‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’: Bryan Singer Teases 1970s Setting & Shared Universe

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Bryan Singer X Men Days of Future Past Director X Men: Days of Future Past: Bryan Singer Teases 1970s Setting & Shared Universe

Director Bryan Singer is doing his part to keep everyone talking about X-Men: Days of Future Past, the followup to X-Men: First Class and potential bridge to the original X-Men trilogy. This past week alone, he broke the news about Peter Dinklage signing on to play the currently-undisclosed villain, in addition to talking more about the portion of the film set during the 1970s and teasing a showing at Comic-Con this summer.

Chris Claremont’s “Days of Future Past” comic book storyline jumps back and forth between different timelines, while the script from Simon Kinberg (X-Men: The Last Stand) and First Class director Matthew Vaughn – with input from Jane Goldman – is expected to do likewise. How closely it follows Claremont’s source material is unknown, though we’ve been assured Kitty Pryde still plays an important role.

Days of Future Past allows Singer to step up his superhero movie game following The Avengers, in addition to letting him (as he joked with IGN) “fix s**t” after The Last Stand and First Class resulted in discontinuities between films. First Class cast members will be appearing with trilogy stars Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and possibly Famke Janssen and James Marsden as Jean Grey and Cyclops (though, Singer refuses to either confirm or deny the idea).

As far as time travel goes, Singer sees it differently:

The movie takes place at different times. It deals with, I don’t want to say time travel, but time displacement. A form of time travel which is steeped more in the X-Men [mythos].

There’s a key story element in “Days of Future Past” that Singer could be alluding to here, one which involves an older Kitty Pryde transferring her consciousness to a younger version of herself. 27-year old Ellen Page is reprising the character in Singer’s movie, which may or may not deviate somewhat from Claremont’s source material in that regard. Of course, Singer mentioned to IGN that “There’s another person that we’re negotiating with right now” for another role altogether – so best we don’t get ahead and try fitting all the puzzle pieces together just yet.

John Byrne X Men Days of Future Past 70s X Men: Days of Future Past: Bryan Singer Teases 1970s Setting & Shared Universe

Singer also went into greater detail about the Days of Future Past segments taking place eleven years after First Class:

The majority of it…or that part of it, takes place in the early 70’s, 1973. So Nixon is a character, and there will be different styles and automobiles. And there will be some futuristic, as well as retro, technology which you haven’t seen. There are science fiction aspects of the movie, and then there’s some retro science fiction that the X-Men films haven’t had quite yet. So we’re exploring that, which will be fun. And there’s an attitude [difference]. We discover our characters, particularly the younger characters, at a different place in their lives. Every character you discover in this movie is in a completely different place than you’ve ever seen, emotionally, and it’s about them moving through that. Hilarity ensues!

He went on to answer questions about the prospect of modeling the X-Men movies after the Marvel Studio’s shared universe approach, echoing the feelings of Fox’s newly-appointed Marvel movie-verse architect Mark Miller about the sheer scope and population size of the X-Verse:

… I think that if you really examine the X-Men universe it’s every bit as big as the Marvel universe. There are lesser characters, but if you take certain characters there are a myriad of films you could make, and stories you could tell, with these characters as individuals. Wolverine being one of them, and that’s currently being done. But you could really mine this universe. I’m glad to return to it and I’d like to get more involved in it because it hasn’t really been orchestrated – somewhat with the Wolverine pictures – but I think there is a lot more that one can do.

Lastly, Singer confirmed that he and franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner are discussing the shared universe idea, but indicated he’s more focused on preparing to begin principal photography on Days of Future Past (for now, anyway).


Bryan Singer is directing X-Men: Days of Future Past starring returning First Class cast members Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult, in addition to the X-Men movie trilogy actors Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, and possibly, Alan Cumming. No official word yet on Famke Janssen, James Marsden or Halle Berry.

X-Men: Days of Future Past begin filming in April for a July 18th, 2014 release date.


Source: IGN

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  1. I’m a bit confused… first Singer told everyone that Mark Millar is not involved in this movie with all his ‘shared universe’ concept… but now he’s discussing to make shared universe. I really think the should fix the inconsistency issue with the X-Men shared universe first…

  2. This is starting to sound like Back to the Future 2 but with Mutants.

    I’m still looking for to this next Wolverine installment.

  3. Every single time one of these people at fox says the “X-Men universe it’s every bit as big as the Marvel universe” I just want to kick someone. What in the hell are they talking about? It’s ridiculous that they are allowed to go around talking like X-men are something separate. No matter how they brand it, twist it or bleed it for all its worth, X-Men will always be a part of the Marvel universe.

    Bay vs. Singer in a steel cage death match, winner gets ultimate control of screwing up childhood favorite characters.

    • They mean there are a lot of characters. Plenty for many movies.

      X-men for a long long time was pretty much a Universe of it’s own and mostly dealt with purely x-men villains and characters.

      The movies are too overloaded as it is.

    • Hyperbole (pron.: /haɪˈpɜrbəliː/ hy-pur-bə-lee;[1]Greek: ὑπερβολή hyperbolē, “exaggeration”) is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression, but is not meant to be taken literally.

    • He’s referring to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the shared universe of all the films currently made by Marvel Studios). Those films don’t take place in the same “cinematic universe” as the film version of the X-Men.

  4. I wish fox would just give the rights back to Marvel since they know how to do a shared universe. Singer is as dumb as his name. He wants to address continuity issues..well simplest way for movie makers and moviegoers is to either ignore XFC or X1-3 your choice. This movie will either be a major flop or as good as Avengers but with some of the original cast coming back im not too optimisitc about it..especially with Singer involved. I advise everybody to go home this weekend and watch the xmen trilogy again and tell me it wasnt lame. I was so dissappointed the best was x2 and even that had major flaws. The sooner we see this movie the sooner we will get a reboot. Hopefully this is the last time Singer touches the Xmen property

    • Check some movie review sites to see how other people feel about X1, X2 and FC. You might be surprised to find your in the minority when it comes to your dislike of Singers X-Men films.

      • I watched them yesterday 1,2 and FC are great.

    • You know this is the second movie of a trilogy right? So there’s going to be at least one more.

  5. If the X-Men wasn’t part of the Marvel Universe, it would be bigger or just as big. I have faith in Singer unlike the people here on screenrant & i think the movie will be incredible.

    • I want to know what is going on with the FF reboot though :(

      • @ Norrin

        Im more concerned about the F4 franchise myself. Can’t wait to see First Class sequel that could possibly pave the way for X4,etc to the original trilogy.

  6. release date will be moved they owuld be idiots to go up against the hobbit part 3

  7. I have more faith in this film being very good than that Wolverine thing. However, Bryans’ track record for delivering top notch action scenes in the past(X-Men,X2 & Superman Returns)have been to say the least…….how should I put it………a piece of crap.

    • Thanks for speaking out of my Soul !
      He really does not have the Epic sense needed for whats in store here !
      Sad they kicked Vaughn out !

  8. I really enjoy X-Men and X2: X-Men United very much. Some can argue in retrospect how these films are flawed in comparison to modern take on the genre but these films were the best in the era. And honestly despite the legitimite faults each film do indeed have they are still some of the better films in the genre up to this date.

    They may not be epic an may not be true to each specific character, among other things, but they are not the worst in the genre. Far from it. When X-Men: The Last Stand came out it tried make the series less grounded and give it more of a comic book feel. While it may be found entertaining to some it was obviously not as great as the first two and time has not helped at all. It in facts is worse over time. X-Men Origins: Wolverine has no redeemable quality and makes X3 look great in sheer comparison.

    X-Men: First Class was the one who revived a series that was thought to be far from saving. I do not enjoy it as much as the first two X-Men films but the film is good. What held the film back was the noticeable problems that resulted from the chaotic production of the film. If things had run smoothly the film would been much better and more popular than what it is now. This plus the continuity issues just took me out of the film. I understand that it was trying to tie back directly to the first two films and ignore/forget the last two but it changed to much of cemented history while obviously still being a prequel.

    So this film has been said numerous times to try an fix the series continuity issues and the less than pleasant installments. With The Wolverine trying to offer a definite version of the character long after X3 it kind of implies the events of X3 did happen while making it clear that Origins was for all intensive purposes a bad dream. X-Men: Days of Future Past now is the one that will have to deal with the issues while offering up an escalated epic story to satisfy a post- The Dark Knight/Avengers world.

    Bryan Singer does have vision from the first two films so I will try to be optimistic until I see some evidence that the time away has left him out of touch with the franchise. With the same writers of First Class there is reason to hope that a proper sequel is still on the way that will only improve from its predessessor. So I again have hope.

    How much can they fix with a “time displacement” story I am not sure but it should be address at least. I would love to replace the Last Stand. The story deserves better and I am sure Singer want to deliver the film he always wanted. I really hope the film really balances the different time periods and have both (or more) be exciting and interesting. Lastly I like how the ambition to expand the world of the X-Men Universe on screen. Not even the shared Fox Marvel Universe. I know in the comics X-Men universe is within The Marvel Universe but in terms of the Cinematic Universe the X-Men if fixed can rival Marvel Studios.


  10. I can’t believe what I’m about to write…this storyline should be split into two installments. (Whew…breathe in…out…in…) Hey, multiple installments worked for Star Wars and LOTR…The Hobbit, not so much. But there’s just too much going on with too many mutants, and then add the past/future iterations of X-Men (2 Professor Xs, 2 Kitty Prydes and so on) and you get a whole mashed-up Marvel Universe of its own! Hell, make it a trilogy! It worked for Star Wars (the good trilogy) and LOTR…wait, what? Exactly. And I WON’T say “to do it right you should…” Unless Claremont writes the thing, it’s going to be the filmmakers’ take on the story. Splitting the movie into installments could just give us some moments to breathe and gather ourselves; otherwise I can see this easily sinking into many “WTF just happened?” moments. Give ‘em credit for trying to fix what’s broken, let’s just hope their reach doesn’t exceed their grasp.

    • They announced XFC as the beginning of a new trilogy before the movie even came out…..

  11. The main thing that will please fans besides Sentinels is to bring back Cyclops in a central starring role. Fans will be watching for this; don’t disappoint them!

  12. I’m looking forward to this movie i love the X-Men and i like singer despite some of his movies (Superman Returns cough cough…). The first X-Men movie i think was one of my favorite superhero movies ever made, I just felt like, man thats really how you do a movie like this i love, though i didn’t think the sequel was the first one i still loved it to death, then we got the third one and i really didn’t care for it at all, they had a bunch of characters in it that i love like Colossus, Jugernaught, Angel and more but i was thinking to myself that they really didn’t do that much with them other than just have them in the movie because its an X-men movie and to make this movie good when we have this terrible script is to just throw in as many X-Men characters as we possibly can to make this movie look good. So i think its great that Singer is back to me he is the father of the X-Men movie franchise and i love his X-Men movies. I think the time travel idea is interesting because it has never been done in an X-Men movie before and this particular story line is so interesting for the comics, and also the Sentinels are gonna be in it to which i look forward to because they had like i don’t know… one… little depressing sentinel head… that had nothing to really do with the movie… at all. So I’m looking forward to seeing them fight some classic X-Men villains some of my favorites to i might ad. I’m excited for the movie, and again i want you all to know i do not wish to force my opinion on any of you i apologize if i had in any way. Thank you

  13. The “key role” they’re discussing actors for HAS to be one of the time-travelers. Maybe Cable, maybe Bishop. But I’d put down good money it’s one of them.

  14. Bryan singer will mess this up.! Trust me.

  15. Singer will screw this up big time. His idea of comic book films are horrendous. His X-Men and Superman films do not stand the test of time. X-Men needs to go back to Marvel.