‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’: New Clip, TV Spots and Rating Revealed

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As Captain America: The Winter Soldier winds down its box office domination, Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is poised to hit U.S. theaters in a just a few days. Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past will follow just a few weeks later, and the predictable marketing flurry is about to intensify.

From the exciting final full-length trailer to the upcoming teaser included during the end credits of Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, to star Hugh Jackman’s entertaining body slam of a Magento pretender on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, Fox appears to be launching awareness for the most expensive comic book movie ever made across as many platforms as possible.

Despite the TV spots, trailers, featurettes and viral videos from Days of Future Past, proper clips have been somewhat scarce. We’ve had a glimpse of the future-set opening battle against the Sentinels, and now a new DoFP switches gears and time periods – watch the clip up above, courtesy of Yahoo!

Jennifer Lawrence in X Men Days of Future Past 1024x680 X Men: Days of Future Past: New Clip, TV Spots and Rating Revealed

Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) is once again at the center of the action, infiltrating a meeting of what appear to be foreign dignitaries, all assembled for a demonstration by Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) of his new anti-mutant weapon. Attended by a young William Stryker (Josh Helman), Trask shows off a handheld device designed to detect mutants – and it just so happens there’s a mutant in the room.

Placing the always-welcome Dinklage opposite Lawrence is another reminder of the opportunities for all kinds of engaging mixing and matching among such a huge cast. On the heels of this new clip, we also have two new TV spots. Here’s the first one, which again places some emphasis on Mystique even as it checks in with most of the main cast:

The second spot, like the first, recuts footage we’ve already seen, albeit in a slightly different fashion. This one gives us another look at the fantastic-looking shot of young Magneto (Michael Fassbender) using his powers to elevate an entire stadium:

Rounding out today’s Days of Future Past news, Box Office Mojo gives us the movie’s official rating from the MPAA. DoFP will be rated PG-13, for “sequences of intense sci-fi violence and action, some suggestive material, nudity and language.”  Suggestive material? Language? Nudity? Well, every other X-Men movie has also been rated PG-13, so this is not exactly a surprise.

Days of Future Past is one of our most anticipated May releases, since not only are we eager to see how director Bryan Singer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg weave together the casts of both the original X-films and the prequel X-Men: First Class but we also want to see what fate has in store for characters like Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Wolverine. How will DoFP set up the universe for the next few entries in the form of X-Men: ApocalypseWolverine 3, and the mooted X-Force spinoff? 


Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, Evan Jonigkeit along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.

X-Men: Days of Future Past arrives in U.S. theaters on May 23rd, 2014, followed by Fantastic Four on June 19th, 2015, X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27th, 2016, The Wolverine 3 (not the official title) on March 3rd, 2017, Fantastic Four 2 on July 14th, 2017, and an unspecified Marvel film on July 13th, 2018.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. I just wish they’d give Mystique some clothes… I know their reasoning behind her not wearing any, but I honestly didn’t have a problem with her wearing them in First Class. Other than that it all looks pretty good in my opinion, I won’t see it in theaters but I’ll buy it on DVD.

    • Oh please, she is one of the main attractions of the movie.

      • Nope.

        She isn’t.

        Not everyone is in looove with Jennifer

        • I loooove me some naked blue Jennifer Lawrence.
          Even more than normal naked Jennifer Lawrence.

        • Exactly Pablo! I still loathe the casting, she is incredibly over-rated.

    • What I don’t get it is how it fixes anything. If she can transform into someone clothed, can’t she unclothe her self and create limitless piles of clothing (except being exhausted at some point).

      I know it’s a hassle to make it pure a bodily transformation but honestly, it’s kind of hard for me buying into it now that I’m not like a kid anymore.

    • Hahaha, were you just genuinely surprised comic book-moviegoers don’t pay attention to thematic layering in movies? They rarely get anything that even properly has some, let alone that they pick up on it. Partly because half of them are chidren (of have the mindset of a child).

      Na, as long as there’s cool explosions, epic action and funny banter – and blue naked J-law. The Dark Knight is not as universally loved because of the brilliant ethical social and political layering in it, I can tell ya that.

      CB movies rarely have quality thematic layering in them and F me if even half the people that go see them remotely pick up on it when they do.

      • Which is a damn shame and a testament to the success of the MCU. All flash, no substance. Good for watching once at the movies, but that’s about it.

        At least, since the Nolan trilogy, DCE has been trying. It’s the reason why I tend to watch their movies multiple times. I usually pick up on something that I missed on the previous viewing.

        • Exactly, but it has nothing really to do with marvel vs dc, absolutely nothing, I love a lot of marvel characters, hell I’m on this article for a reason. I HATE the marvel DC divide.

          But Marvel STUDIOS just can’t escape their blatant entertainment formula. Not even WInter Soldier, which I’d hoped very much, really isn’t complex at all – project insight? COme one there’s no question whatsoever what Cap was supposed to do in that film or anyone else. Not even close to films like those of X-men, Spider-man, the serious Batman films, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Man of Steel. Any of the CB films that are actually solid cinema regardless of whether you like them or not.

          But Marvel Studios is candy. It’s just nothing else but candy and when there is any hint of substance to it, it’s still taken hostage by the priority to appeal to 8-16 year olds and does not go anything beyond that thinking level. And people don’t seem to care, they consume it like any other candy. “Chew and enjoy” and that’s it. There’s no real quality thematic substance to it. Batman’s Animated Series had more of it and that was a freakin children’s cartoon so it has nothing to do with restrictions in target audience age.

          I hope Singer’s DoFP can finally get the Marvel side of things to a proper quality cinema level again (as from what I hear Webb is letting us down with Spider-man). If he can pull that off to X2 level or higher, I will forgive the incredibly botched CB accuracy of this franchise.

          • Don’t you get it, all these movies marvel and DC are not meant entirely for comic book, or fan boys. They are meant for ticket sales, $$$, and to appease the masses. If it was meant for you and the fans, they would make no money of the franchise..sad but true

    • @ X-Men

      I do understand why Mystique is not wearing clothing because I watched First Class. I just don’t like it, it doesn’t feel like a movie I could take my kid to see because there is a naked blue woman stretching in awkward positions across the screen. In addition to this issue, I feel as though they are trying to appeal to the “nerdy/geeky” audience by putting a naked blue chick with technically no lady parts being shown.

      • It’s so absurd to me that in a film where people are being shot at, stabbed to death, what not, horrible apocalyptic futures, people fighting like maniacs and what you’re bothered by as a parent is the shape of a female body in blue.

        Your kid’s probably already able to picture a woman’s natural shape you know and if he/she isn’t, then they’re probably too young for these films in general.

        You’re right though in that they do try to appeal to that crowd with it. And I do wish she wore her comic book white dress. But because of character accuracy, not because it’s soooo horrifying for a child to see the curves of a female body.

        • @ Silrian

          Actually, my kids can’t imagine a woman’s unclothed physique because they don’t exist. I am actually a 17 year old kid with no kids of his own. Besides I never said those things didn’t bother me, I just addressed one of the problems I felt convicted about. I encourage self defense against and with guns because that is what I believe is right. From a writer’s standpoint I see the fictional purpose of character deaths and action scenes.

          I do not however like gore and violence because they aren’t a 100% necessary. Now for the reason I would let this movie be shown to my (hypothetical) children would be because she doesn’t technically show her stuff but I just wish they would give us nerds/geeks a little bit more credit and that we don’t really need this fake nudity.

          • Okay that last line I do very much agree with.

            So yeah if it’s not out of imbalanced prudishness so much as a general representation of women in these films, then yeah, I agree! Especially considering the fact that it’s simply not comic book accurate, Mystique always wears clothes. Seductive clothes in some incarnations, but an outfit at the very least.

            To boot they’re rewriting continuity anyway so I’m pretty sure most real mystique fans want to see her in a recognisable outfit. The whole mutant and proud thing is already there in her blue appearance, she doesn’t have to lack clothing to make that point. There’s no real validation for Mystique’s lack of outfit, I agree.

    • She isn’t naked, she’s covered in latex and sprayed blue, which, covers up as much of the female body as clothing does. If she we’re simply a naked blue chick, I’m pretty sure the film would get a hard R…

      • Not really that relevant though if she’s clearly meant to be seen as naked within the narrative.

        I personally don’t care about nudity, but Mystique has no proper validation to not wear clothes of her own. The fact that she can reproduce clothes is so silly, it really doesn’t add any form of realism that she couldn’t just morph her normal outfit away.

        She got this form out of senses of fan service, I see no other reason. And I agree with the other commenter that that’s a level of making CB movies appealing that just isn’t necessary anymore (if it ever was).

        • You don’t understand her powers. That is her mutation! She can make clothes in her own will, she can even sprout or hide weapons in her skin. That’s how awesome her powers is. At the beginning of her mutation, she can only copy people retaining her own height but when her mutation improved, she can completely copy them. In X-Men 1, if you did pay attention, she grew wolverine’s claws using her own skin. So telling people that you cannot buy the idea of her because she can create clothes, is a really dumb thing to say.

          • Thinking these movies are anywhere near the quality of noland or rami films is dumb.hey, lays see how many characters we can cram into movie just because we can.Nothing more than eye candy Michael bay style garbage with writers at the helm that could care less about cannon.cant wait to see bishop,quicksilver,sunspot,and countless others with 1 minute appearances in place of a decent plot or story and on top of that trying to combine the first class crew with the original cast.Just because you throw more mutants in there doesn’t make it a decent film.

  2. @ Thor

    I guess a naked blue chick on the big screen just ruins it for me. I mean I feel as though they think we’re so nerdy/geeky that we have to have a naked woman on the movie because that’s the closest we’ll get to seeing a naked woman. I am not saying Mystique isn’t cool and all but I would just rather her be dressed even though she doesn’t technically show her “stuff.”

    • If you look at the picture of Jennifer in the black outfit with the brown belt, that is very similar to the outfit Mystique “wears” in the comics.

    • Can’t believe their are blokes on hear complaining about how naked Jen Lawrance is, are you the same jobbers that didn’t like Emma Frost, she was wicked btw.

  3. I really want this to be good but it just looks so stiff and lifeless. I just hope that they’re saving the really good stuff and that this ends up being the epic X-Men movie we’ve always wanted. It better be considering it’s the second most expensive film FOX has made next to Avatar.

  4. The wikipedia page for this film says the run time is 130 minutes. Is that accurate or have they not released the movie length yet?

    • That’s 2 hours and 10 minutes! That’s pretty long already..

  5. the more i see the more i lose interest in it….

    they scan the room for mutants, they discover one and get attacked by her. they draw their weapons but do they shot?! NO!!! they wait until Mystique has beaten them all up…
    its like 50 guys attacking a single person in a martial arts movie but all are attacking one at a time so the hero can beat them all up with ease…

    so endlessly stupid.

    • Just to clarify…2 against one, and she was holding on of them in front of the other with a gun, so yeah not totally unrealistic.

    • But all those mutant powers you are ok with. Right. Very “smart”.

    • Pretty much as dumb as to keep shooting a guy with an indestructible shield straight into that shield, even if he’s slowly walking up to you and then knocks you out. Or chasing a guy down for like 15 minutes only to THEN throw a grenade under his car. Or slowly walking up to that care to kill someone when you could’ve easily immediately thrown in a second grenade straight through the now buster car window. Or perhaps as dumb as letting the hero kill all the bad guys, to only then engaged him, when he just as easily could’ve popped too bullets in his back while he’s slowly walking up to that guy who mornicall;y just aims at the massive indestructible shield he’s wearing.

      All of these films, hell, almost all action material suffers from retarded stuff like this. Except that one movie gets busted for it, and the other ‘tone of the best action movies ever made’, because people are biased mofo’s.

    • it’s cough..called a cough…movie..

  6. No Cyclops?!
    The world is doomed!!

  7. Yeah as @Writer said (or more implied) Mystique is the nudity. She was the nudity in X2 and X3 so she’ll prbly be the nudity in DOFP.

    The way I wrote that sounds weird… “Mystique is the nudity” I don’t know how else to word it.

    • Naked?

      • Va-va-va-voom?!

  8. Who knew Mystique would grow to become one of the badass characters I enjoy watching on screen..
    I’m hoping this movie keeps me guessing and doesn’t fall into that predictable slump like some tend to do.

  9. This just further excites me for this film. We have about three and a half more weeks and then we will truly see if this movie will make you nay-sayers eat your words or if Fox will never deliver.

    All in all, Mystique has been one of my favorite characters since the movies have been out because Rebecca Romijn just commanded every scene so it’s nice to see that assassin-esque element come to life with J. Law’s portrayal.

  10. Oh my god, Mystique is naked, I can’t see!

    Como on, give me a break!, we have seen her this way in all films, so what? At least they have portrayed the character as it should be. This movie is going to be great. My friends and I are really anxious to get our tickets.

  11. Did you guys noticed the absence of Bryan Singer from all X: DOFP publicity ? Even his Twitter account is dead.

    He truly has gone underground. LBGT has put him in a closet somewhere

    • Oh I see what you did there.

  12. “The world’s most powerful team”

    I’m sorry, your team doesn’t have a Hulk and god.

  13. Joel Schumacher made some great films,but made the worst batman films ever.After a little time had passed we got a new team that made awesome batman begins.Thats how I feel about every x-men movie.Ive seen all of them,but dofp is where I draw the line.ive heard that a apocalypse movie is in the works,and I’ll wait for that to come to fx public cable as well.I can’t believe that fox has been churning out this “wolverine is the leader and cyclops is a extra” take on the xmen for fourteen years! It’s time for a reboot.

  14. Male rear = pg13. Female rear = R. Male frontal shaved close up = R. Female shaved close up = hahaha. It doesn’t exist unless it’s porn. Only merkins for that. Don’t we all love the double standard?