‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Director’s Cut (with Deleted Rogue Scenes) Confirmed

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X Men Days of Future Past Directors Cut Deleted Scenes X Men: Days of Future Past Directors Cut (with Deleted Rogue Scenes) Confirmed

There’s been a very noticeable and interesting struggle in the 2014 summer movie lineup – specifically in regards to movie runtimes. Blockbuster tentpoles like Godzilla, Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past have all been edited down to fit more lucrative runtime windows, arguably at the cost of more coherent and/or exciting cinematic experiences. Meanwhile, on the other side of things, a film like Transformers: Age of Extinction runs at near three hours of semi-coherent mayhem, but I digress…

In the case of X-Men: Days of Future Past, the biggest deleted sequence of note is that of Anna Paquin’s Rogue, who was all but cut from the theatrical version of the movie, save for one key cameo appearance at the end. As seen in the very first Days of Future Past trailers, however, Rogue was originally more integral to both the plight and salvation of the future X-Men.

Having been captured by human and Sentinel forces, experimentation on Rogue was  supposed to be the source of the Sentinels’ ability absorption powers (see that HERE). Iceman and Magneto were subsequently going to stage a mid-film jailbreak to rescue Rogue, who would serve as backup for Kitty Pryde, after Pryde was injured in Wolverine’s tantrum after seeing the young William Stryker during the Paris Peace Accord.

Xmen Days of Future Past Rogue Scene Explained X Men: Days of Future Past Directors Cut (with Deleted Rogue Scenes) Confirmed

The Rogue Jailbreak with Iceman and Magneto.

Obviously that sub-plot would’ve required a lot more screen time devoted to the future era – meaning an overall runtime closer to three hours, rather than the efficient 2 hour 11 minute feature we got in theaters. The sequence – which as stated was teased in early trailers – was pushed from the film, but one can only surmise that it’ll be a bigger feature of the X-Men: Days of Future Past director’s cut, which we can now officially confirm is happening:

Now, back when we asked whether or not seeing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with deleted scenes added back in would make a difference, most people felt that there wouldn’t be enough redemption in getting an extended version of the film. But with Days of Future Past, we have a feeling that popular opinion could be very different:

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One could spin an entirely new article out of the debate over how long a movie should or should not be (never more than 90 minutes? As long as it needs to be? etc…), but one thing is for sure: Summer 2014 has shown us several examples of studios feeling the need to trim down a director’s film – and not all of those calls have been intrinsically good ones.

In my own review of X-Men: Days of Future Past I felt that one of the only uneven point of the film was the middle, where the future era is abandoned for a lengthy stint in the ’70s. To me, there was momentum loss in that stretch – momentum that could’ve been carried by Magneto and Iceman (two major franchise characters otherwise given little to do in the film) in the midst of another awesome future action sequence. In short: the extra screen time would’ve been worthwhile.

Xmen Days of Future Past Rogue Scenes1 X Men: Days of Future Past Directors Cut (with Deleted Rogue Scenes) Confirmed

Of course there are the usual other factors that affect these situations – the biggest being the careful calculations that go into determining how many times a movie can play in the business hours of a movie theater. Two-hour movies tend to get more plays than a three-hour movie (natch), so from a numbers standpoint, two hours and extra plays are the favorable bet. But again, the question is: should that pragmatic outlook come at the expense of cinematic vision?

For every great movie that is appreciated for both its longer and shorter versions (LotR, Apocalypse Now) there are handful of others that would’ve been tragedies if they had been cut down from three hours to two (say, for example, The Godfather). That’s not to mention the rare case of a director’s cut which inevitably goes on to overshadow its theatrical counterpart (DaredevilAliens).

Ben Affleck in Daredevil Movie X Men: Days of Future Past Directors Cut (with Deleted Rogue Scenes) Confirmed

Ever seen that ‘Daredevil’ director’s cut? I hear it’s better…

In the end, as always, people just want great experiences from their movies. Who knows: maybe we’ll get Rogue back only to find out that X-Men: Days of Future Past was better off without her all along. Or maybe we’ll have an even better X-Men movie experience on our hands. I’m not really seeing the downside.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits DVD/Blu-ray likely in fall 2014 – in both the theatrical and director’s cut versions.

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  1. I am all in for the director’s cut.

    I was a bit annoyed with the sentinels doing something that Mystique does not do (let’s face it, they just put Mystique at the center because of her star power), but now having Rogue being experimented on makes so much more sense.

    Bring it on!

    • Well the sentinels do change their molecular structure so its what Mystique does partialy too…and with a combination of Rogue’s ability i can see how the sentinels become so powerfull.

      • Pretty much yeah. I think the distinction between the two is that Mystique emulates on a cellular level (proteins etc) and minics the appearances while Rogue litterally takes foreign genetic material and absorbs it and intergrates it to her own cells (dedending on duration of hold.. Seems the process breaks down over time and she looses the ability but holding much longer .. ms.marvel… The process can complete and alteration become permanent).

      • “with a combination of Rogue’s ability”


        Without Rogue, this doesn’t work for me because Mystique has never manifested the ability to replicate powers.

        I am not saying they have to take Mystique out of the equation (besides, they won’t because otherwise it wouldn’t be the director’s cut but but an entire different movie), but including Rogue answers the question of the sentinels plus it gives meaning to Wolverine scratching Kitty.

    • can somebody tell me what the hell are putting again this movie in theaters of X-men days of future past only for this chick Rogue or she has a big ass or she is beautiful or what’s with her why putting again the X-men movie in theaters only for Rogue or what?? if there is for that reazon give me a break if they putting again this movie if is only for Rogue what a sick idea i sujest that let it go and passes on to X-men Apocalypse please and not do it again X-men days of future past because is to rediculous i only see it in the directors cut in DVD way to easy and not putting in theaters again what a shame and is very ridicolous look at what happend to X-men 3 without Cyclops Prof Xavier and Rogue when they are in battle and X-men 2 as well without Rogue what a mess seriouslly what a mess putting in theaters just only for Rogue what a geeks

      • huh? Can anyone else make heads or tails of this broken English rambling?

  2. Yes! Super X-ited that the Director’s Cut is getting released. Though I’m a big fan of the theatrical release, I did feel there were some nagging issues (plot holes, inconsistencies) that made sense to me only after I did some websurfing.

    As most everyone here has figured, Mystique as the source of the 2023 Sentinels adaptoid powers makes no real sense (it only makes about 35% sense). AS well, the tension that the mid-movie Wolvie slashes Kitty (lol) scene begins to build gradually begins to falls flat.

    “What’s going on”, I thought, “is this dramatic bit of Kitty badly injured going to build towards something or not?”. IN the end it kinda did but mostly didn’t. To me, it always felt like something that came out of the oven half baked but you eat it anyway cuz of the scary mother who served it…lol Thankfully, DoFP was absolutely good enough to overcome these things & still be a terrific CBM!

    With the Rogue Element back in the film though (And from what I hear about a week long extensive shoot in Montreal with Paquin, Mckellan & Ashmore to knock it all in place), I dare think all of us DoFP fans are about to get knocked for a (time)loop all over again. From what I gather, it’s gonna add about 35 minutes to the film…;-)

    Bouncy bouncy bouncy! (Anything genuinely exciting that keeps holding me over till SvB: DoJ is very welcome. When I think that I won’t be seeing Cavill fly again until the end of the 2nd Season of The Flash, I shudder! We’ll prolly see the JL Three (The Flash, Arrow & The Atom) before BvS! lol 😉

    Truly the Golden Age of the Comic Book FAN (or Nutcase, pick your take…lol)!

    • Just remember…notall plotholes if any are going to be corrected in this movie. Most of the plot holes will not be corrected because the director said it was too difficult or impossible to correct without taking x-men 3 out of the continuity.
      I am just fine the way things are and just looking foreward to seeing rogue on screen again. And X-men Appocalypse will be awsome and mark my words that Banshee, Azazel, Angel and Emma Frost will be resurected by Appocalypse to be his new 4 horsemen.

  3. I think the rule of three hours is really down to story—I think there was more story to move forward with the rogue sequence. I do however like to see different versions of films–for instance I absolutely love both versions of the Abyss. I like the different versions of Blade Runner—there are almost separate movies with narration and without—being able to see the difference is a boon to us cinephiles. I wouldn’t want to choose between either version of Blade Runner or The Abyss. then of course there are movies that completely outlive thier welcome and are long not for benefit of story but for tentpole building like the Amazing Spiderman 2—no qualms to thise who liked ASM2 but there was no servicing a “story” with the length only product placement and universe (storyless universe) building. In the case of X-men the fact that Rogue was a major player in the first movie and as well that the sequence further establishes conflict and motivation (story) it will be a welcomed addition—but I have no real complaints about the theatrical version either.

  4. I am all for it as long as Fox really takes out the extended version. I bought the extended version of the Wolverine only to find that it was not the extended version but rather the theatrical one.

  5. I don’t care how long a movie is as long as its pacing justifies the length. A movie could be 6 hours long for all I care, as long as it keeps me interested (and give me bathroom breaks). People will watch 6 hours of breaking bad consecutively, why not a movie?

  6. Why wouldn’t they have made the opening scene fall on to x mansion all detroied and turned into a big lab and then have it as a mission of iceman, kitty, colossus, blink and the rest go and save rogue they all reach the main hall way we’re is being highly guarded, they then fight the guards and sentinels dieing one by one, kitty and bobb then phase through the floor into cerebro where two scientist are expirementing on her bobby then freezes them and kitty rushes over to rogue to help blink then portals in notiying them about what’s going on she then portals out. Eventually she screamed the sound came through the door bobby then freezes a layer of ice on the door, kitty lays rogue on the lab table telling her she might be in pain for a second she starts sending rogue back into time allowing her to warn them to have blink teleport them out. It then follows on to xavier in the xjet finding them all, storms flying the jet. The arrive at the monstery and they all welcomee eachother kitty explains the s*** to professor and Erik about timtravel then wolverine goe’s. He then is sent back. The past s*** is being done. Eventually the sentinels find them kitty gets stabbed and rogue comes into take her powers. She then relizes she can’t asborbe them and find out about her strenth and flight. Kitty works witht he wound and rogue is sent out with sotmr, blink, bishop and iceman and sunspot and magneto. Storm does her thing and pulls some tornados then sees rogue having troubles to she whirls her slef over sending the sentinel flying, but behind her come s a sentinel and stbbs her it then throws her down n agneto then sends the planes parts and blocks the doors. Blink teleport him I be cause he is tired and old. Rogue and ice man have a last glance before they die.(romantic) and the sentinels get in and kill them all wolverine then gets stuck inthe past. Being able to recreate the Xmen and the past ans also a lot more stuff, new Xmen members being reborn. ? I lie

  7. Hello all friend how are you ? now i want to see movie X-man day 2014 ! so how to do ?
    Please can all friend help me now ……… ok thank you so much

  8. Will the theatrical version be included in the director’s cut as well?

    • That is a good question! I hope so :-)