‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Won’t Include January Jones as Emma Frost

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january jones emma frost x men days of future past X Men: Days of Future Past Wont Include January Jones as Emma Frost

It’s beginning to look like Hugh Jackman definitely wasn’t joking when he teased thatevery other actor who’s ever put on a superhero uniform” would be making an appearance in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: First Class sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film will unite not only a significant number of cast members from the 1960s-set story arc that we saw in First Class, but will also include the majority of both central and minor characters from the first X-Men movie trilogy.

For every few bits of information about returning players, however, there has been the occasional news about cast members who won’t be returning. Neither Alan Cumming nor Jason Flemyng were asked to return as their characters Nightcrawler and Azazel, respectively. Now another mutant has officially been dropped from the film’s cast.

January Jones, who played Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class, has confirmed that she wasn’t asked to reprise her role for the sequel, due to the fact her character doesn’t appear in the Days of Future Past adaptation. Jones had already given indications in past interviews that Frost might not be returning, but gave a definitive answer in a recent interview with Collider:

“I haven’t been asked back.  It’s called Days of Future Past or something.  No, they’re going into another time period, or they’re going back and forth from different time period and Emma’s not in that.  Not in what they’re doing.”

As the title suggests, the film will be based on the time-travel/alternate universe plot of the Days of Future Past comic arc, meaning that both both past and present mutants, and old and young incarnations, might be features. It may well be true that Emma Frost simply didn’t figure into Bryan Singer, Matthew Vaughn and Simon Kinberg’s plans for Days of Future Past, though the character does feature in the comic books upon which the film is based. The ending of X-Men: First-Class did seem to be setting Frost up as an important character for the sequel; however, fans did have a somewhat lukewarm response to Jones’ portrayal of the character, and it’s possible that this may have factored into the decision.

x men days of future past cast X Men: Days of Future Past Wont Include January Jones as Emma Frost

On the other hand, Alan Cumming and Jason Flemyng were both popular casting choices, and there’s every possibility that we’ll see the cast members who were dropped for Days of Future Past return for the following sequel. With the inclusion of several mutants from the original X-Men trilogy, and the addition of new characters like Blink (Fan Bingbing), it was no doubt necessary to exclude a few characters in order to give everyone an appropriate amount of screen time.

We still haven’t heard whether Angel (Zoë Kravitz) or Riptide (Álex González) will be making a return, though with production scheduled to begin this spring it seems likely the cast is more or less locked down. With Frost out of the picture and no news of a Psylocke casting, it seems possible that Days of Future Past might drop the Hellfire club subplot altogether.


X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014

Source: Collider (via ComicBookMovie)

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  1. Emma Frost was always one of the best characters in the comics. I like January Jones (she was great in Mad Men) but she was incredibly robotic and her story line had very little significance, so it’s not much of a loss. I hope one day they reboot X-Men and really give her the importance she deserves to the stories.

    • @Will Fraser:


  2. “Somewhat lukewarm”? The woman cannot act. Her portrayal was emotionless and dry. I can walk onto a set and just speak lines. Acting involves something behind it. I’m glad they didn’t ask her back

    • I was being diplomatic. ;-)

      • haha understood =P

      • I was one of the many who panned Jones’ performance. I’ve seen the movie at least 3 times now. I doubt my opinion of her performance will change much, but I feel like watching the movie YET AGAIN to give her another chance. I find her passable on Mad Men, but I hated her performance in that Liam Neeson spy movie.

    • Josh, have you even *read* the comics?

      “emotionless and dry” is exactly how I would describe her character and I’ve been regularly reading Marvel comics every week for almost 14 years now.

      I thought she was perfect for the role. But i understand if they didn’t call her for the next x-men movie. The film has way enough characters as it is.

      • There is a way to play dry that works, and Jones didn’t do that in X-Men.

        There are examples out there, of the “dry” acting style working, such as
        Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld series, or Rebecca Hall in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

        In both of those roles, the actress came across well because she made you *believe* her presence as that character. There was no such feeling from Jones as Emma.

        Nothing against Jones–I actually like her in Mad Men.

    • You know, im starting to think her character was supposed to be protrayed as the “IDGAF about anyone else, Im here for a job & its my job to do it”. Not sayin that shes just a bad Actress but it makes alot more sense. Because in the Original movies, Mystique was that character until they gave her all this depth & character development that had nothing to do with the comics. ( I still like the movie thou) But I just think it was switch.

    • iT WAS A BAD performance.

  3. really? no nightcrawler? :(
    x men universe is already nuts. i hope they dont screw this story line too.
    they better get this right.

    • Nightcrawler was surprisingly popular, and the White House fight was pretty exciting. I am surprised he is not back in this next segment.

  4. That’s fine she wasn’t good as Emma frost. Very plain in my opinion

    But did you guys see that singer just tweeted out the first look at beast!

    Beast looks awesome. Less cat like and more human. Can’t wait for This movie.

  5. Cyclops?

    • Probably the most popular X-man of true fans, and way more important than Wolverine, who always hogs the spotlight. I wopuld gladly give up having Magneto and Wolverine both in this, to feature Cyclops prominantly in it. Apparently those who have written ALL of the X-men movies and their spin-offs so far never read the comics in the 60s and 70s, where a good portion of it was all about Cyclops!

      • Wolverine is far and away the most popular xman character of all time, its been voted in polls on Marvels website along with sites like IGN and PA. Cyclops is popular but in no way at the popularity of wolverine. I mean lets just be honest, wolverine has a successful comic line, did cyclops, nope his died fast for being BORING.

      • I get you are a fan of Cyclops, but he is not the most popular X-Men among casual fans, and what defines a true fan is subjective. People seem to forget that the original teams comics were not popular and were out of print from 1969 until they restarted the comic with the new team. Cyclops and Jean stayed in the spotlight in the late 70′s and 80′s, but clearly they killed her off and Cyclops did eventually get taken out of the books and put into X-Factor to cash in on the sense of nostalgia for the original team.

  6. Honestly, I love Emma Frost. She’s a wonderful and intriguing character and her presence adds that sassyness and mystery. But I would rather have no Emma Frost in the movies ever again if it meant that January Jones would reprise the role. Her character in the movie was dry and extremely devoid of any emotion. I was so excited to see her but was very very underwhelmed. I’m relieved to see that I won’t have to go through the same disappointment again.

    • +1

  7. Yeah, I’d never seen Mad Men before (still haven’t) so this was my first experience of January’s acting and I’m still not sure whether she just can’t act or she was given a certain direction when approaching the character’s portrayal but she – like a lot of the cast if I’m being brutally honest – just seemed to be more like moving furniture than engaging characters helping the plot move along.

    Either way, I didn’t like the original trilogy, thought Origins was bad (except for Jackman and Schrieber, love that version of Sabretooth) and I have the same feeling for First Class that I do for The Avengers (amazing spectacle the first time you see it on the big screen but subsequent viewings on home video make it more appropriate as background noise if there’s nothing else on TV while you do other things rather than something you have to drop everything and give your full attention to for a couple of hours).

    I’d prefer if they just reboot the whole thing rather than attempt to tie up two sets of movies that I personally could only enjoy once. I’ll give DOFP a shot obviously but Im tempted right now to just wait until it airs on TV for free sometime in 2015 so that I don’t have to waste money on it.

  8. I think the funniest thing to take away is that they say because Frost isn’t in the Days of Future Past storyline that is why she won’t be in the movie!!!!! Really FOX really???? All of a sudden you care about the source material which you have crapped on for 5 movies going on 6 (the wolverine)!!!!!!! I hope at least they mention why Frost isn’t there, instead of not addressing it at all. Drove me up the wall when in X3 they made reference to Nightcrawler not being around

  9. I can’t understand d 1st class, hw wil d 2nd 1 be then…, let me see hw it wil go.

    • What are you saying?

      • +1

  10. I hated the first Xmen trilogy. Origins wasn’t so bad. First class was a little bit better. I just hope that if they do a time travel thing, they resurrect Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Professor X. It seemed like those characters died just to have a finality on a story that hadn’t really begun yet. That is what makes the Xmen movies so terrible. For my part, I need a reason to love the heroes, and the Xmen trilogy does not give me a reason, and kills off the 3 main characters that gives the reason for the entire movies. Wolverine has claws? Cool. Next! Oh, Storm is making a storm! Cool. Next. Abilities are cool, but a movie is nothing without some sort of character, and all of the Xmen movies (Except Wolverine: Origins)are completely empty of character (I mean character as in a personality or mental state, not character as a portrayed persona).

    • come on-youre a joke-the wolverine origins movie is hailed as the WORST X-men movie made and one of the worst superhero movies ever made…raise the bar dude

  11. Definitely for the best, she was probably the worst part of X-Men: First Class.

    • +1

  12. Although she’s probably not going to be missed… one thing that disappointed me badly, is how they tossed away most of the cast from X-Men First Class. For me, this is turning to be a sequel to X-Men Last Stand, or what we should call X-4 (or is it X-3 reset?) instead of First Class 2. Only Prof.X, Magneto, Beast and Mystique are returning from the 60s-based movies, right? Emma Frost, Banshee, Havok and the other are basically history… Sure, they are minor cast, but I don’t think they should treat them that way.

    • I think the flat box office in the United States has a lot to do with this reunion idea for this next movie. The combination of lesser known characters played by lesser known actors did not generate the kind of buzz they want or need to sell the movie. Who knows if going back to familiar actors and characters will work out any better though at this point in the series.

  13. Although her acting didn’t do the character justice (see storm) she did look the part and damn look at her in that bra. SMH id kill to have one night with her. Eye candy isnt a bad substitute for acting especially if singer is still in charge.

    • What acting???And seriously…sexy????Ive seen sheetrock with more sex appeal.Kidding of course,but her body isn’t that hot.Way to skinny.Not a curve on her.

  14. I sort of wish Singer would stop making movies. :/

    • Amen

  15. Her performance was “cold and emotionless”? Isn’t that what’s expected when you play an ice queen?

  16. Here’s what I have problems with in the article:

    1. FOX wont include her because she was not in the original story? Since when did they care about their characters? (making Scott Summers a b*tch, Deadpool into Baraka, etc…)

    2. She was the worst thing in First Class, so this is a good thing.

    3. FOX still owns the X-Men.

  17. Nuts to that broad in the over-sized bra….where’s Cyclops?! I want Cyclops! Lots and lots of Cyclops!!!!

    (Uh, did someone say Cyclops???)

  18. She is the most empty actor I have ever witnessed. “Empty” is the best way I can describe her. It’s like watching a block of wood speak. She always looks uncomfortable and bland. I skip through every one of her scenes when rewatching an episode of madmen.

  19. good! she’s a horrible actress.

  20. January Jones and Kristen Stewart should team up for a movie.

    The Women of Easter Island.

    They have the expressions for it.

    • @Jeff W…

      LMAO… awesome!

  21. Best news I’ve heard about this movie.

  22. That sucks about Azazel, he was such a vicious killer in the last one, I was kinda looking forward to seeing the good guys off him.

  23. a lot of people wanna see Phoenix Cyclops Emma Frost Nightcrawler but Bryan Singer is really never responded. this is the worst and worst X-men Movie Ever !!!!! we lost Phoenix, we lost Cyclops, We lost Emma Frost and We lost Nightcrawler !!! What kind of this movie. THE WORST. people really really disappointment it’s so hurt !!!! and it so BAD X-men Movie ( Days of Future Past )

    • SHE – CAN’T – ACT

  24. if there is a chance just recast : Charlize Theron as Emma Frost.

    Famke Janssen would return as White Phoenix of the Crown after all Dark Phoenix’s evolution. and she could bring her boy friend is alive James’s Cyclops by help from White Phoenix of the Crown.

    Cyclops + Emma Frost + White Phoenix of the Crown are Triangel love

    Days of Future Past must give them along with Scarlet Witch, Avalanche, Havok, Gambit.

  25. I would defo have her in the film just to look at she’s stunning, all u guys saying she was the worst thing in 1st class have something wrong with u lol. Seriously tho the x men films are awful with the exception of 1st class. I wish Singer would dissapear and vaughn would just take it on. I mean call me sentimental but i hate not seeing them in their proper uniforms, wolverine would look amazing, i mean what are they trying to accomplish with making them wear normal clothes/black leather suits? make them look cool or more realistic? ah yes probably for realism a guy who has retractable metal claws in his knuckles just wouldnt look real in yellow spandex lol. Cmon singer do us a favour and go your xmen films are crap and as for superman returns………

  26. I never read the comics so I havent anything to use as a barometer. I thought her character worked well in the movie, no complaints here.

  27. Her acting was absolutely horrible in First Class,so I’m sure that no one will really miss her.

  28. January Jones only got the job cos she was banging Vaughn. She’s an awful actress. Nice to look at but the initial choice of Alice Eve would have been a million times better. No loss here than Jones isn’t returning.

    • The one person I always thought the role would go to in a heartbeat, Gwyneth Paltrow (who basically played a young Emma in Great Expectations), got scooped up earlier by Marvel for Pepper Potts so there was no way she was going to do the role (and I love her Pepper, a character that was always “meh” to me in the books).. I wasn’t aware Alice Eve had been originally cast in the role and am devastated she didn’t do it, she’s has the chops and has shown both Emma’s beeyotch side and her deep well of anguish (as she began the journey to hero about two decades ago) in many previous projects. I f you don’t know who she is, check out the last few episodes of Entourage, her too brief stint as a younger Emma Thompson in MIB 3, or her upcoming turn in Star Trek: Into Darkness among others.

      I had thought January Jones would be a good fit due to her coldness, but the woman can’t act, check out Pirate Radio (an otherwise AMAZING film! See it!!!) for the closest she gets to a good perfomance and perhaps the reason Vaughn first took a look at her. A good Emma is cold and hard on the surface, with complex and profound emotions deep within her. Let’s hope the “reboot” quality of DoFP allows them to fix what X3 did this universe and characters (waaaaaaaaaaaay worse than Wolverine: Origins in my opinion), among them Emma.

  29. I couldn’t care less. The only character they have dropped that i would have really liked to see again is Havok. What a Kick A** character!