Matthew Vaughn NOT Directing ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’; Bryan Singer Replacing Him?

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X Men Days of Future Past Director Matthew Vaughn Bryan Singer Matthew Vaughn NOT Directing X Men: Days of Future Past; Bryan Singer Replacing Him?

Fox has recently been trying to get their Marvel Comics properties (X-Men and Fantastic Four) in better order, so that the studio can hope to echo the success of Marvel Studios’ Avengers universe. That makeover has included bringing in Mark Millar as “godfather” of the Fox Marvel universe; locking down talent like X-Men director Bryan Singer and First Class director Matthew Vaughn; and making the sequel to X-Men: First Class a time-travel, sci-fi story that can (hopefully) fix the convoluted timeline of the X-Men movie franchise.

Well, prepare for the onslaught of fanboy skepticism and anger, because it is now sure to come: word is in that Matthew Vaughn is NOT directing the next X-Men film - X-Men: Days of Future Past - but will producer Bryan Singer be replacing him in the director’s chair?

Deadline broke the exclusive that Vaughn has dropped out of directing the project – though the reasons remain unclear for now. The Website is speculating (read: speculating) that Vaughn and Singer could simply switch roles, with Singer directing and Vaughn producing the film (Vaughn also wrote the story treatment for the sequel, which was co-scripted by his longtime collaborator Jane Goldman and X-Men 3 writer Simon Kinberg). In our recent Screen Rant Podcast Marvel Movie Debate, we discussed the situation over at Fox, and how – after many, many, missteps and stumbles – things were finally looking slightly hopeful. That early flicker of hope seems to be dimming now, with this latest development.

Just to recap a few historical events: Vaughn was actually who Fox selected to direct X-Men: The Last Stand, until the fickle director dropped out last-minute due to creative differences with the studio, thereby forcing Brett Ratner to step in at the eleventh hour, which resulted in an X-Men movie that few fans loved (to put it mildly). When Vaughn returned to helm First Class (under Bryan Singer’s guidance), it was seen as a second chance; however, a ridiculously short production schedule resulted in a film that wasn’t as great as it clearly could’ve been, had it been given proper time and polishing. When Vaughn opted to return for Days of Future Past, and was given a proper production timeline, fans were much more optimistic about the chances for a great X-Men film to be delivered. And now this…

This isn’t the only questionable development on the X-Men movie front: we just learned that the upcoming film The Wolverine is indeed not a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, as the film will be set after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, rather than before X-Men 1, as pretty much everyone figured up to this point. That news has only inspired more complaints that the entire X-Men property has devolved into a mess of continuity confusion and missed connections – and Vaughn dropping out of  Days of Future Past isn’t likely to inspire much confidence. While Singer would be a strong replacement – having crafted two of the most beloved films in the franchise – in my own opinion, I think Vaughn outshines him in terms of crafting quality superhero action sequences.

Deadline speculates that Vaughn could end up helming the adaptation of Mark Millar and Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons’ comic book Secret Service (he previously adapted Millar’s Kick-Ass into a movie before bowing out of directing Kick-Ass 2 – sensing a pattern?). However, with Singer not yet locked in as a replacement, the future of… er, Days of Future Past is suddenly looking very uncertain.

It should be noted, however: Vaughn dropped out of First Class for a time, before ultimately returning to direct. Is this latest move a true departure, then – or just another round of hardball negotiations with the often-rigid executives over at Fox?

Be sure to stay tuned, as there is sure to be updates coming hard and fast in regards to this story.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013 and X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18, 2014.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Kind of upset still have hope tho

  2. I will be the first one to agree with the article. Fans are not going to like this. I am one of them. I have very little faith we will ever have a successful X-Men franchise. We have had good X-Men movies here and there but with the continuity problems we are left confused. Even my friends who never read the comics are confused. I am not even sure they could fix it with time travel but I remained optimistic due to the talent behind the camera this time around. Now I am back to my original assesment: Fox doesnt know what it is doing with this franchise.

    • Agreed…Fox should just make a deal with Marvel Studios allowing them to get full rights back in return for a nice annual chunk of cash.

  3. DUDE. why??


    • fox will never reboot x-men so long as hugh jackman can still physically play wolverine. when he’s a crippled old man, then we’ll get a reboot

  5. I dont know if it will ever happen..
    Seeing now, that Matthew Vaughn has left the project.
    I really wish and hope they get David Fincher for this one now.

  6. Ill reserve any ire until I hear what vaughn has to say

  7. This is so not good.
    Just when you think things are looking good we get knocked down a peg and are once again reminded that when it comes to Fox expect the worst.

    • Agreed.

    • I should also say that Vaughn needs to figure out what his goals are.
      I love his films but he hasn’t reached a status yet that will allow him to be going back and forth like this.
      Eventually even studios other than Fox will worry about bringing him in for films. And once you’re on the outs it’s hard to get back in…

  8. I admit, that it kinda sucks, that Vaughn has dropped out, but I am not going to worry, and I think that The Last Stand, and First Class are good movies.

    • You say that as if Vaughn directed Last Stand too,which he didn’t.

  9. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  10. As it was said on the article by Kofi, Vaughn created a fine movie with a laughable timeframe. I was a big fan of FC and was confident that this second part would finally excel all previous X-Men movies!

    But with this news :S… I’ll still hope for the best, but it just went out of my “must see” list and into my “waiting for SR’s review, before deciding”

  11. I would prefer Vaughn over Singer anyday… The timeline across these moives is jacked for sure, i never really thought this next movie would help that in any way but kind of hoped it would serve as a reboot of some kind, like how Star Trek did it.

  12. I really enjoyed first class, and as a non comic book fan the continuity errors aren’t existent. only comic book fans know that havoc is Cyclops brother or w/e

    • You don’t have to be a comic book reader to realize Hank didn’t have his blue fur in the X2 movie yet but had it in 1st Class. Also, noticing Emma Frost aging backward. Wolvie Origins takes place after 1st Class yet Emma Frost is a teenager in WO and an adult in FC.

      • Wow the timeline is screwed, I wonder how do they plan on fixing this crap? Oh wait, its Fox they could give a crap.

      • Origins (as has been said at least 6038 times) is not cannon!

        • Just curious, not trying to be a wise-ass or nothin’ but who has said W:O is not cannon?

          • Avi Arad, Lauren Donner, Kevin Feige, Darren Aronofski (when he still supposed to direct The Wolverine), Jackman and pretty much everyone who’s involved with Fox’s X-Men franchise.

            • I always assumed xm fc was never in the same story as the original trilogy.

            • Yeah well, until they give people who bought tickets their money back and stop selling it as part of any DVD packs then it still exists…….

      • This is why it’s a reboot,rather a pre-boot,and not a true prequel.

    • but X-Men and X2 are great, and the only x-movies singer directed. X3 was directed by brett ratner (a legitimately bad director) because brian left to do superman returns (rewatch it. its actually not bad. its not good, but its not terrible).

      the point is that singer needs to come back. he’s the one who put the x-men (and super hero movies over all) on the map. he can bring some life back into the franchise.

      • X and X2 were hardly great. Passable, yes, at a time when superhero movies weren’t really being made.

        His characterizations left a lot to be desired. He turned a classic villain into the growling dummy Sabretooth, made Rogue a whiny girl whose sole purpose in the movies was to show Wolverine’s humanity, wasted Iceman completely, and turned several villains into cardboard cut-outs.

        • The first X-Men movie came out like a minute before Spider-Man and it was just the first high profile Marvel property that made it to the big screen (nobody gives Blade it’s due, and it was a very obscure character until the films). I loved the Usual Suspects, but Singer is not that great with this kind of film in my opinion. The first two X films were ok, but they a bit overrated. The fact he tried to parlay it into a Superman gig that didn’t work out just cements it.

          This buddy-buddy situation Shuler-Donner has going on with Singer, Vaughn and now Millar means that there is nobody there to shut down any bad ideas. Every one is just patting each other on the back and telling themselves it’s all good.

  13. I remember after seeing Watchmen thinking that (and this would have been easier to say pre-Sucker Punch) Zack Snyder could have really brought the X-Men to life, visually at least.

    A Snyder version of Storm in action for example might have been interesting. A bit of that 300 aggression for Wolverine etc. Well we shall how he does with Superman, which to me is perhaps even more enticing.

    I think i’d rather see Singer stay producing and bring in a fresh director for DOFP, as long as they are a fan of the source material.

    • Oh man I have a endless list of comic characters I would love to see Zack Snyder adapt. Batman reboot, Daredevil, Deadpool, Spawn, Hawkman and Lobo just to name a few. But I rewatched 300 the other day and I am uber excited to see what he can do with Superman.

  14. We will never get a truly EPIC X-Men movie, or Fantastic Four movie for that matter, as long as Fox has the rights. I loved X-Men 1 and 2 but they were’nt big on scale or epic, same with First Class. Contrary to popular belief I thought X3 and Wolverine were good but certainly not great. But yeah Fox is definetly screwing over these movies and I cheered at the news of Daredevil going to Marvel. Now some years from now we may get a awesome Daredevil movie that he truly deserves.

    • I hope so.

  15. Fox is the only guilty in this mess, they made two movies that should have never been made like Last Stand and Wolverine Origins…

    • You don’t know the politics of why vaughn left the project. You speculate fox is to blame without hearing any form of official statement from anybody. This isn’t aimed at just this comment but everybody just needs to chillax and witness events unfold before exhausting themselves with rampant unreasoned speculation

      • You’re wrong.

        • Yeah, clearly I am

          • Indeed.

        • You’re so right Mkp!!! @ Mark Bartlett you speculate that the speculation is incorrect but how can we truly relax with the likes of Brett ratner waiting in the wings! I’d sooner see captain America with a cardboard shield and illl fitting costume than that!

          • Hmmmm you didn’t happen to be present at my stag weekend? Or am I just being paranoid?

            • Huh? You mean a bachelor party? sorry if there’s some confusion bud I was just trying to articulate the horrors that could await if vaughan and fox had some kind of separation….

            • Huh? You mean a bachelor party? sorry if there’s some confusion bud I was just trying to articulate the horrors that could await if Brett returned.

              Really hope there’s no separation between fox and Vaughan!

              • I agree, our lives in cinema will be truly messed up if this comes to pass.

                • Am I being teamed trolled by chris and Jamie? That’s what I get for posting with my real name.

                  • Ha! Glenn and or rob, Sandra, Helen any combination of you guys. How’s it going?

                    • Blast, we have been foiled! You have just been tag teamed by the brothers Crowe!!

                • Mark my words! Bartlett that is ;)

          • Either way. I still think this flick’ll be good. They’ve got 2 years

            • Yeah you got us! Sorry couldn’t resist…to be fair there’s probably at least two Mark bartletts on the planet so we risked ribbing a complete stranger!

              It’s a shame but if they can do for x-men what they did for star trek then I’d be happy!

              • Wow…

  16. Chris Claremont to write and direct.

    • Claremont hasn’t written a decent x-men comic since 1991

  17. Very sad news. I do not know who is to blame, Vaughn or fox.

    In any case, Fox did not yet understand the reasons for the success of other Marvel movies. Such as the introduction of characters with a conclusion as Avengers. In other words, phases 1 and 2 and 3 …
    People like things built and well thought out.

    From my point of view, even “The Wolverine” is a bad idea.
    We’ve already had “origins” (which was pretty weak in my opinion).
    IMO, two ways of doing things are possible:
    - The First Class sequel. But within the events prior to the first Xmen movie.
    - Or Xmen 4. Sequel or reboot (in the style of the new Star Trek) to breathe new life into the series and continue on a solid foundation with a cinematic quality of our decade.

    In any case, a new wolverine movie even before knowing the events that follow Xmen 3 is a bad idea that smells profit first. Especially when we know the wealth of the xmen universe where the characters are too often left in the dark for the benefit of big stars and their screen time. Moreover, I hope that Gambitt and Colossus (to cite a few) will finally have the place they deserve.

    Hard for us to know where this film or sequels position themselves.
    But I hope that the quality disney gave us in recent years will be a good model for the rest of the marvel franchises.

    ps sorry for my engrish :D

  18. Singer should do a fine job directing this imo!

  19. LOL!

    The ineptitude has reached comedic levels.

  20. yes please! Brian is way overdue to direct another x-movie

  21. Why did he give up a movie that he co-wrote with his buddy scribe Goldman? They passed up Kick Ass 2 specifically for X-Men FC sequel…Maybe he can direct the new batman franchise, lol

  22. This is horrible news. Singer would be the worst replacement IMO. With FC I thought this franchise was finally taking off but if Singer comes back then it will be back in the dumps. If Vaughn left I wonder what offer he might have gotten. I would love to see Vaughn take over a project like Deadpool to see what he can do with it

    • why complain about singer? he made the only good x-movies before first class.

  23. Fox needs to either just restart the entire xmen (with the exception of first class) franchise or give it up to marvel cause clearly they cannot handle it. the timeline is beyond confusing.

  24. singers movies were crap never liked them, the third especially was “mega crap” in the words of jj. jameson. first class was great why bring back singers tired movie making i say keep him far away from this.

  25. Singer did well in x men and x2. The third one was all wrong! I think singer can def pull a great movie out, and agreed fox needs to give marvel back the rights!

    • no. the x-men can stay right where they are at fox. not that I think marvel wouldnt make good x-men movies, but if they got the x-men rights back they would pretty much be forced to make x-men movies, and they would limit their ability to make movies out of other stuff like doctor strange, black panther, or heroes for hire. if marvel got the x-men, FF, and spidey back you we wouldnt be getting ant-man or guardians of the galaxy, and would likely never see another hulk movie.

      • I think this is an interesting point.

        Marvel can’t make a movie for every single book that they have,if they tried to,you would get an X-Men,Avengers,Ironman,Thor,etc, movie every ten years or so,maybe?I think that it’s good that they all of their properties,if for nothing else,that they will get made more often.

        I agree,we need another Hulk movie too,don’t really care about the others you mentioned though.

  26. I don’t understand how anyone can think that Singer made good X-Men movies to begin with.

    • i know right? Opinions are just absurd. we should all form one opinion that is equal to Chris’s.

    • Love your choices for director!

      I’d go with Twohy, Boyle, then McTeigue (in that order).