‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Sequel Brings Apocalypse To Theaters in 2016 [Updated]

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X Men Apocalypse Movie 2016 X Men: Days of Future Past Sequel Brings Apocalypse To Theaters in 2016 [Updated]

It’s one of the craziest and most exciting weeks on record for superhero movie news. It started with the home video release of The Wolverine bringing about talk of its followup in development, followed by news that the X-Force screenplay was complete and promised big things for the future of Fox’s X-Men franchise.

Then that quickly was trumped by the Warner Bros. bomb, casting Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman where she will finally make her big screen debut. Then this morning came the official trailer for Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and confirmation of a large roster of villains Sony’s cinematic universe aims to introduce. So, how do you bring back headlines towards your universe? Namedrop the biggest, baddest villain in it says Fox.

Bryan Singer, the director who brought the X-Men to life in 2000′s X-Men and its beloved sequel, returned to the franchise for X-Men: First Class where he was initially tapped to direct before being pulled out due to scheduling conflicts with Jack the Giant Slayer. He brought in Matthew Vaughn, who had previously come close to directing X-Men 3 and the first Wolverine spinoff previously, to takeover and for the next team-up in X-Men: Days of Future Past they switched positions and Singer is back in the director’s chair.

We heard rumblings that in addition to the sitting-and-waiting Deadpool script, the in-development Wolverine 3 story by James Mangold and Hugh Jackman and the just-completed screenplay for Jeff Wadlow’s X-Force, Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer may have already been planning a direct followup to Days of Future Past, a film that would round out the First Class trilogy.

We now know what that project is, and yes, fans are finally going to see X-Men villain Apocalypse on the big screen.


Apocalypse (real name: En Sabah Nur) is an ancient mutant who hails from Egypt, the first mutant, and he wields alien technology that grant him many of his powers. The character goes hand-in-hand with time travel tales since one of the X-Men‘s greatest crossover events in Marvel Comics involves an alternate timeline where he successfully conquers the world. Where there is Apocalypse and time travel there is also the mutant known as Cable who many fans have been waiting on for years, a character we believe is a lock for the X-Force film and could be introduced or teased – like Apocalypse – in Days of Future Past.

X Men Days of Future Past Apocalypse X Men: Days of Future Past Sequel Brings Apocalypse To Theaters in 2016 [Updated]

When confirming the “Days of Future Past” title during interviews while promoting Jack the Giant Slayer, Singer went on record explaining that he, along with the writing team and Matthew Vaughn, had plans to blow open the X-Men comics library. He explained that the X-Men universe and its wide array of characters and books had enough material to practically rival what Marvel Studios was working with in The Avengers universe. X-Men: Days of Future Past would not only be introducing many new elements (like time travel) into the X-Men film universe but it would serve to “fix” many of the continuity errors of the series and relaunch the series in a sense.

During San Diego Comic-Con, rumors surfaced that Apocalypse would have some role to play in Days of Future Past and Singer responded somewhat awkwardly when asked directly. With someone messing with the timeline and Apocalypse definitely coming, the films may be drawing bits of inspiration from the Age of Apocalypse comics (the crossover mentioned above). Does that mean X-Men: The Last Stand’s Angel will return and become Archangel, a nemesis of Apocalypse? Or is actor Ben Foster too busy with his new role in Warcraft (also coming in 2016)?

The 2016 date means we can expect much of the cast to return, although judging by actor Shawn Ashmore’s Twitter response to Bryan Singer’s tweet, that may not be the case. With Days of Future Past coming next summer, the Fantastic Four reboot coming 2015 and now another X-Men coming in 2016, where does that leave X-Force and Wolverine 3 (Deadpool would come after X-Force)? Is it possible we see Fox attempt to release two X-Films per year (as Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld suggested)? How many of these will Hugh Jackman sign for? That old rumor about Jackman’s 4-picture deal makes a lot more sense now.


More: How X-Men: Days of Future Past leads into Apocalypse (Spoilers)


For those wondering, Rob Liefeld confirmed that the completed X-Force script is for a different movie. It’s not the same as what Bryan Singer is teasing today.

[Update: Kinberg signed 3-year deal with Fox to build large X-Men and Fantastic Four stories that involve multiple films.]

[Update: X-Men: Apocalypse is scheduled to hit theaters May 27, 2016.]



The Wolverine is now available on home video, X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015.

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  1. Kevin Grevioux for Apocolypse

    • good choice!

    • That would be perfect casting. They just need to alter his voice so he has the same voice effect, that was used on the actor John Colicos in the 90′s cartoon X-Men TV series.

  2. Just to add a name to the list…. Arnold Vosloo would be sweet, he’s got the voice for it and the characters is probably going to be mocapped so he doesnt have to be huge and muscular.

    • good choice!

  3. This is great. It was a smart move to save the biggest X-Men villain for a later installment. I think either Terry Crews or Benedict Cumberbatch should be the voice.

    • Terry Crews or Benedict Cumberpatch? Those 2 couldn’t be more opposite.

  4. I’ve been waiting for Apocalypse since X2. Fox is stepping up!!

    • and in a HUGE way, damm.

      Days of future past

      and now X-Men: Apocalypse!

      and hopefully X-Force following right after, this is too good to be true. X-Men Golden Age, for sure

    • For your “Pocalypth!

  5. YES!!!!!Yes!!!! OHHHH MAN that means Archangel, and Sinister too!!!! Yes!!!! only other characters that I want to see in this really badly is Cyclops,Gambit, Rogue, Sabretoothe,and Wolverine, Psylocke, Cable, Forge, Bishop. These are important side characters I think are needed Professor-X, Colossus, Iceman, Storm, Beast, Nightcrawler, Magneto, Beak, and Mystique. Any others they need to put in feel free but I am Hoping these characters are in it and it is a huge story. I would like to see a better version of Juggernaught, and Blob but I am not sure if those characters would fit in this story. Anyways enuff of my FanRant I am just excited to see what they do with this. Hope Bryan Singer directs, and all the cast comes back.

    • The problem is this is Fox who are notorious for completely changing things. You can’t count on them sticking to the source material as was evidenced in XMFC where they twisted and perverted the canon how they saw fit.

      • I agree Fox has done some funky stuff with their X-Men & FF movies that didn’t work for me, but it’s worth pointing out that all superhero movies, good/bad, successful/unsuccessful, have deviated from the source materials in a variety of ways.

        “Changing things from the source material” is not itself THE problem, or even A problem. It’s when you change the wrong things, or don’t handle it well, or when you change the right things but still make a bad script, or change so much that it’s not faithful to the original anymore.

  6. I’m so watching old cartoon episodes of X-Men this weekend. :)

    • LOL. Great idea.

      Sinister and Archangel are a must now too right?

      This is HUGE.

  7. whats your favorite episodes?

  8. I see there’s a lot of suggestions for the actor to play En Sabba Nur but I wouldn’t be surprised if they went CGI with him….considering all of his powers.

  9. Introduce Mr. Sinister as an assistant to Apocalypse. Have Gambit be a pawn in Apocalypses scheme to collect his 4 horsemen. Then have Gambit turn hero!

    • It’s true, Apocalypse would need someone to take phone calls and help him stick to the itinerary.

  10. Wow

  11. Apocalypse is probably one of my all time favorite arch-villains and reallt REALLY don’t want Fox ruining yet another awesome character. After Galactus being represented by a big freakin’ ball of gas, Doom being a wuss, and all but the 1st X-Men movie (yes, even XMFC sucked imho) I have no confidence it Fox’s ability to do him justice.

    • Different times now though my friend!

      • Problem is it’s Fox…….may be different times but they still have an abysmal track record (especially when it comes to villains)

  12. yay to apocalypse and boo to Fox… give them the movies back to marvel.

  13. *give the movies back to marvel. sorry was distracted by Arrow.

  14. If Apocalypse is featured, Cyclops & Jean Grey MUST be brought back.
    They are the most essential along with Sinister in a story concerning the most ancient and dangerous mutant, for their bloods mixed produced Cable who proved to be Apocalypse’s greatest threat.
    Don’t screw up, Singer.

  15. RIP Michael Clarke Duncan…

  16. Yeah Cyclops, Jean, Beast, Archangel, Gambit, Rogue, and Sinister are musts for this film. I kinda hope Sabretoothe, Deadpool, Gambit, and Omega Red make it into the Wolverine sequel to tie thing up nicely. With these three films coming X-factor, X-men Apocalypse, and Wolverine 3 some of the other X-men should get some really good screen time.

  17. I think they can pull this off without going a purely cgi route with the character, if that is what is being suggested here. maybe not in the late 80′s or early 90′s, with that red skull getup from that captain america movie. awful, awful, awful.

  18. Finally!

  19. I nominate…………. Peter Weller! Need I say more?

  20. “Give all the licenses back to Marvel!”

    No thanks. I like having a bunch of comic book movies coming. If Marvel had them all it would just be a couple at a time. Sony and Fox screw up sometimes but at least we know the movies are coming.

    Marvel Studios (or any studio) can only work on a few films at once regardless of how much money they have, it’s the nature of the beast. Stretch themselves too thin and each project suffers exponentially.

  21. I feel kinda robbed. I wish Singer would have kept this secret and let the end-credit scene from Future Past be the announcement. Now, a small part of me is already looking past Future Past.

  22. Finally Apocalypse rise to this earth

    - Jean Grey ( Famke Janssen ) must return as White Phoenix of the Crown ( fully phoenix force )
    she is really much more powerful than she was before in X men 3 last stand as Dark Phoenix. she always rises from the ashes.

    - Jean Grey can make Cyclops ( James Marsden ) is alive again potential by her power of the phoenix force.

    - Charlize Theron is really best as Emma Frost in X-men Apocalypse 2016.

    - Halle Berry ( Storm ) Tyler Mane ( Sabretooth ) Rebecca Romijn ( Mystique ) Vinnie Jones ( Juggernaut ) Anna Paquin ( Rogue ) Shawn Ashmore ( Iceman ) Daniel Cudmore ( Colossus ) they must come again

    - really need to see Selene, Scarlet Witch, Avalanche, Havok, Nightcrawler,Gambit, Bishop, Pyro, Sunfire.

    Apocalypse and his group

    Mister Sinister
    Wild Sentinel ( more extreme than Terminator Salvation and bigger than trasnformer )

    we think Rebecca/Mystique will have to join with Apocalypse because she is so revenge to Ian/Magneto when he left her in X men 3 Last Stand

    for last scene there is big fight Famke/White Phoenix of the Crown Vs Apocalypse
    This movie more massive than Doomsday 2012 movie.

    who’s the winner ??

    • So the rumor is that the Apocalypse storyline will be set in the First Class timeline with McAvoy and Fassbender. I’m a little curious as to how that’s going to play out. The X-Men are still being formed and developed in this timeline and the most powerful mutants aren’t even on the team yet. So how will the X-Men be able to defeat En Sabah Nur when they’re still so green. He’s the most poweful mutant in existence and the their most notorious adversary. I think that’s kind of a loose idea. It makes more sense to have Apocalypse be introduced in the future timeline where all the X-Men are veterans and are more powerful.

      • xmen apocalypse expect for forward sequence storyline it’s so bored by a newer cast but older cast is need :(

  23. I hope bryan can see all what people want about x-men especially an x-men apocalypse who the most particular loved too a lot of people whole the worlde very good :)

    Kevin Grevioux = Apocalypse he is my voice
    jason issac = Mister sinister
    nicolas cage = Exodus
    Matthew G. Taylor = Holocaust
    Ben Foster = Archangel / Dark Archangel
    bring Bastion and his giant sentinels on x-men apocalypse now!!

    I’ve always been reading all about x-men age of apocalypse now is the biggest dream for people the world waiting for 2016!!

    James Marsden should be back he is a leader Famke Janssen should be back now her role is white phoenix it also focus on white phoenix
    Halle Berry Rebecca Romin Anna Paquin Tyler Mane Ian Mckellen Patrick Stewart should keep playing for X-men Apocalypse it’s future 100% forward sequence….
    other mutants should be appear such as emma frost havok gambit bishop scarlet witch juggernaut avalanche selene blob deadpool etc…

  24. Hugh Jackman MUST involve too for xmen apocalypse
    truly miss for Phoenix Emma frost & Cyclops ;(
    expect they involve for xmen apocalypse

  25. Apocalypse should be played by a steroid-pumped Alan Alda.