (Michael Fassbender), the friend who betrayed and crippled him in First Class. Meanwhile, the Nixon-era government is about to approve a plan by industrialist Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) to deploy the first Sentinels – that is, unless Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) can intervene with her rogue mission of mutant liberation… a plan that could potentially cause the very future Wolverine is trying to prevent.

Fox’s X-Men movie franchise is in much the same place as Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Both studios are launching ambitious sequels in May 2014, with the respective goals of transforming the linear installment model (sequels, prequels) into horizontal movie universes, complete with team-up and spinoff opportunities. In that race to equal the juggernaut success of Marvel Studios, both Spider-Man and The X-Men have seen similar marketing (over-)saturation in recent weeks – complete with each “game-changer” film receiving a “Final Trailer” with the presumed goal of overcoming continued negative buzz by presenting the most gorgeous, complete and fully-rendered visuals they can.

amazing spider man 2 x mend days future past images Final X Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Coming on April 15th

The final Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer scored points by literally presenting a prettier picture, despite complaints of overexposure. With potential plans for everything from another X-Men Sequel to new team-up films and multiple solo films (Mystique, Gambit, Deadpool), needless to say, X-Men: Days of Future Past has a lot riding on what it presents in this last-call trailer. Between the risks of that final sales pitch and the looming tax deadline, the DoFP filmmakers are going to have a pressure-heavy weekend to get through….


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X-Men: Days of Future Past will be in theaters on May 23, 2014. The FINAL TRAILER will premiere on Tuesday, April 15th. Check back then.

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  1. So if Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have joint ownership between Fox and Marvel, a number of characters should too, theoretically.
    Wolverine has served on the Xmen and Avengers for years now…so has Beast, Storm, Havoc…
    Shouldn’t Marvel be able to use them?

    • i have been thinking the same thing for a while now, but i think everyone except for pietro and wanda are too “x men” so it wouldn’t feel right using them in a marvel studios production. they have the inhumnans which can be thier “x men”

      • Medusa was Frightful Four (Fantastic Four franchise in the comics) before she was Inhumans. What about her in the Inhumans movie?

        • Well even Spider-Man was part of the Fantastic Four at some point, and he’s Sony’s…

    • I think Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are in a unique situation because they were used almost equally between the two teams. Wolverine, Beast, Havok and Storm are all decidedly X-men characters first.

      • Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were primarily affiliated with the Avengers team, and only briefly affiliated with the X-men and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

        • you beat me to it with your comment LOL

        • i’d be down with that. that’d be a good tease for an x-force film cable vs sugar man. not to mention sammy l jackson as nick fury. man I can’t wait for this movie!

    • Look up Jeremy Jahns on youtube for his winter solder spoiler review, he brings up an interesting point about how if the twins are “miracles” in the avengers then one can also put a dude with metal strap on claws and call him wolverine.

  2. yes! one more trailer, and hopefully its all new footage. Fox is making sure their final push for this film is as ambitious as the film itself. may 23rd cannot get here soon enough.

    • Good catch. I can tell you Storm and Blink will definitely be in the trailer.

      Given Kinberg is the real architect of Days of Futue Past, I’m sure we are going to see a few surprises that he previously alluded to. Namely that, Bishop will feature more of a role in this film than we had thought. It will only be in the future timeline mostly, but still, remember the animated series. Some similar things to that.

      Also I guarantee you that despite whatever has been said, Forge is probably going to make a cameo appearance in Days of Future Past. This is because he’s the X-Man closest to Bishop, and they are stressing the importance of Blink plus technically Havok & Warpath are members of X-Force. So even if it’s a small role, he hinted that we will see Forge in DoFP which makes him have a bigger role in X-Men Apocalypse.

      I recall he designed the first time machine, when playing the game he also mentions how Blink’s portals lets X-Men travel through time in many more ways than assumed.

      • True, Abyss can cross dimensions and time but he’s a Horseman for apocalypse. Blink is the only good mutant who can do the time/reality bending stuff entirely on her own.

        She’d make an interesting solo film if she ever really picks up steam.

    • where did Kimberg said that? havent read anything about her role on this movie and leading to Apocalypse

        • curiously I was reading this same interview, and there is only one mention of Blink and is by the reporter, not Kimberg.

          He didnt say anything about her. :|

          • He strongly words his response in a generalized way to refer to Blink, Sunspot and names like Warpath. If you read his accompanying interviews, you can pretty much see he’s referring to them.

            He’s saying they are going to return in future installments, namely those ones like Sunspot or Blink etc.

    • Also what is your opinion on the Mark X Sentinels and status of Nimrod?

      I kind of hold out 50/50 for it being a surprise. They could not ever tell the story right before, without featuring Nimrod. So I really think Nimrod is gonna be in the film, probably in a short scene but it’d make sense that Nimrod tries to follow Wolvie during the rescue mission.

      • I think we’ll see Nimrod. I think we’ll possibly even see Nimrod teased in the trailer, he just seems like a lock to me given they are keeping the script so quiet.

        If the movie’s story was bland, they would be pumping up the hype with lots of videos all across the net just like spiderman. I think Simon Kinberg knows the story is NOT bland, they’re keeping the cards close to their chest and Nimrod will be one of the sentinels that kills future storm off.

        • Either Nimrod or Mark X1 will kill off the future version of Storm.

  3. Hello. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. I like the X-Men. I didn’t get into watching just Wolverine, but I like all the other characters together. I’m looking forward to seeing Storm too if she will be in it. She’s one of my favorites. A character with great respect.

  4. Final trailer, huh? We’ll see…

  5. Negative buzz? I guess you refer to the negative buzz for the F4 Crap and the Weary Batfleck vs Supes (by the way, not a sequel to MoS)

    I haven’t seen harsh comments on this film as I have the ones above. Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching this film. It will be awesome.

  6. Let’s hope the main vehicle of the movie does not become unhitched from the trailers!

  7. as the jamaicans says pretty soon the sony and fox greedy hogging universe will be freaking
    history! boycott this film and increase possibilty of xmen going back to marvel.
    1. mystique looks nothing like rebecca, the middle schooler JL dont cut it.
    2. beast looks cheesy.
    3. this whole movie has a drag queen look to it.
    4. they will never catchup to MCU, disney already has cartoon universe with all
    characters something neither fox or sony can do.

    • “1. mystique looks nothing like rebecca, the middle schooler JL dont cut it.”
      And De Niro looks nothing like Brando. Your point?
      “2. beast looks cheesy”
      A matter of opinion
      “3. this whole movie has a drag queen look to it”
      What does that even mean?
      4. they will never catchup to MCU, disney already has cartoon universe with all
      characters something neither fox or sony can do.
      Without X men there wouldn`t be an MCU. After Batman and Robin failed it was x men and blade that proved comic book movies were profitable.

      Marvel releases 2 or 3 movies a year. And they have MANY characters allready. We woldn`t have so many movies if one studio alone had to adapt everything.

  8. Wouldn’t Mystique be on more of a bleu mission than a rouge one?

    /cheap spelling error joke

    • so they’re using the xmen legeds game as a basis now? oh I thought it was the novel. I mean that’s okay, cause I played that game and it’s pretty good.

      just doesn’t that make the aoa cut kind of short? I remember there being all these other characters like nate summers, or was that somethin’ they explore in the solo films.

      either way, sounds cool to me. I was down with xmen legends when I heard patrick stewart’s voice, and then where mckellan speaks in the cutscene I was like “dang this stuff is really good…what else could they do with it?” like, a movie

      • The AOA is way too long and would bore audiences to tears.

        By using the XMen Legends game, they can just do the super short version of age of apocalypse in two movies (likely) plus spin offs. And they get a perfect story for the First Class cast especially Emma Frost & the Hellfire Club.

    • Lets face it, the new trailer is gonna feature Storm, Mystique and Iceman. There is going to be a Storm solo film, Mystique solo film and Iceman approved next. Not because you are right, but because Halle Berry commands so much respect at the box office and so does Jennifer Lawrence.

      Simon Kinberg has already said he\’s really interested in Storm and Mystique coming into their own before the Apocalypse begins, so there\’s no better way to do that than solo flicks. And Berry under Kinberg\’s guidance, would just do an oscar worthy job in a film and we know that.

      The same is true for Mystique\’s Jennifer Lawrence, where we can finally see how the nightcrawler thing happens. Mystique admit in First Class that she already somewhat recognizes Azazel, and Fox owns the entire TV series and cartoons so that\’s the story they\’ll pick. Kinberg wants Iceman back too, Zaccy Efron can play young Iceman raking in the $ and Shawn Ashmore can be older Iceman making it a hit. So yeah we want Mystique, Storm and Iceman films because then everybody wins, Fox makes $ and the fans get good X-Men movies.

      And in the background Omar Sy makes a lot of appearances in all 3 which leads to Bishop and a Patrick Stewart/Mcavoy story some day.

      • Frankly I think they’ll land Dicaprio for young iceman or Orlando Bloom, now you are talking bankable material.

  9. Hopefully we will get a glimpse at Master Mold and maybe even Nimrod.

  10. Where’s the trailer?

    • Its getting posted 8pm pacific standard time,or 11pm eastern tonight. They might as well have released it tomorrow morning.

  11. Exactly, were is the trailer? Or is this just another made up aticle?