‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Sequel Brings Apocalypse To Theaters in 2016 [Updated]

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X Men Apocalypse Movie 2016 X Men: Days of Future Past Sequel Brings Apocalypse To Theaters in 2016 [Updated]

It’s one of the craziest and most exciting weeks on record for superhero movie news. It started with the home video release of The Wolverine bringing about talk of its followup in development, followed by news that the X-Force screenplay was complete and promised big things for the future of Fox’s X-Men franchise.

Then that quickly was trumped by the Warner Bros. bomb, casting Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman where she will finally make her big screen debut. Then this morning came the official trailer for Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and confirmation of a large roster of villains Sony’s cinematic universe aims to introduce. So, how do you bring back headlines towards your universe? Namedrop the biggest, baddest villain in it says Fox.

Bryan Singer, the director who brought the X-Men to life in 2000’s X-Men and its beloved sequel, returned to the franchise for X-Men: First Class where he was initially tapped to direct before being pulled out due to scheduling conflicts with Jack the Giant Slayer. He brought in Matthew Vaughn, who had previously come close to directing X-Men 3 and the first Wolverine spinoff previously, to takeover and for the next team-up in X-Men: Days of Future Past they switched positions and Singer is back in the director’s chair.

We heard rumblings that in addition to the sitting-and-waiting Deadpool script, the in-development Wolverine 3 story by James Mangold and Hugh Jackman and the just-completed screenplay for Jeff Wadlow’s X-Force, Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer may have already been planning a direct followup to Days of Future Past, a film that would round out the First Class trilogy.

We now know what that project is, and yes, fans are finally going to see X-Men villain Apocalypse on the big screen.


Apocalypse (real name: En Sabah Nur) is an ancient mutant who hails from Egypt, the first mutant, and he wields alien technology that grant him many of his powers. The character goes hand-in-hand with time travel tales since one of the X-Men‘s greatest crossover events in Marvel Comics involves an alternate timeline where he successfully conquers the world. Where there is Apocalypse and time travel there is also the mutant known as Cable who many fans have been waiting on for years, a character we believe is a lock for the X-Force film and could be introduced or teased – like Apocalypse – in Days of Future Past.

X Men Days of Future Past Apocalypse X Men: Days of Future Past Sequel Brings Apocalypse To Theaters in 2016 [Updated]

When confirming the “Days of Future Past” title during interviews while promoting Jack the Giant Slayer, Singer went on record explaining that he, along with the writing team and Matthew Vaughn, had plans to blow open the X-Men comics library. He explained that the X-Men universe and its wide array of characters and books had enough material to practically rival what Marvel Studios was working with in The Avengers universe. X-Men: Days of Future Past would not only be introducing many new elements (like time travel) into the X-Men film universe but it would serve to “fix” many of the continuity errors of the series and relaunch the series in a sense.

During San Diego Comic-Con, rumors surfaced that Apocalypse would have some role to play in Days of Future Past and Singer responded somewhat awkwardly when asked directly. With someone messing with the timeline and Apocalypse definitely coming, the films may be drawing bits of inspiration from the Age of Apocalypse comics (the crossover mentioned above). Does that mean X-Men: The Last Stand’s Angel will return and become Archangel, a nemesis of Apocalypse? Or is actor Ben Foster too busy with his new role in Warcraft (also coming in 2016)?

The 2016 date means we can expect much of the cast to return, although judging by actor Shawn Ashmore’s Twitter response to Bryan Singer’s tweet, that may not be the case. With Days of Future Past coming next summer, the Fantastic Four reboot coming 2015 and now another X-Men coming in 2016, where does that leave X-Force and Wolverine 3 (Deadpool would come after X-Force)? Is it possible we see Fox attempt to release two X-Films per year (as Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld suggested)? How many of these will Hugh Jackman sign for? That old rumor about Jackman’s 4-picture deal makes a lot more sense now.


More: How X-Men: Days of Future Past leads into Apocalypse (Spoilers)


For those wondering, Rob Liefeld confirmed that the completed X-Force script is for a different movie. It’s not the same as what Bryan Singer is teasing today.

[Update: Kinberg signed 3-year deal with Fox to build large X-Men and Fantastic Four stories that involve multiple films.]

[Update: X-Men: Apocalypse is scheduled to hit theaters May 27, 2016.]



The Wolverine is now available on home video, X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015.

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  1. Too bad Michael clark duncan is dead. he would have made a great apocalypse. He had the voice & the size.

    Terry Crews might be another option…

    • I can hear his voice now!

    • Duncan, yes…I think you hit the nail right on the head there. Not familiar with Crews, so will take your word for it as a recommendation.
      I would be overjoyed to see Apocalypse in there. Maybe Omega Red and Mr. Sinister some day?
      Gotta see Cyclops! Someone come up with a way to get Cyclops up on the screen again!!! Maybe an adult Banshee, Havok, perhaps Polaris would be good as well.
      And as for time travel and time-related issues: quick, Marvel, whip out Kang to fight The Avengers! And as for DC, they could pull out Time Commander as a villain!


  2. Id have loved to see X-Men take a break & bring in a younger cast…kinda like new mutants/ Generation x…I just think if your oversaturating the market with less then lackluster X-Men movies the public will get tired & shy away…I think we are close to superhero fatigue in american culture…I personally cant get enough of it…but it seems to be the consensus in social media & just from talking to people in general.

    • An X-Men Academy film would be cool…. I’d especially like to see Indra or some of the other lesser-known younger members.

    • I couldn’t disagree with you more.

    • I thought it would have been a better idea to reboot the whole franchise rather then use DOFP to retcon some things and try to fit Fantastic Four into an already existing universe.

    • Much younger and they’ll be wearing Pampers!

    • But actions speak louder than words…and the box office is the biggest mouth in the industry.

      Plus there’s always new generations coming on board so at the very least there will be a solid market to cater to every 5 years. Marvel would have the upper hand over Fox & DC/WB though.

  3. Keith David FTW.

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • I’ll be damned…

  4. Duane Johnson. I know some may scoff…but he has the size, is a decent actor, and they can take care of the voice after the fact with computers etc.

    • Vin Diesel.

  5. Gerard Butler could be apocalypse, Leonidas-style.

  6. If they go the pure CGI route for Apocalypse, for voice I would say James Earl Jones.

    • Hmmm, not a bad choice….!

    • +100

  7. They had my curiosity.

    Now they have my attention.

    • And now they have my pants.

      • And now they have my virginity.

        • And now they have my gratitude

      • And now they have my…kid?

        • I enjoyed a couple of his movies such as

          Jack the Giant Slayer

          Didn’t like Superman Returns, haven’t seen the usual suspects or Valkyrie but they’re on my list to watch, but I am looking forward to his next two xmen movies

  8. Why does Bryan Singer get so much love? Superman Returns sucked, Jack and the Giant Slayer sucked. And can anyone honestly say they enjoyed his X-MEN movies compared to what we have now in the Superhero genre.

    • I can say with complete honesty that the only Bryan Singer movie I’ve ever enjoyed was The Usual Suspects.

      • I loved xmen & superman returns when i first saw it, but i was also in high school. But he also directed apt pupil didnt he? That movie was great. He also was the person who helped bring the TV show House to TV. And i think he produced Valkyrie which was a decent film. Might have directed, not 100%

      • It is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else he has done. One of my favorites aswell.

        And I can honestly say that Nightcrawler infiltrating the White House in the opening scene of X2 still ranks as one of my favorite CBM opening scenes.

        • Indeed! Now that was a great fight!

          • Any of you could infiltrate your way into the White House and land on the President’s desk as well…it’s easy, just pose as a dumb idea!

        • Absolutely!!

    • Amen Parcel!!!!!! Singer sucks as a director and its has been almost more than ten years since his last successful film. I do not like the direction of the new X-men film (too many characters and no Nightcrawler(WTF!!!???)). Comparing Fox Marvel films too Disney is like comparing can tuna too yellowfin Tuna (one is garbage while the other is a masterpiece). X-men is a great property but to bad Singer and Fox do not respect it. You Suck Singer!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOX Studios GET OUT OF THE MARVEL COMIC BOOK MOVIE BUSINESS!!!!!!

      • I think the only reason he gets so much praise is because he introduced these characters in the first place! I read somewhere in that popup AMC movies that he told the actors to NOT READ THE SOURCE MATERIAL because he didn’t want them influenced? what the F.

        Clearly FOX is threatened by WB’s news this week, and Sony’s trailer today. Nice try Fox!

        • I wouldn’t complain too much about asking actors not to read the comic books in case it influences their performance and hinders any creativity or nuances they’d bring to the table.

          I mean, if I somehow got the job writing an Avengers movie, I’d try to avoid the comic books as much as possible to avoid being influenced by previous stories and try to put the pieces together in my own head before finalising it and reading up on the source material to see if I could add anything extra, like an Easter egg or a particular character quirk that I overlooked.

          You know, establish something original rather than get stuck copying what’s already been done before.

        • Not?!

          Pardon me while I shoot the moon….!

    • I liked The Usual Suspects, X1 and X2. That’s it.

      Still, the man got the films off the ground. For lack of a more accurate phrase, he’s the best we got.

    • X-Men 2 was excellent.

    • @Parcel, I would have to agree.

    • I enjoyed a couple of his movies such as

      Jack the Giant Slayer

      Didn’t like Superman Returns, haven’t seen the usual suspects or Valkyrie but they’re on my list to watch, but I am looking forward to his next two xmen movies

  9. I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every Brian Singer X-Men movie and Superman Returns was good

  10. So with this Apocalypse news it would be cool to see Ben Foster return as Archangel.

    Or any Archangel for that matter.

  11. i just had a nerd gasm

  12. As long as they keep Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen involved, I will continue to be way excited. That scene at the end of The Wolverine was literally THE best part of the movie (kind of sad, no?). The whole theater went totally ape

    • Funny thing is, I loved the entire movie and so did the people at the cinema I was sitting in judging by the reactions throughout.

      Only half saw the post-credits though. For some reason, English people tend to rush to get to the exit first and go home and end up standing in the aisle and across the floor towards the exit when a pre-credits bonus scene starts. It’s like other people still haven’t learned to stay behind and it doesn’t help when the cinema staff walk in during the credits to sweep up before the next showing and then stand there talking and staring while you sit there waiting through credits for that extra scene before they can do their jobs once you’ve left.

      • Oh and only a handful out of an entire room of people understood what was going on, the rest didn’t seem to recognise Xavier and Magneto at all.

        That reminds me of something else we don’t do but America does. People whooping, hollering and applauding when a movie finishes. Personally speaking, I think doing that is taking things way over the top.

        • Is it wrong to sit there and applaud all of the names of the people that were involved in making the film? :)

          • Yeah, that’s pretty weird. Those people aren’t in the theater so applauding them is strange.

            Also, I’ve never been in a theater where people were applauding the credits anyway. I have been in a theater where some people applauded the film after the end, but not the names in the credits.

            • I was being facetious. I do think it’s respectful to watch the credits though.

        • Hahaha. It drives my ‘lil brother crazy. I find it hilarious ’cause it bothers him so much-

          Whenever people start to clap, he shouts: THEY CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!

        • I have never seen this happen. In America or anywhere else.

    • That scene at the end was just tacked on after they has to bring back part of the original cast for the next X-Men movie and was not even necessary. I know a few people who just saw it on the DVD and never realized it was in the theatrical release.

  13. Please for the love of everything holy NOBODY go see the new x-men movie. These movies have been crap from the beginning. Fox and Sony can’t do a comic book movie to save their live. Let Disney have it so we get a decent movie for once and maybe, just maybe, we can get wolverine and spiderman in avengers 3. If anything do it for the avengers. Fox needs to do the right thing and give up.

  14. The first two X-men movies were awesome movies plain and simple. All of the others, including first class, were not nearly as good. Singer may not have any recent hits, but I trust him with the material more-so than any other director involved with this franchise to date. If you disagree, I have two words for you: Brett Ratner

    • Ratner, Singer, they’re both the same to me. Mangold is my X-Men movie director. He seems to understand how to do it right.

      • The first two movies were exponentially better than X3. They had heart and depth in a way that X3 couldn’t even sniff at. Doesn’t anybody remember the outrage when X3 came out?

    • I agree…the first two X-Men movies were pretty good, despite the fact they did so many alterations to the source material. The rest in the various incarnations of the franchise were kind of “meh”, to say the least!

    • The first two movies were good for their time and just happened to be the first major Marvel movie property that was not so laughable that it could actually be released in a theater. Nobody was sure it was going to work and the fact the series is still going a decade later without any plan has been a combination of luck and good will from fans.

  15. Didn’t vin diesel say that he was at marvels office to talk about 2 possible projects? We know he’s groot, could he possibly be Apocolypse?

    • Considering that’s 2 different companies, I find it unlikely.

    • He was talking about Marvel Studios, this X-Men movie would be produced by Fox.

    • More likely Vision.

    • His talk was with Marvel Studios, so I was guessing it’s either Vision or Thanos, considering both has uncommon romance.

      • Could also be Black Bolt

  16. How long before image comics start getting into the movie universe?

    • No time soon too bad Ive always liked image.

  17. Apocalypse voiced by Sean Connery

  18. How about the guy from 24 –marwan to play apocolypse, he is perfect

  19. It’s about time!!!! I’ve been an X-Men super fan for close to 30 years and for me it aaaalll started with the APOCALYPSE AND ARCHANGEL storyline!!!!! I’m soooo excited to see them on the big screen…

    BUT… I have to say… I WAS NOT a fan of the first three X movies and I’m not a fan of Bryan Singer. Look, I’m not into bashing directors, I truly applaud their efforts, even when the end result is poor and I do recognize Singers enthusiasm … BUT… I was really disappointed with his choice of characters in all three movies (especially villains, excluding Magneto), how he portrayed which characters he did choose for the films (especially Cyclops) and how there was practically NO ACTION in the first three movies!!! “First Class” on the otherhand was done excellently in my opinion…

    Overall… I’m grateful that someone is making a few more X movies and I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that these ones are a lil more impressive.

  20. Okay time out.

    Apocalypse is announced as a villain. Huge, hulking figure supposedly “Egyptian” (only in comic book lore) who looks NOTHING like an Egyptian or even a human being. Just a hulking, inhuman monster kind of guy. What is everyone’s suggestions? I went through the comments to find every legitimate pic.

    Keith David, Michael Clark Duncan, Terry Crews, Idris Elba, Omar Sy, Kevin Grevioux, Christopher Judge, Dwayne Johnson.

    Aside from the Rock who’s actually taking these kinds of roles, why the ACTUAL F*** does everybody revert to any black guy they can name when it comes to hulking, evil, inhuman characters!? Seriously, every time any one of those characters comes up there’s an immediate race to name every black actor you guys can imagine.

    What the actual f*** is wrong with you guys. Do you realize just what you’re doing? Seeing a monster and deciding it MUST be a black guy to play it, because it “fits”, right? It’s even worse that you don’t even mean to do it – it just seems natural, doesn’t it? I’m actually angry at this, really. Not one single white guy has been suggested for this dude. And no, “But he’s Egyptian” does not work because nearly every Egyptian in Hollywood history has been cast as a white guy, unless of course he’s a bad Egyptian. This is seriously disturbing.

    • Calm down…nobody is being negetive about picking the actor with the best fit for Apocalypse. I think they’re referring to the voice(deep commanding and intimidating). Truthfully, any nationality can play him as long as size matches the closest they can come to the character.

    • Another thing that’s disturbing is that u seem to assume that its white people thats suggesting these actors.
      Could it possible be that all those mentioned are awesome actors/people with loads of charisma that would absolutely kill it in that role ?

      No…. must be racist.

      • No it’s very unlikely for that. If that was the case, then why don’t their names come up much more in general? It’s only when the monster characters come up that black names ever reach the surface.

    • It might not be racism as much as the narrow view of talent most people (including Hollywood casting agents) when it comes to castings films these days. As you said Apocalypse does not resemble a normal human being at all, so if they are attempting to create a plausible non-drawn version of the character I would guess they are going to have to go with motion capture animation with an actor who can nail the voice needed for the character.

      As for the race thing I am more concerned with why Ryan Reynolds is always cast for every other White male comic book character under the sun.

  21. Oh my freaking God. Im cumming!!!! .. nah not really.
    but nice to hear. what would be next?… Onslaught?

    • I’m hoping Marvel, Fox and Sony will eventually get together for a grand bash up with Onslaught as the bad guy, that would work nicely for me.

  22. This is a big news, but I can’t help to think how this could’ve been a much bigger hype if Singer would just stay silent and suddenly reveal that big bad baddie at the end of DoFP. Seriously, Singer is definitely trying to steal attention again and again, first with Quicksilver (after Whedon announced that he’s including him), and then the ‘unfinished’ trailer (right after Winter Soldier), and now while the world is still talking about Wonder Woman and Spidey’s trailer. Hmmmm…

  23. Cool beans… I think I’ll wait to see DOFP before I get too excited for this though.

    All I care about really is: WHERE THE F IS DEADPOOL??!!!?!?!?!

  24. besides Dwayne Jonhson, i could see Steve Austin, John Cena and Dave Bautista as Apocalypse as well..

    • Maybe Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Doink the Clown and Hacksaw Jim Duggan too? Possibly Marty Janetti.

      Why would any of those guys fit the part of Apocalypse? Bautista possibly, but Cena and Austin would be terrible.

      Point of Fact, there are very few wrestlers that could be REAL actors. Have you seen the Austin and Cena movies?? TERRIBAD!!

  25. No one gives a toss about past continuity errors.

    Good lord just give us a good film. Trying to fix up past films just because they were crap is going to force some silly story telling.

  26. I can’t imagine who they can get to play him. I wish they could voice him like John Colicos did in the early 90s. Perfection!!