X-Men & Blade Anime Logos Revealed

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animax x men X Men & Blade Anime Logos Revealed

Two major Marvel franchises that both suffered from recent short-lived TV series are moving to Japan. While X-Men lives on with Twentieth Century Fox’s growing film franchise, Blade is suffering from its lead movie star serving prison time. Both however, are preparing for an introduction in Japan as new anime programs.

Animax, a division of Sony dedicated to anime TV shows, is already hitting it big with Iron Man and Wolverine series and is now looking to add two more with Blade and X-Men, both of which were announced at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year. The logos for each series were just released.

The Iron Man and Wolverine programs both spawned out of the successes of the Iron Man and X-Men Origins: Wolverine feature films. With X-Men: First Class on the way, it’s no surprise to see Animax prepping a series to tie-in to the release of X-Men: First Class in theaters worldwide come June, 2011.

Blade on the other hand hasn’t ever had a shot as a full cartoon series but it did live for a brief period as a live-action series on Spike TV after a trilogy of rated-R films starring Wesley Snipes. That franchise hit a brick wall with Snipes’ recent journey behind bars and the third film receiving less than impressive critical acclaim.

x men blade anime shows X Men & Blade Anime Logos Revealed

Animax logos for X-Men and Blade

The X-Men franchise has endured a much more successful run in theaters and on the small screens, starting with its incredibly successful and popular animated series in the 90s (I’m not counting the Pryde of the X-Men pilot). Aside from defining my childhood, the X-Men animated series also pushed Fox into making a feature film of the mutant superheroes. Professor X’s mutants later had a second outing on TV with X-Men: Evolution which lasted four seasons, starting in 2000, followed by the poorly named Wolverine and the X-Men which died last year after one season.

With Japan seeing a growing presence of Marvel cartoons, will the North America market get a new X-Men or Blade series in the new future?

Iron Man is finishing up its first season and Wolverine premieres in January. X-Men and Blade both start in 2011.

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  1. I thought they were coming up with another X-Men cartoon to show in the US. I did not like Wolverine and the X-Men more for the artistic style than anything. The bodies were fine, but I had issues with just about every character’s face. Did Storm’s nose really need to be that huge? They should have kept X-Men: Evolution going; it wasn’t the same as the old X-Men, but it was pretty damn good.

    As for Blade, I was never really a fan, but I could be tempted to watch.

    • what i really hated about that series (wolverine and xmen) was the colour scheme they chose – almost every character was dresses in yellow and blue.

      i think blade will be pretty cool, considering that the guy uses a katana and blades etc the japanese artists are right at home with him.

      • They used the design of John Cassaday´s Astonishing X-Men. But Wolverine had a black costume in some episodes. I really liked that show, they should have done a second season based on The Age Of Apocalypse like they hinted in the last episode.

        I don´t know about the rest of you guys, but I can´t stand anime. The faces look all the same. I´ve seen the trailers for the Iron Man and Wolverine animes, and they look horrible. Great animation, but horrible style. A long haired, skinny emo Wolverine? Please…

        • I agree with everything you said Scapegoat.

          Wolverine and the Xmen was fantastic and deserved a second season and even had good ratings.

          Also I hate Anime as well it’s so ugly.

          • You guys haven’t watched a lot of anime it seems, so you’re generalizing. There’s no way you can say that “Sword of a Stranger” looks like “Death Note”
            “Samurai Champloo” looks nothing like “Dragonball Z”
            Anyway, my rant being my 2 cents only.
            The Anime version of Wolverine looks horrible! Simply because he’s too lanky and looks nothing like the Wolverine we know and love.
            The Iron Man Anime is passable. I just haven’t been able to get into it after 4 eps.

            • I did forget.
              IF they do blade, I hope they do the character justice. The Japanese have finally started drawing black characters without the big lips, extra black skin and fake looking hair.
              Thank you “Cowboy Bebop” and “Bleach”
              It could be done right though with the style of “High School of the Dead”

            • i don’t watch anime because it “SUCKS” and makes no sense .

              • LOL. that’s like saying “Sci Fi” sucks.
                But thanks for the reply

            • @ Nate: A friend of mine watches Anime all the time, and everytime I visit her, she I´m forced to watch that too. I´ve seen Guyver, Ghost In The Shell (which actually wasn´t that bad) and a lot of other anime movies. So, I´m not generalizing. It´s just a matter of taste.

              • Scapegoat,

                I hear you. There are tons of Anime styles. 90% of them I can’t stand. The Pokemonish crap. But the adult styles like the one you mentioned are the kind I dig.
                Thanks for the reply man… at least it was some lame reply like Rogue’s

              • @Scapegoat,

                Hey man, do me a favor and at least try the first 15 min of “Sword of a Stranger” and let me know what you think.
                Did your friend try “Ninja Scroll” on you?

                I’m out. Peace

                • I´ll ask her on my next visit. I´m not sure about Ninja Scroll, I´ll ask her that as well.

                  • Scape I couldn’t stand either Ghost in the shell or Ninja scroll.

                    Though my experience with Ninja scroll might of been more enjoyable had I been a 13 year old boy lol nudity galore… It’s simply not a good movie.

                    It’s your basic anime weird story that makes no sense at all, terrible voice work, lots and lots of nudity , some more nudity, crazy amounts of violence, a little more nudity and I could be wrong but fairly certain theres rape involved as well.

                    • I agree about the voice work. My friend only watches subtitled originals, and I just can´t stand that frantic yelling of the female characters. And although I like good action or fight scenes, I think this exaggerated violence in most of these films is a bit over the top.

  2. This is news worthy?

    • Why wouldn’t it be fans of blade or xmen would be interested to see what’s happening with their favourite characters I know I am

    • @ Dexter,


      • I think what Dexter was trying to say is, there´s no really news in the article. It´s only the logos. No artwork, no plot information, etc…

  3. I would check out blade but rather they did a second season of the tv show to be honest

  4. Well this sucks. I loved Wolverine and the xmen fantastic stories and writing it wa an excellent series on par with the 90′s cartoon. I won’t watch this anime crap though. Sucks great things like Xmen and Ironman that I can’t watch because they are done in the ugliest art style known to man other than abstract.

  5. in relation to anime/animated film/tv shows does anyone know if that new warhammer movie is out yet, and what’s its title ?

    also when are the ironman and wolverine anime movies coming out ?

  6. something completely off topic.

    I love the new look of the website guys , I just wish the background wallpaper was tiled or maybe faded to black as it doesn’t cover my 22″ screen completely :D

  7. The Iron Man anime previews looked good, however the Wolverine one was absolutely disgustingly horrible. A tall and skinny Wolverine with a mullet!? What were they thinking? I’m excited for the Blade anime series because i can see that being done very well easily in an anime style. Vampires,demons, martial arts and swordplay is an anime bright spot so they shouldn’t have any problem with Blade. X-men, meh I’m just tired & burnt out on them especially Wolverine. I don’t want to see them anytime soon. I’d rather see something weird and out there like an “Alpha Flight” anime.

  8. I thought the japanese anime series was a one off (as in one series and that’s it). Are there going to be more seasons do you know?

  9. I never seen Wolverine & The X-men, is it really good? Cause i hear mixed reviews about it. I loved the 90′s animated series & it will always be my favorite, and i liked X-men Evolution. I just wished the 4th season would come on a volume dvd set. Im not big on Japanese animation or computer animation like that Spider-Man: The New Animated Series. I hope all the 90′s Marvel animated series come out on dvd sets soon since Fantastic 4 & X-men, & Ironman been released.

    @ Scapegoat

    Did you get my email?

    • Wally in my opinion Wolverine and the X-men was fantastic. Almost as good as the original 90′s cartoon and much better than Evolution (and I actually kind of enjoyed Evolution.)

      Most of the complaints most people have with W&TX is that either they hate Wolverine and don’t like his name in the title or they don’t like the animation even though it looks pretty similar to modern comics especially Astonishing Xmen.

      • @ Daniel F

        I thought about buying Wolverine & the X-men complete season set sometime. Is the animation similiar to X-men Evolution’s? Kinda looks like it just by the box cover art is all. I really liked X-men Evolution when things picked up in season 2′s finale with the Sentinel program & from there. The sentinels sure were more powerful & nice touch with what they did with Apolcalypse when he first appeared & series finale.

        • Wally I suggest buying it I think you’ll love it.

          The style is kind of like Evolution, but a little more mature and a little closer to the current comic style. It’s like a hybrid between Evolution and the Astonishing xmen comic. Though the Cover is a little misleading the colors are not as bright and shiny they are a little more dull.

          • @ Wally: You will love the series. And yes, I got your e-mail. I even answered it, ched your inbox. I´ve sent you some of my ideas.

            • Hahaha, did I really write “ched” your inbox? I´m really looking forward to that edit button :D

              • @ Scapegoat

                Can you send me your email message again? I couldn’t find it in my inbox or deleted box.

            • @ Scapegoat

              Perhaps i’ll but it sometime. Im happy i got all episodes of the 90′s X-men series. Wished i had Season 4 of Evolution. I’ll check my inbox again for your email again, hope i didn’t accidently deleted it with spam.

              • I´ve sent it again.

                • @ Scapegoat

                  Sorry bud. For some reason it’s not coming in. I feel my computer is just now gettin a virus maybe. Im sure what you got is great. Hoped you liked some of what i had.

                  • That´s strange. The second mail I´ve sent was a direct reply, connected to your mail. I liked some of your ideas. But you´ve yet to explain HOW Cyclops and Jean are re-born. I did. I´ll send you a new mail from another provider, maybe that works…

                  • I just found this in my inbox…

                    This is the mail system at host fmmailgate07.web.de.

                    I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
                    be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below.

                    For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

                    If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
                    delete your own text from the attached returned message.

                    The mail system

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                    spam complaints. Please visit
                    http://www.iowatelecom.net/bl/unlist.php?myip= for
                    delisting/removal instructions (in reply to MAIL FROM command)

                    Maybe some of you other guys had this before and could explain it…

                    • @ Wally: Yup, you have virus. How do I know? You´ve sent it to me with your e-mail. Without purpose of course. Are you on any kind of social network? MySpace or *cough* Facebook?

  10. X-men cartoon of the nineties. Batman the animated series and the spiderman cartoon from the nineties can’t be topped. Samurai jack is pretty close and so is the batman anime DVD Gotham knight i think it’s called?

    • ugh Eddie I thought that Gotham Knights was one of the worst animated things I’ve ever seen. It’s by far the worst comic animated thing in existence as far as I’m concerned.

      I was so excited for it that I bought it on release.. I was so let down that I threw it away after watching. I didn’t bother reselling because it was so awful I honestly didn’t think anyone would buy it.

  11. There’s another way to kill franchises, add the word Anime, thats something associated with quality and respect. Oh no wait. That’s not entirely accurate…

    • Sam agreed. Attaching Anime to a project is like attaching Snyder to it.


      We are not gonna have very good writing the story and characters will be lacking in substance and logic. With very poor character progression, but it will be ultra stylized and hip with blood.

      • Snyderisation?

  12. Batman: TAS will always be my top animated series. Infact everything in the Timm-verse was well done, from Batman – JLU. Im hoping disney will release volume sets of The Incredible Hulk & 90′s Spider-man series. Lookin back on that show, im surprised how well i liked it despite how much they kept the show censored. I mean Spidey only threw 2 punches i think throughout the entire show, no realistic lookin guns among other things that weren’t allowed. Even in reruns in one episode a scene & dialogue was cut out due to the 9/11 attacks. I wished they would of gave us a 5th season instead of Spiderman Unlimited. Even The Avengers: United They Stand i thought was better than that show was. That’s just opinion.

    • Batman TAS is the best cartoon of all time. Best Batman in my opinion, it strode a line none of the films have quite managed.

      • Honestly Sam I can’t agree with either.

        I loved Batman TAS, but I thought Justice League was much better. The cartoon had much better story telling and was more exciting. TAS while good sometimes managed to be kind of dull from time to time. Also as far as Batman goes I still prefer Begins and TDK over TAS, but nothing beats the comics or at least the comics of the last 20 years lol everything beats the 60′s.

        • I think what makes characters like that so great, is that there are so many different interpretations and everyone has a different favourite, not right or wrong, just different.

          To me Kevin Conroy is Batman. Well his voice anyway. Mask Of The Phantasm is my favourite Batman film, I just love every second!

          • Drsam don’t get me wrong Kevin Conroy is by far the definitive Batman. I don’t dispute that. His voice was beyond perfect. I love Bale as Batman, but I’ll take conroy playing him in a game or animated project over anyone any day. Only reason I prefer Begins and TDK over the cartoon is the writing and style. The Movies were far more adult, much darker, grittier and way smarter filled with complex writing and meaningful stories. The cartoon had great moments, but minimal excitement, very little humor, mostly shallow stories to cater to the kiddies and visually I’ve never liked Timm’s style. I love his cartoons because for being TV cartoons they are top of the line in writing and excellent voice work, but I’ve always found them a little ugly. JLU is the best looking cartoon show he’s made IMO and still was only just meh.

            Still Kevin Conroy is Batman you’ll have no argument there. Live Action IMO it’s Bale, but if this were 1990 Kevin would be good live action Bat’s as well I think. His voice made him the definitive Batman.

            • I would also say Batman TAS has the best Joker.

            • Daniel F

              I really liked Batman:TAS for many reasons. Great voicing cast, Great stories on particular characters that are tied to the comics or pretty close. I agree with ya when you said back in the 90′s Kevin Conroy would of made a great Batman in live action films. I seen pictures of him. Not sure how old he is now. But like villains, the show had a great supporting cast of characters like Renee Montoya, Leslie Thompkins who was also there for Bruce the night when his parents were murdered and always keep her schedule open to accompany Batman on the anniversary in Crime Alley when he leaves roses where his parents died at. Forget the name of the episode, but was a great one. I think its the same episode Batman says to Alfred he’s not sure if he’s doin alot of good in Gotham and Alfred reminds him of all the good he’s done & criminals he brought to justice. Justice League is a great series aswell, i wished it continued on for bit longer than it did. Part of me feels like live action films could be made great based off Batman: TAS but thats my opinion. Theres episodes i could name they could base off of. Especially if Bruce Timm & Co directed them. I agree with Dr. SamBeckett, loved Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm. The hard decision Bruce knew he couldn’t have it both ways to be hero aslong he has someone he loves waiting for him at home. Of-course we know what happens that helps him make his decision which was one of my favorite scenes. Almost kinda reminds ya of Batman Begins except Bruce pretty much had his training to fight over the globe shown.

              • TAS managed to show the darker and also the fantastical aspects of the character. There were some very serious episodes, I remember one when Bruce is blinded, and then they could also be very funny, Christmas With The Joker.

                There is one episode that will always stick with me, it was to od with the Joker just following this poor regular guy around, making his life a complete misery, Batman was hardly in the epiosde at all, but there something deeply sinister about the Joker in that episode.

                Plus, Heart Of Ice is one of the best pieces of episodic television of all time, animated or otherwise.

                I can see how to many animation can never be better than live action, I view them as one and the same.

                Conroy could have easily played live action Batman in the 90s, its a shame, when I read a Batman comic/graphic novel, it will forever be his voice that I hear.

                • @ Dr. SamBeckett

                  I know what you mean. So many episodes i could go over i enjoyed of the series. Lol Christmas W/ The Joker was one of the best, it put a smile on my face just hearing Joker laugh when Batman got a pie in his face,lol. Another was Harlequinnade when Batman had Harley help find the Joker in return for parole. The series is what made me really like the character of Robin, especially after watching the 2 parter episode Robin’s Reckoning. Like Heart Of Ice, the 2 parter Episode Two-Face was one of my favorites. And liked how they made the Riddler different from Frank Gorshin’s Riddler since in the comics Riddler was too much like the Joker. How old is Conroy btw?

                  • Yes, the Two Face Two Parter is great, they got a better grasp of the character than in TDK!

                    Conroy is 55.

                    • @ Dr. SamBeckett

                      Yup, and that what id like to see Two-Face appear on film. They could of done it right the first time in the previous franchise since Harvey Dent was in the 89 Batman film but in Batman Forever he just appeared as the first villain & all we got was a flashback like scene of how he became Two-Face especially when acid was used. But in TDK was kinda the samething & felt the character was just rushed through just to killed off. Conroy is 55? Wow, has it been that long since Batman:TAS first aired in the early 90′s? Well when he gets older & if his voice still as good, maybe he can play a old Bruce Wayne in a live action Batman Beyond film. Imo, thats would be somthing too. To see yet another Batman reboot franchise made outta who knows 4 05 5 films maybe made by the best director/directors & writers & try makin a live-action Batman Beyond film that takes places years into the future in the same rebooted franchise.Should’t be too hard to come up with a Batman costume without a cape, makin Gotham City look more futurelistic is the question i guess. Just thinkin outta the box here.

  13. BOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. eh

  15. Manga style vs Anime style . Idk, Manga always comes across as too kiddish but DBZ was still good.

  16. Blade is more famous in Japan.