Will Patrick Stewart Return as Professor X for ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’? [Possible Spoilers]

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Patrick Stewart in Days of Future Past Will Patrick Stewart Return as Professor X for X Men: Apocalypse? [Possible Spoilers]

[WARNING: Potential SPOILERS for 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.']


When director Bryan Singer’s original 2000 X-Men proved that a (relatively) grounded, somewhat dark cinematic adaptation of a superhero comic book could be a rousing success, most of the attention was trained on breakout star Hugh Jackman’s central role of Logan/Wolverine. There is one character, however, who was just as pivotal: X-Men’s leader and mentor, Professor Charles Xavier, brought to vivid, commanding life by Sir Patrick Stewart.

We take Stewart somewhat for granted now, but looking back, casting the man who helped thrust the Star Trek brand back into the cultural spotlight as Captain Jean-Luc Picard was something of a stroke of genius. When Professor X was apparently killed off in X-Men: The Last Stand, many fans feared that we’d seen the end of Stewart’s warm, authoritative presence in the franchise, despite the end-credits tag teasing Charles’ survival.

Director Matthew Vaughn’s prequel X-Men: First Class appeared to confirm the new focus on a younger cast, but the announcement that Bryan Singer would return to the franchise he originated along with most of his original cast – including Stewart – for next month’s X-Men: Days of Future Past was welcome, exciting news. The run-up to the release of possibly the most expensive superhero movie of all time has included an expansive PR push, including viral videos and websites and that final, gripping trailer.

Now we have some comments from Patrick Stewart himself which suggest that his character may not survive DoFP and yet could return for X-Men: Apocalypse regardless. While speaking to MTV (via CBM), Stewart hinted that the older Professor X may not live through this latest X-movie.

When asked about the potential for his reprising the role for Apocalypse, he said:

“I don’t see why not. That is one of the blessings about fantasy and science fiction. You’re never really dead. I would love to come back and do some more.”

X Men Days of Future Past Trailer Old and New Xavier 1024x426 Will Patrick Stewart Return as Professor X for X Men: Apocalypse? [Possible Spoilers]

That’s an interesting statement. Is Stewart referring to his character’s apparent death in The Last Stand, or suggesting that the older Xavier dies at some point during Days of Future Past? Either way, it sound like he feels confident that his involvement will continue past DoFP. But how far? Stewart went on to say:

“There might be something else. A little bird has whispered that there might be something ‘X-Men’-related.”

“Something ‘X-Men’-related” just might refer to the as-yet unspecified Marvel-based project Fox is releasing on July 13, 2018. We know that we’re getting Wolverine 3 in 2017, though – could Stewart be appearing in that? Could the 2018 release be the X-Force movie written by Jeff Wadlow or the Gambit solo film which could star Channing Tatum?

Has Patrick Stewart let slip a bit too much information? There’s no way to tell until Days of Future Past hits theaters. Stewart’s presence in the X-Men movie universe, along with that of his pal Ian McKellen as Magneto, has always lent the franchise a certain gravitas that the Marvel films at other studios can’t quite match. Keeping him around in some pivotal capacity would definitely ensure fan loyalty along with providing a through-line to connect future spinoffs with the original films.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Would you like to see Patrick Stewart return as Charles Xavier at some point beyond DoFP? Sound off in the comments!


X-Men: Days of Future Past  will be released in U.S. theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: MTV & CBM

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  1. I could see them working that out fairly easily, especially if the one timeline Wolverine fixes gets erased. If it gets erased then basically the future Magneto, Professor X, Colossus, Mystique and Storm probably end up dying on screen or are presumed dead. Then they might refer to what occurs with the legacy virus.

    That follows what happens in the Days of Future Past comics, anyway. So then in Apocalypse when Angel possibly is kidnapped to become Archangel, Storm and Xavier would all be alive. Professor X is literally the central building block to the franchise. He IS the X-Men. For me it’s a foregone conclusion, because without him there would be no X-Men at all.

    I look forward to seeing his triumphant return in X-Men: Apocalypse.

    • Well Angel and Beast both die in the Days of Future Past timeline, if you go to the website and look up the 25 important events slider it actually reveals that during a peaceful protest that ended with sentinels attacking mutants that Angel was killed in the crossfire and Beast was dragged from his home and murdered by a lynch mob.

      I’m guessing these two are dead when the film starts to make the situation more grim although to be honest I think it’d make more of an impact if Wolverine was killed. I mean he is the heavy hitter of the X-Men so if the sentinels could kill Logan then it’d show just how dire the situation is. Plus I AM SICK TO DEATH OF WOLVERINE. Can we not for one movie just have other X-Men being shown off?!

      Seriously this is everything you need to know about Wolverine

      - Has knife hands
      - Can regenerate
      - Is angry about his past

      • The heavy hitter for the xmen was definitely not Wolverine. He’s a regular guy in good shape with metal bones & regenerates. No super strength.

        The heavy hitter for that period was Colossus. Unfortunately he was always pretty whiny about using his strength. Cyclops could be a huge heavy hitter when he felt like it.

        • Really? Still I like Colossus more then Wolverine but yeah I just kind of assumed it was Wolverine since the X-Men use him a lot and I wouldn’t really call Cyclops a heavy hitter, I’d say Storm is on the same level as Colossus.

          • Wolverine was always the most popular X-men, but they’ve been using him more since the first X-men movie since he was the main focus.

          • no offense, but man you don’t know what you’re talking about
            Cyclops is by far one of the most important and extremely powerful members of the X-Men
            and most important to the comics – he IS the first X-Man – the movies have not done him justice AT ALL
            but at least they did get the casting right – James Marsden does/ did – make a great Cyclops for his 2 & 1/4 films

            I can’t wait for the day when Marvel finally regains the rights to the X-Men and hopefully they create a new origin film that portrays the team from the start with all 5 original X-men and all the key original stories, etc
            and then may be in a 2nd or 3rd sequel introduces the 2nd team – ie. Wolverine, Collosus, Storm, Banshee, Nightcrawler, etc –

            or at minimum for the Fox films when they FINALLY introduce Forge !!
            and also get into the stories of Genosha, the Reavers, the Savage Land, the Shiar Empire, etc

            • Sure but he never seems to be all that powerful especially compared to characters like Storm who can control weather, if you want to get really obscure Darwin could transform himself into pure energy.

              And if you want to get technically Professor X was the first X-Men since he formed the X-Men but yeah it was Cyclops. To be honest the comics have done a good job of turning Cyclops into a bad guy, he has Magneto questioning if Scott is one of the heroes. But yeah I did mention this myself, Fox is so focused on Wolverine that they slack off with everyone else

              • Professor X gets far more screen time than Wolverine. Overall the casting was done well, yet Wolverine shared 1/8 of the time on screen than Xavier did in the long run. If you want to speak about Cyclops overall, you have to remember he was a literally uptight jerk at many points in the series.

                Making him into the central tenet of X-Men wouldn’t have been smart.

                This is all just a bunch of fanboys banding together to have a petty feud about nothing, to try to attack Singer and anyone defending X-Men. And it is most definitely driven by the big studios like Warner Brothers.

                • Sure but Wolverine is plastered over all the posters, he’s the character that Fox want us to identify with as the main character and really this is more to do with me wanting the focus on another character.

                  Plus it doesn’t matter how Cyclops acts in the comics, they could always try and make him more likable in the movies but they just killed him off instead. I don’t think he should be the center of the films but then again nobody should be. It should have been like Avengers with everyone contributing to the story in a meaningful way (The main cast so I’m talking: Cyclops, Jean Gray, Professor X, Wolverine, Storm and Rogue but they could swap out one for someone else).

                  Not every character in the series needs a large back-story and even just hinting at Wolverine’s story instead of directly showing it to us would have made it more exciting when they came to making Wolverine Origins. Who did we have as the villains of the first three movies?

                  Magneto – Ok a great villain for the first movie
                  William Stryker – Some military guy who hates Wolverine
                  Dark Phoenix – Except we took all the best part of the Dark Phoenix Saga out of this like Jean being possessed by a mystical entity instead she can be on her mutant period.
                  Magneto Again – He worked the first time!

                  Compared to the other villains and the version of Dark Phoenix we could have seen it’s just a bit of disappointment. I liked the X-Men films and I’ve got nothing against going against the original material as long as it’s interesting to watch but I just want to see what Marvel Studios could do with this.

                  Even if Marvel Studios and Fox just let Bryan Singer connect this to the MCU directly. Same with Spider-Man so everything doesn’t have to be from Oscorp. Also please don’t tell me you honestly believe any criticism of the X-Men films is just propaganda from Warner Bros. I suppose WB plans on sending an innocent man to jail on pedophilia charges to get at Fox too right?

                  Also I really want to see Mister Sinister in the X-Men movies.

            • The one crossover I liked is with Black Widow, Wolverine & Captain America. Would make a great movie.

              Love the ending though. Captain America says to Wolverine something like “We make a great team would you like to work together?”

              Wolverine replies, “No thanks bub I don’t need a sidekick.”

          • If you don’t think Cyclops is a heavy hitter just google “cyclops full power” you’ll see plenty of images that will change your mind. He seldom uses his full power because… well sh– gets all f’d up.

            Its been that way since I collected the comics from 80s and up. He wears a ruby quartz visor that allows you to adjust the power levels of his optic blasts. Once in awhile he removes them & lets it rip.

            Not saying I’m a fan of Cyclops really. Never liked him to be honest. I always liked the X-villains like Apocalypse & Mr. Sinister.

      • Angel is already dead according to last stand, so that means that one of these timelines will be erased by Wolverine’s actions. My bets are twenty to one that it’s the future where Angel dies, that gets erased.

        They use it to retcon and reboot the storyline with their characters.

  2. I think thats awesome information. Bring him back, bring them all back as far as I’m concerned. If he comes back for the 2018 film which is hopefully an X-Force movie, I could very well see him being one of the mentors of the mutant team. Since Wadlow said it would be a 5 member team, we could see any combination Cable, Domino, Warpath, Deadpool, Colossus or Marrow, but I’m hoping for Boom-Boom. There are so many characters I can see being underneath the tutelage of Prof X. I want to know what exactly is happening now. Isn’t speculation fun?

  3. Patrick Stewart will return in X: Apocalypse, but Bryan Singer won’t.

    • Oh, please. Singer doesn’t even know who the boy from the lawsuit is. He isn’t the type of guy who would do that to start with, and just because he was at a party over twenty years ago doesn’t mean a thing.

      If Singer really was in Hawaii 20 years ago, it was a stupid action on his part but nothing more. He certainly would not have gone there if he had any idea they were engaging in abuse or theatrics. They’ve tried this stunt before and it won’t impact Bryan Singer and his ability to direct in the slightest, he’ll get it dismissed.

      This guy has gotten more undeserved flack than I’ve seen of any director, and it’s because his movies carry real emotional messages about tolerating diversity. It sure as heck isn’t because of his various “fans.”

      • if it was Whedon with his one box office hit, the entire world would be crying foul. Dont put stock into any of it until we know both sides tho. I dont think he did it. I think its a farce

        • I don’t think that’s the point. The real point is, the politics of the film business is getting downright dirty and very nasty real fast.

          If it was Nolan being sued in court right now, I bet everyone and their mother would be accusing Fox and Marvel of being behind it. Because of the timing being close to Warners’ next movie.

          I honestly could not rule out someone suing Nolan at this point, whether it has merit or not: because it would be a great publicity stunt for certain studios. No doubt the execs at big studios like WB have a lot more secrets.

          Executives at Warner Brothers don’t like the message X-Men or Avengers carry, and that is to tolerate diversity not lock them up in Guantanamo Bay. That’s what its about. I have no doubt the allegations are false all the way around, yet the constant repeating of them is to defame.

      • I would’ve said the same thing with you in the past, unfortunately… now I kinda know that this type of ‘circle’ he’s been accused of, truly EXISTS. This abuse, selling out ‘opportunities’ to young actors is not happening just in the US, but in various other countries as well. Let’s just say… I had an insider info with a personal experience.

        Whether he’s involved in it or not, let’s just wait for the truth to comes out. We still have to give the benefit of doubts, and he’s obviously still not guilty until proven otherwise. However, unfortunately I kinda feel he is indeed guilty (or at least somehow took part) in this, especially judging from the way he’s currently handling the situation. And if he is guilty, it would be unwise to defend him (or ANY public figure, regardless who they are) and justify what he has done just because we love his work, because it’s truly a despicable thing/crime. Try putting yourself in the victim shoes, and you’ll at least understand why they want justice to be served.

        Still, there’s no reason to discredit the movie just because of the sin of the director. It’s not like he’s doing it to anyone from the movies he made… (though one actor, supporting role, from the first X-Men movie is said to be one of the accuser). Again, let’s just wait and see how it turns out.

        • @avreagemoviegoers

          Preach! Hollyweird is showing its true ugly head.

          Btw, Singer was a no-show at WonderCon. I guess FOX has wisely distance themselves from him until this case is sorted. I’ll still gonna see DOFP when it hits cinema.

      • “He isn’t the type of guy who would do that to start with, and just because he was at a party over twenty years ago doesn’t mean a thing.”

        I hope you are right but there are stories around the web that claim to be fueled by inside knowledge and / or personal aquaintance that draw a completely different picture. I know the web can be a nasty place and all those claims may be fabricated.

        I still hope none of this is true but if so, Singer would have done a lot of damage not only to his career but also the X-Men franchise, the Jewish community and the LGBT community by not playing along the simplest rules. Why choosing a 17-year-old if there are 18-21 year-old legal and consenting “boys” out there who look a lot younger than they actually are? If true, it is beyond stupid to say the least! Unlike hardcore pedo pervs, ephebophiles shouldn’t have any problems to satisfy their needs legally…

        • I’m actually as disgusted at Edge-Merval for blindly defending Singer as I am with those elsewhere on the internet who blindly use it as further hate for him.

          We don’t know anything outside of the accusations in this case the accusations Singer received during the making of Apt Pupil. The fact that an Oscar winning documentary maker has spent two years working on exposing this kind of thing in Hollywood with Bryan Singer as one of the main ones accused of it is a little disconcerting but there’s no need for anybody to take a side until we know all the facts and have all the evidence laid out for us (a guilty or not guilty verdict at a trial will help too).

          Which is why I applaud the fact that Empire and SR (the only other movie site I look at is CBM but I won’t thank them for the reason I’m about to say) haven’t reported on this speculative lawsuit because again, we have no evidence yet to say he’s a pedophile or innocent of the charges.

          Fox have rightly blocked him from promoting the movie, not only to maintain the film’s credibility and distance it from his supposed activities but also to give him time to work out his defense case and find whatever proof he may or may not have to say he was in Vancouver at the time like he says he was.

          Some point to his friendship with the Jeepers Creepers director (who is now known as a horrible pedophile) as proof that Singer indulged too but we just don’t know. Abuse of vulnerable young people has been going on in Hollywood since the very early days anyway though so hopefully genuine pedos in the business will be exposed.

          • @ Dazz

            Interesting that you mentioned Apt Pupil movie. If only Brad Renfro were still alive, maybe he can shed some light on this whole case.

      • I know wright I agree with you remember when said the same thing about Michael Jackson saying that he molested children which wasn’t true who even said that about him did that to destroy his image and to gets the fans to not like him anymore.

  4. If Wolverine 3 is getting a March 2017 release,there is no way FOX would release a Deadpool or Gambit film on a prime July date no matter who the star is. Wolverine is an established solo franchise and if it doesn’t rate a summer release (Anymore)nether would any other solo FOX Marvel film. The 2018 film will be ether an X-Force film or some kind of New X-Men rooted in the present after the First Class trilogy of period films has played out.

  5. I think this is highly amusing. So far no X-Men movie has been near the hits of Spider-Man or the Avengers (plus solo-Avenger movies) with the exception of The Hulk. Yes, Singer gave us the best box office X-Men film. However, since then we have had two X-Men films and two Wolverine films and none of them did box office wonders. Singer also had his Superman box office miss during that time frame.

    Why do they believe in him? Supposedly the ONLY reason the first two X-Men movies didn’t entirely suck was Kevin Feige and he is now not a part of Fox’s X-franchise. In fact, since his departure every X-Franchise movie has pretty much sucked. Wolverine was almost good, but it’s final act sucked (Frank Miller’s comics would have made a great film, why oh why not give it to us?).

    I don’t understand Fox and their wishful thinking. I’ve read the script and this isn’t the Days of Future Past that Claremont and Byrne gave us. It’s about as faithful as X1 and X2 were to their source material. I see think being a box office flop.

    What will Fox do when DOFP doesn’t hit $200M in the states and barely hits $300M in foreign markets? It could quite possibly not hit $500M worldwide. Meanwhile Spider-Man will likely hit $800M worldwide and make people raise the question again of does FOX have a clue?

    Fox is just making too many plans when they’ve to even deliver a great product once.

    • “I’ve read the script”

      No you haven’t. Care to give the rest here a time machine?

      “has yet to deliver a great product once.”

      X-Men First Class was the best X-Men movie of all, and X2 was directly behind it. Both came from Bryan Singer’s adapting X-Men and both had Avi Arad’s approval. Biased much?

      • I’ll disagree and say The Wolverine was the best X-Men film released so far. I also think the only decent films Singer has given us are The Usual Suspects and Apt Pupil. That’s not bias against him, just opinion formed after watching the films and judging them on their content.

        • If you liked The Wolverine you should check the Extended Edition. It is even better.
          Personally, I love X Men and X Men 2.

  6. i won’t worry myself with the risk of spoilers….. the xmen movies have such ehf’d up continuity. it really doesn’t matter who’s who, what’s happening or when it takes place. It’s Foxed completely up.

  7. Patrick Stewert is cool, the right man for the part, but what I really want to know is:

    • I imagine we`ll see Cyclops joining the X men for the first time, maybe when the series gets to the 90s. Maybe late 80s. (He was team leader in the first X men and Xavier was going to name hi his succesor so I am guessing he had been an X man for some time).

  8. Honestly, at this point I’m quite unsure whether there will be any X-Men: Apocalypse to begin with. If Days of Future Past bombs, which is pretty likely due the boycotts caused by the infamous Egan scandal, this will put an end to the X-Men franchise, which has already lost a lot of mainstream appeal over the last couple of movies. It has been going downhill since X-Men 3 and to many, Bryan Singer had been regarded as the “saviour” to restore its viability by returning it back to its roots.

    And now we have these accusations, which may be true or not, but still…even the alleged drugging and raping of a minor will cause enough bad blood among mainstream moviegoers to turn this into X-Men’s biggest bomb yet.

    What’s currently happening over at Gawkwer Media, an online newsgroup run by a married homosexual, can be hardly described an anti-gay witch hunt and it lends a lot of credibility to those claims. According to that site, it was an open secret that Singer at least used to be into very young-looking boys, which wouldn’t be a problem for me if all of them had been at least 18 and no alcohol to those below the legal drinking age of 21 had been involved, not even taking into account those claims related to drugging…

    I don’t know what to make of this entirely. But why would a gay-operated news company want to destroy one of their own’s reputation on baseless accusations if there was absolutely no truth to any of those claims?

    We all know Hollywood / showbiz means dirty business at times. There have been many claims about similar events… we had Polanski, Woody Allen, Michael Jackson being accused of similar stuff, we all knew Drew Barrymore was drugged at countless occasion during her early childhood attending those Hollywood parties, the Corey Feldman claims etc… so there is plenty of evidence stuff like that is going on in Hollywood.

    All of this makes it hard to believe there is no grain of truth to that story. And if there is any doubt in Singer’s innocence, it will hurt the new X-Men movie beyond repair, even if he is eventually proven not guilty.

    We had successful boycotts in the not so distant past (for entirely different reasons though): Golden Compass mainly bombed due to a boycott induced by the Christian right, turning this highly anticipated movie into a domestic flop. And the – now under fire – LGBT community has only recently destroyed any hopes for an Ender’s Game franchise! I wouldn’t be too surprised if X-Men DOFP ends up with less than 80 million domestically…

    • smike….

      It didn’t bomb.

      LMAO @ “it likely will bomb”

      Nope…it didnt. one of the more successful movies of a bad summer.

  9. If this case against Singer proves to be false charges, then us Film buffs and CBM fans can breath a sigh of relief.
    If this case against Singer proves to be true, then may The Lord have mercy on his twisted soul.

    • While this particular case may indeed prove to be a false accusation, there are plenty of claims indication that this was not a singular incident but part of his lifestyle. If we can trust the reports over at Gawker, he has been into young-looking twinks a lot, which would be perfectly fine with me as long as all of them had been 18 years or older and no drugs had been involved. But obviously Hollywood people back in the 90s just didn’t care about those legal aspects but thought they could get away with anything.

      There has been a new sensibility for these legality issues throughout the last couple of years, so I assume even the rich and beautiful restrain themselves from crossing these legal lines now, only inviting 18-year-old “barely legals” to their pool parties. If so, I don’t have a problem with it. Legal is legal, be it barely or not. But before that shift, they used to do whatever they wanted in the 80s and 90s…what we do not know is if Singer had actually been part of this back then, but it’s an open secret, many big Hollywood producers had been…

      It’s so incredibly sad that notorious Neo Nazis are now able to blame Hollywood, Jews and LGBT community for those incidents…and it is currently happening online. This is what really hurts, especially since it had been their ancestors in spirit who had millions of innocent children gased, shot and burnt, not to forget those countless “Hitler Boys” that had been molested by leading Nazis, including Hitler Youth leader Baldur von Schirach. Today’s Neo Nazis are last that should be pointing fingers at Hollywood producers having fallen from grace… That’s infuriating!

      • This case is being handled as a CIVIL case not a CRIMINAL case. There won’t be a trial, it will be settled out of court a.k.a “show me the money”

        The thing is, the victim is only claiming $300k in damages against Singer. So clearly the victim isn’t in it for the money, he just wanted media attention. Also the timing, this whole allegation comes out just a month before DOFP premieres. As somebody mentions above, this could be a dirty tactic by a rival movie studio to hurt FOX.

        In the near future, internet will be swarming with conspiracy theories, gossips and lawyer talks. But THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT. Time will tell

        • Except the lawsuit seems to have come about after a documentary maker spent the past 2 years looking into abuse of minors in Hollywood and found something on Singer that caused this guy to finally come out and publicly declare that abuse went on against him.

          I doubt it’s a rival studio, sounds to me like it’s similar to the victims of Sir Jimmy Savile where something happens (in Savile’s case, former victims speaking out publicly, in Singer’s, it’s a documentary maker researching allegations and maybe encouraging victims to get justice) and many others then coming out of the woodwork after years of silence to help reveal the real person behind the public face that people know and love.

          Is he guilty or innocent? I dunno, I’m waiting for all the evidence first before judging but going on that Savile case and everything we’ve learned from it, I’m not gonna be surprised if this leads to more victims coming out and more perpetrators being named and shamed.

          I’m just surprised that Led Zeppelin haven’t been arrested because they famously slept with 14 year old groupies in the 70s and one respected radio DJ released autobiographies before his death in 2002 where he proudly stated that he had 13 year olds lining up outside his trailer whenever he took his show around the UK and US.

  10. If the apocalypse story follows the age of apocalypse, then Xavier does die, but the point is to bring him back, so it would be a movie where he starts dead, but ends alive and well.

  11. Just reboot the damn thing already!

  12. ok so clearly, xavier will die. once in the movie. then in xmen apocalypse he will be brought back to life xmen legends style, to continue the story and show just how apocalypse took over the world.

    then might I add, the heroes will win this time. and the entire future will be restored unlike in the batfleck and awkward superman mistake known as mAn of sTeEl!

    we will win, it will be the movie where we all win.

    • It’s a movie that involves time travel. So obviously a whole bunch of them will die in the future. Wolverine travelling back in time will prevent that.

  13. oyeah