‘X-Men’ Producer Would Love An ‘Avengers’ Movie Crossover

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Superhero Movie Crossovers X Men Avengers X Men Producer Would Love An Avengers Movie Crossover

Both Marvel Studios and Twentieth Century Fox are filming (and are about to film) the next installments for the next phases in each of their respective Marvel cinematic universes. While speculation and questions still surround the idea of characters from the X-Men trilogy sharing the screen with the cast of X-Men: First Class in X-Men: Days of Future past, there’s potential, however slight, for an even a larger crossover with an even larger roster of Marvel superheroes.

If The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and all the new character to be introduced in Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe weren’t enough, how about Fox’s X-Men?

Crave Online chatted with X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner and husband Richard Donner where the success of The Avengers was brought up, along with the question about the potential of a cinematic crossover to which Lauren responded:

“I would love it. I would love it. I personally have close ties to Marvel because of Kevin Feige, because Kevin worked for me. But to take our characters and mingle them in the way that they were written, yeah, absolutely.”

Joss Whedon wrote 25 issues of the Critically acclaimed relaunch of Astonishing X-Men. He’d love it. Fox’s new Marvel consultant Mark Millar wrote Marvel Civil War, Ultimate X-Men and The Ultimates (Ultimate version of The Avengers), so he’d dig it too.

Avengers vs X Men 570x369 X Men Producer Would Love An Avengers Movie Crossover

Money talks and since The Avengers is now the biggest comic book film of all-time, why wouldn’t the other studios with Marvel properties try to take advantage of that brand appeal, at least for marketing purposes. In the comic books, all of these Marvel heroes share the same space, fight together and against each other, and for the films, the only thing holding similar events back is the fact that the licenses to different characters are spread among multiple studios (that and money).

Donner has been name-dropping X-Men 4 & 5 along with New Mutants as properties she had in early development for years and it wasn’t until recently with the confirmation of X-Men: Days of Future Past did we see this ambition manifest itself into an actual greenlighted project with a release date, thanks in large part due to Bryan Singer’s return to the franchise. Could Donner’s “close ties” with Kevin Feige be something she’s taking advantage of or is this just excitement and a faint glimmer of hope, much like the exec producer Avi Arad saying Spider-Man in The Avengers 2 is possible?

avengers vs x men wallpaper 570x427 X Men Producer Would Love An Avengers Movie Crossover

After all, Sony was almost able to get a reference to The Amazing Spider-Man inserted in The Avengers by Marvel Studios including the Oscorp tower along with the Stark Tower in the New York skyline but the timing of post-production visual effects didn’t allow for it. The fact that it almost happened means that Marvel Studios is at least willing to co-market their flagship comic book characters they don’t even own the film rights too.

That being said, Marvel Studios has their own growing roster of characters along with plans in place which will seemingly cover at least the next half-decade. The sad truth is that there is absolutely no chance of a major crossover or team-up outside of Easter Egg references or perhaps even a cameo. Compared to the current franchises run by Fox and Sony, Marvel Studios’ adaptations are the truest to the source material so the desire to merge cinematic universes with a rebooted Spider-Man with slightly different origins or a convoluted X-Men franchise is minimal at best.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Chris Evans Captain America 570x427 X Men Producer Would Love An Avengers Movie Crossover

If circumstances were different and Marvel Studios owned the rights to all of these characters, it’s too bad they can’t go back in time and have Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine show up with Captain America in World War II and have Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker taking photos during The Avengers final battle in New York. Technically, Jackman could show up in flashbacks in Captain America: The Winter Soldier - It comes out the same year as X-Men: Days of Future Past, and less than a year after The Wolverine. But a major film crossover like the latest Avengers vs. X-Men crossover event in Marvel Comics isn’t in the cards, as awesome as the idea may be. Although if “Phase Three” of Marvel universe were to explore the Civil War stories from the books, such a large crossover would be required to do it justice. For now, The Avengers have that Thanos problem to deal with for years to come.

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.


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Source: Crave Online

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  1. Yeah, they always talk about stuff like this. it’ll happen… when Marvel gets the rights back.

    Keep your X-Men out of my Avengers, Fox!

    • +1 my friend, I’m in total agreement

      • Totally agree. Of course they dream of taking the franchise they’ve run into the ground, and using it to leach off of the people who are doing things right.

        • @Loomis, I thought the same thing as soon as I read Fox’s comment. Marvel shouldn’t listen to Fox. Why try and fix what isn’t broken?

  2. :’) my dreams would come true… but x-men would need a reboot.
    But if im honest, Spiderman would make me flip if he had at least a cameo. he doesn’t need to communicate with the avengers. just make an appearance in the final fight and have a one liner. thats the least i want XD

    • I would welcome Tobey Macguire to the Avengers roster with open arms

      • it wouldnt make sense fir him though. if it were to happen it would be andrew

        • Thank goodness Maguire is no longer Peter Parker, I’m still trying to erase SP3 from my memory banks.

      • Blech! Gah! Ack! … Excuse me. What? We FINALLY got rid of Mopey Maguire.

  3. While Marvel laughs and slams the door shut!+

  4. Well guess what Lauren Shuler Donner is an idiot, this isn’t even news. In no amount of years now should the X-Men and Avengers ever cross over into a live action media, the Avengers universe has already been established and the X-Men universe has also already been established as simple as that. It would be automatically dropping the ball if it ever happened even if Marvel decided to do a Civil War film. If they were even remotely thinking of bringing other big franchises in they should have done that a long time ago, now’s not the time to screw around with anymore continuity in their films.

  5. If Donner loves the idea so much why don’t they sell the rights back to Marvel? More Hollywood BS…..

    • If you love something set it free.

      • i wouldn’t mind seeing the Avengers and the X-Men working together especially with Thanos or even Apokylipse entering the picture. Wolverine worked with Capt. America before in WWII and i think it would be a good teamup especially if Thanos beats up the Avengers during the first attack then they go see Professor Charles Xavier for assistance played by Patrick Stewart and have the X-Men assist the Avengers in saving the world again

        • Those team-ups in the comics worked sparingly (or when they did them in a separate title like Marvel Team-Up), but the reality is jamming a bunch of characters together is just a gimmick to draw in more customers and the quality might not always be that good.

  6. Marvel doesn’t even need to do this. All a crossover with Spider-Man or the X-Men would do is benefit Sony and Fox. The Avengers is the third highest-grossing movie of all time, and Marvel did it without Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, or anybody. And with Ant-Man, Falcon, and the Guardians of the Galaxy joining the ranks– and heck, if recent rumors are to be believed, even Nova and Ms. Marvel– Marvel doesn’t need the likes of the other characters in their films. As great as a crossover would be– believe me, a Civil War or Avengers vs X-Men movie would let me die a happy man– in the end, it’ll be Fox and Sony who will truly strengthen from something like this, not Marvel.

    • or even the World War Hulk series

  7. Lauren: “But to take our characters…”

    Marvel: … who’s characters?

    • HAHA HAHA That’s Pure Comic Gold

    • HA HA HA HA That’s Pure Comic Gold

  8. There’s already four Wolverine movies (Wolverine, W2:Wolverine United, Wolverine: The Last Stand and Origins: Wolverine) with a 5th to come. I don’t want him in an Avengers movie. Garfield’s Spider-Man on the other hand would be cool.

    • HAHA, I like this comment.


      • Man I’m slow… it took me a moment to figure out what he was sayin! TOO funny! But he ain’t lyin!

    • Hahahahahaha, this is great. :)

    • So true ;P

  9. Come now Fox, if you are interested in telling exciting, fresh, & coherent X-Men stories in a shared universe with the Avengers then just give the rights back to Marvel.

    Now if all you’re interested in is propping up your studio leeching another studio’s success & creative vision then…

  10. Wouldn’t have been cool if when Iron Man was falling in the Avengers after sending the nuke through the portal if Spider-Man instead of the Hulk saved him and said “Everybody gets one.”

    • Hahahaha dude great Family Guy reference. That would be epic. Heck seeing Spider-Man save a random citizen would be okay just to hear that line.

    • That would’ve been cool, actually… I like Sony’s new version of Spider-Man better than any of Fox’s X-Men movies.

      • Haha that would be awesome~! I remember that episode of family guy, hilarious

  11. “…our characters” ??
    “I personally have close ties to Marvel.” ??
    “Kevin worked for me.” ??

    I’m sorry but I can just hear her massive ego talking just by reading those sentences…

    Unless they get the rights back I don’t wanna see Fox’s X-Men anywhere near Marvel Studios MCU.

  12. I feel like Peter Parker would feel the obligation to do more than “take pictures” of the Avengers barely winning a war for all of humankind.

    • this would probably be a Peter Parker that has not gotten his powers yet, because ya, he wouldn’t just take pictures and do nothing if he had powers lol

  13. If this could work…. Marvel civil war…. XD ok I am well aware that will never happen. But hey, a guy can dream right?

  14. IF theres ever a avengers/x-men movie crossover (there wont be) I feel that multiverse traveling shenanigans need to be involved. the x-men just wouldn’t mesh well with the MCU if they were part of the same universe. now spider-man on the other hand I feel would fit in nicely

  15. Whats wrong with Donner saying Kevin Feige worked for her ?
    HE DID!
    By “Our characters ” she is referring to the film versions of the X- Men brought to the the screen by Fox FOR THE SCREEN.
    Marvel created the original versions not the Cinematic Interpretations.

    • Ha…ha. I like the use of the word interpretations. I laugh because it’s the parts they interpreted, that are coincidentally also the part that are screw them up.

      • My Bad grammar..”the parts that are screwed up.”

  16. If you want to roll with the Avengers, then pull your brains out of your rear ends and get your continuity and comic book accuracy down, because Disney sure as heck isn’t interested in tainting their precious franchise with your watered down horse urine excuse for a AVENGERS worthy series!

  17. If something like this were to happen I think it would be in a more short and realistic way, for example a quick showing of a pre-Spiderman Peter Parker taking pictures of the battle as the article suggested.

    A small cameo like this would be a huge achievement and in my opinion is pretty practical.

  18. Why do people bash Fox? Yes FF is terrible. but they have made 3 really good X-Men films. they are doing just fine.

    • I personally didn’t HATE any of the X-Men movies, but I certainly think that most of them were average and that Marvel could of done better with them. But FF and Daredevil,were just plain bad.

      And if you’re wondering the reason most people aren’t hating on Sony like they do Fox is because they’re Spiderman movies are actually above average, I even thought Spiderman 3 was better than any X-men movie (except maybe First Class)

      • and I also forgot to mention the terrible contiuty among the X-Men films. In addition to them being mediocre.

    • LOL I do find it funny when people bash Fox and claim when Marvel Studios would make better films when they are 2/5. Even though they are way too Wilverine centered the Singer films have better plot structure and a stronger storyline then all but The Incredible Hulk.

  19. avengers vs x-men / avengers and x-men cross over: awesome dude… its going to be like x-vengebles haha ^^

    Hulk is enough: Hulk vs X-men ^^

  20. Of course he would love it. Look at how much money Avengers made…

    • exactly what i was gonna say!

  21. The thing is, the Avengers world and the X-Men world clash.

    Think about all the world affecting events that happened in the X-Men movies. What was SHIELD doing while all that stuff was going on….. what were the Avengers themselves doing? Nick Fury and Tony Stark watched it on TV and didn’t do anything?

    What were the X-Men doing during that big alien invasion from the Avengers movie? Professor X just made a unilateral decision to bench his mutant heroes?

    “Chitauri army invading New York?”

    “YAWN. I’m too busy right now……”

  22. It sounds good but has anyone read the story arc for it based on the comics? It’s messy and generally boring.

  23. dudr they already did a xmen/avengers crossover when RDJ went to recruit Jackman at the bar. don’t get why it can’t happen again

    • Huh?when did that happen?

    • That was 1st Class

    • Wow. And you’d be the perfect guy to write the whole thing. You’ve already screwed up and thrown thogether the bar scenes form First Class and Incredible Hulk and made a mess of things in your own mind. Don’t see why you can’t take that logic and hammer and chisel out a full blown screwed up universe where we can just lop everything together and be marry.

    • that was general ross at the end of the incredible hulk… MCU #2

  24. As long as we’re being completely unrealistic why don’t we just throw together the Avenger, X-men, and Fantastic Four and make a movie for the onslaught crossover.

    • They might as well make the movie adaptation of the JLA/AVENGERS crossover series from 2005. :P

    • The funny thing is, all of those crossover comic book stories weren’t always so great and helped ruin a lot of Marvels sales at one point.

  25. Complicated to make, but if one studio had both sets of characters’ rights, would probably be a good slobber-knocker. IF it could be made right, without messing up or killing off good characters.

  26. Marvel has a good thing going. They aren’t about to screw it up to add the x-men. Not attacking Donner but keep in mind this is the same person who said X-Men 3 was the best one yet. Did she even see that movie? Avengers nailed it. X-Men is such a disaster it can be hard to watch as a fan or casual movie goer. As for Fantastic Four I think Fox should allow Marvel to use Silver Surfer and Galactus, in exchange for Fox getting to reference the Avengers or show a cameo of Agent Hill or something. Hell they could even throw in Nick Fury seeing as his contract says he has to appear in nine movies. Can you imagine if Marvel made a Silver Surfer movie. Oh it would be brilliant!

  27. No need for a crossover just yet. Marvel studios are doing things right with their movies while fox and sony are kinda screwing up with the marvel characters they own. Anyway Marvel studios, bring Ant-Man, Black Panther, and then get the spiderman rights back and put him in the team.

  28. Everybody needs to stop thinking that there’s even a remote possibility of Marvel EVER getting the rights back to the x-men universe. Post Avengers studios are realising that shared movie universes (when done correctly) have the potential to bring in ridiculous cash. Fox have the rights to a considerable chunk of the Marvel universe between the fantastic four and x-men franchises. It would be poor business to give up the rights for anything less than a few billion dollars (which ain’t gonna happen). Now the idea of fox, Sony and marvel working together to co-market and cross over their movies may be really good business. As marvel enters phase 3 they’ll be running out of top tier characters to adapt (as much as I love the middle tier characters) and may need a bolst in interest that x-men/ff/spider-man will be able to bring to the table. I think avengers vs x-men would be fun. Obviously it’s all dependent on mark millar and the x-men teams ability to build a cohesive joint universe in days of future past… A big task. The mcu marketing strategy was so effective you can’t think the major studios won’t attempt to emulate it even if it’s retroactively ala x-men… I look forward to blade runner/alien, paranormal activity spinning off, robocop/terminator and maybe fast and the furious meets step up 5d sometime soon