James McAvoy Talks ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’; Confirms He’s Contracted For ‘Apocalypse’

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px James McAvoy Talks X Men: Days of Future Past; Confirms Hes Contracted For Apocalypse

Last week was a flurry of superhero movie news (as discussed on the most recent Screen Rant Underground podcast). Between DC and Warner Bros.’ announcement that Fast & Furious actress Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman in the Batman vs. Superman movie to the release of the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, geeks everywhere had plenty to talk about.

However, perhaps the most surprising revelation to rock the comic book community was the reveal that director Bryan Singer is following up X-Men: Days of Future Past – the much-anticipated time-travel adventure that will unite the casts of both the original X-Men trilogy and X-Men: First Class – with a tale even more potentially epic story, that of the immortal mutant known as Apocalypse. The character was, of course, the subject of a popular arc back in the 1990s, and the film adaptation’s 1970s setting indicate that X-Men: Apocalypse may serve to round out the trilogy of films centering on the First Class cast led by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

Now, according to Red Carpet News TV, McAvoy has confirmed that he is, in fact, contracted to star in an additional film, following his Days of Future Past appearance. While the actor said that he has yet to meet with Singer regarding the follow-up, McAvoy appears eager to play Professor Charles Xavier once more.

Here’s what he had to say about his experience playing Professor X:

“The personal pleasure for me in First Class was in presenting a Charles Xavier to the fans – but also a new audience – who’s very different from the Charles that you expected … In the second movie, I get to present another version of Charles Xavier who’s still very different from the Charles that used to exist, but he’s also remarkably different from the Charles in First Class as well. So what’s great is that, even though it’s a sequel, even though it’s a franchise, I keep getting to reinvent Charles Xavier, and that’s amazing. I’ve got to do it twice now because the Charles in this film is unrecognizable from the Charles in the last film as well as unrecognizable from the Charles played by Patrick Stewart, who I then get to face up to. That’s sort of theatrical almost, it’s like we’re playing a game with the audience saying, ‘Look at the many faces of Charles-Patrick-Stewart-Xavier-McAvoy. It’s really good fun.”

X Men Days of Future Past Posters James McAvoy Talks X Men: Days of Future Past; Confirms Hes Contracted For Apocalypse

Ever since we had our first glimpse of McAvoy in character on the Days of Future Past set, it was clear that the character would be in a far darker place than in previous films. After all, First Class ended with the dissolution of his friendship with Fassbender’s Magneto, his “sister” Mystique’s turn to the dark side and the fateful moment that ultimately left him in a wheelchair. Needless to say, Xavier went through a lot in that film, and it’s smart of Days of Future Past to develop the character’s arc so truthfully, at least as indicated by the film’s teaser trailer.

Furthermore, McAvoy’s mention of his character’s interaction with Patrick Stewart’s older take on Professor X – while contradicting previous reports that the two would not share any scenes – supports the implication in the film’s trailer that Stewart’s Xavier at some point reaches out to his younger self, likely by reading the mind of a time-traveling Wolverine. In any case, it could prove to be one of the most memorable character moments of Days of Future Past, and hopefully, the film will lead to even further development for Xavier, allowing McAvoy to truly bridge the gap between his portrayal and Stewart’s.

Are you glad that McAvoy is signed to return for another X-Men film? Do you hope the First Class cast sticks around beyond X-Men: Apocalypse, or are you eager for Fox to take the franchise in a new direction, such as the in-development X-Force film? Sound off in the comments.


X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014, and its sequel, X-Men: Apocalypse, is already set for a May 27, 2016 release.

Source: Red Carpet News TV (via ComicBookMovie)

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  1. Typo in quoted part:

    “in the last film aas well”

  2. I love Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, but I think they’re getting pretty old to be in these kinds of movies. It would be better if Fassbender and McAvoy take over.

    • Take over? As in keep the X-Men franchise in the 70s and 80s….ummm no thank you. Unless it’s going to introduce the original FIVE X-MEN no one wants to see Professor X and Magneto as young men for too much longer.

      • Why can’t they change it up and have X-Men in 80s and 70s? It’s not like they ever stuck true to the comics anyhow. Casting a younger Jean and Cyclops seems far better than hiring the older actors.

  3. It would be interesting if DoFP was followed by Fantastic 4 in 2015, then both XMen:Apocalypse AND X-Force in 2016.
    Fantastic 4 focusing on the negative fallout of the X-Men muddling with the time stream in DoFP.
    Apocalypse is seemingly defeated, in the climax of First Class 3, only to resurface in the near future of XForce.
    Wolverine 3 and Fantastic Four 2 in 2017 can showcase an amalgam of dystopian futures; the DoFP war torn future, a time line reminiscent to comics’ Age of Apocalypse as well as Old Man Logan. And it’s up to the F4 to correct the time stream….that could work

    • I really like this idea. And for the FF, Doom could be trying to (so cliched) take over the world because of whats left after DoFP.

    X-men movies without Wolverine or not being the central character are the best, since other antagonists can be used for Wolverine means nothing to them (he doesn’t even mean anything to Magneto since he can easily neutralize him).

    • Yeah it’s like someone at FOX is under the impression that an X-Men film can’t succeed without Hugh Jackman.

      • ?? first class only featured a cameo of wolverine.

      • @ JamesF

        Hugh Jackman loves the Wolverine character & is committed in doing his best in each film aslong as fans want him. How many others actors do you know that’s been committed as Jackman in a role? I know Kevin Conroy as Batman & Mark Hamill but they’re known for voice work.

        I could say WB can’t succeed without Nolan or Goyer around.

    • Hell yes, Wolverine is NO needed in next prequel. He has his movies and will have Wolverine 3, so thats more than enough.

      Give us X-Force 1, 2 and all they sequels they want, Deadpool, and more team movies.

      • Isn’t Wolverine still needed for X-Force and Apocalypse? Not that he needs a huge X-Factor role. Maybe finish Wolverine 3 and return him to Marvel.

        By the time we get Deadpool Reynolds will walk away or die and Deathstroke will have his own movie and appear in Team 7.

        • Why would he be needed for X-Force? Have people forgotten that he wasn’t part of the initial team? X-Force started off as a continuation of New Mutants with no Wolverine in sight, back when he was on one team and had a solo title as opposed to today where he has two solo titles and seems to be on every team roster including more than one X team and the Avengers plus all his guest spots.

          • Oops, not X-Factor.

            Maybe he isn’t needed for X-force, I asked for a reason. Apocalypse would seem to though if his DOFP is as big as we’re lead to believe. I think he’ll always have some X-Men role though, they just need less emphasis on him.

            As far as recasting goes I think they’ll twist the plot swapping Wolverine for X-23.

        • Seeing how FOX has already deviated from the source material, I would say that Wolverine is not needed for X-Force. They have made major changes in previous films, so they can make changes in the future. The only thing that’s stopping them is the assumption that they need one of the more popular X-Men to be the focal point.

  5. I think he makes a good xavier, look forward to seeing how he develops the character in DOFP.

    WIth regards to them meeting, he could be referring to a scene out of the trailer

  6. They should just let the Fantastic Four rights revert back to Marvel rather than try to jerry-rig it into all this.

  7. I want Cyclops, Gambit, Rogue, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Archangel already and not cameos I want some heavy story for them.

    • Where’s Jubilee?

  8. Well I was really excited about this film until I heard it was set in the First Class era

  9. I just think it’s absurd that McAvoy refuses to shave his head for the part; like he doesn’t care about the role. I’m wondering how he landed it in the first place.

    • This is not true, he actually shaved his head for first class and had a wig on for the whole movie!

  10. I want to know more about that little fellow Bolivar Trask…

  11. I just want Gambit in an X-men movie as more than just a throw away character seen for 10 minutes in a crap wolverine origins movie. Oh and More Colossus while your at it.

    • The X-Men movies not having Cyclops and Gambit, two of the biggest fan favourites, seem like a bad joke…

      but sadly its a big true.

      Last time Cyclops appeared was in 2006 and Gambit in 2009, and yet they havent worked together on the team. What a FAIL

      But we have a Wolverine 3 movie coming out, tho. Awesome!!! (Mode Sarcasm On)

  12. Sorry, I’m having a hard time picturing McAvoy as Prof. X. Yes, I know the Professor was not always old and bald. But I grew up with the comics depiction of him in the 60s and 70s, and with the excellent Patrick Stewart interpretation of him in the first 3 X-Men films. The First Class cast as a whole, in fact, just does not do it for me.

  13. Everything with kevin bacon, the professor and magneto I gobbled up. It was everything with the children (j. law, banshee, angel salvatore) that I truly could have went without. thier acting was very weak.

  14. I hope that XApocalypse is an introduction to Apocalypse, and leads into a tightly-integrated trilogy based on Age of Apocalypse (like Lord of the Rings integration).

    Wolverine 3 should be set before DoFP Future Time in the existing timeline

    X-Force should be set in the dark future of DoFP, allowing an X-Force trilogy fighting Sentinels, and government stormtroopers, they’d be resistance films, like various WWII-based resistance films. A loosely bound trilogy of X-Force films in the dark future.

    DOFP – 2014
    XF1 – 2015
    Wolvie 3 – 2016
    XA – 2016
    XF2 – 2017
    AoA1 – 2017
    AoA2 – 2018
    XF3 – 2019
    AoA2 – 2019

    The new FF movies would be based on the new X continuity after the end of AoA, when time resets again,
    FF1 – 2015
    FF2 – 2017
    FF3 – 2019

    Using mutants introduced in AoA, relaunch in the new FF continuity as:
    Astonishing X-Men – 2021 (North American X-Men)
    Astonishing Generation-X – 2021 (European version of X-Men)
    Astonishing X-Calibur – 2022 (UK Gov mutant team)
    Astonishing X-Factor – 2022 (US Gov mutant team)
    Astonishing X-Force – 2023 (Asia based strike team)
    FF4 – 2023
    and so on, each new sequel at 3 years intervals

  15. I think James Mcavoy is a gret new interpretation of Professor Xavier. He’s young, and fits with the 70′s look. I don’t know why people are hating on him because he isn’t Patrick Stewart or that he isn’t bald. This is why he’s in a PREQUEL movie. Duhhhh…..Rant Over

  16. I say let Hugh have Wolverine 3 and cameo in Apocalypse. But we have so many other characters that need some story and they should break up the story and pass it around like they did in Avengers each character had their importance. I would love to see Rogue become an all powerful mutant she basically can have everyone’s powers, Cyclops leading his troops, Gambit well being Gambit a bit of a spy a bit of a Ladies man and we could see some great action scenes with him, Archangel in agony trying to cope with his new powers and his mind going mad, Iceman, Nightcrawler, and Colossus having some great action scene as well going against Sinister. Its time the X-men films actually get back to the X-men. x1, and 2 was the building blocks to these characters and somewhere after they forgot them and said lets continue to focus on Magneto and Wolverine. I just want to see stories of the characters the real X-men, and maybe just maybe DOFP will start to get back to them and we will see them in X-men Apocalypse.

  17. “Are you glad that McAvoy is signed to return for another X-Men film?”

    Yes i like him & Michael Fassbender, I think they did an outstanding job as those characters in first class, loved michael fassbender in prometheus.

    I’m liking MarvelComics movies alot more now.
    The Wolverine, Avengers, Thor, X-men first class, IronMan 1 2 & 3.
    The Amazing Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton, all awesome.

    The characters are conveying so much more emotion that feels genuine to the characters & storyline, it doesn’t feel like a comic book movie that’s just thrown together like some earlier MarvelComics movies or current DC Comic movies.

    Batman/Superman seems desperate.
    ManOfSteel was just ick.

    MarvelComics movies is doing much better than they were before.
    I gotta say GhostRider needs help.

  18. For me, this franchise is starting to look worse by the minute. First Class was a decent watch, even with its discrepancies, but it could have been much better. I really want DoFP to be good, but it’s so crammed with characters that may not even get the justice they deserve. I must admit that I was pretty excited when I learned that Apocalypse will finally be in a film, but having it set in the 70′s seems ridiculous. Only time will tell, I guess.

  19. Whither,
    I love your ideas. They could tie in some much from the comic books. The stories are already written.