‘X-Men: Days of Future Past Concept Art Reveals Future Jubilee & Juggernaut [Updated]

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X Men Jubilee X Men: Days of Future Past Concept Art Reveals Future Jubilee & Juggernaut [Updated]

One of the unfortunate side-effects of X-Men: Days of Future Past being one of the most crowded movies of the franchise so far, in terms of the number of mutants included, was that some of them ended up with very little screen time, others were cut from the movie entirely, and one of them disappointingly departed from the rest of the movie after one truly brilliant scene.

Along with Cable, one of the mutants who was considered for X-Men: Days of Future Past was Jubilation Lee AKA Jubilee. The character has appeared in three of the X-Men movies so for, but aside from a deleted scene in X2 where she showed a glimpse of her powers, she’s been restricted to brief cameos. Nonetheless, these appearances established her in the movie universe as being about the same age as Rogue, Pyro and Iceman.

It’s unclear where Jubilee ended up in X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s darkest timeline, though the most likely explanation is that she was killed off by the Sentinels along with Beast. We can, however, get an idea of what Jubilee might have looked like in that timeline, thanks to costume illustrator Phillip Boutte Jr. sharing his costume concept art for the film’s characters, including two different versions of Jubilee. Bishop, Blink and Iceman also had some pretty cool alternate costumes as well.

 X Men: Days of Future Past Concept Art Reveals Future Jubilee & Juggernaut [Updated]

 X Men: Days of Future Past Concept Art Reveals Future Jubilee & Juggernaut [Updated]

X Men Days of Future Past Blink concept art 2 570x783 X Men: Days of Future Past Concept Art Reveals Future Jubilee & Juggernaut [Updated]

 X Men: Days of Future Past Concept Art Reveals Future Jubilee & Juggernaut [Updated]

 X Men: Days of Future Past Concept Art Reveals Future Jubilee & Juggernaut [Updated]

 X Men: Days of Future Past Concept Art Reveals Future Jubilee & Juggernaut [Updated]

 X Men: Days of Future Past Concept Art Reveals Future Jubilee & Juggernaut [Updated]

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  1. Iceman reminds me of the Mr. Freeze design used in “The Batman”.

    Which was REALLY cool.

    • Chill out, man ;)

      • Guys, cool it with the puns.

        • Don’t talk to them like that. That’s just cold!

        • Your style of humor has left me cold.

          • Reminds me of a girl I once went out with..didn’t last long: she promised me a cool time, but she was frigid!

        • Tonight’s forecast……………… you know what, I’m not even going there.

          • Bahaha this thread is beautiful

            • It seems this thread froze up.

              • If you guys don’t stop, I’m going to have to kick some ice.

                • WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!

                  • Everyone just needs to cool it!

                    • Freeze!

                    • I’m having a meltdown.

                    • I tried ice-fishing a few times, but gave it up…I couldn’t get the cube to stay on the hook!

                    • I’ve trying to think of a good one, but I just froze under the pressure.

    • This thread was really cool to read while I was chillin’ with Vanilla Ice.

      • Ice Cube approves this message ^^^^^

  2. This is the best and worst thing about the X-Men movies. There are so many great characters that can potentially be included, that it’s impossible not to think “what if?”

    Jubilee is a personal favorite of mine, and it would have been great to see her in action (finally).

    I’m more depressed that I may never have the chance to see X23 realized on the big screen. What a fantastic storyline that would be for Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine outing!

    • kristen kruek would have been the perfect jubilee.

      She was born to play that character.

      Fox has ruined the x men franchise.

      First movie,

      X men : enter magneto

      The team already established jubilee becomes apart of team and they face magneto.

      Second movie

      X men : genosha

      Power preventing neck bands are introduced and mutants a getting rounded up

      Third movie

      X men : mr sinister

      Mr sinister and his crew terrorise the x men and other mutants doing experiments for a unknown leader.

      Fourth movie

      X men : enter apocalypse

      Mr sinister archangel and apocalypse vs magneto and the x men.. Get a glimpse of cable. Introduces time travel.

      Fifth movie

      X men : dark Phoenix

      Brings space travel and aliens into the x men world allowing spin offs like marvels guardians of the galaxy etc, but using the Shi’ar and m’kraan crystal.

      The sixth and final movie

      X men : days of future past.

      Introduces time travel. Introduces bishop.

      Now spinoffs and reboots can happen because of time travel.

      Bishop spinoff movie

      Cable spinoff movie

      Shi’ar and lilandra and the m’kraan crystal movie

      Archangel standalone movie.

      Wolverine stand alone movie.

      X factor and forge stand alone movie.

      The list goes on and on.

      If they did it right 14 years ago we would be seeing stand alone and spin off movies right now. And wanting to see a seventh x men film.

      If they had the proper costumes and characters and storylines we would be appreciating the films instead of telling them how they wrecked what I thought was impossible to wreck.

      Marvel should spend 2 billion dollars and buy back the rights. They would make the money back in 5 years anyway.

      And a x men movie made by marvel would be bigger then the avengers movie. Trust me.

    • hey i want to wish jubilee in the x-men apocalypse maybe the role of jubilee is played by jamie chung please

  3. Is it just me or does the Jubilee look like she’s modeled after Jamie Chung?

    • Thought the same thing!

    • Agreed. That’s totally Jamie Chung.

    • And the last Blink art is modeled after Naya Riveria from glee.

  4. I want to see Cable. Then that will maybe lead to X Force. The story of the New Mutants separating from Xavier is a great story.

    For the first time, it considered that maybe Professor X and Magneto were wrong. The open hand can be used to shake a hand and also to smack someone. The fist can strike someone, but it can also be used to protect.

    X Men has so much potential. Much more than Marvel and DC. Their stories go beyond the “big bad villain of the week”. They are a family and like all families they disagree sometimes. The great stories lie in those disagreements.

    • Love it, all of it. Especially the part about CABLE=]

  5. Cable! Cable!! Cable!!!

    • C-A-B-L-E!!!

      • They need to bring him in. Coolest guy in X-Men. No way around it.

      • Yeah, spell it out, just like it says….CYCLOPS!!

      • Days of future past is still in the movies and will not be released on cable for quite a while.

  6. All of this concept art looks great and that’s definitely Jamie Chung, wouldn’t have minded seeing her in DOFP

    • Exactly my thoughts, looks a lot like Jamie Chung and I DEFINITELY wouldn’t mind seeing her in the X-Men franchise. Here’s hoping they cast her!

  7. Bring in Dazzler. I want to see her. Always liked her in the comics for some reason.

  8. I like art. Funny thing how Jubilee is always considered but still they don’t push her anywhere. She was in all X-men trilogy movies and could be in Rogue’s place but for some reason was replaced.

  9. are their costume designers allergic to bright colors?

    • Nah…I just think it’s makes more sense to where dark colors in a dark future where you spend most of your time running for your life. It’s more stealthy.

      • *wear

        • Then why did they wear dark clothes in x men 1 and x men 2?

          I’m sorry but the costumes are absolutely terrible.

          Wolverine not wearing his mask or proper costume is comic blasphemy.

          If marvel can do it with the avengers and Sony can do it with spider man I don’t understand how fox can’t do it with x men

          X men is the only comic big screen adaption that has not stayed true to the costumes worn in the comics or animated series.

          It’s an absolute joke.

          Until wolverine wears a mask he ain’t wolverine. He’s just Logan. They should call his movies Logan.

  10. “Since X-Men: Apocalypse is set in the 1980s we probably can’t expect to see Jubilee putting in an appearance”

    Why not? If we can have a 30-something Emma Frost in the 1960s, and a teenage Emma Frost in the 1970s, I don’t see why we can’t have Jubilee in the 80s.

    Don’t get me wrong: I don’t actually WANT that. But Fox clearly doesn’t give a flip for continuity (even in their latest “soft reboot”). So I don’t think that’s an actual barrier.

    • Adult Emma Frost was definitely in the 60′s First Class, and in DOFP Magneto refers to her being one of the mutants that died between the 2 movies. You can even see her cadaver when Mystique is flipping through the files in Trask’s office. The Emma seen in X-Men Origins:Wolverine was not Emma Frost, she is Kayla Silverfox’s sister named Emma (similar diamond skin, but no mental telepathy). In fact Lauren Shuler Donner specifically said in an interview that January Jones is “the REAL Emma Frost.”

      • January Jones was the worst choice for Emma Frost! She can’t act!

  11. Bishop version 1! Should’ve used it.

  12. I’d love to see more of a real role for Jubilee. I remember really watching closely in the original trilogy of X-Men films, to see anything that she might have done or said in her very brief appearances.

    Days of Future Past had plenty of characters, and again, Jubilee needs to have more screen time if she is brought back. Hopefully the success of DOFP will lead to more diversity of X-Films, and thus more play for certain characters.

  13. There is nothing to complain about the film. They might have used the characters in flashbacks. Maybe being ambushed by Sentinels without being aware of the new upgrades. Blink was an excellent choice as well as Quicksilver and his FBI scene. Just great!

  14. And I suppose you’d prefer a yellow waistcoat?

    Jubie was arguably the main character in the youth-oriented animated series. She exists in a sort of limbo between girl and woman, hero and sidekick.

    She also tortures Wolverine, who has fallen victim to yellow fever before, always with tragic results (If he was always happy and smiling he just wouldn’t be Wolvie.) He knows that he will live to see her come of age, and his fatherly protectiveness could give way to other feelings.

    So when DOES she come of age? Obviously with the advent of the Sentinels, when her ability to fry their electronics turns her into a major threat, and a major target.

    Hopefully we get just the right amount of Jubilation Lee, enough to leaven the bread, but not so much that we are back to a Saturday morning cartoon again.

    • You do know that Jubilee is now a vampire, don’t you?

      • Because she lost her powers after house of M yeah, but I don’t think the these films are gonna go that route so no Vampire Jubilee on Film.

      • Holy Jubilacula?!! Next thing you’ll be telling me that they took all of the adamantium out of Wolverines skeleton…

    • If they kept it like the animated series we wouldn’t have all these problems.

      Infact. Jubilee should have been rogues character in xmen 1. The same storyline but replace rogue with jubilee.

      Then you could have had rogue and gambit already in the x men team when wolverine and jubilee arrive at the mansion.

  15. Hopefully the 80′s portion of Apocalypse movie will feature young Cyclops, Jean, Nightcrawler and Storm along with Beast and Wolverine. Mr. Sinister should be the villain along with the Marauders including Gambit. This would hopefully bring back Liev Schreiber as Sabertooth.

    If we see Magneto’s Brotherhood it should include Avalanche, Juggernaut, Havok, and Sauron.

    If they do any future segments of the movie hopefully we will get Jubilee, iceman, Colossus, Magik, Rogue, and older X-Men.

    Wolverine should be used as an antagonist for the next movie.

    • Havok in the brotherhood sounds cool. Not sure i`d like to see Juggernaut again.

  16. These costumes were wat better than what made it on film…

  17. What is Jennifer Lawrence doing with Blink costume? (second pic)

  18. I would have preferred Jubilee over Warpath any day. That is definitely Jamie Cheung’s face and I’m all for her playing Jubilee in the next X-Men movie with the original cast!

  19. My personal opinion i know Rogue has always been one of the top favorites but to me I was a Jubilee fan. I would have been happy if she had an expanded role in the first 3 movies other than forgettable cameos.

    I just find it ridiculous that out of 7 movies they couldnt find a good storyline to include guys like Jubilee and Gambit(Idont count his X-men Origins role) i understand why we havent had Cable yet i really hope he is in the Apocalypse movie tho

    • Well, if Channing Tatum does get a solo movie as Gambit, Jubilee could be a good fit as a support character.

  20. The problem with something like the X-Men: there are just far too many ‘characters’, and history, to fit into a movie (specially with the typical attention span of modern audience who have trouble sitting through 90 minutes), it should be like what they tried to do with SHIELD and make it a TV episodic series (but hopefully not one that has each episodes actions neatly resolved each week, with maybe one seemingly-minor ongoing story that most people don’t even pay attention to until it mutates into a major storyline and majority of people are left wondering “where the X did that come from?”)

  21. Why don’t they hire individuals that know the source material? Those sketches are beyond awful.

    Why is is a crime to have costumes with color?

    If Jubilee was going to look like that, I am glad she was not in the movie.

    It is really ridiculous how these comic movies have such lazy designs and writing.

    Just one or two sentences explaining how Prof X is alive, how Magnetyo got his “full” powers back, or even a small explanation of how Wolverine got his claws back.

    But nope.

    • Yes, they know the source material, even if they take liberties.
      It is not a crime to have costumes in color. Just not really stealthy.

  22. it’s funny the only character’s costume they got right was bishop and no ones else blink’s looks nothing like the comics except the one thats here but the movie’s blink looks nothing like her

  23. it’s funny the only character’s costume they got right was bishop and no ones else blink’s looks nothing like the comics except the one thats here but the movie’s blink looks nothing like her.